As I was preparing the April 2023 horoscope I took a look at the big celestial picture for the month. It’s a process I go through with every monthly horoscope forecast, and April’s snapshot reveals a fairly active month in the heavens. In the first week, we have a transiting conjunction of Venus and Uranus to shake us out of our old routines, and the full moon in Venus ruled Libra at the end of that week puts a real emphasis on all things relational. Uranus moves us forwards and makes unexpected changes – so expect the unexpected where your partnerships are concerned.

If you have time to shake the dust out of your shoes, do bear in mind that Mercury also turns retrograde in Taurus – another Venus ruled sign – this month. Mercury retrograde focuses the attention like nothing else – often because you are forced to take notice of things that have been overlooked. Taurus puts the emphasis on love, the arts, beauty and money, and as this Mercury retrograde hits at the same time as the new moon/solar eclipse in Aries, there may be fireworks involving any of those themes.

So, expect to have an active month that may begin with a surprise in store for many of you. As usual, you may read your horoscope for both your sun sign and rising sign – and as this month also contains a holiday period for many of us, Happy Easter to you all. May you find peace and happiness at this time.

April 2023 Horoscope: Aries

The April 2023 horoscope for Aries shows the risk factor hitting your finances. You’re impulsive at the best of times, but this month your spending habits could catch even you by surprise. The surprise may be that you are hit by an unusual display of common sense as you loosen the purse strings. However, you may be hit with an unexpected bill for something essential or practical. It may be your partner who springs a surprise on you – and there may be an element of pleasure involved. Giving or receiving a surprise gift would be a good expression of this month’s energies.

Mercury turning retrograde in Taurus also focuses your attention on material reality. Taurus is a stubborn sign and you may be reluctant to change your mind about a certain issue – even if you know that it may not be the best course of action to pursue. The problem is that the solar eclipse in your sign is going to make you feel as if you have to do something – but taking action without being in full possession of the facts is not always the best thing to do. In a month that has a high risk factor associated with it, you may feel that taking a risk is your best option; make sure that you can afford it.

April 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

There is a lot of activity in your sign this month, so let’s begin with the first week. Venus hits Uranus, so don’t be surprised if you feel like reinventing yourself in some way. You may feel like changing the way you look, so whether it’s a new image or style you’re after, this may be the time to take a risk and update the way you present yourself to the world. So, what ‘s prompted this? You’re not usually attracted to change for it’s own sake – but the full moon in Libra suggests that your partner may have been influential in this decision. Making yourself more attractive is the key factor here…

Mercury retrograde may also prompt you to take a good look at yourself. Sometimes it can be hard to see what’s straight ahead of you – and this may be one of those times. The April 2023 horoscope is putting an emphasis on you in the most personal sense, pushing you towards looking at life in a new way – even if you’re reluctant to do so. The full moon in Aries coincides with Mercury retrograde – and it may stir some old issues within you that need to be resolved. Some active introspection may be needed to clear out those things that are preventing your life from moving on.

April 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

Gemini is an active outgoing sign, but this month there is a lot going on under the surface. You’re going to need to be still and silent for a while – and that’s a tall order for those of you born under the sign of the twins. It’s a time when you may be surprised by the value of contemplation – and there could be a good reason for that. The April 2023 horoscope suggests that the beginning of the month may find you overwhelmed by sudden desire to get away from it all; you may find it hard to take things seriously and it’s possible you may have a crisis of confidence, as something makes you retreat into yourself.

As the month progresses, you’ll find that Mercury retrograde makes you focus on some of the hidden doubts and fears that may have been making you your own worst enemy. Gemini can find it hard to concentrate; when your ruling planet goes into reverse gear, that task becomes easier, so you may be able to come to terms with a few things that have been piling up in the background. Focus on one thing at a time and you’ll achieve your objectives much more effectively than you will by scattering your energies. The new moon will back that up by enabling you to shift your focus to the big picture.

April 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

The April 2023 horoscope sees you experiencing an unplanned or unexpected encounter – and it’s possible that this will arise through someone in your wider circle. The effects of this may astonish you; future plans may change rapidly as a result. In fact, some of you may experience a shift in your future expectations (or social opinions) that would have been unimaginable only a short while ago. There is, of course a deeper reason for this – you may have been feeling uncertain about where you stood on certain issues – particularly regarding your relationship with the world – or with relationships in general.

