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Astrological Overview

Mercury Reaches Declination and Moves Forward.

August begins with Mercury reaching the end of the Retrograde phase and beginning it’s forward motion. This means it’s time for you to stop thinking about how you can improve the areas of your life we talked about last month – and start doing. Reviewing plans is great – and absolutely essential – but utterly pointless unless you put them into practice!

So, now you can start moving things forward – but don’t expect any results until after the middle of the month when Mercury passes the degree of Leo at which it turned retrograde last month. Again, this will have most effect on those of you with the Sun or Rising sign on (or close to) 4˚ 28′ Leo – or with your Sun or Rising Sign in aspect to that degree. Similarly you’ll notice the forward movement in your life if you have angles or house cusps on that degree of Leo. And this will really be emphasised as the month also begins a New Moon in Leo…

The First New Moon (8˚ 36′ Leo)

As you would expect, early August is all Leo, Leo, Leo! The New Moon in Leo is a refreshing change from July’s quite heavy events – and what a lovely New Moon it is. There is a square from Neptune in Pisces to Jupiter in Sagittarius – both planets are well placed in their own signs and their square aspect connects with a trine to the New Moon from Jupiter. This sounds complex but the message is clear – boy, do you need to get away from it all!

The square aspect to the New Moon from Uranus in Taurus really stresses that this is a sudden change of emphasis. Leave work behind and go and play. What is certain, however, is active change – and with Uranus this can be either sudden and shocking or perhaps the breakthrough we need. With a square aspect to the New Moon the emphasis is definitely on a new experience – and it’s something we’re simply going to have to deal with as it cannot be ignored. Just remember with Uranus, it’s better to be the initiator than have things come at you – especially as Uranus changes direction mid-month…

Uranus: Change is Right Here Right Now.

When Uranus moves into a retrograde period we usually wake up to something – and this month there are some big stories to wake up to. Uranus changing direction is sometimes like opening your eyes and reaching for your phone to read the day’s headlines and seeing a major story break – get the picture?

And breaking news really could be the story of this month with Uranus turning retrograde close to Mercury reaching the end of the final shadow phase of it’s retrograde period. Uranus likes to get there early so we shouldn’t be surprised by what we read or hear around the second week of August – it may confirm something already known and bring about an inner awakening of some kind.

Let’s Party? Jupiter’s in Town…

And if that wasn’t enough – Jupiter adds to the mix by moving forward from it’s own retrograde phase on the very same day. August 12th (the glorious 12th anyone?) really is a date for the diary. We may have to work harder to work out what’s real and what’s fake – however, we’re also more likely to be philosophical about what comes our way.

Sometimes there are things in life we simply have to accept as we can’t change material things easily – or at all – and Jupiter moving forward with that square to transiting Neptune could be one of those moments where we simply have to accept what will be, will be. If we manage to do this, we’ll find it easier to have fun and with Jupiter being in trine to a host of planets in Leo for much of the month, this is the message – we’ll find it easier to relax and have a good time if we don’t sweat the small stuff.

The Full Moon (22˚ 24′ Aquarius)

On top of all of this? The Full Moon shines brightly on August 15th – just as Mercury emerges from the shadows. This is one more indicator that the themes emerging from the Mercury retrograde are now – quite literally – being brought into the light and the Full Moon’s position shows where we may be feeling most conflicted in life. Clearly something needs to be done and the conflict resolved – and with Mars opposing this Full Moon it’s time to implement plans or at least summon up the mental energy to push forward with ideas that may have been bubbling under for a while. This Full Moon energy may help get things either back on track or strike out in a new direction. Either way, it’s the forward motion that’s important right now and a creative approach will really pay dividends.

