November 2019 Horoscope: Overview

A Month For Reflection and Resolution

November is the month we go deep within – as is appropriate for a month dominated by the Sun in Scorpio. However, this need for reflection is seen in some of the other celestial big news items, particularly this month’s Mercury Retrograde. I’ve covered this Mercury Retrograde in depth here, as technically it started on October 31st. However, that means we will all be waking up to it on November 1st and it’s reflective qualities stay with us for most of this month.

That’s not to say there’s no desire to move forwards. With Venus already in Sagittarius, many of us could feel this jars with being told to wait – but wait we must as it’s only towards the end of the month that the picture clears. Mars entering Scorpio gives us the energy to do the things we need to do – no questions asked and blends well with Mercury moving direct at around the same time.

As ever this month, we need to look at the Moon’s influence. Mid-month we have what seems to be a tranquil Full Moon – but is it all it seems? It certainly opens us up to the influence of dreamy Neptune but also the much more testing influence of the Pluto Saturn transiting conjunction – one of the biggest background noises in the skies right now. It’s the New Moon that maybe makes a bigger point. In Sagittarius and unaspected, this New Moon is truly a new beginning. Sagittarius takes us to another place. Life moves on – and we have to move with it. So let’s look at things in a little more detail:

Mercury Retrograde (27˚ 38″ Scorpio)

Mercury retrograde always brings a crop of communications mishaps, however, this Mercury retrograde seems better starred than most. What it seems to be telling us is take the opportunities presented to review your circumstances and look at the small print before you make any big decisions. In Scorpio, this means really digging deep as the devil is always in the detail. Ignore the warnings and really, you will only have yourself to blame if things don’t go as you want them to – expecting Mercury to carry the can will be a lame excuse!

The Full Moon (19˚ 51″ Taurus)

The Full Moon in Taurus on November 12th really builds on the message carried by the Mercury Retrograde as it opposes the Sun Mercury conjunction on that day. If you’ve been trying to wade through the small print, the Moon Saturn Trine will give you the application to work things out and reach a considered conclusion. With the Moon sextile Neptune, you may also have the emotional intelligence and instinctive responses that can prompt you to into preferring one course of action over another. But with Neptune, can you trust your instincts?. Well, Neptune is currently sextiled by Saturn – so maybe your hunches will be rooted in reality this time. However, Pluto is also in the mix. Whatever you decide, you will own that decision. Forever – as it could represent a real turning point in your life.

Mars in Scorpio

When Mars moves into Scorpio on November 20th, it will be the thrust of power we’ve all been needing to get things moving again. Many of us could experience a ‘now or never’ moment as suddenly we find the resources to put life back into gear and apply a dose of single mindedness for good measure. Seriously, Mars in Scorpio has a depth of determination that’s been missing for a while – and it brings a willingness to get to the heart of the matter and make decisions. About time too because…

Mercury Direct (11˚ 35″ Scorpio)

Mercury turns direct within twenty four hours of Mars entering Scorpio. And some emotional decisions will need to be made. Or decisions with an emotional impact. So, it will be easier to lay your feelings on the line and if things have been bottled up? Now will be the time to pour them out – wherever the blockage has been in your life. A problem shared is often a problem solved and it’s always good to talk.

The New Moon (04˚ 02″ Sagittarius)

If you’ve been paying attention so far something starts to become clear – and clarity is what we have when the Sun moves into Sagittarius in late November and the New Moon follows soon after. This New Moon is un-aspected and that means there are no distractions from the new beginning it offers. Sagittarius offers us a fresh perspective on life – and that’s what this particular New Moon tells us. Look at life in a new way, go to places you have never been before. Be not afraid. Sagittarius is the light at the end of the tunnel and let’s be grateful for that.

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The Horoscopes


So Aries, on November 1st you wake up to Mercury retrograde, but what does that mean for you? It means Aries, you have some big decisions to make about your commitments to others. Whether that’s your partner, or financial or business commitments – only you can tell. One thing is for certain – you will need to review your investments – and I mean that in the widest sense of the word. Everything from your tax bill to your emotional attachments needs scrutiny right now.

