The June 2023 horoscope is here – and what does it have in store for all of us? I’m often asked why my horoscopes aren’t more ‘event specific’, as in “you will meet the love of your life this month”, or “avoid getting covid this month”. (For me, that was the ‘surprise’ I forecast in April’s horoscope…). Sometimes horoscopes work out on the nail, sometimes they don’t appear to – unless you look closely at the underlying patterns and dynamics of what’s going on in the universe this month. They will play out regardless.

They are the things I look for when I prepare a horoscope each month – and for each year. Every style-conscious astrologer is going to tell you that celestial trends matter. In these short form monthly horoscopes, there is only so much I can include, but be assured, the major monthly trends are all there – so even if you don’t meet the love of your life this month, you may be compensated by way of a pay rise. (A reader actually made this comment – concerning a well placed Venus in her solar return chart – she didn’t get love, but she got the money). The universe works in mysterious ways – but it certainly works, I can vouch for that.

As usual, you can read your horoscope for your sun sign or your rising sign – or both. This month, the skies have a vibrant – and potentially extravagant feel, as Jupiter is now settled in Taurus and both Venus and Mars are in fiery Leo – Venus for an extended stay as it will soon enter the shadow phase of the forthcoming retrograde that keeps Venus in Leo until October. It looks like it’s going to be a hot month – but there is a note of caution; Pluto drops back into Capricorn this month – so watch out for any unfinished business. Tying up any loose ends may be an important theme this month.

June 2023 Horoscope: Aries

This month, you cold be making money, spending it or both. Jupiter is opening up your wallet as it settles in Taurus – so your spending may have a practical purpose behind it. There is also the risk (or pleasure) of some serious indulgence this month. All the signs are that you will be having a good time – though don’t forget that good times have to be paid for. The Full Moon is shining on your travel sector, so you may (in true Aries style) decide to book a holiday or take a spontaneous vacation to somewhere more distant or exotic than your usual choice of destination.

It has to be said, caution is not likely to be at the forefront of your mind this month, but somewhere deep in your unconscious, there may be a suspicion that you need to take control. Your inclination is going to be to turn your dreams into reality – and that’s a good thing – but don’t overlook the small print. The devil is always in the detail. This month’s unfinished business concerns your career, public image, status or ambitions. You may have to do some clearing up – or clearing out – before you can move that part of your life onto another level. The New Moon may bring some new information that puts something into a new light.

June 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

Since Jupiter entered your sign, things seem to have been going your way. In reality, it’s your new-found positivity that’s making a real difference to the way you perceive yourself; right now, everything – and anything – seems possible. You are more receptive to opportunity than you have been for years.The Full Moon early this month is going to present you with a big decision – you may need some ‘blue sky’ thinking to get to the right answer, but have faith – pushing the boundaries a little can often result in a major change of direction.

In more usual Taurus mode, you may find your main source of happiness is with your family – or at home. Potentially. Some of you may be looking around your home and garden with a critical eye – if there is a time to do some maintenance, redecoration or beautification, it’s this month. There may be a very good reason for this – and it’s likely to be a pleasurable one too – family parties or celebrations may be part of the picture. It’s all part of a long term process that’s changing your perspective on life and helping you let go of outdated opinions and a mindset that may have been holding you back. And the good news is, you’re almost there.

June 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

The month begins with a couple of astro-events: First, the Full Moon shines on your partner or relationships. It’s a fiery Full Moon, so be prepared for some lively, spontaneous or fun events to come your way, via your other half. Whatever happens, it may put you in a good mood. Venus entering your zone of mind and communications is going to put you in a good place – and if things have been difficult of late, that ‘s going to be welcomed with open arms. Mars is also in town; expect some lively discussions about partnerships – or with your partner. Either one of you may need the other’s opinion on something this month.

One issue you can’t avoid is hard work. Saturn is sitting at the top of your chart – and that may make your job seem a lot harder than it needs to be. Gemini can be scattered, so focus on the things that are important and let the rest take care of themselves; you may be impatient to move on in a new direction, but first you need to work out the direction of travel. Your unfinished business may involve paying your debts – either literally or symbolically. Moving forward without paying your dues is never a good idea. Reflection and gratitude may be what’s needed this month. The New Moon in your sign will get you back on track.