The Second New Moon (6˚ 46′ Virgo)

By the time the powerful Black Moon – this month’s second New Moon – occurs on August 30th, the summer is entering it’s final phase. The Sun sign change to Virgo usually signals a shift in consciousness towards a return to work – and we often celebrate the gift of late summer even more because of that. This hugely influential New Moon is also a Supermoon so whatever it signals will potentially be massive for those directly in it’s rays. I can’t stress how powerful this New Moon could be – it’s part of a stellium with Mercury, Venus and Mars (as well as the Sun of course) so really could represent a new beginning for many.

The aspects to this New Moon are also telling. Trines to Uranus, on one hand, emphasise the sudden and maybe unexpected nature of change and events – this, however, is part of the process that we’ve been seeing all summer yet it may seem climactic somehow. The other major trine to Saturn and the Moon’s Node indicates this a permanent shift – and a weak tee-square between the Stellium, Jupiter and Neptune indicates we may have to work hard at getting used to it. Whatever happens, It’s fair to say most of us will end this month in a different place than we expected at the outset. So how will August work out for you? Read on.

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The Horoscopes


As the ‘action wo/man’ of the Zodiac, you must have felt frustrated when Mercury Retrograde made you revisit some domestic or family issues you thought had been put behind you. Now with Mercury moving forwards, you can finally draw the line under that episode and move on to the thing that really interests you right now – and that’s having a good time. As August begins with a host of planets in your pleasure zone, your focus is on the things that make you tick. For you Aries, August is not meant for hard work.

The New Moon in Leo sets the tone at the beginning of August. You may be feeling more amorous than usual – and we know how much you like the thrill of the chase. For those of you in a relationship, however, this month will be full of fun with your partner and even if it’s not strictly romantic, you’ll enjoy your time together. The downside? All that fun costs money I’m afraid so your cash flow could be erratic and even the source of a few cross words. Try and stay cool Aries – tall order I know!

Uranus in your house of cash could also be a little tricky this month – keep a close eye on your finances – particularly on-line transactions – as you don’t want someone else to benefit from your hard earned cash. Don’t give someone the opportunity to fleece you as, this month, you may not be as focused or attentive as usual – particularly if you’re on holiday. You don’t want any nasty surprises.

However, this month, fun in the sun is really well starred for you Aries. Travel is the name of the game and you may have been tempted by a long distance destination this month. This could prove to be more than just another holiday for you Aries as it could really change the way you look at the world. Embrace the lessons you could be learning as you travel – they could be more influential than you imagine.

As the Full Moon in Aquarius shines mid-August, you may be starting to reflect on how your future could be. You could feel your value system being challenged – and that’s not always a bad thing. Your feelings could spur you on to try and make your life more of a reflection of your authentic self and that could involve a major re-appraisal of your career choice or ambitions. You may be feeling in a rut where that part of your life is concerned, so this month you could wake up to the fact it’s long overdue for transformation.

By the time the Sun shifts into Virgo, your focus moves to back to work and the responsibilities of daily life. You’ve had a great time off Aries, but don’t let it end there. The powerful Black Moon in Virgo at the end of August is the start of a fundamental change for you. Use the lessons you’ve learned this month to revolutionise your lifestyle. It may be about time you took more care of yourself and paid attention to the details. It’s not natural for you I know but maybe it’s what you need to give yourself the best chance of achieving what you want in life.

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As August begins Mercury moves into first gear and starts to move forward in your communications sector. When Mercury turned retrograde, you may have experienced some technical hitches with your phone, internet connection or even plain old snail mail going missing. You’ll be relieved then that your wires now start to uncross and any misunderstandings will be corrected before long.

Of course, with the New Moon in Leo happening at the same time, you’re probably feeling a little emotional – especially where your home and family are concerned. You’re probably going through a period of rethinking things on the home front and when Mercury returns to Leo the results of your deliberations will start to become clear. The New Moon is squared by Uranus so you are the one who will need to take the initiative if things are going to change at home. Being assertive is not always your thing – but it’s better to initiate change than be on the receiving end – and Uranus transiting through Taurus, your Sun sign, is sparking a change in more ways than one.

