It’s time for the big 2023 horoscope and, this year, I’m hoping for a truly uneventful year; let’s face it, after the past few years it would be a huge relief to us all. However, the signs are that 2023 is going to be a transitional year that will take us into a very different space by the year’s end, as there are some major planetary shifts about to take place.

After what seems like a lifetime, Saturn will be vacating Aquarius and taking up residence in Pisces. Pluto will also make its first ingress in to Aquarius, which means it will be spending much of the year sitting on the cusp between two signs – sometimes on one side, sometimes on the other. It’s always a big moment when transiting outer planets change signs and, between April and June 2023, we may get a flavour of how Pluto in Aquarius is going to play out in the years to come.

The year opens with Jupiter racing through Aries and settling into Taurus in May 2023, where it will remain until May 2024. Mercury and Mars are also retrograde and about to move direct. Mars moving forwards in Gemini will seem like a major event as it has been in this sign for several months. It will leave Gemini in March, race through the zodiac and reach Sagittarius by December. During this period, it will make several notable aspects – and no doubt trigger a few memorable events…

Mars will also spend time in a transiting conjunction with Venus, before that planet turns retrograde in Leo in July – it’s another big year for retrograde action. So, 2023 has a whole new astrological framework and, as usual, this horoscope will focus on the big picture – the trends, potentials and shifts in emphasis that will affect all of our lives. The big 2023 horoscope is written on a mundane astrology basis; for more personal forecasts, I will – as usual – be posting monthly horoscopes during 2023.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: January

The year begins with us roughly where we were at the end of 2022; Mars and Mercury are retrograde, Jupiter is in Aries and the outer planets are lined up where they have been for the past few years, but change is in the air – and it begins early this month. The New Moon on January 7th is in close conjunction with Mercury retrograde. What is seeded at this time – words, ideas, contacts – will prove to be important in more ways than one. So, when Mars turns direct in Gemini on January 13th, it signals a moment when actions may speak louder than words.

This Mars transit and long retrograde period has been confrontational, yet much of the confrontation stems from an inability or unwillingness to communicate. That time is over; events this month may reflect things that need to move forward – at pace – particularly those events that may have resulted from some kind of investigation, formal or otherwise. If investigative journalists have got their teeth into a story, it may break big this month – but expect a backlash. A war of words is as likely as a constructive dialogue.

There is a real momentum to communications this month; Mercury moving direct in Capricorn is both business-like and a signifier of important information. Mercury ends the month in an approaching trine to Uranus – and this may bring unexpected news. The subject matter may concern governments or people in a position of authority or responsibility. It may involve those who are important, or old and experienced – or those who are ambitious for public office.

Mercury and Mars are connected by an inconjunct (150˚) aspect that occurs between them mid-month – and it’s pretty much exact at the time Mercury retrograde makes its station before turning direct. Again, that’s indicative of a game changer; an inconjunct aspect between these two planets signifies some hard hitting news that puts things onto a different level – or in a different place – to what would normally be expected. Things change course – and rapid adjustments may need to be made as a result.

With Jupiter in Aries, expect things to move at breakneck speed; Jupiter amplifies and the opportunity may arise for escalation or confrontation as the month progresses. Jupiter has a habit of moving things forward and as Aries is also the sign of action, I suspect that a number of things to move forward – even if they seem to have been at a standstill for some time. Jupiter hates a stalemate, so expect January to be lively – one way or another. Progress is progress – whether it’s judged to be good or bad is not the issue.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: February

February continues with things moving at speed – and the first week may set the tone for the few weeks ahead. The Full Moon is in Leo – a dramatic sign – and a drama of some kind may play out in the aftermath of that lunation, as something comes to a head. The Full Moon makes a wide trine to Mars direct in Gemini and a tense square to Uranus in Taurus. Mars and Uranus are not the easiest of bedfellows, so events around now may generate stress, tension and shock.

Uranus in Taurus has been upsetting both the economy and the natural world – and these things are connected. News and communications around this time are going to be profound and signify there is no coming back from where we are now. Mercury is moving direct and joins forces with Pluto on February 10th; things to look out for at this time may include a worsening of the global economic situation and even the kinds of events that cause governments – or powerful public figures – to fall. This could include things like major fraud, corruption and other criminal activities.

One other thing to look out for this month is ‘extremist messaging’ or information that could be construed as threatening to national security or stability. Is this the month when plots and subterfuge could be uncovered? It’s a possibility. It’s certainly a month for action, and with Pluto now reaching 29˚in Capricorn – the anaretic degree – events that unfold now may have long-term significance. It’s a moment of no return.

