Every Venus needs a Mars. Venus may rule romance but Mars represents your most basic go getting drive – the force that propels you after the things you want, whether it’s a person, an object, a personal goal. Whatever is, Mars wants to ‘win’ – and I use that word in the broadest sense as in ‘to go after and get what you want’. Mars in your birth chart – according to its sign – shows you how you to can do exactly that.

Mars is your most basic survival instinct and your Mars sign shows how your Martian side behaves. Your sex drive, your competitiveness, how well you control your temper (or not), the ways and force with which you assert yourself will be determined by the nature of your natal Mars sign. Natal Mars by house will show the part of your life where those Mars energies are most likely to act out, and Mars by sign shows how Mars energies manifest in your life.

At this point, I’m going to add a brief note about Mars and Venus. Traditionally they are associated with male and female archetypes, and it was thought men found it hard to express their Venus and vice versa. I don’t hold with that view; regardless of gender or sexual orientation, we are all capable of expressing Venus and Mars energies in a positive manner and should strive to do so. Remember, as I said earlier, those energies are part of you and should be honoured.

In this section, check out your Mars by its position on your Natal Chart by sign. This will give you insight into how Mars performs in your chart and where you find your natal Mars is most easily expressed. The keywords give you a useful indication of those things we associate with Mars and will enable you to identify how Mars functions in your own life.

Mars Keywords

Action, Aggression, Anger, Assertiveness, Bravery, Competence, Competition, Courage, Drive, Energy, Fire, Force, Goals, Heat, Initiative, Iron, Steel, Knives, Blades, Blood, Libido, Lust, Lust for Life, Masculine, Young Men, Tradesmen, Sportsmen, Military, Physical Energy, Rage, Red, Sexuality, Sex Drive, Strength, Survival Instinct, Temper, Vigour, Violence, Willpower

Mars in Aries

This is the most powerful of Mars signs, as Mars is in the sign of its rulership. Highly competitive and highly sexed, Mars energy in this sign is expressed directly and forcefully. You are likely to be particularly strong-willed and impulsive. You won’t appreciate being thwarted in any way, as Mars in this sign likes to take the lead in everything and hates to be second best. Though you are likely to be outgoing and friendly, that may last as long as things are going your way; the downside of this placement may be that you are a sore loser. You may be easy to arouse in all senses – including sexually.

Though you tend to put your own interests first, you have an affinity with the underdog, so you are equally likely to find your passions aroused by situations that involve cruelty or injustice. To fight for a cause is a great way to channel your particular brand of Mars energy in a positive manner. So is engaging directly with any outlet that gives you a sense of purpose. You are easy to ‘fire-up’, but you may find it difficult to maintain your energy levels for the long haul; your greatest challenges may be to pace yourself physically and restrain yourself temperamentally.

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Mars in Taurus

Mars in Taurus is the watchword for a slow and steady energy release. Taurus is in it for the long haul – and Mars in this sign is often assertive without being aggressive – unless someone makes the mistake of being persistently annoying. It takes a great deal of effort to make you see red. Mars in this sign is determined. You identify your goals and work hard to achieve them – and you do so in a sustained and steady manner. That applies to all of the usual Mars energy outlets, sexual or otherwise. You may appear slow to arouse, but once you get going, you’re an unstoppable force.

So what is the most productive use of Mars in Taurus energy? Taurus is a physical and material sign and Mars here is often directed towards a tangible result. You may be fired up by the long term goal of financial security, or creating something that belongs to you, such as a beautiful home, a garden or a business. The campaigning side of this placement may be directed towards the natural world; the buzzwords, ‘sustainable’, ‘long-term’ and ‘green’ may have resonance here – and you may become involved in projects in a practical ‘hands-on’ manner, as your earthy drives manifest at a literal level.

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Mars in Gemini

Mars in Gemini is a cerebral placement for the planet of action and, unsurprisingly, those with this placement are mentally, verbally and physically ‘busy’. You have an active mind and a high degree of curiosity about the world around you – your assertiveness is expressed more in the manner of pursuing several lines of enquiry, rather than the physical prowess that is associated with some Mars signs. That is also true of sexual relationships; this is a Mars sign that can be restless – both mentally and physically. It makes it hard for you to stay in one place as you can become easily bored without adequate stimulation.

The upside is – that for many with this sign – stimulation is not hard to find. Maintaining a consistent level of attention may, however, be another thing entirely. You change your mind quickly and often – and if that ends up in an argument (which it will with this sign) then you will resort to that most characteristic expression of Mars in Gemini – a war of words. Aggression with you is often verbally expressed; your greatest challenge may be to refrain from turning every encounter into a battle of wits. Not everyone is a mentally or verbally as sharp as you – or as prepared to weaponise words.

