I’ve met a few people with Mars in Gemini, and one of the things they have in common is that they put that Mars energy into communication. A couple of them are journalists, some of them are argumentative, all of them are clever and quick witted. Whoever you are, if you have Mars in Gemini, the dynamics of that placement mean that you communicate that energy outwardly, in words. It’s how you attack your enemies and it’s how you pursue your passions.

The world is about to get a bumper crop of new Mars in Gemini people, as every baby born between August 21st 2022 and March 25th 2023 is going to be born with Mars in that sign. It’s going to be a cohort that won’t shy away from venting their opinions, that’s for sure. However, what it also tells us is that Mars is spending more time than usual in one sign – and that’s worth our attention, as Mars is going to be firing up communications – and how – during a period of time when things seem fired up already.

When an inner planet spends longer than usual in a sign, it’s because there’s some big retrograde action involved – and Mars will be in retrograde motion from Halloween (great timing…) to January 13th 2023. That’s likely to focus our attention in a big way – but I think it needs to be placed in the context of the transit as a whole, so in this post, I’m going to focus on the transit process, explore what this Mars in Gemini transit means and looking at how those energies could manifest in our lives – in ways large and small.

Mars in Gemini: Overview

So, we getting a Mars in Gemini transit. What does that mean? It’s always best to keep things simple and the basics are this: Mars is the codeword for action. It’s the energy force that’s available to us when we want to get up and do something – it’s assertive, aggressive, it fires you up, gives you the energy you need to tackle something, fight something, pursue something – whatever those things may be. We all have Mars and that’s how it functions in our birth chart.

However, this is a transit and this Mars energy is simply passing through – but the way it’s going to express on the way is by energising in the style of Gemini and that means Mars energy – direct, punchy, inflammatory, angry and uncompromising – is coming out as a mental energy that will impact on the world of ideas, communications and opinions.

At a personal level, it can give you a great boost to your mental powers – and the ways in which you express them. Mars is an active, expressive energy and if you can make that work for you then that’s the most positive thing to aim for with this transit. However, in the wider context, it can be stressful, impulsive and divisive. Literally a war of words.

Mars in Gemini is like an army on the move; it’s a campaign – and I feel that campaigns (in the war of words sense) are something that are going to be even more notable over the next six months than they are already. Mars arouses our passions and a lot of words will be directed towards that aim. The battle for hearts and minds will be underway…

Mars in Gemini: The Transit Process

Transits through signs are about process. They have a beginning, a middle and an end, and The Mars in Gemini transit signifies a process that requires, action, energy – and there will be a specific objective (or objectives) in mind. However, there are a couple of things to be aware of. First, Mars is a ‘trigger’ planet and this means that issues tend to blow up quickly. Things are sudden with Mars.

Second, this transit involves a major retrograde period – and though this post isn’t about the retrograde specifically (another post focusing on that will come soon) – it’s worth noting that retrograde energy is a deeply focused energy. With Mars, retrograde motions often have the effect of adding a Pluto-type edge to Mars – ‘Mars underground’ – and this makes it the kind of explosive energy that can be violent or volcanic in nature. Its effects may be brief and destructive – but ultimately it’s transformational.

To appreciate how the transit may affect you, me (Gemini rising so I’m holding onto my hat…) and the world out there, it’s probably easiest for me to break the transit process into stages as this will give you a better idea of how the next six months may be structured.

Mars in Gemini: Pulling the Trigger

Mars has moved into Gemini and we are now in what I would call, ‘trigger time’. It’s the start of the transit and some of you may literally be feeling triggered right now. Whether it’s a response to events in your personal life or as a reaction to things going on in the outer world – feeling triggered is likely to provoke a response in you. And it’s likely to be visceral and immediate. Mars energy doesn’t stop to think, so your tweets may be more sharp than usual…

Biting wit and cutting humour may be another may of responding when triggered – and there may be a lot of this kind of response as events unfold. Humour can be aggressive. The news cycle may seem non-stop; arguments may concern access to information, and words may be weaponised. None of this is new, but there is the feeling that things may be coming to a head – and Mars represents the head. Astrological symbolism works in mysterious ways…

Mars in Gemini: Applying the Brakes

From September 4th, we find ourselves in the shadow period; Mars begins to slow down as it approaches the point at which it turns retrograde. The planet associated with speed is applying the brakes and, symbolically, ‘applying the brakes’ is a great metaphor for how we need to approach this part of the transit. Whatever we are being triggered by, there comes a point where things get serious – even for late night comedians. It may be difficult to stay calm when the barrage of words and information seems relentless – yet maintaining a sense of humour and intellectual distance may be advisable.

