Mars transits Aries 2020 is possibly the the most serious planetary transit we will have this year – and it’s been a year of major astrological action. Earlier this year I wrote, briefly, about the potential for this aspect to bring about a ‘long hot summer’ and I wasn’t simply talking meteorologically. When Mars transits Aries during such a tumultuous period in history, it could be like pouring petrol on the flames.

The reason for this? This isn’t any old Mars transit. When Mars transits Aries from today (the time of writing, June 28th 2020), the red planet will remain in Aries until January 6th 2021. There will be a significant retrograde period from September 10th 2020 to January 3rd 2021. This means that Mars is going to make a significant impact on the world, and on our lives, during the second half of this year – particularly as Mars makes a significant square aspect to the ongoing major Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto transiting conjunction in Capricorn.

I’ll be writing posts about the Mars transits Aries retrograde period and the great square to the planets in Capricorn in due course (update: That’s now available) However, in this post, I want to focus on the following – what we all need to look out for in during the course of this transit and what it could mean to you personally. Mars may be about to do enormous damage in the world for the next six months but Mars remains a personal planet and will have an impact on all our lives in a very direct way.

Mars Transits Aries 2020: What Does it Mean?

Mars is the ‘me first’ planet. In my recent book, Aries: Sun, Moon and Rising Sign, I wrote that Mars gives us the impetus to begin things. Mars gives us the stimulus to initiate new conditions and assert our authority so we can move our lives forward. This sounds great, however, we have to remember what else Mars symbolises in this big, bad world. Mars, is the cipher for aggression as well as bravery, and military might and militant battles fall under the banner of the God of War.

So, we’re all going to be reminded of the power and dynamism of Mars at a personal and global level, and what’s more, that power is going to be expressing itself in an Aries manner. Mars is, of course, Aries ruling planet and when Mars transits Aries, that makes it a powerful event at any time – and this time around it’s exponentially so because of the duration of this transit.

When Mars is in it’s own sign, we need to look out for confrontation and aggression and we may get the feeling we need to pick a side before the Mars in Aries transit season comes to a close. Actions can speak louder than words.

Mars Transits Aries 2020: The Game Plan

As with most transits, when Mars transits Aries, the planet contacts other bodies in the heavens by aspect. This is important to note as Mars is a real ‘trigger’ planet. This means that whatever issue is suggested by another configuration of planets in the skies, Mars will often be the catalyst to events taking place. Mars hates inaction and getting things going is what Mars is about – and in Aries, this will be done quickly and decisively. Violence is always an option if there are going to be disagreements along the way.

This transit speaks (well, shouts actually) of force – and that can be interpreted in several ways. Force can be used against someone or something – and you can be forced into a situation against your will or because of circumstances you can’t control. It’s often something outside of you that brings matters to a head. Internal force, however, is seen as motivation and this kind of self staring assertion is often a good thing.

Mars will be the trigger for such actions, however they manifest in your life. But when are those events most likely to occur? Let’s look at how the transit plays out over the next six months according to the aspects Mars makes with other planets currently transiting across your natal chart. I’m going to focus on the big planets here as those big changes are the things being triggered.

Mars Square Jupiter

Between 31st July – 10th August and 15th – 24th October, Mars in Aries will Square Jupiter in Capricorn. The Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn conjunction has been well documented, however, when Mars aspects Jupiter, impulsiveness and a tendency towards hasty decisions and ‘rushing in where angels fear to tread’ is amplified. Caution is required and look out for issues such as overreaction, over enthusiasm, provocation, risk taking or accidents.

Mars Square Pluto

You can’t ignore the connections between Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn at the moment and when Mars square to Pluto becomes exact between 7th – 19th August, 2nd – 17th October and 16th – 31st December, there may be issues with control and confrontation. Things you may have ignored or buried over the years can now emerge to cause problems – and these can include being on the receiving end of other people’s anger and aggression. Self defence may be an issue – and you may also have to exercise self control and develop your self awareness too. Vulnerability, victimisation and the unvarnished truth are key words here.

Mars Square Saturn

There is a well deserved connection between this aspect and the kind of frustration that boils over into rage and between 16th August and 5th September, and again from 15th September to 7th October, are periods when frustration arises due to greater powers than you restricting the things you can do. Again, this can come from many sources, both external and internal – such as having to restrain yourself and be patient – even if that’s difficult to do. You may feel you’re fighting a lost cause and you may need to be on the defensive when this aspect is at it’s peak.

Mars Retrograde

Looking at the above aspects, it’s easy to see how they fit with each other to denote a period of something rather worse than simple irritation. Whether you’re mad at things in your own life or major world events, when Mars goes retrograde, this is really the signifier for things coming to a head. When planets turn retrograde they usually represent a process – and processes are usually comprised of a number of occurrences.

Retrogrades have a beginning a middle and an end. I’m going to discuss the retrograde in detail (focusing on mundane and geopolitical events rather than personal issues) in another blog post, however, it’s almost certain that in your life you will have to face up to a long overlooked issue, or something will blow up that needs resolution before you can move your life forwards. In the process of doing that you will experience significant changes that will push you in a very different place than you were before.

