We have been living with Saturn in Aquarius since 18th December 2020 – when we experienced the ‘Great Conjunction’, the momentous turning point announced by the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn in this sign. Jupiter has now left that relationship leaving Saturn to travel alone through Aquarius until 8th March 2023. So, what can we expect from Saturn in Aquarius in 2021 and beyond?

By the way, before I begin to answer that question, I had intended to get this post out earlier – shortly after the Jupiter in Aquarius post as they really go together, but as I was ill with Covid-19 earlier this year, that has delayed things. How very Saturn. So, I’ll begin with a brief aside. Stay safe and try and avoid going out as much as you can. I’ve been in virtual isolation for the past few months but it still caught up with me as it’s so infectious. It’s no hoax.

So, back to Saturn in Aquarius. It’s worth noting that this is one of a series of posts on Saturn as I’m having a Saturn overload right now. In this post, I want to look at Saturn in Aquarius in much the same way I looked at Jupiter in Aquarius a short while ago. I’m going to pull out some of the major themes and discuss how they could work out in our lives during the course of this transit.

Saturn in Aquarius: Structural Revolution

How do things work and can they work better? I know this is something that seems current because it really seems to apply to our (hopefully soon) post-covid world. However, I think the concept of structural revolution is one we need to apply to our own lives when Saturn is transiting through Aquarius. Aquarius is the sign of radical ideas, innovation and high ideals. Saturn is about hard work and making things real. So, with Saturn in Aquarius, it really is time (Saturn) to examine and analyse (Aquarius) whether you’re on the right track.

Very few of us have come through the past year or so unscathed (remember the big transits through Capricorn?) and many of us will have questioned what we want out of life. If you have been feeling as though life has been ‘on hold’, then this transit is a reminder you need to start working hard (Saturn) at looking at things in a new way. Aquarius is the sign where we look at things with clarity and, hopefully, we feel more able to take different and new information on board.

However, Saturn can be difficult to deal with – especially at first. You want to build (Saturn)a new future (Aquarius), but maybe you feel it’s too daunting. You may be afraid to let go of what you have – even as you feel it may be slipping away from you. Even if you were frustrated with how your life was working out before – it may seem easier to cling onto the things that are known to you. It’s Saturn’s dilemma – and needs a great deal of working through.

Saturn in Aquarius: Fear of Change

So, what can you do about it? During a Saturn transit, it’s not unusual to feel pushed. It’s also not unusual to feel you’re being pushed into a corner, or dragged kicking and screaming into a place you don’t want to be. At the root of this is Saturn’s greatest weapon – the fear of change. Life often requires us to ‘adapt or die’ – not literally, of course, but you get the message. With Saturn in Aquarius, the message is one that may be coming over loud and clear to you right now – or it would if you didn’t have your fingers in your ears.

I’m going to remind you that this is fairly standard issue for a Saturn transit, because our initial response when being confronted with the need for change is to drag our heels. This is particularly so with Saturn in Aquarius, because you are being confronted (Saturn) by the prospect of having to make long overdue (Saturn) changes to your life and exchange things that are known for things that are unknown (Aquarius). In the initial stages of Saturn’s journey through Aquarius, there may be things that take you by surprise – and not always in a good way.

So, how can you overcome Saturnian fear? Brutal honesty is always a start – and if you’re not prepared to be honest with yourself, you can be sure you will hear it from others. When this happens, try not to be too hard on yourself. There is a risk, when Saturn is involved, that you feel guilt, inadequacy, hopeless and a failure. Honesty may be about self-criticism but it’s not about beating yourself up. If you have made mistakes in the past, then learn from them – don’t re-live them. To begin to overcome fear, self criticism needs to be constructive in tone. That is the first lesson to learn. Be kind to yourself.

Saturn in Aquarius: Ambitious and Idealistic

So what does a period of constructive criticism achieve? Saturn in Aquarius is about turning a critical eye towards our lives, but more than anything, the focus is going to be on identifying what it is you really want to get out of life by engaging with that process. Through Aquarius’s link with the eleventh house (traditionally ruled by Saturn), you may be thinking about your ideals, your hopes for the future, your friendships and social involvements, your contribution to society and how you see your future unfolding – especially as you get older (Saturn).

Aquarius does ‘big questions’ and with Saturn here we are expected to come up with some well considered answers. You may feel that you want to be free to do what you really want in life – Saturn gets that by the way – but you need to be responsible for your decisions and actions too. Actively engaging with a process of self-questioning is what’s required here. This may shake things up a little (or a lot) and that’s fine by the way, as it’s usually just what is needed.

Aquarius is the sign of the independence and individuality – and maybe it’s time you started to put your own interests first. You will never take hold of your own ambitions if you’re always putting them at the bottom of your list of priorities. Saturn loves priorities and putting your own aims and ambitions at the top of the list – and working hard to ensure they come to fruition – is a great way of working with that Saturn in Aquarius energy.

Saturn in Aquarius: Scientific Reality Check

I feel a quick reminder coming on here – and it’s this. We all have ideals, aims and ambitions, but with Saturn in Aquarius we need to focus in the things that are achievable rather than the things that, realistically, will remain a dream. If you’re being honest with yourself you’ll know that. At this point, it may seem that Saturn is dragging you down again by bursting the bubble that contains your deeply personal illusions. And that’s exactly what’s happening, because no-one ever achieved anything based on dreams alone.

While it’s perfectly fine to follow your inspiration – and that’s very Aquarius – you need to remember the old saying, ‘Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’. Identify achievable objectives and work towards them. It seems so simple – and often it is, as Saturn tends to hate complications. If you begin to wander off track – or get ahead of yourself – then Saturn will have a habit of reminding you to get back with the program. You need to make changes, but you need to make them responsibly – and that means you need to maintain a clear view of the road ahead at all times.

That can seem difficult – reality checks are not always pleasant – and you may feel as though you have been working so hard and yet have little to show for it. Keeping hold of your ideals can be difficult with Saturn in Aquarius as you will feel discouraged from time to time. This isn’t however, designed to make you give up – it’s designed to make you think harder and work smarter. If something isn’t working then a course correction is called for. It’s not a value judgement – it’s common sense.

Saturn in Aquarius: Disciplined Progress

If there’s a phrase that sums op Saturn in Aquarius it’s ‘disciplined progress’. In the context of your life, (and in wider society) you need to discover what works – and what does not. Making your own personal revolution a reality involves making tough decisions and showing yourself some tough love. It’s not an easy process – but it’s important to remember that it is a process and it’s a process that is about you building up your self-confidence and sense of personal authority.

With Saturn in Aquarius, the focus is about giving you the confidence to move forward in the world and develop a sense of connection to the people and the ideals that will make it possible for you to do so. This is a real ‘can do’ transit that makes all things possible – even the things we had previously not even considered. If that seems as if I’m straying into the realms of fantasy here, then let me remind you of something. If we say a flat ‘no’ to the things the universe puts in front of us then we will never go anywhere.

Remember, ‘lightbulb moments’ don’t come around too often. It’s only by being receptive to the universe, overcoming our own prejudices and fears and having the self-discipline and the courage to evaluate ideas and new information that we can make progress. Aquarius is progressive and that’s what Saturn is pushing us towards. Making progress. After a period spent ‘stuck’ in the debris of the Capricorn Transits, making progress is just what we need – on all levels.

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© Sara Shipman 2021

Image Credit: Image by Comfreak from Pixabay