Boris Johnson Natal Chart: Introduction

So, the child who wanted to be ‘King of the World’ is now the British Prime Minister – and following this week’s election, is likely to be so for at least five years. As the latest step in a career that can only, at best, be described as ‘colourful’, can Astrology tell us anything about Boris Johnson’s Natal Chart that could have forewarned the UK about the man who would be – de facto – King?

We have all seen the engaging, often, comic public persona, but after witnessing ‘the night of the blond knives’ as he single handedly butchered the ministerial team of former Prime Minister Theresa May, we have to ask, which one is the real Boris Johnson? As an astrologer, I think an analysis of Boris Johnson’s Natal Chart may offer us a clue.

Boris Johnson was born in New York, USA on 19th June 1964 at 2.00pm EDT, which gives us the astrological basics – He is a Gemini Sun with a Scorpio Moon and his Ascending Sign is Libra. His natal chart is shown below, courtesy of, and I’ve used the Polich Page (Topocentric) House System as that’s the one I prefer to use.

Boris Johnson Natal Chart

What I’m going to do in this analysis, is give a short version of the more detailed report I would prepare for a client. So, I’m going to look at the balances between elements, modes, the chart shape and basic character indicated by The Sun, The Moon and The Ascendent. I’ll also be looking at the stand out major aspect patterns as well as important individual aspects and house placements that point towards a sense of regal entitlement!

The Elements: Air and Water

So, let’s start with the elemental balance. Johnson’s natal chart shows a great emphasis on air and water signs, very little earth (Jupiter and generational outer planets Uranus and Pluto) and no fire sign representation at all. This makes him breezy and intuitive – keen to blow the winds of change through all he encounters.

However, very shrewdly, he is often able to manipulate a target audience to run with his ideas as he can easily tap into the way public opinion is going. Unpredictable and eccentric, he is also likely to be rather more sensitive than appearances would suggest. However, what is missing from his character is a core stability. He is not a dependable person.

The Modes: Mutable

Boris Johnson’s dominant mode is mutable. This is perhaps unsurprising as he is a Gemini Sun, however, with no less than eight placements in mutable signs, this really emphasises the potential for a chameleon like character who is at best flexible, adaptable and a great communicator.

However, such a dominance of mutable characteristics can also yield someone who will always wait to see which way the wind blows and can appear restless, changeable and unreliable as a result. One positive quality however, is an inquisitive mind that looks for solutions to problems – as creative thinking can be a core strength.

The Chart: Hemispheres & Quadrants

Western Hemisphere

A western hemisphere emphasis (houses 4-9) in his natal chart shows Boris Johnson as an individual who is very alert to taking advantage of opportunities that arise as he will be very adaptable to circumstance. However, with this emphasis, Johnson may take action often at the instigation of others as his own self motivation can be lacking.

Southern Hemisphere

The southern hemisphere emphasis (houses 7-12) shows Boris Johnson has ambition and is a person who actively seeks recognition, being comfortable with a life in public view. However, an emphasis here can indicate he may be over reliant on the opinions of others and reluctant to make decisions without prior consultation.

Third Quadrant

Johnson’s planets also have a third quadrant emphasis (houses 7-9). Again, this shows a sociable character and again a degree of mental flexibility. However it does also show a certain dependence on others. Dependence is a word that can be rather nuanced, however, it’s more than likely Boris Johnson seeks the support of others – both in his personal and professional life.

Major Aspect Patterns

Grand Trine

In Johnson’s natal chart, we see there is the ‘big blue triangle’ or Grand Trine. This aspect pattern allegedly confers what some would term ‘a charmed life’, however what it does undoubtedly grant is an ease of manner and certain charm – which agin, is very evident in Johnson’s public persona and way of dealing with the public and press.

However, the Grand Trine can also be indicative of someone who is fundamentally lazy – or feels they don’t really have to make an effort with things. It is well documented that this has – and continues to be – a criticism of Boris Johnson and given it’s such a fundamental part of his make up, he’s unlikely to change.


The Tee Square on the other hand gives drive and is often seen in the charts of successful people. It presents the challenges we need experience in order to grow. Where ambition is concerned it’s a great driver as there is a constant need to progress in life. The areas of the life affected by the Tee-Square depend on the planets and houses involved an the aspect pattern. It’s safe to say however, that Johnson’s ease and charm is underpinned by enormous drive.

Character: Sun, Moon, Ascendent

Sun in Gemini

With a Gemini Sun, a certain duality in Boris Johnson’s nature is almost inevitable. A love of language and words, shown by his career as a journalist, TV personality and politician, is evident in his character. However, Gemini’s duality can also be duplicitous and the truth relative for this trickster of the Zodiac.

What we also see with Gemini is also evident in what we have seen of Boris Johnson to date – staying focused on things and committing for the long term are really not Gemini’s – or his – strong points. With a tendency to be ‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ there is something of the dilettante in Gemini – and we have to question the depth of interest Johnson has in pressing political issues – or politics itself.

Moon in Scorpio

However, there is no doubt Johnson has a powerful Moon. The need and hunger contained in a Scorpio Moon are almost limitless – and that especially includes the need for power, so characteristic of this sign. This is a somewhat ‘Machiavellian’ Moon, and a great driver in Boris Johnson’s natal chart. It adds a surprisingly ruthless, manipulative and determined streak to an otherwise light (some would say shallow) character. It’s also an intense, passionate and highly sexual moon – and I’m sure I’m not speaking out of turn to say this is also a well documented aspect of Johnson’s nature.

Libra Rising

Having his Ascendent in Libra, Johnson can be charm personified. However, Libra is the sign of equilibrium and fairness and it is characteristic of this sign for those people with it strong in their charts to often act as mediators between conflicting parties.