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Mars in Cancer

Cancer is a gentle and intuitive sign, yet Mars here is more effective than you would expect and that’s because Cancer is a cardinal sign, so assertive Mars energy is happy here – especially when in pursuit of things that guarantee their emotional security. Mars here often produces avid collectors, passionate historians, great cooks and people who are demonstrably more caring and compassionate than most – but to what end is this drive directed? Cancer is an introverted sign; Mars energy here is often directed towards self-care and self-protection; self defence is often your primary motivation.

However, deploying Mars in Cancer energy is often more effective when it is used to defend others rather than the self. Mars in Cancer can be protective and ‘assertively nurturing’ – and that’s a great way to use this energy. Sensitivity is enhanced with this Mars sign – and that’s particularly so with the sexual side of this placement. However, it’s not so great when Mars energy is inwardly directed – or directed in an ‘indirect manner’. The result is often passive aggression. The challenge is to work positively with your Mars energy – it’s better to care pro-actively than blame others for your own failings.

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Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo is a charismatic and driven placement, as Mars is well placed in the fire signs. Typically, Mars here is passionate, creative, but wilful – and is often directed at drawing attention to those who have this Mars sign. However, Mars in Leo is rarely attention seeking in a negative way (although that potential is there). Those with this placement prefer to be noticed for what they have created or achieved, and they display a considerable amount of pride in what they do and how they appear. Mars in Leo strives to be best, so high standards are to be expected – and that includes in sexual relationships too.

Mars in Leo people hate anything that reflects badly on them; it’s something that will trigger a temperamental outburst. Do not expect a Mars in Leo person to compromise or ‘dumb down’; it’s not going to happen. Mars here will die on a hill of principle – and will pursue ideals with a vigour and passion that is often notably courageous. It’s a confident Mars placement, but it’s one that finds it difficult to pursue a course of action that is not heartfelt. The risk with Mars in this sign is becoming egotistical. Avoid that trap – and pursue your goals with the generous spirit for which Leo is well known.

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Mars in Virgo

Mars in Virgo is the most fastidious of placements and, if you have Mars in this sign, you will be a born perfectionist. In fact, you will be assertively so – and will expect others to meet your high standards or an argument will break out. That’s what happens. Or is it? Virgo is not the most aggressive of signs; as an introverted sign it’s easy for your Mars energy to be directed inwards – Mars here may make you hyper-critical not just of other people, but of yourself too as you wage war against what you perceive as life’s imperfections. This makes you irritable – a classic manifestation of Mars in this sign.

Like Cancer, Virgo is a sensitive sign, and Mars here means you can suffer from health issues due to irritability and anxiety. If (or when) that happens, it’s a sign that you’re not using Mars in Virgo in a positive manner. Use your energies carefully; Virgo is a considered sign and that enables Mars energy to be focused in a manner that is both efficient, organised and productive. Use that Mars energy to provide a physical counterpoint to the cerebral energy for which Virgo is famous; exercise as part of a daily routine is a good use of Mars in this sign. Your aim should be to master life – nothing less will do.

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Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra has a passion for harmonious relationships. In fact they have a passion for harmony and relationships. And style, art, aesthetics, good hair – and all of the ways in which the things that proclaim ‘Libra energy’ can be pursued. And pursue it you do – Mars in Libra takes action – but does in a manner that aims to resolve situations and bring people together, rather than blow things apart. Collaborative action is always preferable to going it alone – however, you do prefer to be the team leader. This is an energy that needs feedback and a just cause to fight for.

Justice is a major theme with Mars in Libra, however, harmony is not simply confined to alleviating discord or inequality. This is a Mars sign that is motivated by aesthetic and artistic concerns too; active involvement in fashion, culture or design is a good outlet for this Mars energy – and you may discover you have good business acumen, as dynamic, active Mars energy expresses in Libra – a financially savvy Venus-ruled sign. This Venus-Mars influence is also advantageous romantically; Libra is the sign of romance and you are likely to pursue love with enthusiasm – but also with high standards and a sense of refinement.

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Mars in Scorpio

Mars in Pluto-ruled Scorpio has the potential to take Mars to some dark places. It’s an intense combination; intensely sexual, intensely secretive, intensely powerful. In fact, it’s simply intense. So, how can you harness such an intense, brooding force in a positive and productive manner? Scorpio is a sign devoted to transformation, so Mars energy expressed through this sign needs to directed at an instinctive level and used to heal and transform difficult situations – and difficult people. Mars in Scorpio is often motivated by a sixth sense than enables you to get to the heart of any issue – and do it without fear.

