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October 2023 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

october 2023 horoscope

The October 2023 horoscope takes us into a new eclipse season, so this month’s forecasts have added emphasis in the emotional sphere. It’s also a month of ‘two halves’, as the solar eclipse marks a turning point, and with several planets also changing signs around that time (and Pluto changing direction) there is a distinct feeling that whatever happens at the beginning of the month will become ancient history by the month’s end.

So where do we start? As ever, it’s best to start at the beginning. The awkward Full Moon in Aries has just culminated as I write this. It’s a Mars-ruled lunation (with Mars contacts to Uranus) and it seems to have brought forth some shocks, surprises, accidents, tragedies and a few inevitabilities. That appears to be where we are as October heads our way, so this coming month may turn out to be a memorable one. I hope for good reasons rather than the alternative!

In my big horoscope for 2023, I noted that Mars is about to move into Scorpio – the sign of its co-rulership. In the most positive sense, I wrote that it could kickstart a regeneration – and I hope that may be so. However, the monthly horoscopes are written on a personal basis – so it’s a good reminder that this month, that Scorpio Mars energy is going to be available for us all to use – so use it well. As usual, you can read this horoscope for your sun sign, rising sign – or both.

October 2023 Horoscope: Aries

Last month’s full moon in your sign has made you aware of your own subjectivity. Right now you’re putting yourself first – and that’s not always a bad thing. Recent events may have been telling you that you need to look at life from a much more personal perspective – and in your case Aries, that means getting your mojo back after some testing experiences over the past year. All of this is preparing you to burst forth and re-engage with life – and from the middle of the month, that’s exactly what you’re going to do.

Mars, your ruler, moves into Scorpio and this gives you the focus and determination to make some far reaching changes. Your fire becomes ‘inner’ rather than ‘outer’ and that gives you some serious drive. At the same time, the solar eclipse in Libra impacts on your partnerships of all kinds. Libra is a gentle and accommodating sign, so take it as a reminder that you need to take people with you on your journey. That way, wherever you’re headed, you’ll have the support that you need. Venus is also helpful; it will be a lot easier to work things out than you thought it would be – and that may come as a relief.

October 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

September’s full moon shone in Venus ruled Libra – and as Venus also rules your sign, it resulted in a real focus on how you organise your family and domestic life. Some of you may be finding tis first part of the month expensive, and others may be finding it enjoyable. many of you will have a foot in both camps – and all of you will start the month with a drive to make a few improvements and get things done. As you approach mid month, there will be a lot of emphasis on pleasure, so go ahead and indulge yourself a little.

From mid-October, you may feel the stirring of something else – and that’s a real desire to bring some balance into your life. The solar eclipse in Libra is responsible for this, as it tunes into the energy that’s been fizzing around for a few weeks. The difference is, that you now feel as if you have a sense of direction. The various pieces of your life need to be put into place – and it’s up to you to work out where they go. As Mars moves into Scorpio, you’ll realise that that you’re going to have to take the lead in negotiating your way through some tricky situations. Remember that other people may have a view on that…

October 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

The end of last month may have been fun but now it’s going to be time to re-focus. However, during the first week of October, your mind is still on pleasure – and the changes in store won’t become apparent until mid-month. And it starts like this: you start getting much more joy from your home and family – though thus could lead to some domestic-related expenditure – and with Mars moving into Scorpio, this could lead to a burst of energy that ‘s best directed towards ‘improvement’ of some kind – though what you think of as an improvement may not be shared by others.

Fortunately, the solar eclipse is a benevolent one; you are at your persuasive best this month and the object is to to share the love – while ensuring that your personal expression is placed centre stage. If that sounds like a tough call let me explain: We are always at our best when being our authentic self, so let this Solar Eclipse mark the beginning of a new, creative you. Events may boost your confidence – and if that’s so, you’ll know that you’re on the right track. Late in the month, the lunar eclipse will remind you that letting go is the key to inner peace.

October 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

At the end of last month, the full moon in Libra shone on your home and family life – and that’s where the month begins. It may seem like a subdued start to October, but that’s often when your strength lies – you’re a private person who likes to operate under cover. And who says things are quiet? The universe suggests your home life is busy and congenial during the first part of the month, with decoration, culture and entertainment being particularly well-starred. Will things change mid-month? The answer is yes – and it may start with good news or a favourable conversation.

There is a celebratory flavour to the second half of the month. Your energy shifts to having a good time – and you may be enjoying yourself because you have a good reason to do so. the solar eclipse, however, remains focused on your home and family life, so it may be that a family member has reason to celebrate. At a deeper level, it’s also a reminder that if you want to have a secure base in life, you need to be true to yourself. You can’t live your life through someone else – you need to base your life on who you are as an individual. For you – a deep sense of belonging is key to understanding who you are.

October 2023 Horoscope: Leo

Last month’s full moon shone on your contacts and communications and it’s a theme that continues into this month. There are two sides to this: first, you may have your financial situation uppermost in your mind – and if so, thats something that may loom large, as there may be a risk of significant expenditure. The upside may be that you spend money on something you really want, so you’re happy to run with it. The other upside is that your income gets a boost. Second, it’s going to be a busy month – hopefully because you want it to be. Less favourably, there is a risk of arguments if you don’t handle that energy well.

So what happens mid-month? The solar eclipse is a time to reset the conversation. Your energy turns towards your home and domestic life. If you want to make this more secure, comforting or do some work on or at home, now is the time to do so. Mars will be in Scorpio and – like Leo – it’s a fixed sign, so there is a lot of energy available to focus where its needed. Use it now because by the end of the month, the lunar eclipse will highlight your career zone – and it should also be a steadying influence.

