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October 13th – October 19th 2019

The week begins with a tense Full Moon and it’s up to you to make of it what you will. For some of you the pressure will be almost too much to bear – so I won’t blame you if you can’t get out from under the quilt. For others, this Full Moon will be the spur you need to turn your life around in some way – it’s up to you. As they say in showbiz, ‘follow that!’, and the week remains a little stressed with The Sun in a transiting square to Pluto. It looks like someone, somewhere may have bitten off more than they can chew. Perhaps that sextile to Jupiter can save the day?

As ever, how do things appear for each sign? Let’s take a look – and to get the most out of your horoscope, look at both your Sun Sign and Rising Sign forecasts. For your own personal forecasts see our Astrology Reports.


Aries, you start the week with things coming to a head in your career zone. If you’ve been thinking about making a big change, now is the time. You feel you need to perhaps start again or at least look at something completely different as you feel a deep need to be more fulfilled than you are now. If all of this sounds extreme, bear in mind that what you probably need to do is open your mind to what’s right for you and of course, don’t lose sight of the big picture. All things may seem possible in your dreams, but, before you make any big moves, take advice from someone you trust as they may see things very differently to you. As the week moves on you’ll be conscious of the need to renew your approach to the things that are important to you and the power to make those dreams happen? Maybe you have it after all.


Taurus, It’s about time you let go of any bad habits and emotional hang ups that have been holding you back. ‘That’s just the way I am’, I hear you say. Really? You’re not convincing yourself or anyone else so do yourself a favour, ditch the excuses and try looking at the world in a new and different way. The opportunity is there for you to regain control over your responses to the world – and become a more positive and optimistic person as a result. As the week progresses you’ll become more aware of the need to work at your problems – so make a start by getting to grips with your exercise regime – you need a healthy body and a healthy mind. Don’t go it alone however – get your partner and friends to join in or at least support you from the sidelines!


Hi, Gemini – as the week begins we could find you feeling a little uncertain about your place in the world. You have friends, you have acquaintances and you’re sure there’s a library ticket in your purse somewhere – but deep down you’re maybe not sure where you belong or even your direction of travel. One thing is for certain. Recent experiences where you have had to deal with some huge life changing issues – either personally or because they’ve happened to others close to you – have left you in need of some ‘TLC’. As the week goes by, you’ll become aware that people out there do have your back. Your partner will make you realise you’re loved and not alone – and if you reach out you’ll find your friends are there for you too. Think about your health and wellbeing first and don’t worry so much about the world. Right now it can take care of itself.


As the week begins Cancer, you will become aware that there is some stress between your partner – personal or professional and your career direction. It may even be your partner is stressed with work and their issues are driving you crazy! Whatever the mix, something needs to be sorted out as things have really come to a head. You can take this as a great opportunity to look at how your life is organised. If things are not as good as they could be where your health and wellbeing are concerned – then you need to make them so. Putting your life in order is a great stress buster and could help you with your problems – which right now are pointing towards you having to do a major restructure somewhere. However, get this right and you can start getting your head around some quality leisure time – and perhaps getting away from it all is just what you need.


Leo, if you’ve been feeling at all restricted in your life, the Full Moon will really bring that home to you. It’s about opening your eyes to bigger and better possibilities Leo – and what you need to overcome is your focus on the mundane things in life. We know it’s important to get the basics right particularly where your health and wellbeing are concerned. Your efforts here will have paid dividends but now you need to move things on, and as the week progresses, you’ll become aware that the only way it will do so is through your own creative efforts – so make contact with people who can help you and get yourself noticed as only a Leo can! However, you need to make sure you don’t neglect things at home – you could find shared responsibilities are drifting with no-one seeming prepared to pick up the baton. Words could be spoken – try and find some compromises where you can.