For you Taurus, this is a big deal. As Uranus moves through Taurus, most of you will experience a quiet (and sometimes not so quiet) revolution involving your understanding of who you are and how you see the world. Even though you’re dealing most directly with this Uranus transit, it will be a long process and one which will take you some time to come to terms with. During August, you will suddenly find it easier to assimilate the changes you are having to deal with on a mental level – and this will help you to prepare for the changes in your life that are yet to come.

And you are dealing with big changes in your life at present – transiting Jupiter is making a lot of things seem out of proportion. Part of the problem is you’re not quite sure where you’re headed in life. Stop worrying. Spend some time this month hanging out with friends rather than hiding yourself away – you could find their company relaxing and productive. Friendship can make it easier for you to gain some perspective on life as a problem shared is often problem solved.

For you Taurus, the Full Moon in Aquarius is shining on your place in the world. You may be feeling tension between who you are and who you aspire to be. Perhaps your career and your own self image are at odds? Let that be the spur you need to resolve the issue. However, rather than going at the problem like a bull in a china shop, perhaps solicit advice from loved ones and people you respect and look for a creative response to the issues that concern you.

When the Sun enters Virgo on August 24th, you’ll feel more able to express yourself in the way that suits you best. Life may seem lighter and when the Black Moon in Virgo rocks your world at the end of August, you will realise that the only way to change things for the better is to roll your sleeves up and get on with it – and only you can make things happen. If you make an effort you’ll be surprised how you can easy it can be to get your self image, maybe your career – and certainly your sense of purpose – back in line – and make your life a true expression of who you are.

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As a child of Mercury you feel a Mercury Retrograde more than most. As Mercury moved backwards last month having to rethink your finances was probably stressful for you. However, as August begins Mercury moves forward and you probably feel more relaxed and confident you will make the right decisions in the month ahead. August, however, sees you, as ever, in full communications mode. You are full of ideas and feel a need to get them out there and the Full Moon in Leo at the beginning of August really makes that point.

With a square from Uranus, as the New Moon in Leo takes shape, you may feel your mind is working overtime – and you could lose sleep as it’s so hard for you to switch off. This month could also see you awake in another way as you become suddenly aware of the need to break away from old attitudes and mental baggage that could be holding you back. Flashes of creative inspiration could appear as if from nowhere – and you no doubt feel you could use some of that right now.

For some time, you’ve been dealing with partnership or contractual issues – particularly to do with your career – and you may have been feeling you’ve been getting nowhere. If, Gemini, you or your partner (and that includes business partners) have had testing times since the Spring, those issues should improve from this month. If you make up? Great, you can move on and grow the relationship. And if you split?

Believe it or not it won’t be the end of the world as better things will lie ahead for both parties – especially if the relationship was holding you back in some way. If neither of those things apply – it could be that whatever was bugging you or your partner has resolved itself meaning you’re not as stressed and can benefit from the relationship so much more.

By the time of the Full Moon in Aquarius, you’ll feel more optimistic and and philosophical about life. With Mercury emerging from the shadows you’ll feel able to devote your energies to the thing you do best – connecting and communicating and being busy – though hopefully, this could mean you eventually get that long overdue holiday booked! Whatever was holding you back you’re now in a position to get back on track and a little relaxation is just what you need.

When the Sun moves into Virgo on August 24th your focus turns to home and family matters and things really get into gear with this month’s Black Moon in Virgo on August 30th. If you have needed a new beginning in your home and family life, this could be put in motion now. House move? Starting a family? They’re big matters but this is a Black Moon and Supermoon combined so we’re really not talking little league here. You may have a couple of objectives in mind whatever happens – to free yourself from stress and put your finances on a firm footing – and we’re talking major investments not chickenfeed. Your aim is to achieve nothing less than structural change in your life – and you will.

