It’s time for the September 2022 horoscopes. There’s always a ‘back to school’ feeling when September rolls around – even if (like me) you left school many years ago. There’s a feeling of getting back into a routine, focusing on work that needs to be done and shaking yourself out of the holiday mindset that accompanies those hot days in August. None of this is surprising as early September places us in the Virgo month – a time when earthy reality hits home once more.

This month, there’s a big retrograde message in the heavens; from Jupiter outwards, all of the planets are in retrograde motion and Mercury turns retrograde on September 10th, the same date as the Full Moon – Mercury is making it’s station at the time of the Full Moon. This month, Mars also enters the first shadow phase and slows down prior to turning retrograde during its prolonged stay in Gemini. I have the feeling that this is not going to be a month for making progress.

Retrograde planets have a habit of forcing our attention inwards; with all of the outer planets transiting back through the sky, we need to be examining how we deal with issues such as greed (Jupiter) and authority (Saturn). We may feel pressured to rebel or look for new solutions (Uranus), we may become aware of where empathy is lacking (Neptune) and where radical, transformational change is required (Pluto). I’ll be doing a post on Mercury’s retrograde soon – but I think this month, Mercury retrograde will bring all of the above into focus as a feeling of general unease.

Meanwhile, as far as your personal horoscopes are concerned, please read them for either your sun or rising sign – or both.

September 2022 Horoscope: Aries

Mars, your ruler is slowing down and that’s going to focus your mind. However, before that happens, prepare yourself for a few verbal outbursts and a feeling of feeling mentally ‘fried’. With pressure building across the board – particularly concerning your career and view of the future – you may feel that your attempts to maintain a positive approach to life are taking a bit of a hit right now. You are naturally a positive person – but you may need to prepare for some financial surprises this month.

The Full Moon will be a time to take action and you may need to avoid being complacent about issues that come to a head around this time. It may be tempting to ignore some of the things that are happening in your world, but if you do, that will not serve you well. Use this time to focus your attention on those things that need it – but don’t forget to take care of your own mental and emotional health. Your partner may be the best person to talk to right now, so don’t take them for granted.

September 2022 Horoscope: Taurus

You love to make steady progress, but this month a few things seem to stall. Should you radically change your approach to life? Are you really as secure in your career as you thought you were? Do you even know where you’re headed? When you begin to question the fundamentals that you thought you had in place, then it’s hardly surprising that you may find it hard to get a good night’s sleep – and around the time of the Full Moon that may be especially so.

This month, you could benefit from working out what makes you feel good and, as Mercury turns retrograde, ‘working things out’ so that you can make things work better for you is exactly the direction you need to go. Sometimes it’s a question of rearranging your priorities in life. Sometimes it’s easier to take action to protect your material security – and that’s a big issue for you. However, getting in touch with your deepest values may be your biggest task this month – by the end of the month, that process will be making you feel a whole lot better about the world.

September 2022 Horoscope: Gemini

Things can easily play on your mind and, this month, that seems more true than ever. You are likely to be busy – even hyperactive – but as the month progresses, you’ll discover that focusing your energy produces better results than your usual scattergun approach. You may need to focus as there may be one issue in particular that is taking up your time. Whatever it is, it’s likely to be charging around your head in the middle of the night too. You may have some sleepless nights – but you may also have some of your best ideas during the dark hours.

The Full Moon shines on your career and public image and you may need to take action to ensure that you’re seen in as flattering a light as possible. You may also need to be realistic about your ambitions; if the opportunity opens up for a radical change of direction, think carefully before accepting – though ultimately it’s likely to be a good move. By the end of the month, Venus will be retrograde in Virgo and conjunct Venus; your heart and mind will be focused on new projects at home – and the creative Libra New Moon suggests that a makeover is on your mind.

September 2022 Horoscope: Cancer

In some ways this could be frustrating month as your Mars energy is making you restless but you can’t work out why. Put that energy to good use by letting things go – especially those things that have been causing you some unnecessary stress. You’re an emotional person and things get under your skin. This month, there is no shortage of issues for you to clear out from your mind. Work, social issues, relationships, health and wellbeing, belief systems – all of those could use an overhaul. Now is the time to think and reflect rather than act – so use this time well.

