total solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: December 4th 2021

A total solar eclipse is one of astrology's main events. December 4th 2021 brings us one of those 'now or never' moments that changes everything.

december 2021 horoscope

December 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

The December 2021 horoscope suggests that 2021 may be going out with a bang. Let's hope it's a party popper - and not a party pooper...

november 2021 horoscope

November 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

November is Scorpio month, so will the November 2021 horoscope be a horror show or will it be time for you to bury the hatchet? Read on...

october 2021 horoscope

October 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

October brings the Hunter's Moon and Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn go direct. The October 2021 horoscope signals a time to move on - but how?

mercury retrograde in libra

Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Sept. 27th – Oct. 19th 2021

This month, we have Mercury retrograde in Libra. Libra is the sign of relationships so will things be harmonious or badly out of tune? Read on...

september 2021 horoscope

September 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

It's back to school, so will the September 2021 horoscopes tell us that things are getting back to normal? That depends what you mean by 'normal'...

August 2021 horoscope

August 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

When I started writing the August 2021 horoscope, there was the definite feeling that we had been here before. Is it that second Full Moon in Aquarius? Maybe...

june 2021 horoscope

June 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

June sees the beginning of summer in the northern hemisphere - but will the June 2021 horoscope bring some much needed warmth to our lives? Read on...

may 2021 horoscope

May 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

May is a beautiful month - but will we still be thinking that after reading the May 2021 horoscope? Check out this month's horoscopes for your Sun sign now.

april 2021 horoscope

April 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

It's time for the April 2021 horoscope and what's in store for us all this month? Messages are mixed, so if you want to know how that affects you, read on...

march 2021 horoscope

March 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

What does the March 2021 horoscope have in store for you? Spring is here, but are the green shoots of recovery on their way? Your monthly horoscope is here...

February 2021 horoscope

February 2021 Horoscope: The Month Ahead

The February 2021 horoscope has a pile up of planets in Aquarius. Should we prepare for more shocks and surprises or some electrifying truths? Let's find out...

january 2021 horoscope

January 2021 Horoscope: Your Month Ahead

Happy 2021! This is your January 2021 horoscope and the New Year dawns with Jupiter and Saturn together in Aquarius - giving that real 'age of Aquarius' vibe...

The year ahead horoscope for 2022

Astrology Forecast 2021: The Year Ahead

Astrology forecast 2021 is here. The good news? It's not 2020. The bad news? It's not going to be as easy as we would like it to be. Welcome to 2021.

Mars transits Aries 2020

Mars Transits Aries 2020: Call The Fire Brigade Now

Mars transits Aries until January 2021. We'll get Mars retrograde, hard aspects to big players and lots of stuff will kick off. What will be the final score?

astrology forecast 2020 coronavirus

Astrology Forecast 2020: The Coronavirus Update

As the year dawned, I published my astrology forecast 2020 and as I sit here feverishly (literally), writing this I think it's time I revisited my predictions.

The year ahead horoscope for 2022

An Astrology Forecast For 2020: The Year Ahead

New Year's Day may see the beginning of new decade but 2020 is our astrological focus. What can we expect this coming year? If you don't want to know what the heavens have in store, look away now...

gloomy green forest november horoscopes

The Really Big Horoscope: November 2019

November is the month we go deep within. This month, we will reflect - but will we be able to resolve? Find out in your November monthly horoscope.

about starcrazypie astrology horoscope charts

Horoscopes: How To Make Them Work For You.

How do horoscopes work and which ones should you believe in? In this post I explain how I approach making horoscope forecasts and why a personal forecast is always best.

october horoscopes autumn trees

The Really Big Horoscope: October 2019

This month's horoscope feels like the calm before the storm. The Sun is in laid back Libra but under the surface? There's a volcanic Full Moon and a New Moon full of surprises. Prepare to take cover.

astrology reports

The Really Big Horoscope: September 2019

The holidays are over. With a pile up of planets in Virgo, Uranus in Taurus and Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn it's like the sky has fallen down. Welcome back to Earth.

astrology reports

The Really Big Horoscope: August 2019

Mercury and Jupiter move forward, but Uranus goes into reverse. You can't have everything it seems. But the big news? The Supermoon Black Moon at the end of August. Yes, this is a double New Moon month. Who said life was dull?

Mercury Retrograde image of broken mobile phone

Mercury Retrograde Alert: July 7th – August 15th 2019

I can feel things slowing down. My mind, my internet connection, my life. Welcome to Mercury Retrograde.

about starcrazypie astrology horoscope charts

The Really Big Horoscope: July 2019

Total Solar Eclipse, Mercury Retrograde And A Tricky Full Moon. What More Could You Want?