It’s time for the December 2022 horoscope – and that means we’ve reached the end of another incredible year. For me, December begins in an optimistic frame of mind. Something about the Sagittarius solar vibe that dominates the start of the month put me in a good mood – regardless of what the rest of the planets say. This month is no different – except there are a couple of celestial configurations that are giving me pause for thought, as the month seems to be ending on a more serious note.

We are still in serious retrograde season, with Mars racing backwards in Gemini, and that’s adding an edgy energy and tension to the progress of the Sagittarius Sun. Mercury is also beginning to slow down as it approaches it’s own retrograde at the end of the month – so from mid-December we will be in the first shadow period and as that is in Capricorn, that’s going to focus the mind in a pretty serious way.

However, we also have Jupiter moving forward again and making its final ingress into Aries where it will stay until May 2023. December is a month that always draws things to a close, but watch out for those signs of culmination with the Full Moon in Gemini on December 8th – it seems guaranteed to pack a punch in more ways than one. Could the year be going out with a bang? As usual, the universe will reveal all that you need to know.

December 2022 Horoscope: Aries

Since Mars changed direction, you’ve been more subdued than usual. You’re not the most quiet or secretive of people, but the month begins with you keeping your counsel rather than giving your usually robust opinion on all things under the sun. Why is that? Well, right now you’re in an unusually reflective mood – but don’t imagine that this is going to last further than the first week of this month.

The Full Moon suggests that whatever you’ve been trying to keep a lid on is going to burst forth in full fury. When that happens, you’re going to make your feelings known in relation to a specific subject – and it’s one that affects you deeply. There are some things that are too important to gloss over – and Mercury slowing up is really going to make you think about things that are important to you – and your reputation. By the end of the month, Jupiter will help you to regain your sense of perspective – and optimism. Things will be looking up.

December 2022 Horoscope: Taurus

Value is something that’s always close to your heart, and this month, the December 2022 horoscope suggests that’s especially true right now. Mars is making you focus on this in several ways; you may be focusing on your own personal values, or you may be trying to work out how best to improve your material worth – without losing your sense of independence or self-worth in the process.

This is the time to work on a plan of action – though early in the month, the Full Moon may cause you to re-think some of your previous ideas. if you’ve been bogged down by self-doubt and detail, perhaps you ned to step back and take a look at the bigger picture. Mercury’s shadow period and and retrograde motion will enable you to do that – and the New Moon at the end of the month will also set some seeds that will germinate in the New Year. Consider through your options – you have more than you think.

December 2022 Horoscope: Gemini

With Mars having an extended stay in your sign – and currently being retrograde – you have been feeling the tension. This month, as your ruling planet, Mercury, prepares to turn retrograde, you’re going to realise that you have a big decision to make. The Full Moon early in the month will signal that this is something that you can’t avoid – but you need to hold on a little longer and not rush into something that you could come to regret. Use this time to focus on you and your most immediate needs.

As the month progresses, you may get a boost in your career. Whether it’s a Xmas bonus or a more significant raise, it could make you optimistic about taking things to the next level. Those feelings are likely to increase when Jupiter re-enters Aries at the end of the month, as you will feel much more confident about your future prospects. Of course, this may make that big decision a little easier – the New Moon at the end of the month will help you to see the way forward – but proceed with caution and keep your eyes open. Keep it real.

December 2022 Horoscope: Cancer

You are one of the more emotional signs (to say the least!), but you may be feeling as if those emotions are bottled up or going nowhere as the month begins. There may be a number of reasons for that; you may have some private worries or concerns that you are finding hard to address in your own mind – and impossible to share. The Full Moon early in the month may help you to get to the bottom of what is really concerning you – and you may discover that it’s not so bad after all.

Mercury slowing up in your relationship sector suggests that whatever is bugging you, it’s better if you talk about it to your significant other, or with a professional advisor if the situation needs that kind of response – and the New Moon at the end of the month could bring that kind of professional relationship into your life. Of course, there may be another issue – and that could be commitment. You need to be clear about personal and professional involvements – especially as your public profile seems set to increase in the New Year.

December 2022 Horoscope: Leo

At one level, Mars is putting the focus on your social involvements or the next few months – and when Mars is retrograde, you may feel as if some of those involvements are more trouble that they are worth. If you’ve been putting a lot of effort into your social life – and what Leo doesn’t? – you may want to focus your efforts on quality rather than quantity as the festive season begins. However, there is a bigger issue than that; Mars is wanting you to focus on the future – and that means looking forward to more than a great night out.

The Full Moon early in the month will bring that home to you – and with any luck it will light up the road ahead. Mercury’s slow down is going to give you the opportunity to work out how to proceed. You’re going to have to think hard about what’s going to work best for you; focus on what’s achievable and realistic – and what will improve your life too. The New Moon at the end of the month will be a revelation. Be prepared for some far-reaching changes; they will be good for you and you will feel optimistic about the future as 2023 approaches.

December 2022 Horoscope: Virgo

It’s all about your career this month Virgo and – as you will no doubt have guessed – it’s Mars’s extended stay in this sector that’s to blame. As one of the zodiac’s hard workers, you may feel okay with this, as the focus on your ambitions and achievements may ultimately produce a great result for you. Events – or news – around the time of the Full Moon may reveal if this is so. Your ruler, Mercury, is slowing up in your creative place – but this may have the effect of making you even more realistic about what you can – and can’t do.