One reason for this is that Jupiter and Mars are opening the door to getting things done. There’s a lot of energy around this month and the distinct feeling that someone is going to get to the bottom of something. Expect major arguments and protests from those who would rather leave things as they are. However, the status quo is no longer an option. There may be an energetically contested debate about how we move forward from here. There is little scope for compromise this month.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: March

So far, the big 2023 horoscope seems to be showing a start to the year which seems to be carrying over the conflicts we saw arise in 2022. Some may be escalating or moving to another level, but this month we see significant changes begin to occur. On March 8th, Saturn enters Pisces – and a whole new ball game rolls into town.

Change is also signified by the previous day’s lunation; the Full Moon in Virgo trines Uranus and while it may not signal the start of a revolution, it does signify a culmination of circumstances that lead to one inescapable conclusion; change is coming faster than you think. On that day, Saturn is located at 29˚ Aquarius – the sign of the legislature. Saturn tells us that some things have run out of time, things have reached an important and critical moment – and it’s been a long time coming.

How will we recognise that moment? There may be elections that change a country’s political direction, or protests or other events that trigger a similar kind of change. What appears to be indicated is action – and it involves our old friend, Neptune in Pisces. Any of you who follow this blog will know that I’ve written extensively on this troublesome transit. Lies, misinformation, gaslighting, cover-ups and fraud have been the hallmarks of Neptune’s transit through its own sign especially in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic and certain types of political campaigning.

This month, Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces and it’s an aspect that brings scandals in its wake. The aspect is in orb for most of March and it’s exact on March 15th. Around this time, action will be demanded relating to misinformation and fraud. It’s worth noting that Saturn is in the sign that governs prisons – for those who have been suspected of avoiding justice so far, the prospect of jail-time may get a lot more real. Some of those crimes or other issues may relate back to the time of the pandemic.

The big 2023 horoscope for March continues the theme of irrevocable change, as Pluto makes its first ingress into Aquarius on March 24th – and that’s a big deal. Aquarius is a revolutionary sign and Pluto is likely to demolish many of the ideals, principles and intellectual arguments on which our society is based. Pluto has been blowing apart our social structures (Capricorn) but it’s not yet finished that process; it will move back and forth over the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius for some time – and that will be eventful.

Mars also leaves Gemini – after seven months in that sign – on March 26th. Whatever actions and arguments Mars in Gemini triggered – they have been done. Change is here – and we may see it in revolutionary ways. I say that, as Mars in Cancer and Pluto in Aquarius taken together can signify events that involve ‘crushing the opposition’. Of course, that’s open to interpretation, but – as a principle – it’s something that may be noticeable around this time. Neither Mars nor Pluto are peaceful players; it’s all or nothing with both of them.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: April

So, here we are. Things have changed – but how? Mars has left Gemini and is acting as the ‘trigger planet’; it will trigger a whole set of events as it moves through the Zodiac during the rest of the year. Its first point of contact this month is a trine with Saturn in Pisces. From late March to early April, the big 2023 horoscope suggests that we may experience a major reality check – but have real issues working out how to deal with it.

Mars in Cancer suggests that it may concern things like food supply, shelter, issues to do with women and children – or wider concerns over homeland security. Think about like refugees or asylum seekers – people seeking shelter – and the often contentious emotionally based responses generated by such issues. Also think about the enemy within – spies and espionage. Also Mars in Cancer. They are two totally different situations but they may both feature at this time.

A trine in predictive astrology often shows one of two things – either something happens fast or it’s an ongoing situation. Of course, both of these can apply as an existing situation may escalate. Mars in Cancer takes action to make things secure; Saturn in Pisces shows a fear of something spreading out of control. Saturn is about boundaries and borders and limitation, so issues like invasion could surface at this time.

Invasion, however, can take many forms; with an emphasis on water signs – and a trine aspect – this is likely to be a fluid situation. So what kind of ‘invasions’ could prove to be major issues at this time? I’ve already mentioned migration and refugees – military invasions could add to the global asylum crisis.

And let’s not forget health issues; the global pandemic may have faded into the background but it is far from over. Invasion is a concept that can be applied to anything that ‘spreads’, including discontent or popular sentiment. With a trine aspect, it’s also likely that some early warnings were ignored.