As Mars begins to slow down, its energy becomes concentrated. This is a long shadow period that lasts until October 31st – and during this time, a lot of people will be saying what they think – with no holds barred. It’s a time for new ideas, vigorous debate – and verbal confrontation. With Mars in Gemini there are two sides to everything – and choosing a side may be important at this time. Mars is uncompromising, and by the time we reach the end of this first shadow period, expect the battle lines to be drawn. There is right and there is wrong. Pick your team.

Mars in Gemini: In Reverse Gear

Retrograde periods are often a time for reflection. With Mars retrograde in Gemini, this is likely to be the time when things come to a head and that tends to focus attention. It’s a time when mental energy has to stop being expressed outwards or scattered, as it may need to be re-focused on a particular issue that demands urgent attention. It doesn’t mean, however, that things stop being stressed, confrontational or mentally exciting. Retrogrades are times for focused actions – and with Mars in Gemini, new ideas may be targeted in very specific ways.

If there’s a time to brainstorm, it will be during the retrograde period. If there’s a time to call a halt to pettiness and focus on the important things, this is also that time. However, it’s also a time when we need to own up to mistakes and realise that the forward charge may need to be re-routed. That can happen in our personal lives – but it could be a major theme in the outer world too. U-turns, reversals and emergency debates could feature during the retrograde period. Things may grind to a halt with stoppages and shortages. Trade and travel are also forms of communication – and they may suffer at this time.

It’s not a time to expect progress – and thats a Mars-type frustration that could cause even more arguments than it resolves. Given the nature of Mars, this retrograde period is likely to be marked by ‘rage at inaction’ – even if taking action is neither possible or productive. With Mars in Gemini retrograde, it’s a time for accusation rather than resolution. It’s also a time for targeted investigation – and that could also provoke some annoyance. Retrogrades are reality checks – things cannot go on in the same way.

Mars in Gemini: Moving Forward

So, we’ve heard the arguments, looked closely at a few issues, brainstormed a few ideas, changed direction and now we need to move on. The thing is, Mars doesn’t care which direction it’s going – as long as it’s going somewhere. Whether it’s in your personal life or not, you’re going to have to pick a direction and stay with it. Hopefully, during the retrograde period, you will have worked out where your major frustrations are coming from – and have a few bold new ideas about how you’re going to move your life forwards to overcome them.

In the public realm, things also need to move on – but in the aftermath of the retrograde period, it may feel as if you’ve seen it all before. This second shadow period extends from January 13th to March 16th – and you may have to tread warily at this time. The reason for this is that we’re all likely to be in a new situation – even if it feels strangely familiar. It may feel as if you’re trying out something new before you can fully commit to it. Taking the lead is something we associate with Mars, and in Gemini, there may be the feeling that leadership is in transition.

Mars In Gemini: Hitting Top Gear

Mars reaches full speed in March 2016. When you look back at this Mars in Gemini transit, you’ll realise it was a time that made an impact on you – and on the world in so many ways. Mars is going to be energising all things Gemini related much more effectively than it was doing from August 2022 onwards – and that includes the war of words. They may hit the target more effectively. Powerful statements may be in evidence around this time.

Debates may be more productive and actions more constructive; this is the positive Mars in Gemini energy that could dominate at this time. However, Mars energy in Gemini can be inconsistent; inconsistency is a theme we may recognise at this time as things move one way and then another. This could be a rollercoaster period as the brakes are off. Fortunately, it lasts a short time – but the effects of the Mars transit may spill over into other things , particularly as Mars sets its sights on Cancer, the sign of homeland, home, family – and all that we hold dear.

Mars in Gemini: Looking For The Exit Ramp

Where does that leave us? When things have been confrontational, looking for a way out is not always easy. If you’ve focused that Mars energy on a productive or intellectual outlet, then you can follow that path with some enthusiasm. But if things have become messy, then you may be left with a lot of clearing up to do. the Mars in Gemini transit has a ten day window at the end for that clearing up to take place; I suspect it’s a time when the exhaustion may set in – or overwhelm us completely. Mars in Gemini means mental burn-out too.

This is likely to be an energised yet stressful six months that could change things in all of our lives – but it won’t be without some damage. Yet there is also the feeling that we need to move on in a more careful, thoughtful and considered way. If some of that Mars energy has enabled us to connect with something more important than the superficial arguments that seem to occupy far too much of our time, then it will have been useful. As the saying goes, ‘no pain, no gain’, but I suspect that when Mars enters Cancer we’ll be licking our wounds.

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Picture Credit: Image by ashish choudhary from Pixabay