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July 14th – July 20th 2019

This week, we’re well into that Mercury Retrograde as it drops into Cancer at the end of the week. Pluto is also is stressing the Sun, so expect a little tension (well, a lot of tension), especially where Cancer and Capricorn are concerned. This is more true than ever this week with the Full Moon falling midweek. As if that wasn’t enough, oppositions abound with Venus lining up opposite Saturn. Relationship and money issues could get serious – and you can take that in a multitude of ways – just remember however, Saturn is always hard work. Enjoy your week!

So, how do things appear for each sign? Let’s take a look.


Aries, this could be a tense week for you with a significant crunch moment, especially where your home life is concerned. It that’s not enough, don’t ignore the undercurrents at work as your domestic and professional relationships could definitely be strained. Fiery Aries – you may want more excitement but right now dull and dutiful is where it’s at. The midweek Full Moon could bring things to a head – and by the weekend? That’s when the volcano could erupt – stay cool!


For you Taurus, The Sun and Venus are casting a sweet glow over your thoughts this week. Everything in your garden seems lovely – however, watch out for the thorns among the roses as you may find your words and deeds having rather more serious consequences than intended. You may have to radically alter your opinions or travelling plans and things could get emotional midweek. Soldier on Taurus – your down to earth qualities should see you through.


Your mind is racing this week Gemini, as you seem very involved in important discussions with a partner of some kind – whether personal or professional. There’s some big issue going on here so expect a lot of communications – some of which could be heated at times as you may be facing a deadline. For you, money is also under the spotlight – and we may be talking big money rather than petty cash – so if you’re making a major investment or purchase, try and get things done quickly but don’t ignore the small print!


Cancer, you are the person in the spotlight right now and for a reticent sign that can be quite an ordeal. You’re feeling pretty intense about stuff at the moment but try and make sure you don’t take it out on your nearest and dearest – you know deep down they’ve got your back! By the end of the week that retrograde Mercury slips into your sign so be prepared to go over old ground –  especially if things have been left hanging in the past.


Hey,  Leo – that retrograde Mercury maybe surprised you last week. Now as it slips into Cancer, you could spend some time mulling over how you could learn from recent experiences. Mars will be giving you a little push so while the momentum is with you, you’ll find it easier to work with the flow rather than against it. You’ll be increasingly aware of how you’ve let things slide in the past so now’s the time to cultivate better habits and move on.


Virgo, when it comes to responsibility you wrote the book – but this week could be quite a trial as you find yourself torn between fun and work. If you’re smart however, you’ll make sure you can combine the two – perhaps going out with your workmates or maybe getting involved with a social organisation or joining a club where you can work hard on your own health and fitness – or that of society. You’re not a time waster and solving problems really works for you. Don’t worry about feeling not up to it – you have more than enough fuel in reserve.


Libra, there’s a big career or life direction thing going on for you at the moment. This week you’ll be a bit of a star at work but at home you may feel that others aren’t pulling their weight as much as they could be. On the other hand it could be you who is neglecting the domestic routine – especially as your social life could be revving up over the next few days. The midweek Full Moon may escalate any tensions and by the end of the week, that retrograde Mercury dropping into Cancer makes you rethink your priorities.


Scorpio, This week has the potential for you to turn a corner as you feel much more optimistic for the next few days. However, getting your head together is critical to this transformation – if you let yourself slip into negative mode you won’t fare quite so well. Try and keep your mind on the big picture but don’t neglect the the details that matter. You’ll need to focus your energies on some important matters this week – and your work will demand a lot of energy. The Full Moon brings this home to you so dig deep – you know you can do it.


Sagittarius, you start the week with the Moon in your own sign – a kind of personal New Moon – and you may feel resolved to make a fresh start on something. However Jupiter retrograde on your own sign makes you feel inclined to coast a bit and let others take the strain. This could cause fireworks between you and your nearest and dearest – so be careful how you handle things. Be careful your natural charm doesn’t come across as self interest – you’re not a selfish person so don’t act like one.


Capricorn, there’s a lot of focus on your partnerships this week, both personal and professional. Fortunately for you, your naturally mature approach seems to be very much appreciated over the next few days, paying dividends as your relationships benefit from your commitment to making them work. Where romance is concerned your week could be ardent and passionate – and by the end of the week you could be looking at a partner in a new light.


Aquarius, you’re often a law unto yourself but this week you have to knuckle down to business and deal with a few things you may have been ignoring for a while. Health check? Do it. Diet? you know it makes sense as Saturn is on your side giving you the subconscious strength you need to look after yourself – and do it properly this time. You’ll also find it a great week to deal with any reorganisation at home or work – just don’t be too ‘holier than thou’ about it as your partner won’t thank you!


Pisces you are perhaps the most imaginative sign and this week your creative juices are in full flow. You may find your creative efforts benefit from a little constructive criticism from your friends or associates who share your interests. This is a vital part of the creative process and will really help you turn your inspiration onto reality. Be brave and court opinion – retrograde Mercury slipping into Cancer at the end of the week will help you begin to look at your work with fresh eyes.