The November 2023 horoscope begins where October’s lunar eclipse in Taurus left us – with the distinct feeling that many things have reached breaking point. At this time of year, I’m usually starting to get my astrological head around the ‘Big Horoscope’, the annual forecast that I publish at the end of every year, setting out what I believe the following year’s major trends are going to be. So, as I was writing this month’s horoscope, I decided to revisit 2023’s forecast to review my predictions about this month’s major global themes.

You can follow the link above for yourself; I had plenty to say about themes and trends that have sadly come to pass. The overarching theme for November 2023 was one of an extreme and destructive month. Mars is now transiting Scorpio so, unsurprisingly, I ended November 2023’s global forecast with the following prediction: ‘ One thing that concerns me is that Mars in Scorpio energises extremism, so expect compromise to be in short supply, as supporters of the cause – whatever it may be – will be fanatical.

That now appears to be the world in which we live and while it will impact us all – in one form or another – this monthly horoscope is written (as ever) from a far more personal perspective. The themes that will manifest in your individual lives during this month may not be as dramatic or life-changing as world events appear to be, but if they do turn out to be that way, be assured that the potential for positivity always lies within.

November 2023 Horoscope: Aries

The month begins with a pile-up of planets in one of the most sensitive zones of your chart. A major decision needs to be made – and it’s one that could affect your future direction. Such things demand careful consideration, but in true Aries fashion, you may rush into a certain situation without being in full possession of the facts. Be especially careful around the middle of the month, as the new moon in Scorpio could set the tone for a tense second half to November’s game. Money and shared resources are likely to top of the list of the subjects under discussion.

Emotions could run high, but take heart: sudden shocks and surprises are not always bad news, and there may be some truly transformational opportunities heading your way. If there is somewhere you have always wanted to go, or you have a dream of the future that you want to make real, now is the time to chase that vision. That may be career related or have an impact on your status, one way or another. By the end of the month, getting your head around recent events will be a priority – though some of you may have some explaining to do…

November 2023 Horoscope: Taurus

The first part of the month is focused on relationships of all kinds. If there’s a contract you need to sign or a knot you need to tie, this is the time to lay the groundwork, before a period of hard bargaining that seems set to start around the middle of the month. Mars ensures that there is a huge amount of forward momentum, but it may feel as though someone – or something – is trying to push you around. This may leave you feeling rattled – and the scene may be set for some rash or harsh words if someone oversteps the mark.

Mid-month may seem surprisingly tempestuous, but there is another side to this: being forced out of your comfort zone is not always a bad thing, especially for a creature of habit like you. If you’re forced to let go of that security blanket, don’t worry: it was only holding you back. If you need advice, ask and it will be given – and listen well, as you may risk becoming lost in a maze of your own making. By the end of the month, you will need to be resourceful – fortunately, that’s one of your many strengths.

November 2023 Horoscope: Gemini

How are you going to fix things? This month opens with you wanting to make things better, sharper, faster – but you’re not quite sure how you’re going to get there. Your mind may be racing – and it’s possible that some of you will be trying to juggle too many tasks at once. You may be great at multi-tasking, but you could use some efficiency right now. You may also need to take care of your health: be proactive and schedule a health check – and book one for your partner too.

From the middle of the month, partnerships are your focus. The lines of communication are certainly open, but later in the month, they may become overheated. Uncertainty at work, or uncertainty about where your relationship is headed – or both – could be the cause of any arguments and it’s going to be up to you to take the lead in calming things down. The role of peacemaker seems yours to inhabit as the month rolls on – and you may have to referee a few tough contests. By the end of the month, take a time out to focus on your own needs.

November 2023 Horoscope: Cancer

November begins with you in a creative mood, but what are you trying to create? The best thing to create is always your best self – and that’s going to be the place to start. It’s a month that begins with list-making and action, as you are keen to capitalise on the abundant mental energy that seems to have you at the centre of a social whirl. If this is a month where it seems hard to get a moment to yourself, don’t worry – quieter times are on their way – and soon. The new moon in Scorpio – a fellow water sign – pushes a few things back underground – and if you’re honest, you tend to prefer things that way.

