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November 17th – November 23rd 2019

Quiet skies are always a relief and this week especially so. Why? Well, we can start to move things forward as the Mercury’s retrograde motion draws to an end. We’re not clear of that one yet but aggressive Mars moving into it’s co-ruled sign of Scorpio and the Sun changing into expansive Sagittarius at the end of the week really emphasise that this week we stop looking inwards and start moving out. So where will you be moving towards?

As ever, how do things appear for each sign? Let’s take a look – and to get the most out of your horoscope, look at both your Sun Sign and Rising Sign forecasts. For your own personal forecasts see our Astrology Reports.


The week opens for you Aries, with a little tension between what you want to do – and what you think you should be doing. You may have promised more than you can deliver and things could be a little strained as a result. Don’t be surprised if, by the middle of the week, there’s a bit of an altercation but just remember, might does not always mean right. Sometimes however, you do need to clear the air and move on – and this week could be just the week for that. Whatever happens, by the end of the week you’ll be feeling rather more optimistic and at ease with your world. For now.


Taurus, not all conversations are easy and you could be feeling a little uneasy about a must have chat with your partner or a family member. It’s not that you’ve fallen out – you could simply need to get something sorted out about a home or family matter – so it could be something very personal to you. By the middle of the week you should see some action taking place to resolve matters – or I hope you do as things could get heated between you otherwise. Try not to let any issues – particularly about shared responsibilities – get out of proportion. It’s easier to stay sweet than argue.


For you Gemini, this weeks increasing forward motion comes as a relief in some ways as the tension between what’s going on in your body and mind has been truly stressful. You need to focus on your health and wellbeing this week and getting proactive in the gym or with the vitamin pills could help to boost your system. Fortunately, this week is the week of ‘boost’ as you find your efforts pay off and you have more energy both mentally and physically. By the end of the week your usual busy routine returns. When the Sun changes signs, you focus changes to your partner – and fun!


Someone feels like going on a shopping trip. Is that you Cancer? This week you may suddenly realise it’s time to start your Xmas shopping, particularly if you have parties lined up and have nothing to wear! If you’ve been putting it off, now is the time to get it done – and by the middle of the week, you’ll on a mission to not only get it done, but get it done quickly so you can enjoy some fun time. You’ll still have some issues about the cost of things – who doesn’t? And could feel some pressure from your kids. But hey, it happens every year so you may as well get on with it and enjoy things as much as you can.


The week starts Leo with some tension. When it comes to home or family matters, you may be the one feeling emotional as your plans seem to be upset for some reason. This could lead to a short sharp dispute as you feel you’ve been the one doing making all the compromises and you really need to have your say as far as your domestic life is concerned. It’s going to be down to you I’m afraid, to get things moving – but this week you should be able to steer things in the direction you want – or need – to go. By the end of the week you can feel pleased with your efforts and be ready to have fun.


Virgo, if you’ve been suffering from emotional stress or mental tension of late, you will know that you really need to work on the problem or work things out. Fortunately, this week the momentum from Mercury and Mars will help you to reach that conclusion and take action to get your head into a much better place. The fog needs to clear so burn it off – you have better analytical powers than most and can usually get to the bottom of most problems. By the end of the week, your focus moves to your home and family – a far more comfortable place.


Libra, the week opens with you trying to resolve the tension you’re feeling between your sense of purpose and your inner values. You may have been wondering where you were going in life – and that can be emotionally upsetting – and also wondering if it’s all been worth it. The midweek momentum should push you in a more positive direction as it starts to sort out your priorities – take action to sort out what you want, decide where you want to go and start taking action to pay for it. Very little in life is free, however when the Sun changes signs you may have some good news – and there is no charge for that.


Scorpio, this week opens with you feeling emotional about your career. Maybe something has happened at work or maybe you’re feeling an emotional connection to what you do. Whatever it is you feel a need to either make a difference – or do something differently – and when Mercury goes forward you’ll know exactly what to do. Fortunately, you’re not short of energy or drive this week and with Mars now in your sign, you have a great opportunity to make an impression on the world. Make sure it’s the right one! By the end of the week, your focus changes – and your finances could improve. Enjoy!


Sagittarius, your week starts with you wanting to be elsewhere so much it hurts. That’s not unusual for the traveller of the Zodiac, but right now it feels as though you’re trying to run away from something. You could be stressed as you’re not thinking clearly and that’s unusual for you. However, by the middle of the week you’ll be able to start making sense of a few things – including why you feel the way you do. Insight is a great gift – use it well and perhaps reflect and meditate on how lucky you really are. When the Sun enters your sign you will feel yourself again.


This week, Capricorn, could open with you feeling deeply emotional – perhaps about a particular friend or even about some social issue that has been preying on your mind. You may feel frustrated but the good news is that you will have the drive you need to deal with the matter as the week goes by. Talking things through is probably a really good thing for you right now and for some of you group therapy could help. You’ll find it easier to put in the work to ensure you get the result you want. When the Sun changes signs, you’ll feel emotionally restored and so much better as a result.


For you Aquarius, you may be feeling the need to forge a new business partnership – or maybe an existing partnership is under stress. For a sign that’s usually quite happy to go it alone, partnerships can be stressful – especially if you’re the needy one. However, this week’s forward momentum gives you the clear headedness you need to work out whether the important decision you need to make is the right one for you and during the week you will have no hesitation in taking charge – but try not to tread on too many toes! As the week ends, your increased popularity confirms you’ve done the right thing.


Sometimes Pisces you can get lost in the small stuff – and this week sees you trying a little too hard to make everything perfect. Who are you trying to impress? If you’ve been thinking the world is watching you, you’re probably mistaken and, from the middle of the week, you’ll realise that life’s a lot better if you learn to consider things from a different perspective. Fortunately, you’re quite good at looking at the big picture – and this is what you need to do. Rekindle your enthusiasm for life in all its glory and by the end of the week you’ll feel on top of the world.

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