This can often manifest as Librans appearing to be ‘all things to all men’, such is their desire to keep others ‘on side’. It is entirely possible that Johnson is thus perceived by others as always being on their side – regardless of the truth of the situation. However, it’s an aspect that could confer benefits when attempting to keep a fractious political party together!

House Placements & Aspects

The Sun in the Ninth House

Boris Johnson’s Sun is in the Ninth House – a fire house – and it’s often the case that planetary positions will fill in the ‘missing’ element as described earlier. The Sun is always the most dominant planet and in the ninth house, it takes on some of the characteristics we associate with the ninth house ruler, Jupiter. Johnson appears a jovial character, but that’s his public persona – and it’s no accident.

The Sun (in almost exact conjunction with Venus – and more of that later), is part of an important conjunction that is the most elevated placement in his natal chart. It’s this combination of the Gemini Sun and it’s Ninth House placement that has enabled the creation of the public man we know as ‘Boris Johnson’.

With his untidy hair, crumpled suit and Latin quotes for every occasion, he presents an almost Sagittarian appearance. Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson created him as his public image and it is notable we do not see the private man.

Sun conjunct Venus in the Ninth House

Boris Johnson’s Sun is exactly conjunct Venus – and this is important as Venus is Johnson’s natal chart ruler as she rules Libra his ascending sign. This is a conjunction that has elevated his ‘charm’ quotient even further and usually it’s seen as a very positive aspect to have. However, my experience has taught me to be wary of this conjunction for the following reasons – put simply it can be indicative of a very self centred personality and, in it’s worst manifestation, a personality that tends towards narcissism.

Not everyone who has this conjunction is a narcissist however, it does often confer a large amount of self regard. Placed in Gemini in the Ninth House ruled by Jupiter, the King of the Gods, it’s not difficult to see how ‘The King of the World’ gained ascendancy in the mind of the young Johnson – particularly as Mercury is also placed in this house and sign (perfect for a journalist!) and is part of a wider conjunction with The Sun and Venus.

But what would give this idea real power to reinforce the notion of entitlement and superiority associated with a ‘King’? To explain this I need to look at the aspects to the Sun/Venus conjunction – which, as you can see from the natal chart, lies at the Apex of the grand Trine.

This powerful conjunction is in trine aspect to The Moon in Scorpio in the First House and Saturn in Pisces in the Fifth House – and I’m going to look at each of these in turn. In addition, I’ll also be looking at the placement of Jupiter, the Ninth House Ruler.

The Moon in the First House

I’ve already described the power of that Scorpio Moon in Boris Johnson’s natal chart, however, the first house placement makes this Moon even more powerful. Placements in the First House influence how you see yourself.

With this trine to the Sun/Venus, Johnson’s feelings about how he sees himself and his deep need to see himself portrayed in a particular way are entirely consistent with the public persona he has created. In other words, he’s very comfortable with his own skin – and his perception of himself as a much more secretive and darker person than portrayed in public.

Saturn in the Fifth House

The Grand Trine implies Johnson is also comfortable with this placement. Saturn is associated with limitation and hard work and the Fifth House with personal expression and creativity. It’s likely Boris Johnson takes his personal expression and recreational activities very seriously – especially as his time for them may be limited.

This also includes those fifth house matters of romantic dalliances – and of course his children (how ever many of them there may be). It’s entirely possible he’s comfortable with those limitations – after all, a King only has so much time!

It’s through this Saturn however, we find the connection to the Tee-Square that gives Johnson his disarming drive. In this context, Saturn in the Fifth House becomes a symbol of ambition, and Johnson’s ambition will have manifested from his childhood and it is child like in many ways – both in how he expresses it and in its obvious focus. Saturn isn’t easily diverted from it’s goal.

As a child he will have shown determination – but may have been a loner which seems quite at odds with our perceptions of him today. However when you look at the other placements in the Tee-Square both the roots of his drive and how it plays out are much more evident.

Uranus in the Eleventh House

Uranus in Johnson’s natal chart opposes Saturn and what it says to me is here is someone who is socially disruptive. With friendship groups, Johnson may well have been an outsider, however Uranus in this house – the house where we find political groups – is the sign of someone who stands apart – even within his own political party.

‘Boris’ has always been seen as an almost iconoclastic figure and a ‘loose cannon’ – yet his disruptive and unpredictable presence works with his child like ambition to focused on his goal, namely obtaining power – as Mars in the Eighth House as the apex of the Tee-Square demonstrates.

Mars in the Eighth House

Mars in the Eighth house seeks power, control – and sexual gratification. Johnson’s energy reserves – with this placement – will be considerable and he will most likely fight hard against anyone who gets in his way – even children in a rugby match! However, Mars is the original ‘Me First’ planet – and in the Eighth House, will stop at nothing to get what it wants.

Make no mistake, Boris Johnson is a powerful operator – he wouldn’t be where he is today if that were not so, however Mars also makes him impulsive and instinctive and together these can be seen as both a weakness and a strength – as numerous news stories and incidents can confirm.

Final Thoughts

There are two final things I want to consider – the relationship between Johnson’s Moon Ruler – Pluto – and the traditional ruler of the Ninth House – Jupiter. Pluto in the Eleventh house is conjunct Uranus – for Boris Johnson, Social disruption is tied to political power. Pluto trines Jupiter in the Eighth House indicating that his perhaps inflated sense of importance finds an easy outlet in politics – rather more so than it did in journalism.

This Jupiter placement also indicates something else – a huge sexual appetite tied to a unconventional approach to friends and acquaintances. One final thing should be noted. His second house Neptune opposes/sextiles Jupiter and Pluto – perhaps we should be concerned that this placement shows a lack of responsibility, sexual continence, security and financial probity…

Words: ©Sara Shipman October 2019

Main Photo Credit: Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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