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You may be feeling a little pensive as the month begins Cancer. However, when Mercury moves forward you’ll feel much more mentally active as it becomes much easier for you to focus your thoughts. There may be a few new ideas coming to you right now, and as Mercury moves out of it’s shadow phase, you’ll be evaluating which of those ideas have the greatest value before taking any action to make them real.

With the New Moon in Leo too, your values are really coming under scrutiny. You’re feeling prompted to make some revolutionary changes about how you see the future – and that may not be entirely comfortable for you. It’s like you have an itch you can’t scratch and you may seek comfort in some serious retail therapy as August begins. You may be prompted to ask yourself why you need to do this – of course the simple answer is it probably makes you feel good and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, Uranus is really making you see the future in a different light. You may receive some unexpected news that prompts this or experience a sudden flash of inspiration you feel driven to pursue. Whatever it is, it may have it’s origins in the deep changes – and even maybe losses – you have experienced from Saturn and Pluto travelling through your close partnerships sector. When difficult transformations take place you really have no choice but to look at things in new light.

However, one thing is certain, you will be busy this month with a lot of work to do. Your work/life balance is a big issue for you at the moment and you need to ensure you don’t neglect your health and fitness. Whatever your age, you may be finding it easier to indulge rather resist so take care you don’t have too much chocolate, cream cakes or booze! Whatever your poison is – it will be too tempting by far and it’s always easier to give in and worry about it later.

By the time the Full Moon shines in Aquarius, you’ll be feeling a sense that change is in the air. You know you can’t go on as you have been doing and with Mercury emerging from the shadows you can no longer hide in your shell and ignore life’s big issues. There may be matters you need to deal with concerning investments and insurances for example. For some reason you may want to have your affairs in order and that’s not a bad thing. For you, Cancer, having one less thing to worry about is very important.

When the Sun moves into Virgo on August 24th, your focus shifts to your state of mind. You’re naturally an emotional soul, but one thing you like to do is keep busy. The end of your summer may be taken up with short journeys – you may seem to be spending time doing one thing after another, almost being busy for it’s own sake. The Black Moon at the end of August is important for you as it emphasises your need to communicate and use your time effectively. You find it easy to bond deeply with your partner and easy to have an interesting and exciting social life. Perhaps you need to listen to your own needs rather than those of others.

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Things are feeling really personal Leo as the month starts with a New Moon in your Leo Sun sign. After a month of uncertainty where you’ve been forced to stop and ask yourself some searching questions you now have to make the changes you’ve been resisting for so long. You’re more optimistic and ready to show your best face to the world – and Mercury’s forward motion now gives you a real boost as you feel more confident about the new way forward in your life- and able to take actions necessary to achieve your goals.

In many ways Leo, this month really is about you – and how the world sees you. If you’ve felt overlooked – and the Mercury retrograde may have brought that home to you – you’re now aware that you need to market yourself more effectively and when Mercury returns to Leo you will benefit enormously from the efforts you’re making now. In addition, Venus and Mars in Leo add to your charisma quota – so if you need to go on a charm offensive – do it now!

And now is always a good time – as the Uranus square to planets in Leo will remind you. If you’re going to make a career breakthrough well, you’re going to have to work for it – or a change if direction may be unexpectedly thrust upon you. Maybe it’s you who has the change of heart or decides on a new approach – however, you can’t let your ambitions stay on hold and this is the month to do something about it. Your ‘road to Damascus’ moment may happen now – and it’s probably not before time so use it well.

Fortunately, there is also some impetus in your chart for creative change and, together with a trine to Leo from expansive Jupiter, you’ll be feeling much more optimistic about life as the month progresses. There will also – thank goodness – be many opportunities for fun, and why not? It’s your birthday month so let your mane down and enjoy it! Attracting good times is easy for you right now and you may receive more invitations than usual – and maybe even a touch of romance.

Partnerships are certainly emphasised by the Full Moon in Aquarius. You may meet someone special romantically or enter into a useful business relationship or contract. Your need for such a relationship is really brought home to you now as it may be something you’ve been hoping to attain for a while. Perhaps, for some of you, it’s the culmination of efforts you made earlier in the year. Whatever the nature of the relationship – you can feel happy it’s here!