When the Full Moon shines on November 12th, you won’t be able to avoid things any longer – especially any financial or emotional issues you may have been avoiding dealing with. A big bill or some new information coming to light may stop you in your tracks. Get your head together, follow your intuition and tackle the issues head on. If you work at it you’re far more likely to get the result you need – though you may feel frustrated at first.

However, when Mars enters Scorpio on November 20th, you are likely to feel a surge of energy to help move things forward for you. Now, Mars is your ruler Aries, and the surge of energy could be pretty explosive as you’re not the most diplomatic of signs. Things could come to a head – and if that involves a fight? So be it. Whatever happens – it should clear the air and allow you to know where you stand.

One thing is certain – this has been a long time happening and you’ll be helped by Mercury moving forward on November 21st. Things should start to fall into place for you as the end of the month draws near. The pressure will appear to ease and you can formulate new agreements with yourself and others. Make sure you discuss things clearly and iron out any issues before they become a problem – even you must tire of arguments sometimes!

By the end of the month, there really is a change of emphasis. The New Moon really brings a breath of fresh air and you can look at life from a changed perspective. It’s time for you to develop a new personal philosophy and learn from your recent experiences. This is a new path you’re about to travel down so open your mind to new experiences and try not to pre-judge the things coming your way. One more thing. In some circumstances it may be you who is being judged. Remember, the truth always wins.

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How are things between you and your partner Taurus? I’m sure for most of you the answer is pretty good. However, this month Taurus, you may reach the conclusion you need someone to help you deal with an issue you’re finding it difficult to resolve on your own. Whether it’s a life coach, sports coach, therapist, business manager, consultant or shrink – going it alone is not for you. And when Mercury goes retrograde, this need is what you’re going to wake up to.

When the Full Moon shines in your sign, you will probably find it’s time to reach out. If it’s your partner you need to resolve things with – get talking. If you need professional assistance with someone then pick up the phone. It’s likely you’re going to agonise over the decision – you’re not a failure to admit you need some help. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as you won’t find what you need if you don’t ask – and get your friends to help too. They’re on your side.

Whatever the decision you make, things will really start to move when Mars enters Scorpio on November 20th. By then, I hope you’ll have chewed the fat enough and be brave enough to take the plunge! However, one thing’s for sure. Once you’ve reached a conclusion about which direction to take you’re an unstoppable force. You have great determination once you get moving – so take the action you need to take.

You will be helped by Mercury moving forward again. The time for thinking is over and action is well starred. Of course it’s still about communication. The focus is entirely on finding a partnership – of any kind – that works for you. Now is the time to thrash out the detail of how the two of you are going to work together. If that’s a contractual relationship than read the small print. If it’s personal, stay grounded and don’t be fooled by charm and good looks.

When the New Moon occurs at the end of the month it will trigger a new start for you. You will be making an investment in your new situation. This could be financial if it’s a professional or business relationship. It could be an emotional investment or commitment if the relationship is more personal. That’s not to say however that business doesn’t involve you emotionally. It’s true to say however you may be in a situation where you feel you have to give all you have to make it work.

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So Gemini, this month you really need to be paying attention to any issues that could affect your health and wellbeing. You’re naturally a very busy person and you’re one of the signs that can be prone to stress. When Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde you notice it more than most. This time, your daily life seems out of kilter. Things are being overlooked. You’re maybe feeling less able to cope with the things that are usually no problem to you. It’s time Gemini, to take a closer look at your priorities…

The Full Moon really sheds light on the problem. For some of you, the realisation that you’re struggling mentally and emotionally could come as proof that you really need to sit down and work out how you can make your life more manageable. You may feel you’ve lost your direction but you know things need to change if you’re going to get yourself back on track. You have to make significant changes in your life – especially if you’ve had health or financial worries to deal with too.

