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August 25th – August 31st 2019

This week’s big noise in the sky falls right at the end of the week. The Sun moved into Virgo at the end of last week and this week that move is followed by the New Moon in Virgo. However, this is the second New Moon this month. All New Moons signify new beginnings but this ‘Black Moon’, which occurs about every two and a half years, is about new beginnings that are more significant than most. And to make it even more powerful, this Black Moon forms a tightly packed Stellium – the most powerful of planetary groupings – with all the personal planets. And if that wasn’t enough, the Stellium is squared by Uranus in retrograde motion. Wherever it falls in your chart, you’re going to notice the Black Moon as change will be in the air. Prepare for some surprising, sudden and major moves!

So, how do things appear for each sign? Let’s take a look – and to get the most out of your horoscope, look at both your Sun Sign and Rising Sign forecasts.


So Aries, by the end of this week you’re going to feel the winds of change telling you to look closely at your lifestyle choices and that is going to be reinforced by a huge planetary focus  going on in this area. Your health, fitness, diet, the way you organise your life, the work you do – these are all being hauled up for inspection and if you’ve been planning to make improvements in any of these areas, now is the time to reflect before doing what you need to do. I know that’s not quite your style as you prefer to jump in with both feet first. However, you may find that a financial surprise – or a sudden change in your own personal values – make it easier for you to initiate the changes you need to make to ensure that your life runs smoothly in all areas and, importantly,  reflect the person you are now.


Taurus, the challenge for you this week with such a powerful New Moon is to acknowledge that you need to loosen up. With this powerful New Moon, you’ll start to reflect not only on the things and people who bring pleasure into your life but also on whether you are feeling creatively fulfilled. We all need to balance work with play and it may be dawning on you that you’ve been out of kilter for a while. You’re a devoted and dutiful person Taurus, however you really do need to make time for yourself. Life is about contentment and satisfaction – and they are things that actually, you’re really in tune with. Start surprising yourself by finding pleasure in your daily life – you’ll be surprised how fulfilled you can be by initiating a new regime that puts your enjoyment first.


For you Gemini, the focus falls on your home and family life. This has been the source of tension for a while and it’s been taking its toll on you psychologically. However, this week that could change rapidly. Why? This time you seem to have a different attitude towards the events unfolding in your life and this is because this time – after what seems like an extended period of false starts – you could be in a position to start overcoming the stumbling blocks – real and imagined – that have been piling up in front of you for the past few months. If you’ve been trying to overcome what has seemed like an insurmountable problem at home then at long last the Universe may have just fired the starting gun. Run with it – the prize is about changing how you deal with things in your head.


Well, Cancer, the universe is definitely trying to tell you something as the Black Moon focuses on your communications sector. However it’s not about your phone contract up for renewal but about examining your mental approach to life. Have you been scattered in your thinking, being ‘busy’ without actually achieving very much? Or, do you waste time agonising about things rather than doing them? It could be that a surprising message you receive around the end of this week will focus your attention exactly where it needs to be focused – on how you need to work on your state of mind to get the best out of life. You’re a natural worrier but you’ll be surprised how liberating it can be if you free yourself from a counterproductive mind-set. 


Leo, for you, the Black Moon will be holding your values up for inspection – particularly in the context of your career. Sudden and surprising events at work may make you look hard at what you feel you are worth. For most of us, our self esteem is bound up with what we have chosen to do with our lives. When it goes well we feel great – less so and we tend to slump. A sudden shift in your career sector may make you ask what is most valuable to you. Money? Satisfaction? Opportunities? Self Respect? In the ideal world you would have all of them. By the end of the week, you will start to realise that and start thinking about how you can revolutionise your career and increase your self worth in more ways than one.


You’re naturally restrained person Virgo so to have so much planetary activity focused on you probably makes you a bit self conscious. You generally hate being in the spotlight and usually put others first – and that Virgo, is what the Black Moon is all about. By the end of this week, it’s very likely you will have experienced a lightning – or even enlightening – vision of how you would like to expand your world if only you didn’t have to be responsible for everyone else. That’s not a good feeling even for someone as self contained and dutiful as you. We all need to get out of our rut sometimes Virgo and see the big world out there. However, to do that means putting yourself first and central – and by the end of this week you will realise that’s not such a big ask after all.