Mercury retrograde will help you to do that, because you’ll be able to focus on the things that make you feel most comfortable – and if that means extra time spent at home or with your family, that’s probably a good thing to do as for you, happiness begins at home. At the time of the Full Moon, you’ll need to work out your priorities; when Mercury drops into Virgo later this month and joins Venus, your head will be in a much better place – and you’ll be able to recover your inner peace. We all need to recalibrate sometime – this is your month to do exactly that.

September 2022 Horoscope: Leo

Sometimes you feel as if you know exactly what is happening in your life – and then something unexpected changes everything. This may be a month of important changes for you as you deal with new conditions – particularly in your career. You’re going to have to evaluate whether any proposed changes are the right ones – or if they’re likely to have some unforeseen consequences. What may be advisable is to get a new sense of perspective; making sure you have all the information you need will be essential right now. Whatever you do, don’t do into anything hoping it will be okay in the end.

This is a risk as your outlook may be overly optimistic; at the time of the Full Moon you need to be aware that you may not have the upper hand in an issue that could affect your future. Following your dream is one thing; making it real is something else. Avoid any Mercury retrograde confusion by focusing on the small print; s the month progresses you’ll be working out what is really important to you – and you’ll also be focused on your material wellbeing more than usual. Working out how to pay for something could occupy your mind.

September 2022 Horoscope: Virgo

It’s rare that you overreach, but this month you may be dealing with the consequences. of any hype that you may have indulged in in recent months – particularly of the financial variety. Your normally unruffled exterior may become disturbed as you question your view of the world; how could things have turned out this way? Fortunately, your intellectual energy is on fire this month as Mars in Gemini grants you the energy to focus on any major issues that arise, understand them, get a sense of perspective – and move on.

The Full Moon puts the spotlight on your relationships; if you and your partner need to get away somewhere together, this is a good month to do exactly that. Retrograde pressures often make us realise what’s important in life because the review process that happens at times like this often works to make you realise what’s worth keeping – and what to let go. This month, Mercury retrograde sees you at your most thoughtful and analytical – though your analysis could be brutal at times. By the end of the month, Mercury and Venus together will make you feel as if all is well; you prefer life when things are in good working order – so make that your aim.

September 2022 Horoscope: Libra

This may be the month you’re bitten by the travel bug, though the reasons for your desire to escape may not be the best. The retrograde planets are upsetting your relationship sectors and things may seem uneven in that department. If someone has made big promises – and failed to deliver – or you’re having to deal with some unexpected power plays and irrational behaviour, you may be having to use your best negotiating skills – and wondering why people – and things – are behaving this way. Perhaps it’s time to lay down a few new ground rules at home, make your ‘me-time’ a priority and stop doing so much for other people.

The Full Moon shines on that last point; if someone is disrespecting your boundaries or avoiding their responsibilities, then you need to say so. Misunderstandings could lead to arguments – and that’s not something you find easy to deal with. With Mercury going retrograde, you may feel as if you need to bite your tongue, but don’t excuse bad behaviour or use that as an excuse to avoid confrontation. By the end of the month you want to feel as if you’re back in a place of equilibrium – deal with any upsets, accept the outcomes and let go. It’s the only way to deal with what’s coming your way.

September 2022 Horoscope: Scorpio

This month you need to dig down into a few things so here we go. Your work schedule – why is it so overloaded? Your relationships. Why are they tense and unreliable? Your thoughts. Why are they so dark? Your family. Why are they such hard work? The retrograde season is coming at you from all angles and you need to work with those energies to iron out the issues that seem to be hitting you from all sides. This realisation is only likely to get worse as Mercury turns retrograde too – so what can you do about it? When times are tough, the tough get going – and Mars in Gemini may be your saviour this month.

