Join Sara Shipman on a grand tour of the planets signs & houses of your natal chart. The combination of planet, sign and house is the foundation of every astrological chart analysis and, in this book, Sara Shipman sets out her approach to this subject with lucid, insightful and down to earth analysis of the meanings associated with the planets signs & houses in your natal chart.

From the outset, Sara reminds you that astrology needs to be rooted in real life and in the first chapter of this book she sets out her detailed approach to this complex and fascinating subject. She then takes us to the planets, where we are given an in depth explanation of how they function in your life.

The zodiac signs provide the energy we use to express the various component parts of our character – the energy each planet uses to express its essential nature. Sara reminds us that we have each sign functioning in our natal chart, so getting to know how their energies manifest helps us to understand where our inner motivations come from.

Finally, we stop by the natal chart houses, as this is where the action takes place. Life is about lived experience; when we explore the astrological houses, we learn how and why the activities of each house manifest in our lives in the ways that they do.

The planets signs & houses are the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ of astrology; understand their essential meanings and you’ll begin to understand yourself at the deepest level. Real Life Astrology: Planets Signs & Houses is an accessible and easy to read book. It’s a must read for anyone who wants to move their knowledge of astrology to the next level.

Real Life Astrology: Planets Signs & Houses is the first book in the Real Life Astrology series of books.

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