The new moon in Virgo provides us with a pause for breath in what has been a distressing week. Thousands of people have died in Morocco and Libya as nature reminds us of what a powerful force she is. Lives can be swept away in an instant and we feel pain for those who are affected by such cataclysmic events. I was also struck by the deeper meaning of Virgo – this month’s sign – as I read about those events. Virgo is concerned with keeping things in good order. Would the loss of life have been lessened if infrastructure had been maintained or building regulations been of a higher standard? I suspect we will never know.

As the image at the top of this post suggests, you reap what you sow – and that certainly aligns with Virgo. However, the new moon is also associated with sowing seed. It reminds us that all things are cyclical. Following every harvest, the ground must be prepared for the next seasons crop. The land must be cleared and, this year, there may be a lot of clearing up to do. Before I wrote this lunation report, I looked back at the yearly horoscope I prepared for 2023; clearing up a mess – both literally and metaphorically – is a big theme right now, and it applies not just to broken buildings and shattered lives.

So, in this lunation report, I’m going to look at how the new moon in Virgo is going to help you clear away the debris and prepare the ground for positive growth in the coming months. As usual, each lunation is more powerful for those of you who have important planets and points in dynamic aspect to the degree of the lunation. However, all of us notice the impact of a new or full moon according to the house that the lunation occupies in our natal chart. The new moon in Virgo will remind you of where there is room for improvement.

New Moon in Virgo: The Essentials

The new moon in Virgo occurs on September 15th at o1:39 (UT) and it falls at 21˚58′ of that sign. Please note, as the the new moon occurs in the early hours of the morning in what we call ‘universal time’, some of you may experience the new moon on September 14th, especially if you live in the US, Canada, Mexico or any of the countries in South America. Such details are important with a Virgo new moon – I don’t want you thinking I’ve made an error with the time and date!

Virgo is associated with detail and precision. It’s about organisation and sorting things out. It’s also concerned with finding fault, self-criticism, critical analysis and an element of doubt. These are typical manifestations of this sign and they usually indicate a situation that is less than optimal. That doesn’t mean that the situation is appallingly bad – unless you’ve let things slide. Let’s just say that something would benefit from improvement, or could be made more efficient. The unease that you feel is indicative of that.

Depending on where this lunation falls in your natal chart, you could be looking at issues like making better use of your time or creative energy or improving the way you organise your family life or work life. Perhaps you waste a lot of the day on unproductive activities. These things are not necessarily causing you major distress, but their impact may cause you some irritation. Making improvements enables things to run smooth – and that’s a major Virgo concern.

This is the sign that is also concerned with health. In the most general terms, a new moon in Virgo sows the seeds according to the affairs of the house in which it falls, so it could involve some maintenance of your physical health. It could also involve maintaining your relationship health – and maybe even an audit of your financial wellbeing. Wherever the new moon in Virgo falls, the object is to initiate a program of re-organisation and improvement – and that may begin with a critical eye.

New Moon in Virgo: The Chart

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New Moon in Virgo: The Aspects

The new moon chart puts some flesh on the bones. This new moon in Virgo connects with Jupiter and the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, in an aspect pattern known as ‘the kite’, for fairly obvious reasons. it’s formed by a grand trine, an opposition and two sextiles. A kite aspect pattern in predictive astrology can indicate that you have reached a ‘make or break’ moment, but things aren’t so bad that there’s no solution to any problem that occurs. It’s a dynamic pattern and it shows that you have a real opportunity to deal with any issue that you have failed to address for too long.

The opposition aspect is the stick that holds the kite together. What it means, is that external events (maybe involving a partner) often prompt you into action. It’s not as tense or driven as a square aspect, as things could go one way or anther. It’s your choice – but you may regret it if you let the moment pass by. There may be an element of luck or serendipity in what you do – or in events that occur – but luck comes in many forms; don’t assume that you can ‘wing it’, as you may need some help to do what you need to do.

The new moon’s fellow travellers in the kite formation are all in retrograde motion. It’s a major retrograde period as Mercury is also retrograde in Virgo – and is making it’s station before turning direct on September 16th. Mercury is not directly involved in the lunation complex, but it’s presence will be felt soon enough. The grand trine part of the kite falls in the earth signs – and that has a stabilising influence, as we are dealing with material reality when this element is emphasised.

Taking a practical and realistic approach is the greatest route to success with an earth trine, however the apex of the kite is formed by Neptune in Pisces. This shows that you many have to deal realistically with a situation that you don’t know much about, or you didn’t see coming, or it has emotional overtones. The kite holds the gift of an opportune moment and it would be a shame to waste it even if you can’t yet see your way clearly. Sometimes you have to have faith that things will work out – but that’s not an excuse to do nothing.