Fortunately, when Mars moves into Scorpio on November 20th, you’ll find yourself propelled forward – either by events or a burst of energy as you realise you can’t stay trapped by your circumstances forever. You’re great at getting on with things so, for you Gemini, organising and re-organising your work and routines comes easily and is usually and enjoyable and rewarding process. If it’s a health issue prompts your actions – make sure it’s dealt with quickly.

Mercury turning forward again should give you all the impetus you need however. If you were short of information or ideas about how to resolve your worries or inertia, you will not have that problem now. Everything you need to know should now come to light – and it will help you make the right decisions for you to overcome any blockages that have been holding you back. Some big and emotional decisions will need to be made – but you know you will need to deal with them to move life forwards.

When the New Moon happens at the end of the month is sees you in a new place. Your concerns are now with your partners and partnerships and any contracts you may have. You’re often not the most serious person but maybe it’s time for you to take your partner and matters that could affect your partner more seriously. You’ve spent most of this month sorting yourself out and dealing with your own responsibilities – now give your partner some attention. You need other people too.

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Cancer, when you wake up to Mercury retrograde, you could find yourself thinking about – or going over old issues – with your children. Even if you’re childless, it’s likely that your own creativity and pro-creativity are subjects you’re going to actively revisit over the next two weeks. In fairness, these issues have been bubbling under for a while as you may have been feeling somewhat unfulfilled. Has someone been playing games with you? Or have you been playing games with other people? Whatever the reason, life may not be as much fun as it could be.

So, when the Full Moon shines, it shows you how you could improve your life and become a better person. Perhaps your expectations about life have been unrealistic. Cancer, you’re very good at pressurising yourself and others and can often judge others by by their outer shell. Maybe you need to simply appreciate your friends and acquaintances for who they are rather than what they represent in social terms. You are at heart a warm and loving person who can offer much to others – just let them be who they are without criticism on your part.

When Mars enters Scorpio you’ll feel energised and inclined to actively pursue the more pleasurable side of life. Take some time with people you love to rekindle old friendships and involve yourself in some of your favourite activities. If you’ve been feeling jaded you’ll find there’s nothing like your favourite things to perk you up. Don’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself.

You’ll be helped by Mercury moving forward from November 21st. You’ll find it so much easier to share your feelings and your pleasure with the people you enjoy spending time with. Whether it’s old friends or people you share a particular interest with, your sense of fulfilment will improve as we head towards the end of the month. You have nothing to prove Cancer – be yourself and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks. Enjoy your ‘me time’.

With the New Moon at the end of the month, your focus moves to more practical things. Your health and wellbeing, daily organisation and working practices all need to be looked at from now on. It’s likely – if you’re now more comfortable in your own skin – that you’ll be taking steps to ensure this is reflected in your daily and working life. Life is not all work and no play – or all play and no work. You need a balance – and that’s the real lesson to take away from this month.

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Leo, Mercury turning retrograde affects your home and family life. If there’s a situation that you had assumed was over – even if it was unresolved – it now comes back to demand your attention. This could affect your own home, your family plans or your parents. However, you will be the one who needs to do the running around organising matters and generally co-ordinating the communications between parties. You’re not used to being the messenger – but sometimes you have to become involved in the detail. If you’re going to succeed at reviewing your living or family situation then someone has to make a decision!

When the Full Moon shines, it shines on your career. Right now, you seem to be spending so much time on other matters you feel it’s taking your eye off the ball job wise. However, your career means a lot to you emotionally. You’ve been reluctant to get to grips with the changes that could prove beneficial to you but now is the time to work hard at overcoming the blocks to your progress. Work hard and focus – you’ll find you have the power to make lasting and beneficial changes to your attitudes towards work in particular.

When Mars enters Scorpio on November 20th, you can no longer procrastinate. You feel empowered to take action to secure your home base – and your emotional foundations – once and for all. You may be fiery, but you’re not aggressive Leo. You do, however, have high standards. Fight your corner and make sure your decision is right for you, especially if others try to deflect you from your chosen course. And be prepared to make a bold decision as no-one else can do it for you.

