Since 14th May, Jupiter has been feeling at home in Pisces. However, the retrograde season is upon us once more and, on June 21st, we will have a Jupiter retrograde, as Jupiter makes a last stand in Aquarius from July 29th until the end of the year. Jupiter retrogrades are not uncommon as they happen every year, and Jupiter re-enters Pisces in late December for a relatively brief visit to that sign during the first half of 2022.

As this Jupiter retrograde crosses signs, it’s likely to feel like a retrograde of two parts. Pisces and Aquarius are very different signs, so does this mean we are in for (yet) more mixed messaging? At present I get the feeling that this particular Jupiter retrograde has the feel of ‘unfinished business’. I’m sure you don’t need reminding that Aquarius has seen a lot of activity this year – with Saturn also currently retrograde in that sign – and Jupiter may remind us of that unfinished business in a big way.

In general, retrograde periods force us to re-examine and re-visit things we thought we had previously dealt with. This may be especially so with this Jupiter retrograde, as Jupiter in Pisces implies that major issues may have been hidden or overlooked. That final passage into Aquarius implies that there are still big matters that concern us all needing to be resolved. So, I’ll be looking at the retrograde and direct motion charts to assess the dominant themes of this particular Jupiter retrograde – and what it may hold in store for us during the rest of this year.

Jupiter in Pisces: An Overview

Jupiter is usually well placed in Pisces, the sign of its traditional rulership. Expansive Jupiter seems to be at home in the sign where there are few boundaries, and one of the features of Jupiter’s stay in Pisces may be that of boundary issues. On a grand scale – and Jupiter is happiest with things at that level – we have seen this most well-travelled of planets emphasising border issues, as travellers and traders have been plunged into confusion and new pathogen variants have crossed borders seemingly at will – but, in reality, as a result of Jupiter-influenced international travel.

This is hardly surprising given the nature of both Jupiter and Pisces. Pisces is the place where all things seem possible because we place our trust in dreams rather than reality. When Jupiter is resident in Pisces, that tendency is amplified on a massive scale. Jupiter is also blessed with boundless optimism, so Jupiter in Pisces can result in people believing things will be okay – when reality may suggest otherwise. Ill-founded optimism is a real risk with Jupiter in Pisces because there are no limits in force and the truth tends to be whatever you want it to be.

All of this has certainly been a feature of late. With Neptune also in a long term transit of Pisces (the sign it rules), things are certainly Neptunian at the moment. Jupiter’s presence in that sign has exaggerated that – and confusion, lies (including the ‘Big Lie’) – and infection rates – have increased as Jupiter has slowed to station in Pisces before turning retrograde. Those issues are, of course, things that impact on us all because Jupiter is a social planet and brings everything to the party.

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces

So, when we enter the Jupiter retrograde phase in Pisces, how will that change things – if at all? To work out the answer to that one, we need to look at what happens when things become over-inflated – as Jupiter in Pisces tends to do. And when things become over inflated, they tend to burst. The image of a balloon going ‘bang’ is really symbolic of the kinds of things we can expect with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, as we experience the failure of an excessive reliance on hope. We get ahead of ourselves – and as a result find ourselves taking a few steps back.

At a personal level, those of us with important planets and points in aspect to Jupiter may experience a few hopes and expectations coming to nought. There may be periods where we simply don’t know what to do for the best, particularly if we have taken a gamble (Jupiter) on events turning out the way we hoped they would – rather than on how things really are. Jupiter retrograde here can indicate disappointment – but it’s usually the kind of disappointment that’s for the best as Jupiter is the ‘Great Benefic’ after all. However, be prepared for it not to feel that way!

One of the issues we may face – at both a personal and social level – is that things may feel out of control. It’s difficult to rein in events with Jupiter in Pisces because there are few – if any – restraints. As individuals we may feel affected by world events that appear out of control. We may also observe public figures acting in a way that seems out of control – Jupiter’s arrogance and moral ambivalence could feature here – and such behaviour could be met with a backlash as we begin to perceive them for what they are. Let’s hope that as Jupiter moves closer to Aquarius, the Piscean fog will begin to clear.

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces: The Chart

If we look at the Jupiter retrograde chart we can begin to see how we can best approach the Jupiter retrograde period in Pisces. The most notable aspect affecting the Jupiter retrograde period is a Grand Trine between Jupiter at 2˚ 11″ Pisces, The Sun at 29˚ 30″ Gemini (a powerful anaretic degree) and The Moon at 1˚ 53″ Scorpio. So, there is a water emphasis in this trine and it involves the Luminaries which makes it powerful configuration.