As the month progresses, you’ll have time to reflect on which associations are meaningful to you – and which ones you can let drift away. Sometimes, this is an exercise best done for purely practical reasons; if something – or someone – isn’t contributing to your life, then let them go. Mercury retrograde in Taurus will enable you to think about how you want your life to take shape moving forwards – making space for things that you value may represent a major shift. The solar eclipse may spur you into action at the end of the month – but don’t rush things, even if tempted to. You need to avoid chasing rainbows.

April 2023 Horoscope: Leo

Tales of the unexpected occur in your career sector this month, as the Venus-Uranus conjunction may make you yearn for change. You may have your dream job, but even so, you may feel restless or in need of little more excitement. For some of you, the April 2023 horoscope suggests the opportunity for advancement may come out of the blue – if a great opportunity to make more money, gain more career satisfaction or fame and fortune comes your way, you may be tempted to risk everything and go with it. There is nothing wrong with doing so, but a little due diligence goes a long way.

The full moon in Libra suggests that you look at the the fine print – and take advice or a second opinion if necessary. As the month moves on, Mercury retrograde will enable you to look at what you really want out of life. Thinking through important matters and public commitments is always advisable – and that’s especially true this month. The solar eclipse suggests that you may need to look at life from a different perspective in order to facilitate your personal growth; the opportunity may present itself soon – but only if you are proactive in seeking that opportunity first. Be a leader, not a follower.

April 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

Virgo has a reputation for being staid – but there is an inner restlessness about you this month that makes you want to pack your bags and go. Some of you may decide that you need to travel – and you may do so on the spur of the moment. Others may have travel imposed on you – and this is likely to be work related. Either way, be prepared to experience life through a different lens. The full moon in Libra stresses shared material concerns; if you and your partner are considering your joint financial situation, now would be a good time to ensure that your monetary responsibilities are evenly distributed.

As the month moves on, you will be thinking about more than travel. Though the April 2023 horoscope suggests you could experience some unforeseen delays in that area, the deeper meaning concerns your outlook on life. Mercury retrograde in Taurus shows a mental concern with how well your life functions in a practical sense; you may be concerned with ensuring that your perspective on life is more aligned with your value system – and gaining a better understanding of how you can achoeve that may be something you wish to explore this month. The solar eclipse will make you aware of how quickly things need to change.

April 2023 Horoscope: Libra

Libra is a Venus ruled sign, and this is a month where Venus – and the Venus ruled signs – are emphasised in the heavens. Is this the month that you feel like making some far reaching changes to your life? The April 2023 horoscope would suggest that’s a possibility, as the Venus – Uranus conjunction suggests that a surprise (financial or relational) is going to move your life to the next level. We all have to deal with big issues sometimes – this month, it may be your turn to do so. And you may be the one dealing with other people’s issues – your natural charm and mediation skills may be in demand. Put them to good use.

Later in the month, the April 2023 horoscope suggests a period of soul searching. Mercury retrograde in Taurus is lodged in your house of expectations. You may spend time reflecting on how you have met your own expectations – and that may have financial and emotional implications. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel you’re falling short in any way; use this time to invest in yourself and work our how to value yourself more. It’s a good time to reconnect with your self-worth; the solar eclipse suggests that it’s up to you to decide how you manage this aspect of your life.

April 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

This month, your surprises fall in the relationship arena. Before you become nervous, all I can say is that surprises come in all flavours. The single Scorpios may find love and the attached may suddenly fall out of love though that’s a little extreme. For most of you, surprises may happen in a relational context, so your partner may experience something unexpected, or you may experience something unusual occurring in a business or professional partnership. You may even be involved in legal action of some kind, as a result of this ‘surprise’. Whatever happens, the full moon suggests that you won’t have seen it coming.

