The Full Moon in Aquarius culminates at 18:31 (UT) at 9˚ 16′ of that sign. For me – and all of you who have important planets and points in this sign, it’s going to be a Full Moon that feels personal – especially as it’s also a powerful ‘Supermoon’, making it one that’s going to be hard to miss. A Supermoon looms large in the heavens because of the nature of the Moon’s track around the Earth.The Moon’s orbit is elliptical, rather than a perfect circle, so there will be times it is closer to – or further from – the Earth than usual.

The closest point is known as perigee – and though the Moon reached its closest point last month, it’s still close enough to be considered a Supermoon – as will the final lunation of this month, the ‘blue moon’ Supermoon on August 30th. It’s a big month for lunar influences. Many of you reading this will be on holiday; to you that may represent the culmination of a year’s hard work. If you’re on the beach you may notice the most immediate effect of this full moon in Aquarius; tides are higher under a Supermoon.

And just as the Suoermoon’s magnetic pull causes a bigger reaction from the oceans, it affects us in the same way; the human body is 70% water, so we feel it pull on us, wherever it lands in our natal chart. If you’re able to see it shine above you, enjoy the moment – and focus wherever its light shines in your life. Be prepared for some surprises though; Aquarius is ruled by Uranus…

Full Moon in Aquarius: The Essentials

The Full Moon in Aquarius. personal yet impersonal. Personal yet social. Emotional, but only in a cool and abstract way. The Full Moon in Aquarius may reveal a mass of contradictions, and that’s down to the nature of this zodiac sign. Aquarius is fixed yet contrary; stubborn yet forward thinking; eccentric yet predictably unpredictable. It’s the sign of the reclusive, independently minded genius and the social revolutionary. No wonder that under this sign, we are often asked to accommodate differences that would normally appear to be irreconcilable.

Difference is, of course, the Aquarius special talent; the schtick, the superpower, the special interest. Call it what you will, Aquarius has a gift for seeing the implausible connections that other people cannot see and the improbable likelihood of things happening that no-one else has ever contemplated. It’s the sign of the inventor and visionary – and it’s the sign that we need to pay attention to because its association with society, social issues and trends, movements and ideals, means that it affects us all. Aquarius leaves no-one untouched – one way or another – and that’s because it always looks to the future.

So, we have skin in the game with Aquarius. Our future depends on it. When the Full Moon shines in this cerebral air sign, it’s a reminder of that. For a brief moment, we can see what’s coming down the tracks towards us at high speed – and we have little time to work out how to get out of the way. That’s if we want to get out of the way. Sometimes, it’s better to simply brace yourself for impact – and then take things from there. Often, that’s the only course of action available to you.

The Full Moon in Aquarius asks some difficult questions: do you stick with something and take the consequences, or do you embrace a new future direction full of unknowns? The truth is the they are often one and the same thing: none of us are ever certain what lies ahead whichever direction we decide to take, however the Full Moon in Aquarius chart may help us to untangle a few of the contradictions that may lie ahead.

Full Moon in Aquarius: The Chart

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Full Moon in Aquarius: The Aspects

The Full Moon in Aquarius chart – like the sign would suggest – is both simple and complex. The Sun-Moon opposition that forms the lunation forms a t-square aspect with Jupiter in Taurus. Jupiter in turn is aspected by Mars in Virgo with an exact trine aspect. So, there is some anchorage due to the presence of earth, a hint that whatever is going to be revealed by the Full Moon in Aquarius is going to happen fast or be the culmination of an ongoing situation. Jupiter’s usual function of amplification and Mars’s association with haste and speed will both apply.

Full Moon in Aquarius Square Jupiter

When the Full Moon squares Jupiter, can we expect the tide to be higher than usual? It’s always a possibility – but it must be pointed out that the Supermoon’s association with disaster is sometimes displaced. Sometimes – but not always; Last month’s Supermoon coincided with wildfires around the globe, so is Jupiter’s expansionist tendency about to make things worse? Jupiter in Taurus amplifies all things concerned with the earth and the environment, as well as natural resources and our use of them.

