Astrology Reports update! Owing to demand, I have a waiting list so if you want to contact me about having a report done, please use the contact form here and I’ll be happy to put you on the waiting list. You won’t be able to order reports from this page at this time so please return to the home page.

Who Are You? Your Personal Natal Chart Analysis.

astrology charts


How well do you know yourself? Discover more about your life potentials with this in-depth Natal Chart Report.

Your Year Ahead: Your Personal Transits and Solar Return Forecast.

The sun shining through golden tinted clouds


What lies ahead? Find out with this personal yearly astrology report using Solar Returns to guide your way.

When Two Become One: Your Love Relationship Analysis.

Astrology of Love


What attracted you to each other and are you compatible? Find out in this in depth relationship astrology report.

And What Do You Do? The Natal Chart Guide To Your Career.

workers training to climb telegraph pole


Are you feeling unfulfilled? Ever feel you were in the wrong job? Find your way with this in depth Career Astrology Report.