This retrograde will be felt most intensely by those of you with personal planets in the cardinal signs of Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra – with Aries and Capricorn particularly affected as you simply can’t avoid issues that affect the cornerstones of your life.

Mars Transits Aries 2020: How it Affects You

In this section, I’m going to look at how you could be affected when Mars transits Aries according to your sign. I often find it useful to read for both your Sun Sign and your Rising Sign – so please feel free to do so. To simplify things, Mars shows where you need to take action to enable fundamental changes to occur in those parts of your life where they may be seriously overdue.


This is really up front and personal for you, but now you really need to get yourself in the driving seat if you’re going to make changes in the direction of your life. If you’ve had an attitude problem preventing you from advancing your career, or taking responsibility for your life then you’re going to be reminded, in no uncertain terms, to deal with it now. Job security and striking out in a new direction could be on the agenda for you. For the best results? Take control of that agenda


We have all had tough times and you may want to get away from it all or at least escape from something in your life – but as usual you may fail to do anything about it. However, you’re about to be forced out of your rut because you have the opportunity to take a different view of the world. You can’t always be a stick in the mud and you will have to look at life from a different perspective – whether you want to or not. Take this as an opportunity to learn. And be philosophical about life.


The future is something you may have been ignoring, largely because you haven’t wanted to make the drastic changes you need to make to ensure your financial prospects are going to support you long term. You’re about to be reminded how important it is to invest in your future – on all fronts – and you need to pay attention to your intimate relationships too if you want them to be a part of your life as you move forward.


Relationships are always important to you, however, something is telling you you’re the one who is going to be responsible for moving the agenda in the direction you want. If it’s commitment you’re after then you’re going to have to push for it. If you already have that then you may need to take the lead in the partnership in a way you have never done before. If that’s a business you can drive forward – great – and if it’s your loved one? You may find the relationship is even more important to you than you previously thought.


You are really going to have to wake up to the opportunities that are out there for you if you want to get your life back on an even keel. However there is a catch. Those opportunities may not be exactly what you were hoping for. They could be less fun, less glamorous and much more like hard work. However, you may not have the luxury of choice at the moment if you want life to become something you don’t have to worry about. That’s where the real opportunity lies. Grab it now and you won’t regret it later on down the line.

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Every so often we are reminded that life is at a turning point – and you are about to discover that for yourself. What you may find difficult is that you are not in control so you’re going to have to develop trust in those who seem to be in control of the situation. That doesn’t mean you can sit back and be a passenger. Your creative input is more valuable than you think and if you’re prepared to take a gamble you can begin to fashion a more authentic and fulfilling life path for yourself. Be not afraid – it will be different but worth it.


When Mars transits Aries, the heat is on where your relationships are concerned and you could experience some testing times over the next few months. This could involve work or personal relationships but, deep down, the message is fundamentally the same. You need to work out how (or if) you can resolve matters without jeopardising the foundations of your life – be that your home, family, parents or even your own sense of belonging. Sometimes you need to get to the bottom of things before you can start again.


It can’t have escaped your attention that you have let yourself go a little. Oh, it has? In that case you’re about to be put on notice that you need to get your life sorted out. Your work/life balance, health, diet, lifestyle, job are all up for review and you’re really going to have to get your head around where you go from here. You need to make a plan and stick to it or the consequences will not be something to relish. You need to get this right and there’s no margin for error.


You can’t always get your own way and right now you you’re about to be reminded in no uncertain terms. The problem is you don’t take things seriously – and that may apply to your finances more than anything else. Easy come may have turned into ‘easy go’ where cash is concerned and you need to pay attention to your value system as much as your bank account. While Mars transits Aries, try and improve your self esteem and your earning potential. It will pay dividends in future.


As Mars transits Aries, you will be reminded of your family responsibilities. Sometimes it may feel to you as if you’re the only person prepared to do so, however, it’s also your responsibility to look after your own interests as much as everyone else’s. Getting the balance right is difficult so you’re going to have to work hard at making sure you’re on firm ground when it comes to asserting yourself and making sure you have the support of those who are closest to you.


Mentally and emotionally you may feel all over the place right now. It’s been a tough 2020 for many of us and you could be feeling some emotional strain. However, your major issue is you tend to keep such things to yourself. Over the next few months you may come to realise that a problem shared is a problem solved. There is nothing wrong with wanting some ‘me time’, however, contemplation is one thing, isolation another and you need to work out which one is good for you.


If the last few months has left you feeling broke, you may not realise the extent of the problem until forced to. Glossing over your financial status is something you can no longer ignore and you may have to ask for help if you find you can no longer cope with either feelings of low esteem or large bills that may be heading your way. There is no shame in asking for help, but if that’s more a way of life than a one off event, you may need to ask yourself if being one of life’s victims is a good choice in life.

© Sara Shipman 2020

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