New Moon in Virgo trine Jupiter

On one side of the kite, the the new moon in Virgo is trine both Jupiter and Uranus. They are not quite close enough to be in orb as a conjunction, so I’ll deal with them separately. Jupiter is associated with opportunity – and the universe is giving you an opportunity right now. It’s the opportunity to deal with any situation where you’ve been overdoing things. All retrogrades offer us the opportunity to review our actions; when Jupiter is retrograde, it’s a sign you need to review your attitude towards risk taking, overindulgence and being overconfident.

This is a good opportunity to ask yourself some hard questions and carry out a personal ‘risk assessment’; the aim is to avoid the stress of things becoming too big to handle. Jupiter is in Taurus and this sign (and transiting Jupiter’s location in your natal chart) will give you an idea of the main issues involved. As a general rule, Jupiter in Taurus may cause problems with greed, complacency (often about financial issues) or over-dependency on a particular set of beliefs. Believing that everything is okay may turn out to be misplaced. Is your understanding of a situation correct? It’s time to ask the question.

New Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus

The new moon in Virgo is trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Uranus retrograde can be destructive and rebellious. Destruction is messy and this new moon may push you into realising that parts of your life are less tidy than you would like them to be. It may be a shock to your system, and that may prompt you to clean up your act. Uranus’s function is to provide you with the jolt that you need to accept radical change but that’s not always a bad thing – in fact it can be positive and exciting.

Again, transiting Uranus’s contacts with your natal chart are likely to supply the personal detail, but there are a few general principles that may be helpful: Uranus often shows a breakage, a breakdown, a break-up or a breakthrough. Breaking with the past (in the form of entrenched habits for example) is possible now, as is striking out in a new direction. The new moon in Virgo is enabling this potential to manifest in ways that may appear to be liberating as well as challenging. If you’re up for a personal revolution, Uranus will shine the light on what needs to be done – it is the planet of revelation.

New Moon in Virgo Trine Pluto

I’m breaking with astrological protocol to discuss the new moon’s trine to Pluto, currently retrograde in Capricorn. Pluto is the transformer, the force that goes to places you do not ordinarily want to go. There is something inevitable about Pluto knocking on your door. It’s time to look deep into your soul – and and be brutally honest about what you find there. Pluto’s presence indicates that the beginning of any transformation is uncomfortable because it often involves an admission of personal culpability. That’s difficult to do, but once you’ve been there, you can draw a line under a few things.

There may be a lot to process, but the trine aspect in predictive astrology indicates that you can’t avoid what’s coming. If you try to do so, then things will only get worse, so you had better get ready for the impact. That may sound melodramatic, but but the simple truth is this: it’s better to be in control of events than have them happen to you. If you want to radically reform your life, or even just give it a light make-over, it’s best that the decision comes from you.

New Moon in Virgo Opposite Neptune

Here’s the stick I mentioned earlier. The opposition between the new moon in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces shows something t is out of control needs to be brought back under control. The problem is, it may be something you’ve been in denial about. The opposition is also an aspect of relationship, so consider the following: you may be dealing with a situation where a partner (or someone you are close to) is in denial about an issue. Either way, one – or both of you may need help to resolve a certain situation.

Again, it sounds dramatic, but the truth is we all need a little assistance sometimes – even if we can’t admit to it, or don’t recognise the need. To avoid bouncing from one extreme to another, it may be useful to admit your weaknesses and be receptive to any helpful suggestions that come your way. You may be the person trying to help – so bear that in mind in your dealings with others. The core issue – however it manifests – is that you have to be willing to help yourself. Admitting to a vulnerability is tough – but it will help to heal whatever needs to be healed. Be kind to yourself. It helps.

A Word About Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Finally, Mercury retrograde in Virgo turns direct on September 16th. It’s currently stationary, waiting to go. It’s not directly tied into the lunation complex, but it does enjoy a trine to Jupiter retrograde – and that’s a sign that something has captured your attention in a big way. Mercury retrograde stations mean that something is on your mind – probably the excessive Jupiter related issues you read about earlier.

You may have a lot to get your head around, but that process will become easier as Mercury moves forward. At the end of the month, Mercury direct passes the lunation degree, so around that time it may be come clear to you what you need to do. It’s easier to plan the way forward when you can see what’s ahead of you – and Mercury direct in Virgo will make it so much easier to make plans, stick to schedules and learn from any mistakes you made in the past. The new moon in Virgo points you in a new direction; make sure you know which way to go.

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