By the time the Sun moves into Virgo on August 24th, you’ll be patting yourself on the back and feeling that you’ve ticked a lot of boxes this month. You will feel your life is becoming more stable again – and Leo you appreciate that more than most. The powerful Black Moon in Virgo at the end of August may trigger for you a new phase in your material security. That’s never a bad thing though for you it seems to fire up an inner debate between your need for excitement and freedom in your career and the need to get your daily life on a secure footing. You need to realise it’s not a competition and with some organisation (this is a Virgo New Moon!) you can achieve both.

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As the month begins with Mercury moving forward into it’s second shadow phase, you start to become aware of the frustrations that have been building up for some time. Time to let go of them Virgo and realise you’re actually not in such a bad place after all. You’ve been holding on to stress for far too long and it’s not healthy – and you of all signs should know that. It’s time to get away from it all – physically and mentally – and recharge those batteries!

The New Moon in Leo should help you to start putting your psychological house in order – and that square aspect from Uranus to the New Moon is a real reminder that you have to start looking at life from a fresh perspective. Uranus is the planet of change and when Uranus is in retrograde motion we can sometimes find it easier to internalise and rationalise the changes we need to make in our lives.

So, basically Virgo, if you’ve needed a change of opinion to do what you need to do, Uranus will help you do it. Your ‘eureka moment’ may stem from an admission to yourself that you need to change your priorities – and you’re okay with that because you feel it’s a good thing. Your daily life is already fairly stable but you could improve your health and fitness – and a change of perspective will help with that too.

By the time of the Full Moon in Aquarius, you will be become very aware that you really do need to pay attention to your health, fitness and daily routine. Whatever has been stopping you from dealing with any issues that have been dragging you down needs to be addressed – and you will be left in no doubt about it. It is time to get that part of your life back on track – and if you’re a typical Virgo with a demanding schedule, well, that’s even more reason to do so.

When the Sun moves into Virgo, your own sign, on August 24th, you can make your own well-being a priority in your life – and the powerful Black Moon in Virgo at the end of this month really indicates a fresh start for you. Changing your perspective on life and transforming your physical and mental health is a priority for you Virgo – as they are such an important part of who you are – don’t take these matters for granted.

Virgo, you are also very likely to feel a powerful sense of needing more space at home as Jupiter’s change of direction increases your awareness of domestic matters. This could be the month you decide to ‘Staycation’ as perhaps you’ve had larger than usual family or domestic expenditure of late. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, however, during August you could also have a number of friends from overseas visit and stay with you – and this could certainly fuel a need for more space as well as being a pleasurable experience for all – and help you have the fun times and relaxation you so sorely need.

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As August begins Mercury starts to move forward. I know you’ve been thinking about your career options Libra, and now you’ll be able to make the progress on your future direction that you’ve been thinking about for so long. At last the details seem to be falling into place and once Mercury moves out of its second shadow phase mid-August you’ll really feel the momentum pick up.

You seem more content now you have plans you can start working on – and the New Moon in Leo which also kicks off this month really makes you feel much more in control of you’re own destiny. You realise now that you’re part of a team and there are people out there who feel the same way you do. You sense you’re now able to tap into a much more supportive network and that will really help you as you move forward. It’s an exciting time for you Libra as this could be the new beginning you’ve been dreaming of.

However, the square from Uranus to the New Moon indicates some stress regarding shared responsibilities. It may be that your partner feels the shift in your circumstances has altered the dynamic of your relationship. What you may feel is a liberating change for you has an impact on others too and you may need to work hard to ensure your need for change is motivated by the possibilities of mutual benefit rather than selfish gain.