April’s lunations are also indicative of a major new beginning. The Full Moon in Libra bring negotiations and discussions; sometimes the best way to move forward is to acknowledge mistakes and move on. With the New Moon at the end of April, that lesson may come in the form of a harsh reminder. The New Moon in Aries is opposed by Pluto, so if there are events that remind us that new beginnings often involve cataclysmic endings – don’t be surprised.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: May

May is likely to be an active month, as there are more celestial shifts taking place. Jupiter moves into Taurus – where it will stay for the rest of the year – and Mars moves into Leo. However, that signs are that there will be some significant action before that occurs. During this month, Mars and Jupiter are in an approaching square aspect, initially in the cardinal signs – Aries and Cancer – and, as the aspect becomes exact, they move into the fixed signs, Leo and Taurus.

This suggests that May begins with someone taking the initiative; there is a push to move things forward. Square aspects demand action – and with Mars and Jupiter, those actions may be courageous, impulsive and energetic. In the social realm, there may be actions taken to tackle some big issues. Those issues may be economic issues to do with pay disputes or working conditions. There may also be concerned with wider economic forces as they impact on the national or global economy.

It’s a time to be bold – but events may suggest that patience – or the old way of doing things – has run its course. Action to stimulate the economy may be welcome. As both planets change signs, this will become more apparent. A desire for long term stability and growth may be the key influences at this time – and it may be that revelations of yet more excess and waste give impetus to that objective. Actions may be taken to deal with fraud and corruption that have take place at the highest levels in society.

In addition, the Mars – Jupiter contact suggests action may be taken to develop new energy initiatives, or accelerate existing proposals for new energy sources. When Mars and Jupiter move into Leo and Taurus, events may show that issues relating to climate change, the environment and the economy are going to take centre stage. May could be the month when we may discover that we can’t afford not to do something – yet the costs involved in taking action will also be huge. It’s a price that may have to be paid.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: June

June sees Venus and Mars coming together in Leo. When those two planets get together, we tend to think love is in the air; that may be true for some of you at a personal level – but the big 2023 horoscope is about the big picture. Leo is a pleasurable sign and one of the greatest pleasures we can have as a society is to see conflict resolved. Leo also likes the big stage, so there may be a showcase event that brings people together in a more collaborative scenario that attempts to put differences aside.

Jupiter in Taurus also makes a sextile aspect to Saturn in Pisces. This could also open the door to change, as it’s an aspect that enables things to happen – and often constructively so. Jupiter in Taurus is often regarded as being economically positive and a sign of growth, so there is potential for this to happen. Saturn in Pisces may help to rein in any tendencies for expenditure to get out of control, so there is the opportunity for some economic good news – if we are realistic about things.

So, there are a few small glimmers of optimism by the middle of the year, but before we start to think that our troubles are over, there may be one or two things happening this month that will remind us that it’s still a dangerous world out there – and any financial optimism may prove to be short lived. That trigger happy planet, Mars, makes a square aspect to Uranus in Taurus. Uranus has been re-defining our world with a series of shocks and surprises for a number of years – and will continue to do so for a while yet.

The big 2023 horoscope suggests we could be in for another one of those surprises this month. The aspect is exact during the last week of the month – but Mars and Uranus tend to arrive early, so shocking events could occur at any time. What are they likely to be? In Leo, we could be looking at the world of entertainment, or royalty, or people of high profile in some way.

Mars and Uranus in this square aspect can signify ‘breakages’, break-ups or accidents , and In the fixed signs that’s especially so. If a ‘celebrity’ or royal divorce or separation happened around this time it would not be a surprise, particularly as Venus is also part of this aspect. Venus is in a separating conjunction with Mars in Leo – so is well and truly square Uranus too.

Finally, his month also sees Pluto return to Capricorn and once more settle at 29˚, the powerful anaretic degree. Capricorn symbolises those who are powerful – and Pluto is not yet done with plutocrats it seems. Our attention returns to the political stage – or those who have positions of power or extreme wealth. It’s a retrograde that is going to remind us – in no uncertain terms – why uncompromising long term structural change is essential. It’s about the use and abuse of power – and who is in control.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: July

The month begins with the Venus and Mars transiting conjunction in a square aspect to Uranus – and that has the potential to make this an awkward month. They say that warm weather often brings unrest, so this has the potential to be a shocking or violent combination, as it brings peaceful and fun activities – such as sports and entertainment – together with unexpected violence and attacks. That’s not something to look forward to – but the potential is there.

However, this is also – more positively – a planetary combination that has the potential to bring rapid or unexpected resolution to violent or conflicted situations. With Uranus there is always the element of the unexpected; surprises are better than shocks, so let’s hope we find some resolution to the world’s conflicts. If that looks unrealistic, as I write this in late 2022, the big 2023 horoscope suggests that things may look very different by the summer of next year.

