Some time ago I decided to write a series of books on the zodiac signs. I’m happy to announce that ‘Aries’, the first of the series is here. However, it’s not just for those Aries Suns out there. It’s for Aries Moon and Aries Rising too. I’ve taken the body of this post from the book’s introduction, however, if you’re Aries Sun, Moon or Ascendant and you want a ‘cookbook’ that deals specifically with the placement of your Aries Sun, Moon or Chart Ruler, Mars, then that’s what I’ve attempted to do. So, if you want a more serious astrology book about your sign, I hope this is it.

Most of us have our first introduction to astrology when we learn what Sun sign we are. Suddenly we’re a member of this special group called ‘Aries’ or whatever sign we were born under, and a whole new perspective on life opens up before us. Of course, in reality, it’s more complex than that. Those of you who develop a keen interest in astrology soon learn that you’re more than simply your Sun sign.

You discover that there are other planets and they contribute to your overall character. You also discover that they may fall in zodiac signs other than Aries. Then, there’s the complicated issue of house placements, aspects, your rising sign and so on. As we get deeper into astrology, it becomes easy to forget the very thing that started you on this journey, namely, your Sun sign.

However, there are many of you out there who present like an Aries and who feel like an Aries but whose Sun sign may be something completely different. When I started planning this book I realised it would have to be about more than just Aries the Sun sign. So, to make this book about Aries truly relevant to all Aries influenced people out there, the book is split between Aries Sun, Aries Moon and Aries Rising, as your Sun, Moon and Rising Sign are the most important influences in your natal chart.

The book comprises four sections. Chapters one to three focus on the Aries basics. The myths surrounding the sign, the sign’s basic qualities and the keywords associated with the sign. The keywords provide a checklist of Aries essential characteristics. The remainder of the book is divided between Aries Sun, Aries Moon and Aries Ascendant. I’ve also looked in detail at Mars, Aries’ ruling planet, as Mars is the chart ruler for those of you with Aries on the Ascendant.

What I’ve ended up with is, I believe, something unique. This book has become the ultimate ‘cook book’ for Aries influenced people – and yes, truly, there is something in here for all of you. It’s also somewhat larger than the book I originally planned! So, when looking at Aries Sun, Aries Moon and Aries Ascendant, how did I decide to approach the task of making this zodiac sign relevant to you and your life? I decided that there were several things I wanted to achieve.

First, I wanted you to understand what Aries was about, so I needed to give you a straightforward framework for that. Second, I wanted to ensure that the connection was made between what your sign is about and how that works in real life. The objective is simple, so I hope how we get there is also a straightforward journey. Third, I want it to be an enjoyable read too – and you’re welcome to judge me on that one. So, in the next  few paragraphs, I’m going to run through how the book is organised. 

I wanted to begin at the beginning so, in the first chapter, I look at the myths and legends associated with Aries the Ram. Why? Looking back at ancient tales often gives us an insight into the core messages those legends tell us about the nature of each zodiac sign. By examining those tales, and those of Mars, Aries’ ruler, we get a feel for the essential nature of what it means to ‘be’ an Aries. In the second chapter, I take a look at what we call the ‘qualities’ of the sign of Aries.

So, the third chapter, mercifully short, is where I try and pull together the essence of the opening chapters. and keep things simple by giving you a set of keywords that help to define what it means to be Aries. Think of them as astrological flash cards and you’ll get the idea. The purpose of the keywords is to help you (and me) by assigning easily identifiable characteristics to what could otherwise be a really abstract concept we know as Aries the zodiac sign.

Now we know what Aries is about but what comes next? How does Aries work in real life? That’s what the rest of the book is about – and I’ll start with the Sun. In the fourth and fifth chapters, I look at your Aries Sun in detail on a house by house basis so you can really get to know your solar placement. Also, I look at the archetypal figures associated with our  Sun and how these figures are internalised. In the  sixth and seventh chapters, I examine the Moon in the same way.

Although I’ve looked at your Aries Sun and Aries Moon as they function in each house of your Birth Chart there is one thing to note. I haven’t gone into the detail of how a natal chart is constructed as I have assumed – for the purpose of this book – that you will be familiar with your own birth chart and its planetary placements. However, if you need a copy of your birth chart, I would suggest visiting a website such as where, providing you have your full birth information (time, place) your birth chart will be available for free.

This takes me to Aries rising in chapter eight. When is an Aries not an Aries? I have to say, it’s often Aries rising people who are the most visible Aries subjects and, so in this chapter, I look at the importance of this most visible point in our birth chart as it affects your outer personality. As the Ascendant point is where we enter the world, it seems appropriate to follow that by looking at how your Aries personality is  best expressed through it’s connection to your chart ruler, Mars.

If you have Aries rising, Mars will be highly influential in your chart so in chapter nine I’ve looked at how your Mars energy is best expressed through the houses of your natal chart. There is one thing I wish to add to this however. I have not specifically written about the birth chart houses – or house systems – in this book. That’s for another time as the focus in this series of books is about the zodiac signs and, in this book, Aries in particular.

However, for any non-Aries readers of this book – and I hope there will be many of you – if you have Aries as the sign on the cusp of any of your birth chart houses, the affairs of that particular house will carry an Aries signature. So, why did I begin this series with Aries? Why not? It is the first sign of the Zodiac and as good a place to begin as any. I hope you’ll find the book as enjoyable to read as it was to write.

And speaking of writing, this does mean I’ve now got another eleven books to write. Scorpio next…

© Sara Shipman 2020

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