However, it is likely that any changes you run with will be positive financially. You’re very optimistic that you’re going to be in a much more expansive situation when it comes to your earning capacity. That may or may not be true – there’s always the possibility you’re deluding yourself – however try and refrain from spending your anticipated gains before you have banked them! You could also feel juggling work and life is making you more tired than usual this month so make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

By the time of the Full Moon in Aquarius, you’ll become acutely aware of how important it is to you to be able to express yourself as you wish. For some time you’ve been conflicted as you haven’t really been able to be yourself. The changes in your life are showing you that it’s actually good to be you – and the Full Moon helps you to recognise that fact and get yourself back on track. You’re beginning to realise how important it is to enjoy life – not in a ‘party every night sense’ (unless that’s your thing) but to be authentically happy in what you do. Let this month be a real turning point for you there.

When the Sun changes signs to Virgo on August 24th, you become much more reflective. As it’s the holiday period – your time away from work may be making you feel much more relaxed than usual. You really appreciate getting away from it all and taking some time to recharge your batteries. However, the Black Moon at the end of August, makes you realise that this is not just a temporary thing. We need to make space in our lives for downtime and actually, ourselves. This keeps life in balance – and you Libra know that more than anyone. Reflect on why you always seem to need to be in control – and make some fundamental changes at home to ease the burden on yourself. You can only do so much.

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August begins for you Scorpio, with you coming to terms with the change of perspective that became necessary for you when Mercury turned retrograde last month. Now Mercury resumes forward motion and you’re ready to start applying your mental energies to your career and your place in this world. You may have endured a literal ‘knock back’, maybe important but disappointing news. Now you’re ready to regroup and push forward again – and you won’t make the same mistake twice.

With the New Moon in Leo happening at the same time, you feel like a fresh start is needed where your career direction is concerned. You’re feeling some stress where partnerships and contracts are concerned and right now you’re having to work hard to handle a difficult situation. However, your partner – business or otherwise – could surprise you with a new proposal, maybe something you hadn’t thought of. Be prepared to act quickly – particularly as there may be financial implications.

This is especially so with Jupiter transiting in it’s own sign of Sagittarius in the money sector of your chart. You could be lucky and have some extra money coming in this month – but it’s also likely to flow out just as quickly so make sure you take care of your accounts just in case. Sometimes you simply have to ride out the storm so, take some time out when you can to enjoy the things that make you feel good about yourself.

When the Full Moon shines in Aquarius, it does so on your home life. if you’ve been at all frustrated by domestic matters, now you may be able to see a clear way ahead. This month could see you make progress at last with an issue that’s been causing you some real stress. That’s good news Scorpio – however, the solution to your problem may not be what you expected, so don’t assume you know the answers this time and be prepared to look at the issue from a different angle. Regardless of how things pan out, you’ll need to take action before someone else takes it for you – however Mercury emerging from the shadows will make it easier for you to make the important decisions expected of you.

By the time the Sun moves into Virgo, your focus is on the future. You’re not the backward looking, sentimental sort so to be able to put things behind you is easier for you than most. The Black Moon in Virgo at the end of August really brings a few things home to you. You’ve been through a lot but you no longer feel alone – this is a fresh start for you and you can see how the future could be for you.

You may be in a position to make new friends this month – and you certainly could be surrounded by like minded people. It makes you feel comfortable – and there is the possibility of forging new partnerships and being recognised as an authority in your field. You know what you’re talking about and people take you seriously.

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For a moment there Sagittarius, you thought you were going to have to put your travel plans on hold – however, this month, the skies are lit up in your long distance sector and with Mercury moving forward, you can really begin to choose your destination with the confidence you’re going to the right place. And of course, Sagittarius, that doesn’t just apply to your travel plans in the literal sense. If you’ve been considering further education or simply putting yourself out there, you may have – quite uncharacteristically – stopped for a moment to reconsider your options.

