The Midheaven represents the pinnacle of our achievements, and the sign in which it falls often describes what we need from a career or profession in the most fundamental way. In some instances, jobs and professions associated with your Midheaven sign may indicate the career that will offer you the greatest success and satisfaction. More usually, the qualities of your Midheaven sign will be an important part of how you approach your career, as you seek to define your public and professional image in accordance with the traits of your Midheaven sign.

The Midheaven, therefore, plays an important role in defining your reputation. It also represents your mature self – and the pathway you need to follow in order to get there. The qualities of your Midheaven sign are the qualities you will be recognised for during your working life or in your mature years. In that sense the Midheaven represents the person you become when you engage with the outer world, as opposed to the person you know yourself to be on the inside (your solar self) or the outer personality defined by your ascending sign.

Aries Midheaven

Your public persona is forceful; you may have a reputation as someone who is prepared to take risks that others would shy away from, who is straightforward, self-made, self-directed or who has succeeded in life because of your refusal to back down from any challenge that you may have encountered along the way. Your reputation as a fighter can, of course, work both ways; assertion is not the same as aggression. You may have fought hard to gain and maintain the reputation you have. The MC shows what the world expects from us; you expect to be a pioneer; bold, incisive and leading from the front. You want to be number one in all that you do.

This is the attitude you apply to your career and professional path. You identify your career goals and you’re unlikely to be sidetracked by the worries or concerns that afflict more hesitant souls. Aries here suggests that not only do you approach your career with vigour, you need your career choice to be something that you are passionate about. Your energy would be well directed towards work that is project based, as this reduces the likelihood of boredom. Any job that enables you to show leadership, be competitive, independent and show initiative would suit your need for a challenging professional role.

Taurus Midheaven

Your public persona is reliable, steady and consistent, and you may be the go-to person to keep things stable and secure. That applies to all parts of your life, but it’s particularly relevant to the way you are perceived by people who know you through your career, or professional and social involvements. Your reputation is usually solid, and you may be known for acts of public generosity or hospitality or simply as someone whose loyalty or trustworthiness are an example to all. It’s a reputation worth hanging onto – and you work hard to ensure that it’s one you deserve.

Your Midheaven sign often describes what other people think of you – and it’s based on the image you project in the public realm. That image is often based on your attitude towards your career, as well as society in general. You may appear conservative in your tastes or career path, or you may concern yourself with material and financial success. This is a great position for those in business – particularly property development, construction, accountancy – or in the artistic, culture and hospitality sectors. Any career that provides you with financial stability and security – or offers good, long-term career growth – is likely to suit you.

Gemini Midheaven

The Midheaven represents your public image and status in life. It symbolises the pinnacle of your achievements – and how you make that journey. With this important point in Gemini, your public image may cerebral, clever, communicative, educated, articulate or funny. You are likely to work in a field that requires you to use such skills professionally, so you are likely to be most suited to a job in which you talk, communicate, write, teach, or act as an agent, trader or ‘middleman’. This is a great MC sign for anyone involved with journalism, teaching, public relations, copy writing, any form of agency work or a job that involves mobility, such as the postal service.

Gemini is a versatile and dual sign, so you may have two significant careers during your working life. You may have a reputation for versatility – someone who can apply themselves to almost anything. You may also be regarded as someone who is friendly, gets along with most people and you may be the person who knows everyone you need to know in your business sector; your contact list may be enviable. However, where your career is concerned, you need mental stimulation, open communication and an interesting workload. You’re easily bored so you may change jobs more frequently than most. Project based work may be the best solution for you.

Cancer Midheaven

Your public persona may be anything from shy and retiring, to being recognised as someone who has a deeply caring or nurturing public role. Unsurprisingly, many of you with this Midheaven sign will be drawn to those careers where such qualities are on public display. Nursing, childcare or early years teaching may be appropriate outlets, and any career within the food or catering industry is also an option. Cancer is often perceived as a shy retiring sign, but its cardinal nature means that those with this sign are ambitious – often prompted by the need for security – it’s a concept that lies at the heart of the Cancer experience.

