the age of aquarius - revolution

The Age of Aquarius: Now is the Time for Revolution

'This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius', however I'm not sure that peace will guide the planet as Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024...

saturn in the solar return fourth house

Saturn in the Solar Return Fourth House

Saturn in the Fourth House brings family responsibilities and reminds us of the passage of time. In this article I look at how Saturn in the Solar Return Fourth House brought that home to me.

jupiter transits taurus - an image of a large bull is at the top of this post.

Jupiter Transits Taurus: Is The Price Too High?

When Jupiter transits Taurus, it asks questions about how we use our resources. Is your life sustainable, or is the price of excess too high?

solar returns houses - image of an apartment block

Solar Returns: The Houses in Your Solar Return Chart

Do you want to know more about solar returns? In this post about predictive astrology, I look at the meaning of each house in your solar return chart.

solar return - solar return planets - image of baby floating in solar system surrounded by planets

Solar Returns: The Planets in Your Solar Return Chart

Solar Returns are a great way to predict the future. In this post, discover how to interpret the planets in your solar return chart.


Virgo: If it works, don’t fix it

I was re-reading some of my earlier posts and I decided to re-issue this one about Virgo. It's one of a series of posts I published while I was writing Real Life Astrology: Planets Signs & Houses, and if you're a Virgo or have significant placements in that sign - or you're close to someone … Continue reading Virgo: If it works, don’t fix it


Libra: How To Get The Balance Right

We all have Libra in our natal chart, so Libra has an influence in your life somewhere. So what does Libra brings to the table? Harmony in all things...


Pluto: What Fresh Hell Is This?

We need to talk about Pluto. As Pluto approaches Aquarius, there is no time like the present to befriend the Lord of Darkness.

November 2023 Horoscope

November 2023 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

The November 2023 horoscope begins where October's lunar eclipse in Taurus left us - with the distinct feeling that many things have reached breaking point....

lunar eclipse in taurus

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: October 28th 2023

The lunar eclipse in Taurus marks the end of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle. In this post, I look at where we are - and where do we go from here?