Libra, for some time now some of you’ve been feeling the kind of unease you can’t quite put your finger on. Maybe you have the feeling something’s lurking under the surface, waiting to jump out at you. Or, maybe you’ve been your own worst enemy, living in denial about things you really need to deal with but can’t get around to admitting them to yourself in the first place. When the Black Moon strikes it will be sudden and you will be faced, Libra, with the kind of sudden change that could derail you largely because it could force you to take a good hard look at yourself. However, change is not always a bad thing and if you go with the flow, you’ll find it surprisingly and deeply liberating to offload all the junk – mental, emotional and otherwise – you thought you couldn’t live without.


Ah, Scorpio. Free at last! You have been yearning to divest yourself of your obligations to other people – whether it’s personal or contractual – and move to a place where you feel you are not being constantly judged. A surprise development in a partnership, either business or personal, may enable that day to come sooner than you think and potentially in a way you least expected. By the end of the week, you will feel the winds of change blowing you in the direction you’ve been trying to move in for some time. You want to become a better person, do things that are more rewarding at more than the personal level and feel connected to the world out there. You have felt your reward – for enduring the most difficult times – is well overdue. Quite often Scorpio, your reward can simply be the light at the end of the tunnel.


This week the winds of change are blowing in your career sector Sagittarius. Surprise events in your health and lifestyle sector may force you to reappraise exactly what it is you’re doing with your life. You have a talent for winging it more than most however, you can’t keep doing that forever – something has to give and if you’re nor careful, it could be you. However, it needn’t be so stressful. It is possible to for you to have the benefits of the career you love – money, mental stimulation, action, enjoyment – and reorganise things so your lifestyle doesn’t suffer so much. The Black Moon is bringing you around to this idea of creative change so don’t be surprised if, by the end of the week, you have a bright idea or two to help you  on your way. As crazy as some of those ideas may seem, don’t rule anything out.


Capricorn, no-one enjoys a comfortable rut more than you. The problem is, it’s a rut and by the end of this week you’ll begin to realise there is life out there! You may wake up to find there have been changes to your world. These can come from your children – if you have them – as you realise their lives change so fast you are being left behind. If you’re childless you may experience a sudden change in the kinds of activities you find pleasurable – perhaps you yearn to engage in new, edgier hobbies you wouldn’t have considered before. All of this is intended to shake up your world – but not in a bad way. The Black Moon wants you to push the envelope and get a little more out of life as you’re nowhere near old enough to stop feeling the wind in your hair.  We’re never too old for that Capricorn – even yo


For you Aquarius, the winds of change are going to mean change indeed. Sudden changes affecting your home and family will have a big impact on how you see your relationship to the wider world – and this can happen in several ways that could change the trajectory of your life – and certainly your attitudes towards it – quite profoundly. These are quite big issues we’re taking about here and, depending on where you are in life, could involve major events like having children, house purchases involving big financial commitments, inheritances from parents and so on. The key word here is commitment. Whatever happens by the end of the week will involve making commitments or will arise from existing ones – be they familial, financial or otherwise. The winds of change will blow your life into a different place Aquarius – you can be sure of that.


I will say this again Pisces – as it’s been bubbling away under the surface for quite a while. This week you may well have sudden or surprising news that affects your partnerships – whether that is business or personal will depend on where your life is right now. You could well be shocked by what you hear as something could be revealed to you that you really weren’t expecting – and it may or may not be unwelcome news as with Uranus in the mix it could be either – or both. Be assured however, the winds of change are blowing through your partnerships sector and this Black Moon will make this known in no uncertain terms. I cannot tell you how to deal with this as events will be personal to each and every one of you Pisces – however this week, keep a weather eye on your important relationships and expect the unexpected.


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