This month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius appears in our skies on June 4th at 03:41 (UT). It is the full moon known as the Strawberry Moon – and I can’t wait to taste the first fruits of this years strawberry season- though the absence of hot sun probably means my own strawberry plants are going to ripen a little late this year. The name for this Full Moon originates in North America – in Europe it’s often referred to as the Rose Moon or the Hot Moon as it marks the beginning of the warm summer weather in so many countries.

The name ‘Strawberry Moon’ has a somewhat deeper significance than that. The indigenous peoples of North America marked this time with feasting and a period of reconciliation. Enmities and grudges were put to one side and the core message was one of acceptance and tolerance. All peoples were made welcome regardless of who they were. I guess those feasts were similar to the joyous summer festivals that occur in many cultures: life simply feels better at this time of year.

Will that positivity be seen in this particular Full Moon? Sagittarius is the most optimistic of zodiac signs – so the potential for that is always there. However I want to remind you of something – and, yes it’s to do with strawberries. Here, in the UK, we love them. They’re a national symbol of summer and we think of them as the sweetest of fruit, enjoyed with cream as a favourite dessert. However, my dental hygienist tells me otherwise; they’re highly acidic and corrode your teeth, making then highly sensitive and painful to clean. Strawberries, it seems, have their dark side…

Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Essentials

Let’s talk about Sagittarius. It’s a sign normally associated with the beginning of winter in the northern hemisphere, but here it is, the major influence on the Full Moon that occurs as we head towards Midsummer. In astrology, it’s regarded as forward looking, adventurous, fun-loving, good humoured and idealistic sign – they’re all things that feel familiar to us at this time of year. However there is a more profound side to this most convivial of zodiac signs; through Jupiter – its ruler – we access wisdom and magnanimity and they are the values that underpin those ancient feasts and rituals I spoke of earlier.

In astronomical and astrological terms, a Full Moon comprises an opposition between the Sun and the Moon. They face each other across the ecliptic and the Moon’s face reflects the sunlight to such an extent that it can light up the night sky. It transforms our ability to see in the dark – and it’s the ability to ‘see in the darkness’ that’s important in astrology. This Full Moon in Sagittarius opens up possibilities that we may have overlooked, or were hidden in the shadows waiting or that moment of discovery. Sagittarius is the sign of expansion and exploration and they are themes that need to be born in mind when interpreting this Full Moon.

Full Moons have a habit of bringing things to a head – and that the way in which events unfold around this time will have a Sagittarian feel to them. The Full Moon in Sagittarius holds a lot of optimism and positivity, but it’s also a sign that contains the potential for risk taking, lawlessness, carelessness and reckless acts. When things come to a head at the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, those events may be the results of those types of behaviours and decisions – as well as the more positive Sagittarius qualities you are all familiar with.

The Sagittarius – Gemini Axis is concerned with the need to balance the big picture with the choices you’re faced with in order to keep life on the right track. You need to keep your head up to see where you’re going – but you also need to be aware of any trip hazards or diversions on the road. You need to be expansive, yet develop consistency – and that’s often the challenge when these two sign are prominent in astrology. You may want something – but you’re easily sidetracked, or you haven’t worked out the detail, or you discover that there’s more than one route and you’re not sure which one to take.

The Full Moon in Sagittarius shines its light without judgement; it’s up to us to develop the wisdom to deal with whatever comes to light. The chart for the Full Moon in Sagittarius helps us to go further into the true nature of this Full Moon and the kinds of events or emotions we may be confronted with. As ever, the devil is in the detail…

Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Chart

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Full Moon in Sagittarius: The Aspects

The chart for the Full Moon shows it at 13˚18′ Sagittarius. If you have important planets or points on, close to – or in a major aspect to – that degree, you’re going to notice this lunation up close and personal. The aspect patterns are dynamic; the Full Moon in Sagittarius forms a t-square with Saturn in Pisces and a lesser trine with Mars in Leo, implying something is ongoing – or happens fast – and action is needed to deal with it. The aspect patterns are further connected by an inconjunct (150˚ aspect) between Mars and Saturn – whatever it is, it’s awkward and less than optimal. Let’s drill down a little further…

Full Moon Trine Mars in Leo

The fire signs dominate here – and Mars in Leo is a bombastic and proud placement for the God of War. Mars in this sign does not back down easily – if at all – particularly if matters of status or opinion are concerned. If something erupts to injure your pride you may not react well. Arguments can escalate rapidly, heated exchanges are likely and the reasons underlying those exchanges are likely to be concerned with law-breaking (at worst) or reckless stupidity (at best). There is a lot of arrogance in this aspect; expectation, entitlement, childishness and the potential to feel humiliated or railroaded. It’s dramatic, I’ll say that.

