Hello, and welcome to Starcrazypie Astrology. I’m Sara Shipman, astrologer, writer and fellow human being. and I have been studying and practising astrology for over forty years. I write and edit this website and have written several astrology books. I can list wife, mother, daughter, owner of pets, cook and gardener to my list of credits, along with survivor of bereavement, cancer, divorce, therapy – and all life has thrown at me so far.

My life – and I suspect yours too – has been a mixed bag. In my early years I worked in real estate and construction (that Moon-Saturn conjunction on my Midheaven has a lot to answer for…) yet I found time to study astrology (Aquarius Midheaven…) and I also have a master’s degree in literature (Gemini Rising…). My thesis focused on ‘Literary Representations of Death’ (Scorpio Sun…) That honed my skillset that one that was readily transferable to astrological analysis and writing and editing this website.

I’m telling you this to make the point that astrologers are the same as the people who come to us for guidance; we travel through life, go down a few dead end roads, have to deal with our own inner contradictions and complexes, and we may struggle to remain in touch with that core sense of who we are. The constant in my life was that I never lost my passion for astrology – even if it went underground at times. When you feel destiny calling, you need to listen. It never fails to surprise me that all roads lead to the same destination, no matter how long the journey takes.

So, how did I get to be an astrologer – and more to the point – why did I want to be one?

Starcrazypie Astrology: The Story

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I got into astrology in my teenage years. I studied hard and read every serious astrology book that I could. I cast natal charts for family and friends. I learned predictive astrology techniques. I cast charts for clients. I truly was ‘star crazy’. Years passed. I was still ‘star crazy’. So I began to blog, crossed my fingers and kept the faith…

Starcrazypie Astrology: The Mission

So what’s Starcrazypie Astrology about? After all there are a lot of astrologers and astrology websites out there…

I wanted to do a bit of ‘astro-journalism’ and write about the stuff that’s current in the astrology world. The things going on in the skies need explaining and that’s something I love to do because Gemini rising makes connections. So, my blog posts not only comment on the big astrological events, but they also show how they affect us here on planet Earth. You, me and everyone else, we are all touched by the cosmos. Crazy? Not at all. There is more in the universe than we will ever fully understand.

So, if there’s a mission? It’s twofold: to connect astrology to real life at a deep level and to share my approach to astrology with you. That’s why I became an astrologer – and Starcrazypie Astrology allows me to spread the word.

Starcrazypie Astrology: Where it Started

It started with the blog. And then I decided to grow it into an astrology website – with all the basic information that you look for when you’re browsing the astrology part of the web. That side of Starcrazypie Astrology is still happening… Bear with me while I write all of those pages, there’s a lot to do!

Pluto - a colorised image of the planet Pluto

Starcrazypie Astrology: Where it is Now

So, what will you find at Starcrazypie Astrology?

astrology bookstore

Then there are the books… If you want more in-depth information than you get from the website, then check out the bookstore page. I’m an astrologer and a writer – and more titles will be added to the store as soon as they are available.

My books are also available from many on-line retailers including, Amazon, Scribd, Kobo, Barnes & Noble – and many more. Print books are also available in paperback and hardback editions from Amazon and other retailers.

Starcrazypie Astrology: Where it’s Going

It’s going to be a bigger astrology resource site than it is now – there are still a lot of pages to add, so if the subject you were hoping to read about isn’t there yet, don’t worry, it will be soon. At the time of writing this page, I’ve still got the Predictive Astrology pages to write and the Moon Astrology pages to finish – as well as plugging some gaps on the Astrology Basics side of things. If you want to make any comments, you can leave them via the comments form at the bottom of all the blog posts – or contact me using this form.

Like you, I love astrology and I’m always grateful that people read what I have to say and follow this website. If you keep on reading, I’ll keep on writing – and if you want to subscribe to get articles and horoscopes straight to your inbox, then please do. Meanwhile, please explore this website at your leisure. I you’ll enjoy Starcrazypie Astrology. Please note, Sara Shipman is my professional and pen (writing) name. Like most Scorpio subjects, personal privacy is important to me. Your privacy is also important to me; if you subscribe to this website, your details will never be divulged to any anyone.

PS. If you want to know where the name, ‘starcrazypie’ came from, check out my very first post.

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