This month however, The New Moon in Leo finds you engaging vigorously with the big picture. It’s not a time for details – as that’s not your thing anyway – but it is time for you to get your head around the myriad of new exciting possibilities there are for you in this world. The urge to expand the scope of your life is overwhelming right now and to get the greatest benefit, you’re going to have to look at matters from a completely new and original perspective. However, don’t be rash – we would hate your travel plans to be ambushed by an unexpected health issue or lost documentation!

However, most of this is very welcome news to you Sagittarius as, after a period of uncharacteristic self doubt, many of you will be feeling your old selves again and be looking forward to the future. Since April 10th, Jupiter has been in retrograde motion in Sagittarius) and for many of you, you may have felt as if your noses were to the grindstone. You have been through a period where your belief systems have been challenged by the outer world. This month you can relax a bit and recalibrate by being a little more philosophical about life and, if you can, spend some time by the sea – you’ll feel so much better if you do.

By the time of the Full Moon in Aquarius, you’ll find yourself having lots of ideas and making plans to push your life forwards. Never content to stay in one place – physically or mentally – you feel driven to revolutionise the way you work as well as your outlook on life – for most people this could lead to burn out but for you Sagittarius, the world of big ideas is where you thrive. Go ahead and make plans – you’ll be able to implement them sooner than you think.

As the Sun moves into Virgo, your focus will return to your career. You’re never short of ambition and your fresh approach to work may make any changes you decide to make happen sooner rather than later. By the end of August the powerful Black Moon in Virgo will truly underscore that point. Your attitude to work will have changed – you may even have a new job – and materially you may also find things have been transformed and are much more stable – especially if that has been a problem for you recently.

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When Mercury moves forward at the start of August you may start to breathe a sigh of relief Capricorn. You and your partner may have spent the past couple of weeks going over old ground and rethinking your approach to how you deal with your shared responsibilities. Now you can count the discussion almost over and, as Mercury heads towards Leo, you can start to get your head around the deep structural changes that seem to be the background noise to your life right now – especially with Saturn and Pluto transiting in conjunction through your sign.

This sense of being able to move on is emphasised by the New Moon in Leo – that double whammy that happens on August 1st. Your life really is going through a period of deep and important change – and this is not necessarily a bad thing. With the square from Uranus you may find this is the month you wake up to the fact you’re free to enjoy or express yourself in ways you weren’t able to before – just make sure you don’t overlook the needs of others when you do.

The New Moon in Leo also emphasises the beginning of a major financial change for you – maybe you need to start thinking about your long term security and take the appropriate action or maybe Capricorn, it’s the direction and quality of your relationship you need to assess. Whatever the issue is it certainly is something you feel you need to control so make sure you take action to research all you need to know – or things could get heated very quickly if you’re not careful.

Fortunately, Jupiter this month blesses you with unconscious optimism – you sense things will go your way and though you’re not naturally impulsive, you feel if you’re going to take a risk, now is the time to do it – and of course, knowing you Capricorn, a full risk assessment will have been done already! This underlying feeling that things will be okay is great to have but don’t let it fool you into a sense of false security – due diligence is always required and fortunately that’s something you have a talent for.

So Capricorn, by the time the Full Moon in Aquarius shines, you feel you’re back in control and things are on a much more secure footing – materially at least. It’s also time now to move forward and work out what it is you really need in this life – and what you can do without. If this entails a root and branch re-evaluation of your value system? So be it. You can only be really effective at doing this once you’ve cleared out the rubbish and got back to basics – and that in many ways is what this month is really about.

When the Sun moves into Virgo your focus shifts to putting life in perspective. Events may have altered your world view and you know what? Now would be a good time to travel – especially to somewhere you can experience a different culture as you’re really keen in the idea of a change of scene. The powerful Black Moon at the end of August really makes that point. You need to allow the deep changes in your life to liberate you and open your mind to new possibilities. Climb that mountain Capricorn and enjoy the view!

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Well Aquarius, you may have had to deal with some residual life disorganisation – or maybe even health issues as Mercury turned backwards. The good news is you can file the paperwork on that as the month opens and as Mercury moves into Leo your thoughts turn towards partnership issues – romantic or otherwise.