When Mercury turns direct you’ll start to see the results of your application. It should come as a relief to you that an issue that has seemed so intractable is now on its way to being resolved. Make sure to share your sentiments and feelings with other family members who are also involved. Co-operation is still the key to success so keep everyone in the loop and things should work out well.

By the end of the month, the New Moon signals a change in emphasis for you. You’ve spent so much time focused on your home and family life of late but you now need to focus on your creative side. This is absolutely your realm Leo – and for you the play’s the thing! You enjoy nothing more than expressing yourself so, go ahead and do so – it’s long overdue.

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As a Mercury ruled sign, you take this Mercury retrograde more seriously than most – as it gets right in your head. You’re always one for ideas Virgo – and when Mercury goes retrograde, you may be revisiting some of the plans you thought were in your archive folder. Sometimes the way to move forward is to be still and revise your ideas as what you thought was valid may no longer be so. Be prepared however, for your ideas to be questioned – and even if you’re in a position to make fresh proposals on a subject you may find getting things put into practice is still some way off.

When the Full Moon shines however, it highlights your need to develop a sense of perspective – essential if you’re experiencing a Mercury retrograde mental logjam! Put some distance between you and the things occupying your mind. That can mean anything from looking at things from a different angle – or even a different place. If you have the opportunity to go away for a while do so – it will help to clear your mind. Relax with your loved one and make an effort to enjoy yourself. The power of pleasure is a great thing – don’t underestimate it!

However, Mars moving into Scorpio could cause a few issues for you as it can make your already overloaded mind race even more than it does already. Use this energy to get some clarity. You’re very fortunate in that you have the great ability to focus and organise so use that gift to organise your mind and sort out the good ideas from the bad. Be aware however, that Mars could cause a few harsh words. I’m sure this won’t be intentional but tempers could be short – and by the way, beware of speeding tickets. I know you’re usually cautious and law abiding but you could get a little hot headed so watch yourself carefully.

Hopefully, when Mercury moves into direct motion, you’ll have resolved a few of the matters that were irritating you earlier in the month and maybe you will be well on the way to reorganising your mental filing system. You like to have a clear picture about the way you interact with the world – and hopefully you will have been able to prioritise your plans into what is deeply important to you and what is less so.

When the end of the month brings the New Moon, your focus shifts to your domestic life. If this has been one of the issues you’ve been mulling over, then from now onwards you will have a completely different perspective on what you need from your home and family. You could need a bigger space – or just space. You may be considering relocation – you may even find your work takes you away from home for some time. Follow your instincts in this one – you will know what is right for you because it feels right.

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Libra, as Mercury turns retrograde you may find yourself mulling over things that are really important to you. This could take many forms – from a reassessment of your material and financial needs to your deep inner values – and with this Mercury retrograde taking place in Scorpio, thinking deeply about issues is very much part of the picture. Now is really the time to evaluate your self worth and self esteem. Exactly what do you think you’re worth? Could you be underselling yourself? Now is the time to wok out how to redress the balance – and that’s something you’re good at Libra.

When the Full Moon shines it really focuses your mind on the shared responsibilities you have in your life. Are you the one who does all of the work and gets none of the praise? Or have you been letting others decide how the spoils are divided? Sometimes you need to confront some uncomfortable truths about life – but they’re only uncomfortable as they tend to highlight how we’ve handed our personal power over to other people. If you’re happy with that fine – but don’t then complain about it. However, it’s a great time to take back control of a few things if that’s what you want to do – and I’m sure you can do that in your own charming and diplomatic way!

When Mars enters Scorpio you’ll realise it’s best to take charge of this process and get it done quickly – and there could be some fireworks despite your best efforts. When people have something it’s safe to say they are often reluctant to let go. This could be a problem for you this month as some people may use a power play against your best interests. Keep going – things will work out best if you are the one to initiate proceedings and take action.