When you carry out a comprehensive life review – and this is the time for that – you need to have a positive attitude and a lot of courage to turn things around. This month, your energy is becoming more focused; as the month progresses, you’ll realise that some choices you have are going to be better than others – so try not to rush into things before you’ve taken the time to work out what will benefit you most in the longer term. By the end of the month, you will realise that life satisfaction is about more than material things; good friendship and a sense of belonging count for a lot.

September 2022 Horoscope: Sagittarius

Of all the signs likely to overdo everything, you are the one – so don’t be surprised if the universe expects you to slow down a little. Circumstances may force you to catch up with the results of past actions; if your preference for an indulgent, pleasurable lifestyle has left your responsibilities in a state of chaos, you may only have yourself to blame. It’s time to put your serious head on this month as you may need to deal with a financial emergency. If you dodge that bullet, you may be required to put your financial house in order – or at least transform your value system in some way.

Events around the time of the Full Moon are going to remind you of the importance of having a secure base. Whether that’s your home and family – or the inner sense of security that makes it a whole lot easier to deal with life’s ups and downs – you will be tested one way or another. Mars in Gemini will focus on your relationships – and in Gemini style this could work two ways; positively, you put a lot of energy into your associations – and reap the rewards. Alternatively, you fight. Mercury retrograde will start to make you focus on the important things in life; by the end of the month your world will be a better place.

September 2022 Horscope: Capricorn

This is a restless month for you – and it seems to be the latest in a long line of them. However, this month gives you the opportunity to start asking yourself why you’ve been feeling so uncharacteristically jittery. There have been some major changes affecting your home and family life, and they may have impacted on your own self image to the extent that you no longer know where you fit into your world – and when Mercury turns retrograde, those concerns may become more apparent than they are now. The Full Moon is going to illuminate your thoughts – so go with any hunches you have around that time.

What you need is a new you – or at least a transformation of the old you. If you no longer recognise the person you used to be, then you need to start re-acquainting yourself with the person you are now. As the month progresses, Mercury retrograde will emphasise the need for a sense of perspective – and you may find it useful and pleasurable to take a break (though watch out for some travel disruption) or even simply lose yourself in a good book. The New Moon at the end of the month signals a fresh emphasis on your career or public image – it will be important to deal with things as they arise.

September 2022 Horoscope: Aquarius

Sometimes you simply want to have fun – and this is one of those times. Your energy rush this month is making you think about having a good time – so if it fails to materialise you’re going to be sorely disappointed. In some respects, chanelling your energy. this way is no bad thing. It certainly helps you to avoid dealing with more pressing issues, that may include inner instability and a certain existential dread; put that way, a little light escapism that enables you to delude yourself and maintain a veneer of confidence is possibly. good thing. Or is it?

The Full Moon may alert you to the possibility that he harder you play, the more destabilised you seem to be. What. the universe wants you to do is get your act together – that is a better deployment of your big guns than firing on all cylinders to no discernible benefit. Mercury retrograde will alert you to he fact that you need to focus on your belief system – and any self-limiting beliefs need to be eradicated – and fast. Use that intense focus to work out how to move on from the rut that you’ve been in for some time. It’s a time to get serious about life – but take heart; there’s a place for fun in there somewhere.

September 2022 Horoscope: Pisces

Mercury turning retrograde this month is going to give you a lot to think about – so what could those thoughts be? Only one thing is certain – and that’s the uncertainty you fel as the month begins. You may be feeling confused and that’s because you’re likely to be getting a lot mixed messages one way and another Communications may be scrambled at best – and subject to a lot of changes and revision. As a result, your schedule is likely to be random; fortunately, you do random better than anyone so a flexible approach to matters may be easy for you to deal.

Don’t expect anyone else to be so accommodating, however as you may be the source of the confusion. We receive what we put out – and the Full Moon suggests a clash between your approach to life this month – and that of those who you may depend on, or live with. Home may not be the easiest place to be right now, but you can use that Mars energy to focus on the home, the garden or solving family disputes. You have a sixth sense for doing the right thing so use that gift in the best way that you can. The New Moon will move things forwards and your relationships will be harmonious by the end of the month.

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