June 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

There is a lot of action in your bank account this month, but some of it may be administrative rather than expensive. This month is going to be a good time to get your financial house in order – and that suits you as Cancer is a money conscious sign. You may be keen to ensure that there’s nothing outstanding and no surprises coming your way. That means being in control – but before you achieve that goal, you may need to discuss what that means in terms of your shared resources. Your partner needs to have a say in this too – and if they are in the driving seat, you need to be more than just a passenger.

Sharing means being equal – and you may need to make that point with some force this month. You have the opportunity to explore where you go from this moment onwards; the world suddenly seems a bigger place – and you are being asked to take your place in society like never before. Needing to belong to something bigger than you may come as a shock to such a self-contained sign; you’re going to have to think carefully about the implications of that and overcome any reservations you may have about moving into unchartered territory. You may realise there is only one person holding you back – and that’s you.

June 2023 Horoscope: Leo

It’s good to be a Leo this month. Or so it seems. Venus and Mars are in your sign – but Venus is about to turn retrograde and that means there are a couple of love or money issues you need to look at. If you’re keen to make progress with both of those things, you’re going to have the opportunity to sort out anything that’s been preventing you from getting things just how you want them to be. The Full Moon shines its light on things that need to be sorted out; getting things in place is important this month – and being pro-active is important too. Don’t wait for someone else to make the decision for you.

That’s important, as you may need to revisit a few lifestyle or health issues that you’ve been avoiding. Getting into a good routine, ensuring you’re eating well, taking exercise and looking after yourself mentally and emotionally is something to get to grips with once and for all.On a lighter note – this is likely to be a great month for your career and public image. You may have the opportunity to explore some new, exciting options. You’re at an important turning point; keep a clear head and seize the moment. The New Moon signals a fresh start for your sense of belonging – and that’s a welcome step forwards.

June 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

Sometimes you need a breathing space and, this month, it’s your turn to come up for air. Jupiter in Taurus is expanding your opportunities this month – and that may include the opportunity to travel. Your outlook is certainly more optimistic of late and, this month, Venus and Mars are waiting in the wings, giving you some vital support from the sidelines. Venus will help you to look more closely at your creative talents and abilities. It’s time to stop ignoring the good things about yourself; use your Mars energy to get to grips with the obstacles you’ve been putting in your own way. The full Moon will help you to get back to the essentials.

Home and family life may come under the spotlight; you may spend more time at home than is usual or you may feel inclined to establish your own base. getting in touch with your most basic needs is important this month – and that may raise questions of commitment – particularly where your relationships are concerned. It’s certainly something to take seriously and it may be connected to this month’s ‘loose ends’: (pro)creativity – at a fundamental level – may be a big topic this month. Huge lifestyle changes may be in store – so you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. The New Moon may change your status in a big way.

June 2023 Horoscope: Libra

The month begins with the Full Moon shining on your communications sector. It’s a vibrant Full Moon and the message it brings may be one of optimism and good humour. Whatever happens, you’ll start the month in a good mood – and you’ll be getting a great deal of pleasure from the social whirl – in fact, this is part of your life that’s going to feature prominently for the next few months. It may begin to stale at some time in the future – but right now, you’re going to be the one who takes the lead in making sure everyone has a good time. And, in astrology all things are connected; it’s part of a much deeper universal plan…

However, first, there’s a bit of unfinished business to attend to and it involves your home and /or family. Things will change at home this month. Whether you’re planning a major re-fit or a change of personnel, you’re going to have to set some new ground rules to accommodate a change of situation. Setting boundaries and and routines is going to be part of the equation. You may have a big decision to make – and it’s possible this will have financial implications. This is headed towards moving life on and embracing a new exciting phase – and by the time of the New Moon, the seeds of that change will have been sown.

June 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

The month opens with the full Moon in Sagittarius and Venus moving into Leo – and both of these impact on your material world. The Full Moon is financial; however much you’re earning, you would like to make more, and this month you may have the opportunity to do so. This may come through a partnership, so, if someone offers you an opportunity, or recommends you for a raise, be mindful and generous with your thanks. Venus and Mars are also in your career sector, so this puts an emphasis on ambition and luck. Sometimes we attract success, sometimes we have to chase it; a little of both may work in your favour.