When things square there is often a clash – and with Jupiter in Taurus aspecting the Full Moon in Aquarius, that clash may be value driven – in all senses of that word. For example, oil and gas are natural resources, but their use also adds gas to the flames of global warming. Yet, without those resources, society as we know it would struggle to function, but – on the other hand – using those resources threatens society to the extent that it will cease to function anyway. It’s the kind of dilemma I pointed out above – and it’s the kind of situation that’s likely to mark events around the time of the Full Moon.

Aquarius represents the masses, ideals and social opinions; with this square aspect to Jupiter, the square often acts as a call to action. Moving things forward, either by way of protest (Aquarius does protest) or by seeking out new and improved ways of doing things may seem like an imperative. How can we achieve that? Pressure often produces remarkable results: it’s possible to introduce laws (Jupiter) to improve unhealthy situations and it’s possible to carry out research (Jupiter and Aquarius) so that we can look forward to some kind of improvement in years to come.

Both Jupiter and Aquarius are forward looking, devoted to improvement and understanding and are not averse to new improved conditions – in fact that’s what Jupiter often demands of us. I’m not suggesting that someone is about to announce they’ve discovered the magic solution to global warming – or any other issue – but it’s more likely that the pressure (square aspect) will result in a public (Aquarius) acknowledgement that we need to make some serious – and quick – improvements (Jupiter) in the way we organise our world (Mars in Virgo).

It’s a message that translates to a personal level too. The confluence of the personal and public runs fast when Aquarius is involved. You may feel you have a stake in the future like never before – and it’s a big stake – but what can you do to contribute or make a difference to such a big issue? Incidentally, this may apply to any major issue that you’re having to deal with, not just the major global warming one I’ve used as a current example. The point with this, is that if something is major – to you – and it affects your life to the extent that you need to do something about it then you need to take action.

Aquarius is about ideals – by implication the Full Moon in Aquarius may shine its light on a situation that’s less than ideal as far as you’re concerned. Whatever course of action you choose, you may not know the outcome – but having a glimpse of the future (offered by this lunation) may be enough to stimulate your desire for change. Fixed, contrary Aquarius loves to inject something new into our lives – often a new (Aquarius) outlook or perspective (Jupiter) is all you need to set things on their way.

Mars in Virgo Trine Jupiter in Taurus

Mars trine Jupiter is inflammatory – that’s the literal interpretation – ‘the big fire’. Inflammation does, of course, come in many forms. The earthy emphasis contained in this trine aspect is both physical and material. It’s also urgent and competitive. You may feel you only have a certain timeframe to succeed in doing whatever it is you need to do. There’s a rush – but it’s the kind of rush that you may initiate. This aspect, so closely connected to the Full Moon in Aquarius, is a reminder that you need to have faith and belief if you’re going to succeed in your aims.

I don’t necessarily mean that in a religious sense – self-belief is as valid an interpretation of this aspect as an ardent passion for any external faith or belief system. However, in both a personal and impersonal context, it’s an aspect that indicates it’s time for a decision to be made – based on everything you currently understand about a certain situation – and that situation will be related to the houses touched by this lunation and its associated aspects. In the public domain, there is likely to be an ongoing situation between competing belief systems. Which view of the future will you prefer?

At a personal level, some of you may be driven to seek a new direction to maintain (or obtain) material security. The same may be said for your physical security, or in some cases, your health, life-work balance or lifestyle. The Full Moon does a great job in exposing our habits – especially if they are holding us back. That’s one of the messages contained in this lunation – at all levels, personal and otherwise. It may be easy for you to become critical of your own greed (do you need that extra portion or that big car?) – or that of others at this time, particularly in the context of society as a whole.

The Full Moon in Aquarius is likely to shine on social division; use your judgement to get on the right side of history – and to persuade others to come with you. It’s not a time to move forward at the expense of others. Focus on improvement – and what works for everyone. Aquarius may be radical and revolutionary, but at its heart its inclusive. If you suspect that we really are all in this together, you may find that assumption is the correct one to make.

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