It’s always a good feeling when you finish writing a book, and I’m delighted that Real Life Astrology: Planets Signs & Houses is now published. If you’re a regular follower of this website, you will have seen a few extracts of the drafts being published over the past few months (check out the recent Pluto post…) Now you can read the whole of Planets Signs & Houses – currently available on for kindle and in print. For those of you who prefer not to shop there, the book will be available at other retailers (and the bookstore on this website) in Spring 2022.

This is the first book in the Real Life Astrology series of books, and I’m already working on the next book in the series, The Cross of Matter, which will focus on the angles of your natal chart. I’ll be posting some taster extracts from that book early next year. I’m planning for the Real Life Astrology series of books to ultimately comprise five volumes – so it looks like my workload is planned out for the next few years at least!

For those of you who read my posts here and have read my previous books, Solar Returns: An Introduction and Aries and Scorpio from the Primal Triad Series – a heartfelt thank you.

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2 thoughts on “Book Launch | Planets Signs & Houses

  1. Congratulations on your book, I find your perception of astrological interpretation extremely well researched and intuited. I look forward to buying your book.
    Warm regards
    Emma Magenta

    1. Emma, that is incredibly kind and generous of you to make that comment – I’m so appreciative. I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it! With best wishes, Sara

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