full moon in sagittarius

Lunations 2023 | Full Moon in Sagittarius

This month's Full Moon in Sagittarius is known as the Strawberry Moon - will it be sweet or acid? You won't know until you've tasted it. Read on...

donald trump birth chart poster image

Donald Trump: His Birth Chart Revealed.

Donald J Trump was born at 10:54am on June 14th 1946, Queens, New York, USA. In this post I'm going to look at his birth chart to see what astrology reveals about the 45th POTUS.

the four astrology elements - air, earth, fire and water

The 4 Astrology Elements: Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

The four elements of the Zodiac, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, reflect the natural order of things. Why are they so important in natal chart interpretation?