September’s full moon in Aries is often known as the Harvest Moon. It’s the full moon closest to the autumn equinox and a real signal that we have entered a new season. I have just returned to the UK after visiting relatives in Scandinavia. Perhaps it was the northerly latitude, but the cool winds blowing from the sea seemed like harbingers of winter – and that’s exactly what the autumn is, a precursor of things to come..

During Virgo’s transitional period, we reaped the last of the summer crops and stored them away for winter. Now the Sun is in Libra – and this lunation reminds us that we need to acknowledge the longer nights and the cooler breeze. It’s time for what the Danes call, ‘hygge’; it’s time to share the love, light the fires, light some candles, unpack your woollens and snuggle down for the rest of the year. Enjoy the fading sun as much as you can – and treasure each golden moment.

Full Moon in Aries: The Essentials

This full moon culminates on September 29th, at 09:57(UT) and it’s found at 6˚00′ Aries. In astrology, a full moon represents culmination; in our outer world, things come to a head as events or issues that have been building up reach the point where they can no longer be ignored. The moonlight shines brightly (even through cloud…) so we cannot ignore the things that are brought to our attention at the time of a full moon – no matter how hard we try.

Of course, events in our outer world are so often a reflection of our inner life. The full moon is also known for bringing our deeper or unacknowledged needs to the surface. It provides the opportunity to reassess those needs and clear away those habits, beliefs and behaviours that do us more harm than good. This makes it a great time to let go and clear a space in your life for something new – and that’s appropriate as Aries symbolises new beginnings. Every farmer knows that in order to plant a new crop, the first thing you need to is clear the land.

This is a great time to seek out what you really want and with the full moon in Aries, you’re likely to be more confident and enthusiastic about pursuing your objectives – especially those that appear to be new and exciting. However, this Harvest Moon is a good reminder that we reap what we sow; care must be taken to ensure that you’re letting go of the right things as well as making space for something that will benefit you further down the line. It’s all to easy to reap things that are less rewarding than you would like, such as the liabilities from past mistakes. All of these will need to be addressed at this time.

Bear in mind that Aries is impulsive and emotional as well as direct and enterprising – it’s better to evaluate a situation and strike out in a new direction as a result of honest debate, than to make a rash decision based on a temperamental outburst. The important thing – regardless of the inner or outer event that occurs in your life – is to take action. Actions always speak louder than words – and with this lunation, that’s especially so. The most annoying things in life often stem from the frustration of inaction. Wishing you had done something – or done it earlier – is not a great feeling.

Full Moon in Aries: The Chart

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Full Moon in Aries: The Aspects

The full moon chart sets the context for every full moon – and this one is no exception, In lunation reports, I always analyse the aspects to the moon, but this month, other than the Sun-Moon opposition that you would expect (there is no full moon without it) there are no aspects to the Moon. So, what’s really being emphasised here is the nature of the opposition – and of the signs involved, Aries and Libra.

In astrology, Aries and Libra represent the polarity of the self (Aries) and the other (Libra). When the full moon is in Aries, it’s often a sign that you need to put your own interests first. Libra (the Sun) is holding up a mirror to Aries (the Moon) and it’s signalling that you need to look in that mirror. When we see our reflection, what we see is a mirror image that makes us look at ourself with a more discriminating eye. We use that mirror to identify both our strengths and our weaknesses.

This lunation provides that mirror; it’s a moment to reinvent your identity, to stand up for yourself in the face of opposition – but to do so harmoniously. And when I say, ‘harmoniously’, the object is to renew yourself in ways that are going to enable you to live harmoniously within the society and relationships you inhabit, as well as living harmoniously with your own soul. The relationship you have with yourself is, perhaps, the most important one of all.

To dive more deeply into the nature of this lunation, we need to look at Mars. Mars rules Aries and is the ruler of this full moon, so we need to look at the condition of Mars to determine the context in which the full moon reflects the light of the Sun. Looking at the lunation chart, the Mars’s connections are as follows: Mars is in Libra and has a semi-sextile aspect from Mercury in Virgo, a sextile aspect from Venus in Leo and Mars also makes an inconjunct (150˚) aspect to Uranus. All of those aspects are ‘tied’ together in one package.

The Mars-Chiron Challenge

Mars also makes an opposition to Chiron – and it’s that aspect I’m going to deal with first of all. Mars opposite Chiron shows this lunation is highlighting the strength of compassion. It also shows a need to address your wounds – whether they are mental, physical or both. Acknowledging failure or weakness is often difficult – yet it’s often the key to a more complete form of healing – the ability to ‘let go’ we encountered earlier, which is a core concept associated with this full moon.

The Aries-Libra polarity is further emphasised – and the reason for this is as follows: you need to assert yourself to move forwards – but you need to recognise the needs and feeling of others as you do so. It’s a challenge, but it’s one you’re going to have to meet in order to resolve the issues presented to you by the full moon. Where that challenge occurs in your life will be revealed by the houses in which the lunation and the Mars-Chiron opposition are situated.

The Mercury, Venus, Mars and Uranus Complex

And it is complex. And awkward. Mars as the ruler of this lunation contacts those other planets – and in ways that indicate things are not easy. Looking at the chart, there are a couple of things going on here – and they are connected. Mars is part of two distinct sets of aspects – and as they have Mars inconjunct Uranus in common, I’ll deal with that first.

Mars inconjunct Uranus is tense, impulsive, angry – and then some. It pits our sense of individuality against the world and sometimes leaves us angry and disappointed. The problem is, that what you want (or how you define yourself) needs to align with reality in order for your life to be sustainable. Whether you’re rebellious for the sake of it, or you’re simply frustrated that you can’t find a niche in society, you will have to yield and make a compromise sooner or later. This is the big issue here – and it’s one that you need to be patient and mindful to resolve. And that may not be easy for you.

The semi-sextile to Mars from Mercury in Virgo (and Mercury’s trine to Uranus) suggest that you may be overly quick to dismiss helpful suggestions or unhelpful attitudes. You may fail to consider options that could be productive – if you thought about them more carefully. However, don’t dismiss those new ideas or off the wall suggestions. Sometimes, a flash of inspiration is all you need to find the right path. And when you see the way before you light up, it’s a sign not to look back.

And there is further good news. The Venus-Mars sextile shows that you have no lack of determination – and a little luck on your side – and that could prove useful as it’s likely to help you keep things in balance. One of the problems you may have had was the feeling that your life was out of line. This lunation is about getting back on track – even if that track is a new one that you hadn’t thought about following.

However, a word of warning: Venus is also square Uranus, so you may be attracted by the promise of a quick result. It may be better to be attracted to things that are stimulating – either socially or intellectually – than throw yourself at something that promises to be a quick fix. As I said at the beginning, we reap what we sow – and if your needs include a future where you are ‘reasonably’ spontaneous; individualistic, but socially aware; independent, but interdependent, and unafraid of what the future will bring, you had better start clearing away the deadwood now.

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