It will give you time to catch your breath and enable you to make progress with a few of your more inventive ideas. If you’re not in charge of a team, you need to be – as you need more than a few pairs of hands to get the things done that you want to be done. You don’t often want to be the boss, but someone has to be and this month it’s you. That may surprise a few people – especially the ones who think they know you well – but right now there seems no limit to your goals. By the end of the month, your efforts will win the attention of a dynamic partner – in work, love or both.

November 2023 Horoscope: Leo

Domestic may not equal bliss as the month begins. Home may be the place where arguments happen, so it’s going to be better to find a positive outlet for this energy and direct it towards tackling those DIY jobs that are well overdue. Even bigger domestic tasks or renovations may be the subject of discussion – so let the new moon in this sector be the source of inspiration rather than tension. Bear that in mind as those energies certainly build up from mid-month onwards, as Mars in Scorpio triggers more than a few surprises.

The first surprise may be career related. These things can go both ways, so something you expected to happen may not – and the reverse is also true. You may also initiate your own change of direction, perhaps as a response to internal stresses and pressures that have been unaddressed until now. You may have to leave something behind in order to move forwards – and you may find this easier to do than you thought possible; in fact you may initiate a radical change. It may mean a severe disruption to the way your life is organised, but if you want to chase your dreams, something will have to give.

November 2023 Horoscope: Virgo

This is a month to prepare for, as you seem to be the person in demand. Or you may want to be in demand – and many of you will be reaching out in order to maximise that possibility. Making new contacts or initiating conversations may be well starred, but there is such a thing as mental burn-out – and some of you may feel wired as you reach the middle of November. It’s a theme that’s going to continue, though it may express in different ways – being ‘rushed off your feet’ is an old expression we use when we’re busy – and busy may become your middle name.

Following the new moon, the focus shifts to your domestic life – and that’s the arena where your mental energy needs to be deployed. Something at home is giving you a lot to think about, so if there’s a particular issue that needs to be resolved – or a job that needs doing – now is the time to do so. However, you may need to watch out for rash decisions; you may have to take the lead in setting out a new direction for your domestic life – and that may include discussing a career related relocation. Make sure your partner’s views are not neglected as your enthusiasm may run away with you.

November 2023 Horoscope: Libra

Money and resources are at the top of your list this month – especially if you feel you haven’t got enough of them. Sometimes we need to be proactively resourceful to make the best of things – and that’s your challenge this month. There will be no shortage of ideas – and no shortage of discussions – about how you could go about dealing with the material side of life – and you may not react well to being told what to do. The situation may not resolve this month, but hopefully the new moon will help to put a few things in place that will improve the situation – as long as you’re proactive in your thinking.

‘Active thinking’ is certainly a theme from mid-month onwards, as Mars energises the mental side of life. It also activates the movement and mobility side, so be careful of speeding or accidents while on the move. Verbal aggression is also a possibility and it may take some quick thinking to avoid potentially threatening situations. However, if you’re thinking about making some radical changes to your investments or simply want to take out new insurance policy – it’s probably a good idea to do so. Towards the end of the month, you may want to check the details of your home insurance – a few unseen issues may cause problems.

November 2023 Horoscope: Scorpio

For many of you it’s your birthday month, and you may be feeling busier than is usual. This coming year you may have a lot to think about – and you may feel a real burst of energy as Mars is in your sign. It’s the kind of energy for starting new projects, planning ahead or simply getting out there and doing ‘something’. The start. of the month may be both mentally and physically restless – and you may be quick to anger if your energy isn’t well directed. The problem is that your drive needs somewhere to go – and by the time of the new moon, you may begin to rediscover your sense of direction.