What you need to do now is focus on your own interests – but don’t forget to include your partner in the conversation. In fact, your partner may be the conversation – Jupiter in your relationship sector suggests there may be some distance growing between you. Use this time to explore your relationship potentials together – honesty is always the best policy. When Jupiter moves into Aries later in the month, that will be the time for major change.

December 2022 Horoscope: Libra

The December 2022 horoscope suggests that you’re feeling driven to do more with your life – the problem is that you don’t yet know the direction of travel. Thats a problem that’s not going to be resolved until Mars moves forwards next year – so the message for now is to recognise that you need to focus your attention on what needs to improve – rather than making those changes right now. We’re talking long term, so the best thing you can do is acknowledge that you may have been too unadventurous with your life to date.

Libra has a lot of drive – more than you would think – but you always function best as part of a partnership or team. When Jupiter moves into Aries, you’ll be in able to move that part of your life forwards – if you need a new team or collaborative venture, that will be the time. The New Moon at the end of the month suggests the solution may be found closer to home than you thought; Mercury retrograde also focuses your thoughts in that direction. It may be time to dust off your old contacts list and revisit some of the ideas you had previously dismissed.

December 2022 Horoscope: Scorpio

Scorpio people may be fighting on a few fronts this month. Money may be an issue – and you seem to be getting nowhere. If someone owes you, they may appear to have gone to ground. If you owe someone? You can rest assured they will come knocking on the door. The authorities may start prying into your affairs – even if you have nothing to hide. The deeper message is, of course, about being in control. Use this time to regain the advantage as you head towards the New Year.

This will mean having a word with yourself – and getting your head around the changes that you need to make. mercury is in its shadow phase for most of this month, but you may find this to be to your advantage. The things that crawl out of the woodwork now are the things that you will need to get your head around – and you may need to revise some of the things you thought you could take for granted. Replacing worn out ideas may be the message of this month; the New Moon will help you find some more useful replacements – as you head for a more productive 2023.

December 2022 Horoscope: Sagittarius

Mars has taken up residence in your relationship sector – and don’t you know it. Its retrograde here is focusing your energy in no uncertain terms; if there’s work to do in any of your partnerships – personal or professional – you’re going to have to rollup your sleeves and do what needs to be done. Of course, there is another side to this. This may be the month a legal matter needs to be resolved – and it may not go as quickly or as easily as you hoped it would. Again, there’s no option but to grind it out – and wait for easier times ahead.

Your mind is also going to be on money this month. You would be well advised to check out the status of your bank account – or other accounts – as you may find yourself having to go through the small print. You may have to – or want to – think about your spending habits this month too; you’re a notoriously extravagant sign, but sometime it’s going to catch up with you – especially this year. You may spend more on your home and family and happy holidays this year – make sure you can afford it.

December 2022 Horoscope: Capricorn

The December 2022 horoscope tells me that you would be well advised to focus your energy on getting your life in working order. You’re a Capricorn, so that shouldn’t be too difficult. However, right now you may feel as if you’re hitting your head against a brick wall. Mars is stuck – and retrograde – in your organisation zone for a few months and this means you have a lot of energy at your disposal to get things done. Focus on the things you are responsible for – and don’t blame everyone else for things you can’t do.

With Mercury slowing down, you may also feel as if you’re shouting into the wind. The message you’re going to hear – loud and clear – when Mercury turns retrograde, is this: stop taking things so personally and start thinking about how you can communicate more effectively. You can be a busy fool at times, so it may be time for you to slow down and focus your mind on your own needs. Let others take care of themselves. The New Moon at the end of the month, will give you the breathing space that you need.

December 2022 Horoscope: Aquarius

For you Aquarius, the December 2022 horoscope focuses on your creative side. The Full Moon is drawing your attention to something that Mars in this sector has been hammering away at for a while; you need to identify something that gives you a sense of purpose. We all need to have a special interest, something that makes us feel good; if you have felt out of touch with your sense of accomplishment – or your sense of fun – now is the time to re-kindle that particular drive.

A word of warning: it may not be as easy as it seems. Mercury is slowing down and will turn retrograde at the end of the month. This means you may find it difficult to get your head around the things you need to do. Don’t despair. Use this time to re-connect with your spiritual side. The New Moon at the end of the month will show you what needs to be discarded from your life – and what needs to be kept. The good news is, as Jupiter re-enters Aries, your mind will be on bigger things and faraway places; take the initiative and go!

December 2022 Horoscope: Pisces

There is nothing like family for driving you crazy – and the December 2022 horoscope suggests that this will be a major theme for you this month. If everyone seems to be pulling in different directions, then someone has to get things back on track – and that someone is you. Mars is retrograde and causing you some anger and frustration on the home front; what Mars is really telling you is to become more assertive. Sometimes you need to head things off at the pass and, if you’ve neglected to do so, don’t be surprised when problems occur.

However, this is also a good time to put your energies into home and family projects; Mercury is slowing up and that’s really going to make you focus on your future plans. There may be a lot of options open to you, but you would be well advised to identify one and stick with it. It may be useful for you to discuss your ideas with good friends and people you trust before taking action, especially as Jupiter’s return to Aries suggests some major cash flow issues at the end of the year. With any luck that will be inwards and not out – but don’t count on it.

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