You’ll be glad to hear that’s only one option. Even the worst of events may be regarded as a learning process – irrespective of which side of the argument you find yourself on. If there’s an upside to this (and let’s be optimistic here) there is also real potential for certain situations to show signs of advancement or improvement – often at surprising speed. An aside: I’m often stunned at how lucky Sagittarian people are. Of course, it’s not luck, but a refusal to contemplate failure that works in their favour. This full Moon in Sagittarius contains elements of that dynamic.

So how does that work out? Using that Mars in Leo energy to develop the courage and determination to follow any opportunities that the Full Moon brings your way is one way of looking at this. If you’ve been knocking on the door – and it suddenly opens – trust that what you want is on the other side and walk on through. Sometimes we need luck, but we also need to a little bravery and a great deal of trust – learning to trust your own instincts or your own capabilities may be one of the bravest things you can do. Events will show you whether you’ve made the right choice. A little child-like enthusiasm may go a long way.

Full Moon Square Saturn in Pisces

Whatever the events surrounding the Full Moon in Sagittarius may be, I think we can conclude that they are likely to be volatile. In those circumstances, a t-square with Saturn may prove to be an extremely welcome aspect – and that’s not something you hear too often in astrology. I’m a Saturn fangirl, so while I often sing the praises of Saturn’s steadying influence, I also have to be mindful of its propensity to disappoint. A t-square demands action and inaction is usually the cause of frustration or disappointment, especially where Saturn is concerned.

In the chart for the Full Moon in Sagittarius, Saturn is well placed to turn the volatility of the Moon-Mars aspect into something much more productive. In fact, to get the best out of that aspect may take a great deal of hard work – and that’s what the Saturn influenced t-square is about. The emotionalism that’s present in this Full Moon has the potential to be over the top or unrestrained thanks to the fiery, Sagittarius influence – regardless of whether its expression finds a positive and enthusiastic outlet, or whether it’s something much more emotionally aggressive.

Saturn’s presence in the Full Moon in Sagittarius chart is a reminder that sometimes you need to keep a clear head and look at things from a longer term perspective. There are no quick fixes with Saturn. So, at the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius, you may be feeling optimistic, positive and enthused, or mad as hell, brash, careless and prone to taking more risks than usual. In the cold light of day, you’re going to have to realise that without some common sense, hard work, a sense of direction and personal responsibility – you won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

The Mars – Saturn Inconjunct

This aspect is the awkward one. Mars and Saturn are big players in this Full Moon chart, and they represent such diametrically opposed impulses. In traffic light terminology, Mars is the green light and Saturn is red. That seems pretty straightforward, but the inconjunct aspect suggests otherwise. There’s a real mismatch with these two energy types: you push ahead when you need to stop, you slow down when you need to speed up – in short, you need to consciously make adjustments to avoid doing the wrong thing. You may even find yourself in unfamiliar circumstances where you’re not sure how to respond.

There are a number of Mars-Saturn themes that are affected by this aspect, and around the time of the Full Moon in Sagittarius you may notice them more than usual. Here are a few examples: your timing may be off; you may feel you’re working hard, but for little benefit and that makes you angry; you may feel as though certain things in your life are out of balance – and that makes you frustrated; you may feel guilty about some of your past actions, or fearful about some actions you’re going to be obliged to take in the future.

Guilt is a common manifestation, for example, you may feel as if something (or someone) is out of control and you are responsible for that situation – even if the situation has nothing to do with you. Clearing up after someone else’s rash behaviour – because you’re the adult in the room – may be one way this aspect works out in the days and weeks to come. The reverse is also true – you may behave foolishly and someone needs to clear up after you.

It may be stressful, but there is a lesson to be learned: you need to get your head around the fact that you may be making life more difficult than it needs to be – and then you need to work out how to change for the better. Riding your luck is a real Sagittarius theme – but luck does have a tendency to run out eventually. This stressful aspect shows that unless you take care, this could be that moment. If you need to develop a new, more balanced, personal philosophy and actively pursue a course of personal growth and development, this may be the best time to do so.

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