The Full Moon in Libra culminates on April 6th at 04:34 (UT), at 7˚16″ Libra. It’s the second of the Aries-Libra sequence of lunations that we will experience this spring, a sequence that will be completed by the rare hybrid solar eclipse in Aries on April 20th. There will be more of that in my forthcoming solar eclipse post, but right now, the full Moon in Libra is going to signal the beginning of those springtime rituals that seem to order our lives in a very particular way. And that even includes giving your lawn the first cut of the year.

The full moon in Libra is often called the ‘Pink Moon’. I recall from a previous post, that this is due to its association with the flowering time of the North American wildflower, ‘Phlox subulata’, but across the world, this full moon has other associations. In the old world, this lunation was known as the ‘Pesach’, ‘Paschal’ or Passover moon, as it marks both the timing of the Jewish festival of that name and the Christian Easter celebrations, being the first full moon following the spring equinox which occurred on March 20th.

The threat that binds both festivals together is one of new life – in both of those traditions, re-birth is celebrated as a liberation; we cast off the past to embrace the future – and in so many ways, it’s that celebration of the return of spring that connects us to even more ancient ritual practices that give thanks for surviving the harsh winter darkness and the return of the light. The very name many of us are familiar with at this time of year – Easter – is taken from the ancient pagan goddess ‘Eostre’, who was celebrated as spring began and, in astrological terms, the symbolism of Aries is so appropriate too.

Full Moon in Libra: The Essentials

The Aries-Libra axis is concerned with finding the balance between ‘me’ and ‘we’. There’s often a continual push and pull between those two positions, and anyone who has them featured prominently in their natal chart will be able to confirm that the issue of self-assertion vs. keeping the peace is a major theme in their lives. If we step back from that and look at those dynamics in the context of the full moon in Libra, the spotlight is being shone on the peacekeeping end of that relationship.

When the full moon shines in Libra, it shows where we need to bring some harmony or equilibrium into our lives. We need to take a balanced approach to things that are causing discord and appreciate that there are two sides to every argument. In this lunation, the proximity of Jupiter, Chiron and Uranus to the Sun, indicates that disagreements may be significant and painful – a real thorn in the flesh. There is also the potential to have to deal with things that appear to come out of the blue, as there are some things you cannot avoid – and don’t want to see. Pain is often the precursor to healing and wisdom.

Full Moon in Libra: the Chart

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Full Moon in Libra: The Aspects

The aspects made from the full moon give each lunation a certain ‘flavour’. This month (as I mentioned above) the players in town are Jupiter and Chiron (in a separating conjunction) and Uranus. Jupiter and Chiron are in a stellium with the Sun in Aries and this means the light of the full moon in Libra is reflected straight back at them. The full moon in Libra is also inconjunct (quincunx) Uranus in Taurus, so there is a real Venus influence in this lunation too.

Uranus and inconjunct in the same frame are astrological shorthand for awkward – and them some. With Chiron being part of that pattern – it’s semi-sextile Uranus – there is a suspicion that the sticking plaster is about to be pulled away from something. Uranus is the planet of revelation, so expect something unexpected to trigger some soul searching and a consequent need to reflect and heal. However, the dynamics of this combination may be awkward to face up to – especially if your natal chart is sensitised to this lunation.

Full Moon in Libra Opposite Jupiter-Chiron Conjunction

A Jupiter – Chiron conjunction is something special; it happens once approximately every fourteen years, and it contains a deep message regarding and the profound honesty that is required in order to truly heal at a soul level. As the conjunction is in Aries, this is a process that needs to start now. We’re at the beginning of that cycle – and events around the time of the full moon in Libra will underscore that point. Something has to kick-start the journey towards some Libra-style resolution and, given Aries’s association with dispute, it’s more likely to involve an outburst rather than introspection.

To assess what the nature of an event (or events) may be, it’s worth taking a look at some of the things we associate with Jupiter, Chiron and Libra in more detail – and to do so in both a personal – and less personal capacity. The latter point is important because Jupiter is a social planet – when it’s stressed, things tend to affect all of us – even if it’s just because they tend to grab our attention in a big way. Jupiter amplifies, so you won’t be able to ignore the things that are revealed by the light of the full moon in Libra.

Both the full moon and the Jupiter – Chiron conjunction resonate to a similar theme – they deal with things that have been hidden for too long and those things need to be dealt with so you (or we) can heal and move on. Acknowledging mistakes or difficulties is not easy – especially in egotistical Aries. Sometimes it does require confrontation. With the Libra Full Moon, this is a confrontation that is likely to involve interrogation and negotiation. And maybe the law. Libra is represented by the scales of justice – and obtaining justice (in whatever form it takes) is often key to being able to accept a painful situation.

Painful situations come in many guises – but they always leave their mark. You have to live with them by accommodating them. Jupiter and Chiron together in Aries imply that you need to deal with your own issues first before attempting to deal with the issues anyone else may have. That may resonate at a personal level, but if we look at this from a broad perspective (and that’s a Jupiter thing to do) the same principles can apply in a much wider context than that.

Sometimes – as societies – we need to look at the faults and pain that are afflicting many in our own place, before we pass our judgement on others. That does not mean, however, that you should avoid assisting those in need until your own house is in order. As the wise man may tell you, that objective, like Easter, is a moveable feast. Some jobs are never complete, so accept that you may have done as much as you can do – and share your wisdom and experience with those who will benefit most.

Full Moon in Libra Inconjunct Uranus

You can always expect the unexpected with Uranus – and in an inconjunct aspect, that’s exponentially so. There are times when the most unexpected events serve as a sharp reminder of the need to keep things in perspective. The full moon in Libra is a cerebral moon, concerned with how we relate to one another. It teaches us that we cannot function in isolation or from a space of conflict and division, so if the opportunity presents (Jupiter) to stand back and look at things from a different angle (Uranus), then do so. In fact, at the time of the full moon in Libra, that may be the only available choice.

An inconjunct aspect takes us to a different venue; whatever you thought about a particular person or situation may appear to be misplaced. Uranus in Taurus challenges your value system – I suspect there will be several sudden ‘U-turns’ or changes(Uranus) of heart (Libra)in the weeks following this lunation. I’ll be writing about the next lunation – the final one of this Aries Libra sequence – fairly soon. That is a new moon in Aries that is also a solar eclipse. I suspect the actions resulting from Uranus’s revelations will take place close to that time.

The Venus Influence

A final word. When Venus is an influential planet in a lunation, there are certain issues that come to the fore. This full moon in Libra suggests a real concern with Libra and Venus related things – women (especially young or single women), female sexuality, relationships, money, desire, beauty and attraction spring to mind. In a wider sense, Venus’s monetary connections speak of the economic situation – but also of a need to negotiate, agree or debate the contents of any contract or agreement.

Issues may arise that relate to broken bonds or broken contracts at this time – and that includes the bonds of relationship. If I can revert back to the influence of Uranus on this full moon in Libra, the thing that may be most surprising is, perhaps, not the events that it may bring – but the reactions to those events. Sometimes, reactions (and Uranus is reactionary and reactive) can be the most surprising thing of all – and the greatest sideshows (and entertainment is ruled by Venus) come from things that are entirely unforeseen.

And entertainment always makes you feel good…

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