Mars is the main driver this month, and there are a few areas where you may need to take extra care: unexpected or destabilising influences in your partners life (business or personal) may find you becoming annoyed about things that – although they don’t impact on you directly – are causing stress in your life that you could live without. This may be cash based, and there is the potential for both misinformation and bad news to arrive as the month moves on. This culminates with the full moon in Gemini: drawing the line under a certain situation may be your best – or only – option as certain things come to light.

November 2023 Horoscope: Sagittarius

It’s a frustrating start to the month for Sagittarius, as it seems difficult for you to focus on your priorities – the things you need to do – or summon up the energy to do them. The answer may be to lay low for the first ten days or so. During this time, take notice of your feelings, perceptions and dreams – and wait for things to get back to whatever passes as normal – as it will in due course. Sometimes there are distinct benefits from taking some time out – and by the middle of the month, the new moon will let you know when you’ve overstayed your welcome.

As the Sagittarius season approaches, you’ll start to feel more like your old self – and you’ll need that energy burst as you may have some. unexpected business to deal with. Be prepared for some upsets in your usual routines – and for a little uncertainty in your domestic life. Some of you may end up treating your home like. a hotel during the latter part of the month, but you tend to prefer it that way. You have more energy to put into going after the things you really want – and that may result in a radical change in your earning potential. The power to change things is all yours this month.

November 2023 Horoscope: Capricorn

This month sparks a social whirl for you Capricorn – and that’s probably not something that is said about Capricorn that often. You are the quiet and patient one of the zodiac, but this month, your mind will be turning to the future – whether that’s socially or in general. Some of you may take it on yourselves to organise the staff Xmas social or the family get together over the festive season. It may seem early to some – but you like to be in control and organised. Getting ahead of the pack is your major theme this month (however it works out) and use this time well as things change after the new moon in Scorpio.

Your energy seems to dissipate – both mentally and physically – and you may be frustrated that there are certain things you cannot do – or certain things (or people) you cannot control. There may also be some situations where you feel like biting your tongue: if silence is the best option, so be it – it may be a better month for listening than it is for anything else. The full moon in Gemini at the end of the month would seem to concur with this. Information you receive then may make you re-examine the way you think about yourself. If it prompts a decision to create a ‘new you’, it will be welcome news indeed.

November 2023 Horoscope: Aquarius

Your status and/or career are under the spotlight as the month begins. There is a lot of energy in this sector of your chart and it can be positive or less so, depending on how you use it. You will be feeling ambitious – and rightly so, as your mind is pre-occupied with your career path. Ambition is a big word in your vocabulary this month – and some of you may be having discussions with your boss on just that subject. If you’re keen to make progress, then initiate the conversation – but if you don’t hear what you want to hear, it may be a good idea to take any constructive criticism on board and plan accordingly.

After the new moon, things will change and your mind and energy is focused on your social life, or on social issues. There may be something in particular that makes you want to take action – and you’re going to find it hard to stay quiet – or rational – if something gets under your skin. It may be something that affects your family, home or homeland – or there may be other stresses at home that could get to you. It makes for an edgy time – particularly if there are financial issues to consider. However (on the positive side) it’s a good month for fundraising efforts. If you want to help those in need this is the time to do so.

November 2023 Horoscope:Pisces

Your mind is far away as the month begins – and your body may be too – especially as Mars is pushing you to purchase that plane ticket. Impulse is not always a bad thing, but by the time of the new moon, you will find any impulses hard to resist. Should you yield to them? That depends – as ever – on your circumstances. A romantic break would be lovely at this time of year – but make sure you can afford it. The signs are that some of you may attract a small windfall that will enable you to at least plan for a future holiday destination, or whatever else that floats your boat.

Make the most of that because, from mid-November, work is going to be the order of the day. You are going to be busier than you would normally be – and you may find things mentally stressful too. There may be a lot of demands put on you – and things could become tense if you don’t have a way of letting off steam. There is also a the risk that you experience a little self-denial over one or two issues that could be causing the flare-ups; do what you can and try to de-escalate the situation and take some time out for yourself whenever possible. Your friends may help you to declutter your mind – be thankful for their help.

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