To be perceived as secure in the public domain makes this an excellent placement for those who work in long established family businesses – whether it’s a business owned by your own family – or not. The key word here is ‘family’, and a familial career environment is often preferred to the cut and thrust of corporate life. However, this is one of the signs that are strong in finance; security in this context may lead you to work in banking, Corporate finance or insurance. property development and investment is also strongly favoured with this Midheaven sign. Work in museums, or involvement with historical buildings may also appeal.

Leo Midheaven

Your public persona is likely to be charismatic and vibrant, or dramatic and flamboyant, and your journey to the top may have been helped by the sheer force of your reputation as a larger than life character. Reputation is important to you – you desire to be seen as someone who can command attention and admiration, but in the most positive sense; to be admired for your contribution to public life or your career achievements is not the same as being recognised an attention seeker. Respect, honour and courage are your guiding lights. Public humiliation would be your greatest fear, as you are proud of your achievements.

With a Leo Midheaven, you are likely to seek a career that offers you he chance to shine, so capitalising on your natural talents – whatever they are – is a must for you. In the public domain, you are naturally charismatic, so being the face of an organisation would come naturally to you. Acting and presentation skills could make you an engaging teacher – and your natural playfulness makes you good with children or young people – or in any context that needs the courage to face a demanding audience. Marketing, sales, PR – or any field that requires both charm and persuasiveness – suits your public image.

Virgo Midheaven

Understated and competent. Your public persona is cool, reliable and hardworking – and hard work is how you will have made your way to the top. This is not the most overtly ambitious of Midheaven signs, but the most important thing for you to be regarded as accomplished in whatever you do. Virgo is one of the intellectual or academic signs, so obtaining academic or professional qualifications may have played an important part in enabling you to follow your chosen career path. Virgo is the sign of service and many with this Midheaven sign may have followed a vocational calling.

Virgo is also a well-organised and technically minded sign, so a practical skillset may have played a part in your career development. From the above description, it may seem that a Virgo Midheaven is an indicator that you can turn your hand to anything – and that may be true. Like Gemini, the other Mercury ruled sign, Virgo is versatile and one of the reasons for this is that those with Virgo here tend to prefer trades and professions where they can use their powers of analysis to make improvements – and that’s an approach that can be applied to a wide variety of careers and working practices. You know how things work; that’s your specialism.

Libra Midheaven

With Libra on the Midheaven, you have a relatable and approachable public persona. Like those with Gemini here, you know how important it is to make connections – but you take it a step further because you also know the importance of cultivating relationships. You make it your business to bring people together, to collaborate and maintain those professional relationships. This makes you a pivotal person when it comes to co-ordinating efforts, organisations, policy, people and ideas – and one reason for this is you are considered to be intelligent, reasonable, diplomatic – and many of you will the have effortless charm that makes hard work seem easy.

Libra at the Midheaven provides you with qualities that enable you to succeed in many types of career, but your primary interests may lie in two distinct sectors: those that are concerned with equality and fairness, and those that are concerned with aesthetics and appearance. Working in a legal or paralegal capacity, or in organisations that promote justice and equality may be suited to your ambitions. You may also prefer to work in the beauty or fashion industry, or in the visual arts. Libra here is helpful for those involved in design and decoration; you are good at putting things together; keeping things together is how you approach the important things in your life.

Scorpio Midheaven

To have Scorpio at the Midheaven may seem like a daunting prospect, but what it tells you is that you have a passionate and intense approach to your career – whatever that career may be. Your public persona shares that intensity, yet that doesn’t make you a ‘difficult work’ colleague – unless you have to deal with those who threaten or challenge your goals and ambitions. Your focus is total – but you recognise the importance of taking the team with you (mostly that is)0 and you do so by your commanding, powerful presence. Used well, this is a MC that can inspire and transform the lives of other people, as well as your own life.

Your career is of supreme importance to you – and you approach to it is uncompromising. Yet, you may change career at least once in your life – even more if you feel it’s necessary. The reason for this is that you’re your own sternest critic. If you feel that your efforts are not meeting your needs or are going unrewarded, then you will walk away. This is, however, a great MC for people who are involved in crisis management – whether that’s at an interpersonal level or whether it’s dealing with emergency situations. You are cool, analytical and find it easy to get to the heart of any matter. Uncovering what is hidden is your superpower of choice.