Venus is also going to make two other interesting aspects as the month progresses – and they are conjoined in that aspect known as the ‘Yod’ or ‘finger of fate’. Two inconjunct (150˚) aspects from Venus to Neptune and Pluto (with those planets in sextile aspect) show that events may come together in ‘a perfect storm’, and that’s no surprise as this aspect pattern has the potential to show a crisis caused by a collision of events. Expect crunch time when Venus turns retrograde late in the month.

Venus suggests that the crisis may be economic or financial in nature – and the involvement of Neptune and Pluto may indicate deception and criminality on a large scale. There is also the hint of underground or secret networks of relationships being uncovered, or – more positively – back channel diplomacy or investigations yielding a positive result. Once thing is certain; the crisis or events around this time may transform the economic, cultural or diplomatic landscape. And we won’t have seen it coming…

The Big 2023 Horoscope: August

August is a time we associate with holidays and relaxation and, as Mercury is retrograde in Virgo this month, I expect few of you will have your mind on work. However, Mercury retrograde shows that this is the time when we really need to be focusing on how things are working out – or not – particularly as Mars is now in Virgo and runs close to Mercury for most of this month. It’s tempting to think of Mars and Mercury together as one big argument – and that may be a theme this month. And it’s likely to be an argument we’ve heard before.

So, what’s it likely to be about? There’s a big Earth sign emphasis this month, with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in that element. Earth is fertile – particularly when you apply water – but with Saturn and Neptune in Pisces, lack and limitation of that vital element may be an issue in a literal sense. The message that Mercury retrograde may convey is that things are not working as well as they could be – certainly in an environmental sense – and action (Mars) needs to be taken. Scorched earth is not a good look.

Mars conjunct Mercury retrograde in Virgo certainly focuses the mind – particularly in connection with one area of major concern. It’s a month for prioritising certain tasks – and planning improvements. Public health and safety may be an area of concern. Taking action, or working out how to improve the things that we associate with Virgo – such as health services or working practices – may be a major theme this month – triggered, perhaps, by the unrest or protest that is characteristic of Mars.

Venus is retrograde in Leo all month, so we may be seeing the fallout from last month’s crisis – particularly as Venus retrograde settles into a square aspect with Jupiter in Taurus. It’s often an extravagant combination, but with Venus retrograde it suggests that we may be ‘paying the price’ for something. Astrology is symbolic, so we may see the cost of previous actions or situations being a major issue – or costs and prices in general may be a particular focus this month.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: September

September sees Mercury in Virgo move direct once more – and so does Venus in Leo. There is always a ‘new term’ feeling about September, but this year we find ourselves in the position of clearing up after this summers events. Clearing up after a party is always a drag – particularly if you discover that a few things have been damaged. That’s always an unpleasant and there may be an unpleasant and costly surprise.

September has this ‘after-party’ vibe, particularly as Venus makes her final approaching square to Uranus in Taurus. This, of course, takes us back to the shocks and surprises of July; in September, we could find ourselves with an almighty hangover. Or will we? Maybe this final contact between Venus and Uranus will kickstart a period of new economic conditions that represent a change from the instability and risks we have experienced in the recent past.

It’s also possible that there will be some unusual alliances or uneasy compromises being made as we head into the later part of the year. Relationships may be broken – or new ones made – and, at a global level, that may include legal or trade agreements that impact on economic well-being. Mars in Libra is going to make relationships – of all kinds – rather more volatile than usual. Clearing up, clearing out and making good are themes this month.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: October

Mars is going to make us sit up and take notice this month. As the year nears its end, Mars moves into its sign of co-rulership – Scorpio – and the volatile nature of 2023 may (potentially) take another transformational turn. This shift places Mars in opposition to Jupiter in Taurus – and it may trigger events that are consistent with Jupiter in that sign. We associate Jupiter with expansion and excess – and sometimes some good luck too.

Mars opposite Jupiter in Taurus is energetic and enthusiastic; it’s often entrepreneurial and risk taking too. Scorpio, through its associations with the eighth house, is an indication that this is a time to invest. Optimism often brings investment, so increased expenditure with a long-term focus is possible at this time. There is a material focus this month, but the drive to invest may also result from previous underinvestment; remember, there has been a lot of emphasis this year on ‘paying the price’.