Underpinning everything is your desire to make life secure, however, before that can occur, you need to tie up this month’s loose ends – and that means getting your head in the right place. You need to clear out any self-defeating attitudes, doubts and fears and focus on the serious business of thinking, speaking and behaving like a professional – regardless of what you do. Getting your head together could be the most transformative thing you do this month. The New Moon will send you a message – you will know instinctively what you need to do to ensure life turns that corner in the right way.

June 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

June begins with a personal refresh, as the Full Moon shines in your sign. It’s like an unofficial birthday, and it works by giving you a real energy boost. Suddenly, you reconnect with your inner power and it seems as if there’s nothing you can’t achieve. There’s a lot of Sagittarius-type energy around for you this month; When Venus enters Leo (and Mars is already there) there’s a lot going on in your travel sector. You’re an expansive, optimistic soul and this month, you’re going to be attracted to anything – and anyone – who appears to be the kindred spirit you need to accompany you on your adventures or voyages of discovery.

Pluto has been blowing your mind for the past few months – and that’s part of a long term change you’re going to have to get used to – but first, the loose ends I mentioned at the top of this post: we’re talking money, values, resources – and being resourceful. You have the opportunity this month to finally work out what you value, and how much you feel you’re worth – and not just in material terms. Jupiter, your ruler, is going to ask you to look beyond your usual routines and think out of the box. Home may feel restrictive as result – so don’t be surprised if you and your partner need to talk around the time of the New Moon…

June 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

You’re a down to earth soul who likes things to be certain, so this month’s Full Moon may take you by surprise. It shines on your spiritual side – and that may be unfamiliar territory. We all have things we have forgotten or would prefer to keep hidden – even from ourselves – but they have a habit of becoming ‘unhidden’ just when we least expect it. That moment may be upon you. Venus enters Leo early this month and that gives you a deep desire for emotional honesty and intimacy. You’re likely to be insistent about this; if you feel that someone owes you something – love, money, respect – you’re not going to let it lie.

Jupiter is giving you a big push towards expressing yourself through the things that you enjoy – but you may have felt unable to articulate exactly what it is that you want out of life. Think hard and explore your options; there’s a longer term process of change happening that’s concerned with creating a new you – or a new image of you. When Pluto drops back into your sign this month, you’ll be able to put the final flourishes on your personal portrait. Watch out for the new Moon mid-month; if you need to put any unhealthy or bad habits behind you – now is the time.

June 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

A lot of things seem to fall into place for you this month; the full moon shines on the social side of your life and, as you’re a social animal, that’s likely to be fine by you. However, there’s something deeper going on here – and it concerns your sense of belonging. You may be asking where you belong, or to what (or whom) do you belong. Finding your niche may be a challenge this month. One reason may be that the past is a big issue for you right now. You may be searching for the place you feel most at home – and that brings me to this month’s big issue: tying up loose ends.

Life is making you look at yourself in a different way – whether you want to or not. For this to be successful, there’s some baggage that you need to release – and this month is your opportunity to let go of the past once and for all. You can expect a lot of support from the people who matter most to you – family life may be fun – even joyful – and this is going to remind you that you are incredibly lucky to have such a good foundation. An act of generosity to – or from – a family member may restore your faith. The New Moon is going to remind you that life’s not so bad after all.

June 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

The Full Moon lights up your career sector. Your public image or status is important to you this month – and you may find your ambitions are ignited – no matter what stage of life you find yourself at. It’s generally a confident month for you – there’s a lot of hard work to be done, but Venus in your sector of work and health means that luck may be on your side; whatever you do it will prove to be enjoyable, profitable or sociable – and you’re likely to take the lead in making it so. Saturn is in your sign and is focusing your attention in a big way – you’re taking life seriously, but that’s probably a good thing too.

The new authoritative you also has a great deal to think about – and a great deal to say. Communication is going to be a big item on your agenda for some time to come, so you need to get it right. There may be a particular issue you want to talk about – and you may want to reach a wide audience. Information and education is well starred now – if you need to know more about something – all you need to do is ask. You may also need to tie up some loose ends; there will be old acquaintances who don’t recognise the new you. Let them go. By the time of the New Moon, you’ll be on solid ground.

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