When Mercury moves into direct motion, any discussions you have regarding your value system – and potentially your finances and salary cheque – will be much more productive than you could have foreseen at the beginning of the month. You will have a much better idea of how to go about getting what you want, whether this is related to your financial security or simply feeling that you deserve better than what you have right now. It’s good to identify a goal – even better to work out how to achieve it – and getting what you want is really where you’re at right now.

With the New Moon at the end of the month, you’ll feel you have a much better idea of how to move things onto a new level. If, previously, you were nervous about pushing your boundaries then now seems the right time to do so. You feel far more comfortable about seeking new experiences and getting yourself out in the world – and that can be everything from travel to having a new perspective on life. You feel ready to take on the world and your contacts with others outside your usual sphere of influence are likely to increase. It could be just what you have been waiting for.

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So Scorpio, this month is always thought of as ‘your’ month. You’re not one of the most self indulgent signs but this month, when Mercury turns retrograde in your sign, you may feel it’s time to take a good long look at yourself. Mercury in Scorpio can have a critical eye – especially when retrograde and you may find yourself having an uncharacteristic moment of self doubt. Don’t worry. Sometimes it’s useful to to have a dialogue with our inner self – and a personal pep talk could be what you need right now. Just don’t be too hard on yourself.

When the Full Moon shines, it shines on your partnerships. Now we tend to think of this in terms of our love relationship – and yes, it could be that your loved one is your emotional focus. However, you’re more likely to realise that you really can’t go it alone in life. This may sound profound – it is a Scorpio Full Moon after all – however, all kinds of relationships fall under those moonbeams and the message to many if you could be that you, perhaps, need to acknowledge that you can’t do everything unassisted. If you need help with personal or professional matters – then ask for it. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

When Mars enters your sign, you will feel much more inclined to do what you need to do. Unlike many signs, Mars energy doesn’t frighten you at all – it’s often the boost you need. If you need to dig deep to work out how to reshape yourself and get your head around things, Mars will help. Equally, you may find you are the one who others reach out to. Life is often a two way street, however do take care to treat others well. You are a powerful force Scorpio and sometimes you can tread on a lot of toes without realising it. And don’t rush things – you won’t find all the answers you seek straight away.

When Mercury goes direct, you will hopefully start to make some sense of the word salad that’s been piled up on your plate. It’s often so difficult to put yourself under the microscope but brutal honesty is one of your gifts – and you should never be afraid to direct it at yourself. You know you’ve been feeling blocked – and now I hope you’ll be able to start working out how to unblock your view of yourself. This is when your inner pep talk could start to pay dividends – be positive, stay cool and be analytical. You have those gifts in spades so use them now for your own benefit.

The New Moon at the end of the month really does signal a sea change for you. It could be emotional as you grapple with issues of self worth and personal and financial security. These are the matters you’re going to have to focus on Scorpio. You may or may not be experiencing a crisis in one of those areas but regardless of your circumstances, you will feel a deep need to get your finances in order and re-evaluate your self worth. You will feel positive that you can really make some lasting improvements in this area – and rightly so. You may also feel you have nothing to lose. However, make sure you don’t gamble with your future – you need wisdom at your service, not hindsight vision.

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For you Sagittarius, This Mercury Retrograde could be more disturbing than you think as it will affect your subconscious more than most. You’re not usually the reflective type but this month you could find yourself immersed in memories, vivid dreams and an urge towards quiet and solitude – all of which is most unlike you. For such an outgoing person this inward journey could be disturbing. However, you’re not going mad. The message may be in symbols, not words, but the meaning is clear – you have a great opportunity here to resolve unfinished emotional business and declutter your psyche.

