Join me, Sara Shipman, on a grand tour of the planets, signs and houses of your natal chart. The planets signs and houses are the foundation of every astrological chart analysis and, in this book, I’ve set out my approach to this subject with a down to earth analysis of the meanings associated with each of the planets signs and houses in your natal chart. This is the first in a series of five books that will provide you with all you need to know to begin interpreting your birth chart.

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About Planets Signs and Houses

This book will enable you to understand how the planets signs and houses function in your birth chart – and how the meanings of each planet, sign and house relate to your life in very real ways.

  • Discover how your birth chart relates to you and your life in very real and meaningful ways.
  • Learn how the planets represent the totality of your psyche; All of the elements of your mind, spirit, energy, values, desires, sense of purpose, emotional needs – and so much more – are symbolised by the planets from the Sun through to Pluto.
  • Discover how the signs express their energies and influence how you experience all the different parts of your inner – and outer – life.
  • Learn what is represented by the houses in your natal chart and how they connect with your lived experience.
  • Keywords for each planet, sign and house make it easy for you to begin putting your own interpretations together.

Whether you’re an astrological beginner or want to build on your existing knowledge, this is a great book to add to your astrology library.

Planets Signs & Houses – Reader Reviews

So, if you want a good introduction to the planets signs and houses in astrology, is this book worth reading? Don’t take my word for it – here are a few reader reviews. All reviews come from genuine readers who have purchased this book.

***** First book in a series, would recommend for beginners.
This book covers the Planets Signs and Houses in an easy to relate to and conversational manner without being ‘flowery’ or ‘waffling on’ which I appreciated.
I particularly liked the Key words which are great for a quick jumping off reference point.


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