Jupiter Retrograde 2021: 20th June - 18th October 1
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Let’s consider the nature of a Grand Trine for a moment. Grand Trines are the ‘lucky’ aspect pattern – and Jupiter is the Lord of Good Luck. So, it may seem odd to be warning you of some potential downfalls as you experience this Jupiter retrograde. However, Grand Trines also symbolise complacency. Things come easily to you, so you don’t have to work too hard to achieve the things you want to achieve. Less positively, there may be a sense of entitlement, or the feeling that some things are being taken for granted.

In this particular Grand Trine, Jupiter, the Sun and Moon are important. From the perspective of mundane astrology, the Sun represents those who lead (rulers) and the Moon those who follow (the people). Jupiter represents the legal system and our belief systems – and perhaps these are the things that have been taken for granted. With Jupiter retrograde, any ‘hype’ may be exposed for what it is – and as Grand Trines often signify events that happen quickly, we may see a rapid escalation of events as a result.

At a personal level, some of you may experience an escalation of relationship issues (the Sun and Moon often signify relationship), though this may not be a bad thing as Jupiter may end associations (of all kinds) that are harmful to you, or bring people into your life who may help you change your view of your relationship needs in a helpful way. You may have the opportunity to re-think your attitudes and reflect on how you move your relationships (personal, business or professional) forward in a way that benefits you.

Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius

When Jupiter moves back into Aquarius the Jupiter retrograde phase takes on a different tone as Aquarius is the sign of clarity and unvarnished truth. It’s also the sign of revolution and idealism and it shares Jupiter’s forward looking nature. I wrote about Jupiter’s transit through Aquarius recently and concluded that the purpose of this transit was to open us up to change, to look at the world – and our place in it – in a different way. It’s also a transit that has asked many of us to embrace radical changes in our personal lives too.

It’s worth noting here how transits work. When Jupiter entered Aquarius at the end of 2020, it raised questions about our vision of the future – both at a personal and societal level. As Jupiter then drifted into Pisces in May, it’s likely that we lost our focus, became distracted and let things drift. Now, we are in for a reminder that we need to re-focus on the issues that Jupiter brought into our lives earlier this year – and Aquarius’s clarity will be so helpful at this time.

This is a process that we are going to have to give our attention to from July 29th until Jupiter turns direct on October 18th. During this time we may initially experience some harsh and uncomfortable truths. However, we will also have the opportunity to learn (Jupiter) from our mistakes and re-calibrate our views on quite a few issues – including our own place in the world. Jupiter loves expansion and if you have been in a rut then you may now have the opportunity to get out of it. However, even with Jupiter, there is no such thing as a free lunch…

So, this is going to be the time to do a broad brush review of how – and where – you see our future. It’s not the time for detail – that will come later – but be ready to start filling in the specifics during the rest of the year. One thing is certain. You don’t want 2022 to be a repeat performance of 2021, so lets look at the chart for the Jupiter retrograde ‘direct’ phase to see how that may be avoided.

Jupiter Direct in Aquarius: The Chart

Jupiter Retrograde 2021: 20th June - 18th October 2
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When Jupiter turns direct, you’ll be pleased to know there is a real energy boost available as Jupiter at 22˚ 20″ Aquarius trines the Sun-Mars conjunction in Libra. This is an aspect that can really help to boost connections, an exchange of ideas and collaborative working – but, of course, like all trines you can’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. Libra is a cardinal sign, and the Sun and assertive Mars here show no lack of initiative and the forward thinking required to make the changes that are necessary in your life.

There is certainly no lack of drive or ambition – and there is an acknowledgement that things cannot remain as they are. The Sun-Mars square to Pluto in Capricorn signifies the frustration and limitation that may finally be overcome. Of course, many of us will recognise this. Many of us have been under some form of limitation for some time and the danger is that we could rush into things before thinking them through. The desire to expand our lives cannot come too soon and the temptation – especially with a Sun-Mars conjunction in a cardinal sign – will be to go full steam ahead.

However, as both Aquarius and Libra are idealistic – and tend to think things through – there will be a lot of mental energy available to initiate discussions, implement plans and be more ambitious in your aims. The field may be competitive, but this is the classic aspect of playing to win – and, of course, winning comes in many guises. Tapping into this energy may be beneficial to many of us at a personal level, but I want to look again at how the Jupiter direct phase looks at a social level.

Once more, this gives me more cause for concern as the ‘ease’ of trine aspects can bring both good results – and bad. We may see, later in the year a great deal of international negotiation of one kind or another – and it may not all be amicable. The close contact between leadership and aggression in diplomatic Libra and the trine to the legal system and ‘world view’ in radical Aquarius, may indicate a war of ideas and we may expect some battles – perhaps legal – between governments and those who oppose them in the months to come.

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