Launching a book during Mercury Retrograde in Gemini? I know it’s the time when it’s possible to lose your mind, however this is not so much a launch as a ‘re-launch’ so I feel much more comfortable with that. Aries: The Primal Triad is a revision of a book I published last year and as Mercury retrogrades are all about revision, I’m much more comfortable about the re-launch than I would be releasing an entirely new text.

Why revise a relatively new book – and one that had garnered a few 5***** ratings on a certain retail website? Well, I felt it was too long and needed a re-focus, so when I was writing Scorpio: The Primal Triad I hit upon a new structure and focus for my original Sun, Moon & Rising Sign series of books – and a new series title too. So, here it is, re-vamped, re-launched and ready to go – Mercury retrograde or not!

So what’s changed? Each book in the series focuses on the Primal Triad of each Sun sign and Aries: The Primal Triad does exactly that – In this book I look at Aries Sun through the houses and in combination with all the Moon signs and Rising signs to give a really comprehensive picture of the most important three placements in your natal chart. Not all Aries subjects are the same, so I hope this book will go some way to showing all Aries subjects just how complex they can be.

And if you’re not an Aries? If you have Aries subjects in your life then this book is a great way of getting to know what makes them the way they are. And if you want to know more about your own Primal Triad? Scorpio: The Primal Triad is already out there – and has its first 5***** rating – and as I have ten more signs to write about I’m glad I revised the text the way I did!

Extracts from Aries: The Primal Triad

So, just to let you know what’s inside the cover, here are a few extracts for you to read and – hopefully – enjoy.

Extracts from the Introduction:

As I began to write this book I thought about my children – a rather appropriate thought as Aries is the sign associated with the eternal child. Children have no issues with self-expression – they seem to know exactly who they are, what they like and dislike and, as any parent will tell you, there is probably not a child anywhere who does not know how to give vent to their emotions. Children have no problem with accessing their true selves, their deepest feelings, or in telling the world who they are. Then what happens? Our innocence is overlaid by the demands of the real world. It’s as adults we often discover that we have lost our way. We become emotionally constrained or stressed. We find we have spent so long trying to make an impression on the world that we forget who we are. That’s why it helps to go back to the basics – and in astrological terms, the basics of your true self are found in the ‘Primal Triad’, the combination of the ‘big three’ in your birth chart – the Sun, Moon and Rising sign.

The Sun is the most important body in your birth chart and the primary component of the Primal Triad. As a solar Aries, you’re an Aries and always will be – but it would be a mistake to think that all Aries subjects express themselves in the same way. For every sporty and physically energetic Aries there’s one who avoids all forms of exercise if they can help it. Similarly, for every outgoing confident Aries subject, there are ones who are not ‘in your face’ quite so much. Clearly you Aries subjects can be a mixed bunch – or so you appear. The ways in which the Sun in Aries combines with different Moon and Rising signs may produce Aries subjects who are radically different from the archetypal Aries hothead we know and love.

Those of you with the Sun in Aries will, in most cases, have a different Moon sign. Some of you may have spent your lives wondering why your emotional responses and deepest feelings appear to be so out of character with your hyperactive, brave and bold Aries Sun. Understanding how your Aries Sun combines with your Moon sign may help you to appreciate the reasons why you feel the way you do. There will also be Aries subjects out there who don’t appear (at first glance) to have a typical extraverted and fiery Aries personality. You’ve checked your birth certificate and you’re definitely born under the sign of the Ram – so why do you appear to be a completely different sign? The answer lies with your Rising sign, so I’ll also be looking at how the Sun in Aries combines with all of the Rising signs to produce some very different and surprising outer personalities.

Extracts from Chapter One:

So, typical Aries behavioural traits include reacting quickly to any stimuli – and that can mean everything from reacting to what people say to you, reacting to perceived or actual dangers, or taking control in almost every type of situation that calls for it. You will be proactive about doing what you want and getting what you want and have little time for those who disagree with you. Your likes and dislikes will be immediate and strong. Strong reactions overall are typical of Cardinal signs – and Aries in particular. Your fiery nature makes your responses more immediate than those of the other Cardinal signs. You will be firm in your opinions and not easily swayed, though your natural sense of justice makes you surprisingly kind to those you feel have had a hard time in life. You will not, however, take fools gladly. Your drive and enthusiasm can make it hard for you to appreciate others who do not have the same qualities as you, as you tend to become impatient rather quickly.

This single-mindedness is typical of Aries. You are as direct in your manner as you are in your approach to life. If you want the unvarnished truth, ask an Aries. If you don’t want the unvarnished truth then you’re going to hear it anyway, as Aries doesn’t spare the horses and is unlikely to spare your feelings too. Regardless of this, Aries subjects generally have an open and friendly nature. What you see is generally what you get with this sign and having an exuberant and passionate nature generally makes Aries popular. People tend to want Aries on their side – and not only because the alternative could be a little hot to handle. Aries are good team players, so if you have a project that needs extra hands or a space in your team, Aries is usually the ‘go to’ person to fill the gap or get the job done. However, ‘joining in’ isn’t necessarily your thing. More often than not, you are the person who initiates the proceedings and leads others into action. 

Extracts from Chapter Two:

With your Aries Sun in the second house, we need to look closely at how this placement informs your sense of self. With your Sun in this house, you will identify strongly with your values, whatever they are, and with an Aries Sun, you will leave no-one in any doubt that your values are critically important to you as you will defend them with vigour. Your personal security means everything to you and you will make it your mission to do all you can to create and maintain your own place in this world. And that place? It will tend to be of your own making, and you will work hard – and feel a great deal of pride – in making it on your own. With an Aries Sun, the concept of being your own person is a big one for you. This is because you have a fundamental need to be number one, to be independent and to be ahead of the curve. You want people to see what you’re worth, so you express your identity through the things you make and possess. That can be in a material sense, but it can be in a less tangible sense too – and I’m about to explain how that can work for you.

Appropriately, let’s start with work. In this house an Aries Sun is going to keep you busy. You will be one of those souls with an enormous work ethic, largely because you are driven to be busy and have such huge reserves of energy. So, in true sixth house style, you may be practical in your outlook and are usually the first to help anyone in need – not necessarily because you have a huge altruistic or charitable motivation thing going on, but because you know you have the skills and resources to help people at a practical level. This is important to you as keeping life in order is one of the things that really matters to you. You truly get the message that to be productive in life you need to be organised and you can be really inventive in seeking out new ways of making your day go well. You hate to waste time, you’re always likely to be on time (or early) and nothing makes you more annoyed than those who do not help themselves. In your mind, there is a huge difference between those who genuinely need assistance, perhaps because of infirmity or unfortunate circumstances, and those who you believe have brought misfortune onto themselves because of their wayward behaviour. The latter group are likely to make you see red. Personal responsibility is a virtue of the highest order in your eyes.

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As with my other books, Aries: The Primal Triad is available from Amazon as an e-book (Kindle) in paperback and also in hardback editions. Paperback editions are also available at other stores including B&N. Ebook editions are also available worldwide via Apple ibooks, Google Play Books, B&N (Nook) Kobo and many others. Check out the Universal Book Link for all available store options.

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