There’s a focus on sharing and obligation for you as the week begins Virgo. It would be unlike you to neglect your responsibilities but you could begin to feel a powerful need to restructure how you go about expressing yourself and finding personal fulfilment. We all need to have some ‘me-time’ – the things we do and enjoy that bring happiness into our lives. If you’ve been feeling under-provided for in this area, as the week progresses, you’ll be working out how you can reallocate your resources – financial, emotional and physical – to ensure you don’t lose sight of who you are. This is important to you as you have the opportunity to improve your home and family life – and often it’s a question of attitude and personal happiness as much as anything else. Don’t leave your partner out of this process however – you have a responsibility to them too.


Libra, the week begins with a focus on your personal and professional partnerships. The feeling is, however, that it’s more personal as it seems to be the home and family that is where the stress needs resolving. You’ve become aware that things will need restructuring in this department – and this may because of changes in the partnership or the commitments that both of you have are in conflict with your home life and family needs. During the week, it will become evident that you’re the one who will be sorting things out as you were perhaps the instigator of change in the first place. Make sure that everything is talked through – and there will be big discussions and decisions to be made – mostly about cash, resources and the daily routine. People may seem confused at first – but make sure they’re kept in the loop and things will be okay.


This week for you Scorpio, starts with the Full Moon shining on your health and wellbeing. It’s not easy for you coming to terms that the way you’ve organised your life in the past has maybe been causing you problems but the truth is now you really need to wake up to some important facts and change the way you think about things you’ve maybe taken for granted. Perhaps it’s your attitude to work that need to change – whatever you’ve been doing you need to think again – fortunately, the opportunity is there for you to increase your income and improve your financial stability. If the door is open for you then enter the room – walk away and you’ll find the bills will come in and there’ll be nothing in the account. This is something you will realise as the week moves on – use your head and a bit of creative thinking to work things out.


Sagittarius, the Full Moon shines on your creative efforts this week. We are all creative in some way – whether we’ve created children, art, music or ideas and as the week begins, you may be wondering if you have any creative talents at all. Be assured you do – however, you may need to reconsider the value you put on them and whether you feel adequately rewarded for your efforts. There is the opportunity for you to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in your efforts – however if you’ve been hiding your light under a bushel then it’s no wonder you’ll be feeling overlooked. As the week progresses, perhaps it’s time you decided to seek the company of like minded others who share your interests and bolster your self worth that way? One thing is for certain. Hiding at home will only add lead to a sense of isolation but it may allow your hyperactive mind to get some rest!


As the week begins Capricorn, the focus is on your home and family life. There’s something about it that’s causing you some concern and you really need to get to grips with it right away. If you’ve let things have been getting away from you, now is the time to get things back under your control – if you don’t make that effort, things could mount up and become intolerable for you – not ideal as I’m sure you’ll agree. The only thing you have to overcome is your own resistance. Fortunately you will start to realise that you will feel the benefits if you go for it – not externally but inside? You’ll feel so much better. As the week progresses, you’ll realise how important this situation is to you – and maybe you’ll see there’s a career angle in it for you too. Meanwhile, aim to get some mental relaxation wherever you can – maybe go to the cinema with some friends as you need to take your mind off a few things.


Aquarius, when the Full Moon shines it lights up your mind. There’s a lot of ideas been bubbling under the radar with you Aquarius – and maybe a few covert discussions too. You may have been keeping a few things under the radar but this week, you’ll find you have the opportunity to share some of those ideas – or even some news – with friends and acquaintances. This will become especially marked as the week progresses as good news travels fast. Some people may be stunned by what they hear so brace yourself for some fallout. Whatever you’re doing though is right for you and is the result of some real soul searching. Keep your mind focused on your career – and the things important to you – you could rediscover talents you thought you had lost.


Pisces, as the week begins you find yourself in a dilemma. Ever the most generous of souls, you have the suspicion that someone you know could be taking you for a ride. If you’ve been offering someone your support – especially financially – you could discover this week that either your investment in the friendship or the money you have loaned them – has been misplaced. However Pisces, the thing that has really been misplaced is your trust and as the week progresses you could be experiencing some painful feelings as the facts become known. Of course, if you are the one who is abusing another’s trust then you really need to take a good hard look at yourself – it’s not a good look I can promise you. There may be rumours and accusations flying around that’s for sure – keep your counsel or fess up – only you know which one applies to you


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