jupiter transits taurus - an image of a large bull is at the top of this post.

Jupiter Transits Taurus: Is The Price Too High?

When Jupiter transits Taurus, it asks questions about how we use our resources. Is your life sustainable, or is the price of excess too high?

lunar eclipse in taurus

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: October 28th 2023

The lunar eclipse in Taurus marks the end of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipse cycle. In this post, I look at where we are - and where do we go from here?

solar eclipse in taurus

Solar Eclipse in Taurus: April 30th 2022

This month ends with a partial solar eclipse in Taurus. A door may open, but what awaits us inside? All things are possible with this solar eclipse...

taurus rising

Taurus Rising: The Taurus – Scorpio Axis

With Taurus rising, Scorpio is always at the other end of the line. What does it mean to have these two signs feature in your birth chart?

saturn square uranus

Saturn Square Uranus 2021: Clash of the Titans

The Saturn square Uranus transit is a clash of the Titans, old as time itself. So how does it apply to us mere mortals living on Planet Earth? Let's find out...

Uranus transits Taurus

Uranus Transits Taurus: Is This The New Normal?

In January 2019 I wrote about Uranus Transits and political chaos - Brexit and Trump. It's now 2020 and the madness has grown. Is this the new normal?

the 2022 horoscope

An Astrology Forecast For 2020: The Year Ahead

New Year's Day may see the beginning of new decade but 2020 is our astrological focus. What can we expect this coming year? If you don't want to know what the heavens have in store, look away now...

the four astrology elements - air, earth, fire and water

The 4 Astrology Elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

The four elements of the Zodiac, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, reflect the natural order of things. Why are they so important in natal chart interpretation?

Taurus - emerald birthstone

Taurus Woman: Live Life Well And Keep Your Feet On The Ground

Our Taurus month has come and gone. For me it was a month of sadness as I lost a very dear friend. In this post - part eulogy - I look at what makes Taurus women so special.

a chaos word cloud

Uranus: Brexit? Trump? Chaos Has Come Again

Uranus is the planet of freedom, liberation and overturning the established order. As Uranus enters Taurus don't expect a revolution - it's already here.