When the Full Moon shines, it helps you to realise your health and wellbeing are in need of attention. Clearing your mind and clearing out your closets are interrelated – you need to get your mind and body in good working order as you may have been neglecting both for too long. Try and develop some routines like getting a good night’s sleep sometimes or eating healthy meals on a regular basis. You can be a random, impulsive and adventurous person Sagittarius – and while that makes you an inspiring, awesome human being, it’s not often good for your health! Take this as a message from above to meet your daily needs more rigorously.

When Mars enters Scorpio however, it’s usual to assume you will have a helpful burst of energy. On this occasion it may not be so as your energies may be diverted into areas that seem to benefit other people and not you. It’s likely, therefore, that you’ll feel rather frustrated this month. The things you want to do I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait for as other people and obligations seem to be coming first. However, if you’re in a situation where you’re helping others or working behind the scenes, you’re likely to be busy – and actually? That’s something you usually enjoy.

When Mercury moves direct again, you’ll begin to feel mentally and emotionally in much better shape. You’re a mentally creative person Sagittarius and now is the time you’ll find fresh ideas and creative inspiration appearing as if from nowhere. Of course, all inspiration comes from somewhere – and in your newly uncluttered mind the good ideas now have the opportunity to become a conscious reality. When inspiration strikes, take it seriously and make your pitch. No-one has ideas quite like yours.

When the end of the month brings the New Moon, you really will feel revitalised as you will be in the season of your own sign. Suddenly you will be centre stage – and hopefully for all the right reasons. You’re not a sign that needs any excuses to be optimistic as it’s your natural state. Enjoy the limelight and ensure you present yourself in the best possible way. You won’t be able to escape the world’s attention right now so make sure your motives are good and your shoes are as polished as your ever impressive mind.

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Capricorn, this Mercury retrograde is making you reflect on friends and your friendships. How good are they? Who can you count on as a true friend? As a person who always appreciates quality over quantity, you may decide that you need to edit your contacts list – especially in your social media pages. That person you added on holiday three years ago and have never seen since? They can probably be crossed off the list. However, you may also find yourself encountering people you haven’t seen for ages. The element of surprise can be a wonderful thing.

When the Full Moon shines, it shines on your personal creativity. You’re not going to turn into a novelist, painter or musician overnight. However, if you feel you have an interest or talent that’s been overlooked, now could be the time to get it out of the box and dust it off. So often we spend our lives doing the things other people expect of us rather than the things we find most fulfilling. This month you could be inspired to do things your way – and perhaps turn a long held idea into reality. Don’t be put off by the way – you are a dutiful person Capricorn but you need to be yourself as much as anyone – and you have a great deal to offer when you do so.

When Mars enters Scorpio, your aspirations will be fired up. You may long to share your new vision with the world. That’s great but don’t try to go it alone. You’ll be more effective if you create new goals for yourself and explore new possibilities with those who share your enthusiasm and interests. It’s a great opportunity for you to learn more, to learn how to be an effective influencer and to understand where you fit into the great scheme of things. No-one ever changes the world single handedly – and that’s true for your world too.

When Mercury moves direct, you’ll have a great opportunity to connect with those who share your goals and your ideas about how you want to move them forward will become much more clear to you. You will be able, in your ever so practical way, to really think about how to implement your ideas and you will find it much easier to make a viable plan for doing so. Networking could give you an advantage so don’t be shy. If you think others can give you pointers and help – don’t be afraid to ask.

When the end of the month brings the new Moon, you may feel as though you’ve disappeared from view. That’s maybe true in one sense as you could be knuckling down to work on your new project. Things can seem all consuming so try and make time to put your head up for air from time to time. However, you could find everything has to be put on hold as you need to deal with some emotional blockages that could be holding you back. Are you suddenly uncertain or afraid? Or is your time being taken up by the needs of others? Either way, you may need to wait until more pressing matters are resolved before you can move forward.