The New Moon In Leo gets August out of the blocks in a rush when it comes to twosomes. With the Sun, Venus, Mars – and eventually Mercury – in Leo things could get passionate or intense or you could have a financial or contractual arrangement taking up most of your time this month. Whatever it is, your aspirations figure pretty large in life at the moment – as does your social life. Life is good when filled with love and fun and yours has that potential this month.

However, the square aspect from Uranus to the New Moon can make things a little unstable at home. Some of you could be involved in a house move as there is certainly a radical change and a set of new circumstances domestically. Whatever it is you are driven to make change s at home – and a fresh start could be just what you need.

Your friends are important to you this month and they could be the ones who present you with a new opportunity. You may find yourself on holiday with a group of friends rather than family – and romance could ensue as a result – though if you’re already attached you’ll still have a great time. You’re beginning to feel more optimistic about the future Aquarius which is great news as you’ve had to contend with some emotional trauma and you need to work hard at getting over some of the disappointments you’ve had to contend with.

When the Full Moon shines in Aquarius mid-August, you feel like you’re able to put the past behind you and get your life back on track. Your friends and loved ones are there to support you in this – and you may find talking about things to them really helps you. It hasn’t been easy and though you feel very emotional – which is unusual for you – you feel you’re now about to head in the right direction.

As the Sun heads into Virgo, your focus moves to more profound matters. You feel you’re getting back in control of your life. The Black Moon at the end of August signifies this is a really important time for you enabling you to put the past behind you. You’ve gone through some enormous changes – some not of your own choice and they’ve affected your family and your emotional wellbeing. But you’ve come through. It’s time now to reconnect with your own power and move your life on in the direction of your choice.

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Well, you thought your fun was over but when Mercury went retrograde it may have brought someone – romantic or otherwise – back into your life. The good thing about that, Pisces, is that Mercury moves forward at the beginning of August so even you may be able to see someone for what they are. By the time Mercury is in Leo and the shadow phase is ending, you will have a clear idea whether something – or someone – is working – or not.

The New Moon in Leo really emphasises your work life balance this month. With the Sun, Venus, Mars – and then Mercury all in Leo this month, things could get pretty intense. Just getting through the day is taking up a lot of energy and yet you tell yourself it’s okay and you’re having fun. Really? You’re a bit vulnerable at the moment Pisces with Neptune in your own sign – and you have a habit of seeing what you want to see.

The square aspect to the New Moon from Uranus in Taurus is also likely to disturb your surface composure as you may see and hear things that surprise or even shock you. This may be about your health and daily responsibilities but could also affect your beloved pets or work colleagues. Watch out for unexpected news of any kind – you really need to be very aware this month.

Of the Water Signs, Pisces is likely to be most affected by Jupiter’s forward motion. Before Neptune was discovered, Jupiter was the ‘traditional’ ruler of Pisces and the square aspect to your sign may prompt you to take action to improve your career prospects – though with the square aspect you may find yourself doing this because you have to – not because you want to. With Jupiter however, this is unlikely to be too stressful and you will probably feel quite confident of success. You could also find career opportunities come your way this month – go for it!

By the time of the Full Moon in Aquarius, you’ll start to realise how important it is to have peace of mind. You’re not a great one for putting up resistance and going with the flow comes easily to you – however it’s almost too easy for circumstances to pull you under. Maybe it’s time you took a deep breath and made the decision to swim with the current rather than drown in it. You may need a time out get in touch with yourself – if you can’t do that then meditation or yoga would be good for you.

When the Sun moves into Virgo, your focus shifts to your partnerships – both personal and professional. The powerful Black Moon in Virgo is so important in connection with this. By the end of this month you could meet a new partner or form a new association. Your friends could be important in this and could even set up the whole thing. Romantic or otherwise, this could be an important relationship for you for some time.

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