Mars in Scorpio shows a drive to repair and regenerate, so this may be one of the most positive months of the year for that. Kickstarting that regeneration process in a material sense means more than simply investing cold, hard cash. It also involves creating a mind-set and the will to make such things possible. This month may forge the will to make things happen. After such a difficult number of years it may seem strange to see this month as sowing the seeds of future growth – but the big 2023 horoscope suggests that may be so.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: November

November continues with Mars in Scorpio. The red planet has been a game changer since it left Gemini in March, and this month it aligns with Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Taurus. Both of these planets have been fairly destructive in those signs – and Mars tends to energise and hasten processes that are already underway. Transiting Mars trines Neptune, so that certainly suggests that the effects of Neptune in Pisces – well documented here – may rise to the surface once more.

I don’t think that this will represent a major shift from October’s more optimistic forecast; it’s more likely to be a resumption of issues that have been ongoing for some time – and those issues will bear the imprint of the Neptune in Pisces we have come to know and love. However, every time action is taken it prompts a response – it’s the natural order of things.

So, what can we expect this time? Misinformation, denials and cover-ups? I suspect this is the month that the truth will come out. Mars in Scorpio is focused and digs deep, so expect passions to be aroused, sides to be taken and the fight for the truth and the soul of the nation – or the world – to be passionate, brutal and a little underhanded. If we are fortunate, it’s a fight that will be contained in a particular courtroom or arena. However, as Neptune in Pisces knows no boundaries, be prepared for the fight to get dirty – and spill over into more places than expected.

We should be prepared for this as, later in the month, Mars also opposes Uranus in Taurus – and so the tempestuous theme continues. We are back on more war-like turf – and this may be as literal as it is metaphorical. A lot of arguments may concern ‘freedom’; they may also be concerned with independence, so rebellions of some nature may feature around this time. I’m not suggesting that there will a full-blown revolution somewhere – but it would be hard to rule it out – and it may be where we least expect it to be.

Going back to the Mars in Scorpio trine to Neptune in Pisces for a moment, there is the hint of rebelling against religious faith or, alternatively, a revolt in support of a particular faith system. Uranus in Taurus, however, suggests a rebellion against convention – whatever that convention may be. One thing that concerns me is that Mars in Scorpio energises extremism, so expect compromise to be in short supply, as supporters of the cause – whatever it may be – will be fanatical.

The Big 2023 Horoscope: December

December sees Mercury turn retrograde once more – this time from Capricorn back into Sagittarius – and Mars moves forwards into Sagittarius too. The big 2023 horoscope suggests a more turbulent end to the year than we would like – though it’s not without optimism too. Those two things seem to be going hand in hand towards the end of the year, so there’s a bit to unpick; let’s deal with Mercury retrograde first.

Mercury in Capricorn is serious minded; It frames our perceptions of the world in a traditional way and it tends to project the establishment point of view. When it retrogrades into Sagittarius, that perspective is called in to question. The old way of doing things is questioned, new belief systems are explored and the possibility of a shift in perspective or a new way of looking at things is usually up for discussion.

Mars in Sagittarius will be firing up this process – and as Sagittarius is a fellow fire sign with a reputation for speed and adventure, we can expect some fireworks at the end of the year – and I don’t mean at New Year’s Eve 2024. Before that date arrives, a lot of questions will have been asked – particularly as the Mercury station in Capricorn places it in a trine aspect with Jupiter in Taurus. These two planets work well together. They tend to signify big news – and it’s usually of the good variety.

So, is that likely to hold true at this time? It’s an open-minded and positive combination – but as Mercury is retrograde during this time, the interpretation or analysis of this combination may be more subdued than usual. There may be grounds for optimism in some quarters – but the knowledge or news that is gained may be something that is going to be useful in the future, rather than the present, so look out for announcements about scientific advances or economic forecasts that promise significant improvements somewhere down the line.

As all astrologers will confirm, forecasting is a divine art regardless of who is reading the runes. This month, Jupiter and Saturn are making an approaching sextile aspect, This is important as it signifies an important milestone in the process of structural change that was initiated by the Jupiter – Saturn conjunction (The Great Conjunction) just a few years ago. It’s a transiting aspect that underscores exactly what I’ve written about already; there is the opportunity to invest and create long term stability – but it’s going to need a significant effort as nothing is a given.

So, the message at the end of the year is – I hope – becoming clear; by the time we reach the end of the big 2023 horoscope, the potential for a more stable world and a more viable economic future that benefits us all may be behind an already open door. That is a major shift from where we are now in 2022. We simply have to choose to walk through that door – rather than let it slam shut in our face. If only it were that simple…

Have a happy 2023 – and thank you for following a reading my posts. They, at least will continue in 2024. Happy New Year!

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