October 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

Virgo is a productive sign and last month’s full moon will have made you aware of your capacity for hard work. That’s a theme that’s continuing at the beginning of this month, as mental energy is a resource that you can call on if you need to. And you may have to do that, as the signs are that you may need to concentrate on several things at once. Why is that? Early this month, you may be guilty of putting rest and relaxation to one side. It may be a personal choice or not, but as the month moves on, it’s going to go back to the top of the agenda.

However, you may be in demand in more than a social sense; The solar eclipse is doing to impact your earning power – and that may be because you’re beginning to recognise your self-worth. We often underestimate our true value – and that may be something to consider this month. As Mars moves into Scorpio mid-month, you may may find that it’s a good use of energy to reach out, initiate some conversations and make some new contacts. You may have to do this under the radar at first – though by the end of the month things will come out into the open. The lunar eclipse shows a change of perspective.

October 2023 Horoscope: Libra

The September full moon in your sign put you centre stage – and you may have thought, where do I go from here? It’s a question you may find hard to answer right now, but you will get your head around it as the month progresses. Whatever the answer may be, in the early part of the month you’ll have the support of friends and acquaintances; just don’t let your social life become a distraction, as your main energy thrust needs to be proactive and is designed to further your own interests; you need to stabilise the ship not rock the boat.

By the middle of the month, this will become clear. You will begin to realise that there are certain things only you can do. Fun may be put to one side for as while as your energy is diverted towards hard work. You may find yourself in a position where you need to be more resourceful – or more direct in acquiring the resources you need in order to make progress with a few things – or in life in general. It’s not a time to sit back and expect things to come to you. If you want something, you will have to go out and get it – and you will realise that the effort is worthwhile.

October 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

The full moon at the end of September revealed a few underlying worries and concerns that you can’t seem to explain. They’re spoiling what otherwise would be a satisfying start to October; anyone looking at you would think you had no concerns at all. There is nothing like inaction to prolong uncertainty, but you may feel as if your options are limited. Work through a few issues before they become reality, but don’t get stuck in a ‘doom loop’.

From the middle of the month you can start to do whatever needs to be done. You ‘re likely to feel much more physically energetic and if you need to make a fresh start or take the initiative, this will be a good time to do so. The solar eclipse will mark a pivotal moment – if plans and dreams have been making your imagination run wild, you may feel like allowing them to run free. It’s a creative month – and in the second half, your drive and positivity will make a return. The end of the month will be about partnerships…

October 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

Where do you belong? It’s the kind of question that can preoccupy Sagittarius , as you’re such a restless sign. At the end of last month, events may have transpired to make you feel this way – perhaps more than usual. The month may begin with your desire to explore – whether that’s mentally or physically – being overwhelming; it adds to your desire for a change of scene and some of you may splash out on travel – or an educational course as a result.

By the middle of the month, the solar eclipse gives you a better sense of direction. Events may lead you to conclude that your beliefs need to be shared. Some of you may simple become keyboard warriors, others may be affected by something you read in the media or you may find that your conscience is affecting you more than usual and you may feel driven to live in accordance with your ideals. With Mars entering Scorpio, you may feel driven to so this at a soul level – but beware of appearing ‘holier than thou’; no-one is perfect.

October 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

September’s full moon shone its light on your career. – and your ambition seems to have been fired up. Looking at this positively, there will be some of you who will enjoy a bonus payment o a dividend. Others will be determined to increase their net worth. If that sounds like you, chasing that goal may feature during the first half of the month. The solar eclipse brings all of this into focus because it sets you on that path. Events may prove to be important to your career and your future direction – issues like promotion or demotion come into play.

A major restructure of your priorities is perhaps overdue; from the middle of the month your efforts will be best directed towards working out what you really want out of life. You may feel that there is so much out there that you have yet to discover – but you may also risk chasing after an ideal that remains out of reach. The best solution may be to focus on transforming yourself and your approach to life. If you take control of events – rather than have them control you – you may feel better placed to become the person you aspire to be.

October 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

Where do you go from here? That’s the question set in motion by last month’s full moon in Libra. It may have been an exciting moment, as you realised you were faced with a dazzling array of future possibilities. And you’re not alone. The question – more accurately – may have been ‘where do we go?’ – and some of you may respond by planning to travel. So many places, so little time. It may appear as if everything needs to be done in a rush – or to beat some great deadline. It’s a good time to plan, organise and prioritise.

From the middle of the month, the solar eclipse ushers in a change. There may be a change in your financial picture – and that could go in either direction. The same could be said for love – either way, you’ll find that things are at a turning point – and hopefully in a good way. That’s more likely if you use your energy to work out what is important – and what you can leave behind. Doubts, fears and secrets are best left at the kerb if you want to get to the end of the month feeling comfortable and secure. The lunar eclipse will let you know how close you are to achieving that.

October 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

The full moon at the end of last month hinted at radical change and, like the good soldier, you’ve marched forth in order to pursue that objective. It shows a seriousness of intent, but it’s not all hard work, as work can be be both fun and rewarding. Those are the things you need to bear in mind at the start of the month. As the weeks progress, we come to another turning point; mid-month brings a shift of emphasis to partnerships and new opportunities – and you may make of that what you will. One thing is, however, certain: the solar eclipse makes change a reality.

That’s something you’ll be getting your head around as early as the second week of the month – your energy is going to be directed towards exploring your options – and you may wish to take an overview of your situation before you press ahead. You are likely to want to rush into something – and you see no point in hanging around for other people to catch up with you. You want to stay ahead of the pack – and it may be a good time to ask yourself why. If you feel you would benefit from from being ahead of the competition – or the curve – now is the time to do that. Follow your instincts – they’re usually correct.

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