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So Aquarius, you may be the idealist of the Zodiac but this Mercury retrograde sees you frustrated by work and possibly also your career choices. On whichever end of this spectrum your dilemma falls, a dilemma it is as you may be contending with difficult contacts and conversations. It’s not surprising therefore that you’re contemplating whether this position is right for you. Is it time to move on? Only you can tell. What may be evident is that you’re not entirely comfortable in your role at present and some adjustments may need to be made. Right now though, you’re more concerned with what’s in front of you – try to stay calm.

When the Full Moon shines, it shines on your home and family. One of the consequences of being so preoccupied with your career is things at home could also probably use a little attention. It may be useful for you to take a look at things like your home running costs for example. If you’re thinking of a job change then you need to be aware how this factors in on your home and family life too. it’s likely that you could find the scenario depressing as so much seems to depend on you. You may feel you’ve got to simply grind it out and your options are limited. However, maybe you need to stop making assumptions and take a closer look at the pro’s and cons.

When Mars moves into Scorpio, you may find the decision is made for you as things start to move quickly. It’s always better if you initiate change and stay in control of the process and this month you may have the opportunity to do just that. If you want to change things career-wise then it’s down to you. Stop complaining and do something about it. It seems like a simple answer – and it is. If you do nothing you will remain angry and frustrated. You have the chance to move things on so do it – and do it now.

When Mercury moves direct, you’ll feel much more confident about thinking about – and discussing the situation. If you need to take advice on your career then do so as you’ll find it much easier than before to think realistically about the changes you need to make and what you really want to do. No-one said it would be easy but sometimes you have to dig deep, admit things aren’t working as well as they could be and be prepared to let go and move on. That time could be now.

At the end of the month, the New Moon signals a fresh approach for you. You will feel lighter, more optimistic and much more able to reach out for the things you want in life. The earlier part of the month has opened your eyes to future possibilities and it’s likely that your goals are much more in tune with how you see your future development. Networking is likely to be productive for you – and it could be emotionally supportive and rewarding. You feel refreshed Aquarius – and that is such a relief after a tough time.

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Pisces, this Mercury retrograde is really going to make you challenge your assumptions and some of the long held beliefs you have had about the world. You no longer know what to believe as your usual sources of information seem unreliable. One of your problems may be Pisces, that you no longer believe the evidence of your own eyes. Things don’t seem right and you’re a little confused. The reasons for this could actually be simple. You could need to improve your knowledge about a few things. It’s a fact that if we don’t keep up we get overtaken – and that’s as true of the facts as it is of anything else. The problem is that you’ve just noticed ‘the problem’, so you need to work out what to do.

When the Full Moon shines it really brings this issue to light. You may realise how much you’ve been ignoring what people have been saying to you. Many of us want to stay safe and secure in out little bubbles but we can’t really ignore what’s going on in the world – and Pisces, while you’ve been gazing at your navel it appears that the world has moved on. Things change and you need to change too – the question is how?

When Mars enters Scorpio however, it gives you the impetus to get on and remedy any gaps in your knowledge. Whether it’s quantum mechanics or the local newsletter, you need to take action to extend your knowledge and become involved with the wider world. You may need to overcome your own resistance – please do so. The more energy you put into the process the more you will benefit from it. The worst thing you can do is get annoyed when you feel threatened by your own ignorance. Information is like gold so join the gold rush!

When Mercury moves direct, you will feel much more confident that you’re going to make the correct decision about your direction in life. Expanding your sphere of experience is so much more rewarding than you could ever imagine – and you Pisces have a great imagination. Identify those gaps in your knowledge and plan how you’re going to fill them. You’ll find it much easier now to be stimulated by ideas and new information seems much easier to come by than it did before. More importantly however, you need to start asking questions. Don’t believe everything you read, see or hear – learn to evaluate and make good judgements.

At the end of the month the New Moon signifies an important moment for you. You feel more confident about life – and this may be especially so when it comes to your working life. Importantly, the doubts you may have had earlier in the month have now vanished and you are much more at ease with yourself. We all need to feel good in our own skin – and you now seem able to claim that this is the case for you. Take this feeling with you as you move forward. It will serve you well.

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