However, Mars in Scorpio energy can also be used in ways that are negative at best – and self destructive at worst. Mars in Scorpio is often motivated by power, to the extent that everything else is subordinate to that aim. You have to win at any cost; Mars in Scorpio is utterly driven, but that may enable you to reach a position (in politics, healthcare, big business for example) where you can truly make a difference. A passion for the dark side may take you into places others would approach with caution – and, yes, that includes sexually. However, you’re as likely to be a sex therapist as a sexual obsessive. Or both.

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Mars in Sagittarius

When Mars is found in Sagittarius, it’s both exciting and energetic; so energetic that it will take you far – often literally so. It’s a restless expression of Mars energy – and, like Mar in Aries, it’s impulsive. When you have Mars in this sign, you may be fired up by the desire to explore – mentally, intellectually or physically – but you will have no problems with changing direction if circumstances (or desire) dictate that a new direction is the way to go. So, the things that motivate you may appear to be flexible or subject to change – but that’s missing the point. Mars here may seem easily distracted, but the object is always to have more.

And more of what, you may ask? This is an enthusiastic Mars that acts as if all things are possible – and with Mars here that’s usually the outcome, as this is a naturally optimistic and outgoing Mars sign. Your enthusiasms and passions are huge but often overwhelming; those with this placement are often recognised as dynamic but rash. However, your confidence – and natural good luck – enables you to turn things to your advantage – and that includes sexually. You are, however, commitment phobic. Freedom and more – of everything – can make you a fun partner – but not the most reliable. There are no limits to your aims.

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Mars in Capricorn

Mars in Capricorn is a driven placement, as your energies are well directed in the sign of ambition. Capricorn tames the Mars beast and enables Mars to function in a manner that is more strategic and sustained manner. To have the most powerful energy source released in a controlled way is of great benefit to those who have this placement, particularly when it’s an energy that’s applied to realistic or tangible goals. So, career ambitions, material ambitions or ambitions of any kind – your desire to get to the top is unmatched, and your work ethic is likely to leave others exhausted.

So, is it all work and no play when you have Mars in Capricorn? You may be conservative with your passions or passionate about tradition. You may direct your energies towards those things -and people – you feel are enduring and responsible. This is not a carefree placement, but it has many advantages; it cools your temper and it makes you much more reliable as a sexual partner – both in your performance and your loyalty. You may not be the most demonstrative partner, but you are unlikely to hook up with someone undignified or who reflects badly on you. Having high standards has its benefits.

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Mars in Aquarius

You can expect the unexpected with Mars in Aquarius, as you are likely to expend your energies letting the world know what a unique individual you are. However, your energies are not always self-centred. You may appear to be contrary, awkward and disruptive at times – and that may be a way of dealing with the frustration of having to follow rules that you inevitable see as outdated, restrictive – or for other people and not you. You’re a natural rebel – and at worst rebelliousness may be a way of expressing Mars energy that comes most naturally to you.

However, not all rebellious behaviour is bad. Without anyone challenging orthodoxy, we would be stuck in a fairly boring rut; your Mars energy is the energy that blasts people – and wider society – out of that rut, as this Mars sign prompt actions in support of new conditions, new ideas and positive change. You may direct your energies to political or social change, or you may love an intellectual argument; either way, your concerns often extend beyond the personal to the collective – and that may be interpreted in a sexual sense too. You can be stubborn; you know what you want and you’re unlikely to compromise.

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Mars in Pisces

With Mars in Pisces, you have an intuitive and often sympathetic energy that is best directed towards taking action to inspire and enlighten the world. And I do mean the world. Pisces is a boundary free zone and you want your often creative or spiritual energies to have an influence that transcends mundane reality or barriers that you regard as unnecessary or false. Unsurprisingly, this is often an artistically creative placement for Mars; music, acting and dance often provide an outlet for the physicality associated with Mars. Thee is a natural sensitivity that enables you to blend well with others.

With this Mars sign, you may be emotionally impulsive or you may be aggressive in a passive sense. Passivity and being driven by emotional currents, rather than being in control of them, is often a drawback with this Mars sign. However, your Mars energies are going to be romantic rather than overtly sexual. Sensitivity and a certain tenderness may make you appear unthreatening – and it’s a seductive mix you use to your advantage. However, much as you desire to merge, you can become drained by emotional demands. Time alone is time well spent for you, as you need an energy – or spiritual – recharge on a regular basis.

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