So, an edgy first week may be something you won’t forget for a while, however the April 2023 horoscope suggests that Mercury retrograde in Taurus is going to focus your attention on your partnership sector. Sometimes the unexpected can result in the need for a root and branch review – if that sounds familiar, now is going to be a good time for some frank discussions about the value of the relationships in your life – and what each partner brings to the table. Taurus is a stable and committed sign – focus on practical issues, trust and security. The solar eclipse suggests that you need to take the lead on this.

April 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

You love your freedom Sagittarius and the April 2023 horoscope suggests that you’re longing to escape from your usual routine. However, routine is the price you pay for freedom – avoiding it makes life much more difficult than you would like it to be. A balance needs to be struck – and the full moon in Libra is going to remind you of that reality. The Venus – Uranus conjunction in Taurus often springs surprises of the material kind; this month you may have to work harder for your money – or you may receive a bonus. Either way, the benefits of hard work may surprise you – hopefully in a good way.

Later in the month, Mercury retrograde in Taurus may cause you to reflect on your working practices, and the impact that has on how your life is organised. Taurus is the sign of hard work – but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your work too. It can be too easy to get into a rut – even for a live-wire like you. If that sounds familiar, you may need to take action to get more pleasure out of your daily routine. Re-organising your timetable may seem a big ask for someone who prefers spontaneity, but the benefits of that may become apparent around the time of the solar eclipse. If you want more fun – add it to your schedule.

April 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

Inner restlessness often takes us by surprise – and that’s especially true when you’re as steady as Capricorn. The April 2023 horoscope has this month marked down as the time you want to get more out of life. You may not know what it is that you want to do, but you feel certain that life has to be more fun than it seems right now. The full moon in Libra suggests that some of this desire to rebel – or simply do things in your own way – may be connected to your career or the image that other people have of you. If you’re the person everyone depends on, you may want to escape from that burden.

So, letting your hair down may be the focus this month – but Mercury retrograde in Taurus gives this desire more cultural overtones. You may be searching for what gives you the most pleasure, but in a refined kind of way. Grabbing some ‘me-time’ may be as simple as losing yourself in a good book, or getting out into the fresh air. Getting in touch with yourself is what matters, and the solar eclipse is really going to stress the importance of being grounded and centred – and actively so. Taking action to secure your own emotional base will be time well spent towards the end of this month.

April 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

The grass often seems greener elsewhere – and for Aquarius, that may be true in the most profound sense this month. The Venus – Uranus conjunction will add a little instability on the home front; the sudden urge to redecorate or relocate may affect some of you, as the pair hook up in Taurus and that’s a material sign. Beware of spending on something that you may later regret; the ‘wrong’ shade of paint is one thing, but the ‘wrong’ place to live is something else. However, if you’ve been thinking about moving overseas – or simply making a ‘big move’ in another sense, this is likely to be at the forefront of your mind as the month begins.

You may think the April 2023 horoscope is a destabilising factor, but Mercury retrograde in Taurus suggests that whatever the cause of your ‘itchy feet’, it’s been a long time coming. If you’ve been struggling to settle somewhere – anywhere – you may be surprised to discover that it’s not your location that’s the issue, it’s your own sense of inner stability that’s at fault. You need to attach yourself to something meaningful. The solar eclipse may come as a revelation to you – this one demands you take action to re-set how you think about life in general. If that doesn’t give you some anchorage – then nothing will.

April 2023 Horoscope: Pisces

This is the month when something – or someone – catches your attention when you least expect it. The April 2023 horoscope has a big Venus emphasis, but the ‘surprise’ may not be either romantic or material in nature. The surprise for you may have a cerebral cast, as your mind is stimulated by a desire to experience the good things in life – but in a new way. You want to experience some profound change and the full moon may reveal how essential that is to your health, wealth and happiness. Investing in yourself is something to consider this month; how you do so may contain the element of surprise.

For some of you, an unexpected monetary gain may be liberating in some way. Whether you have some material gain or not, Mercury retrograde is going to make you look carefully at the nature of where you invest your cash, time and energy. Understanding the fine detail is essential this month; the usual Pisces habit of trusting to luck is not going to work in your favour. The solar eclipse suggests that you are going to have to take action to protect your interests and stabilise your outgoings. It’s not like you to have to err on the side of caution, but this month, taking care of business could be a major theme.

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