Sagittarius Midheaven

Sagittarius at the Midheaven may make you philosophical about your career prospects, but It also steers you towards those careers that generate excitement and satisfy your sense of adventure. You hate to feel restricted – and you hate working for people who are incapable of thinking big. This makes you the ideal candidate to set out the vision for any project, scheme or organisation – as long as you get someone else to fill in the detail. You are often enthusiastic and inspiring – and this makes you a natural manager and team leader. Belief in what you do is essential, as is the opportunity to travel – either physically or intellectually.

How is this MC reflected in your ‘work-face’? A Sagittarius Midheaven person is often regarded as a ‘life and soul of the party’ type; you are seen as being ebullient and restless, yet optimistic and generous. You may be regarded as wise and knowledgeable and play a valuable role as a mentor to younger or less experienced colleagues. For many with this MC, teaching or lecturing could be a valid career choice. This is the sign most linked with higher education, so a high level qualification may be essential for the work that you do. To obtain a high level of knowledge may be your ambition, but try to avoid being a know it all – it’s not a good look.

Capricorn Midheaven

Your public persona is a serious and hard working one, unsurprisingly, this makes you a person who is respected in the field in which you work, as well as in society in general. Many with this MC will perform civic duties alongside their primary career – in fact, civic duty may be your main focus in the workplace. A position of trust or responsibility is well suited to your image, as is a position of authority. You may also be regarded as a figure of authority in your chosen profession – and being regarded as professional in your dealings is important to you. Capricorn is the sign most associated with ambition; solid achievement is your aim.

How does that translate into your career options? Clearly a hardworking and serious attitude benefits all potential career choices, but a Capricorn MC may make your natural aptitudes and attitudes more appropriate to certain occupational sectors: government and public authorities and large corporations provide the structure that you are so comfortable working within, as well as a systematic and steady approach to career progression. You may be oriented towards business and law because of those same underlying principles. This is not the MC associated with instant fame or fortune – you will have to work hard to get where you want to be.

Aquarius Midheaven

This is the most individualistic MC and it often indicates the public persona of the maverick or eccentric. It’s the MC of those who find it hard to fit into traditional job structures – and if they do, they will usually want to perform the role in their own way. There is an element of the ‘outsider’ with Aquarius at the Midheaven and you may be regarded as unorthodox in your choice of career – as well as in you approach to it. You may prefer a career that is not routine – or avoids routine – so creative or project-based environments may be suited to to your needs because they are different, or enable you to make a difference.

You hate constriction or predictability – unless your job is predictably unpredictable. To be recognised for your individuality and the part that has played in your achievements is one thing, but how is that reflected in your career path? You may be drawn towards either the arts or sciences, but whatever your choice it may take a while to get there; you may try several careers befor making a final choice. With an experimental MC sign, you may be drawn to new and innovative sectors. This is also an MC with a social conscience, so working for social campaigns, political organisations or humanitarian causes may be worth your consideration.

Pisces Midheaven

The persona associated with a Pisces Midheaven is often creative and empathetic, but you’re also likely to be recognised as someone who is tuned into the world around you. This can manifest in several different ways: the obvious ones lend themselves to a career in the creative arts, or those professions that are regarded as ‘selfless’, such as work as a healthcare professional or working in the charity sector. However, depending on other factors in your natal chart, a Pisces MC can be shrewd or insightful; any profession that needs to tune into the public mood would be well starred with this Midheaven sign.

You may be regarded as visionary or sensitive, but his MC may make it difficult to pin you down. It may also make it difficult to pin down a career choice. Drift and idealism may prompt people to regard you as unreliable or unrealistic. Careers that may suit are often those that confront you with a certain type of reality; dealing with the victims of addiction and abuse of all kinds requires both strength and compassion. Pisces is associated with drugs, dance, photography, boats, gas, liquids and fishing – so any one of those may be symbolic of your career – or be important to your life path.

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