On 26th/27th April (depending on where you are in the world) we have one of those special celestial events. This month’s full moon is a Supermoon in Scorpio, as the Moon is at its closest point to the Earth. Getting technical for a moment, the reason for this is that the Moon’s orbit around the Earth is an ellipse, not a circle. In astrological terms, however, this makes this Supermoon in Scorpio strong in its effects – as well as spectacular to look at.

This April’s Supermoon in Scorpio is also a ‘pink moon’. I don’t expect we’ll necessarily see a rosy glow around the Moon, as the reason for this name is floral rather than astrological. The ‘pink moon’ reference originates from a North American wildflower – Phlox subulata – that flowers around this time of year. It’s a beautiful image, the full moon shining down on wildflowers – but is this Supermoon in Scorpio going to be anything like as tranquil as the image suggests?

Supermoon in Scorpio: Full Moon Meanings

Traditionally in astrology, full moons are associated with culmination – in other words, things come to a head. This is a time when things are revealed to us – and they may be things will be things that other people want to keep hidden. This can make it a time of highly charged emotions and, of course, that is going to be especially true this month with the Supermoon being in Scorpio. This will inevitably add an intensity to our emotional responses as Scorpio is the sign associated with secrets – and lies.

To appreciate the impact of a Scorpio Supermoon we need to understand what Scorpio represents. Scorpio is not only associated with emotional intensity, but with mind games, manipulation and cold rage. Around the time of the Supermoon in Scorpio, we may experience such issues or observe them in the world around us. The lunar impulse is reactive and, with this Scorpio Supermoon, reactions may be extreme and compulsive when we are confronted with the truth. Things may come to a head – and it could get ugly when they do.

The image that is conjured up here is ‘lancing the boil’ because Scorpio beings poison to the surface. It’s not quite the same picture as the beautiful wildflowers associated with the pink moon! So what kinds of issues can we expect with the Supermoon in April? No full moon occurs in isolation from the rest of the universe, so we need to look at the aspects to the Supermoon in Scorpio to really begin to understand what messages are being delivered by this Supermoon in Scorpio – and just how powerful they are.

Supermoon in Scorpio: The Chart

Supermoon in Scorpio: Pretty in Pink 1
Chart courtesy of astro.com

As you can see from the chart, this full moon is part of a tense ‘t-square’ aspect pattern involving the the Saturn/Uranus square that is such a feature in our skies this year. There is also a trine to Mars in Cancer. There is no doubt that this is a powerful chart as it connects some of the most important issues that are being played out in the world right now – the ongoing process of change we are experiencing with Uranus in Taurus and the resistance to change indicated by Saturn in Aquarius. Let’s look at those aspects in more detail.

Supermoon in Scorpio: Aspects

First of all, what is the Moon shining on? The answer is complex because I don’t think we can separate the individual parts of the ‘t-square’ aspect. They need to be considered together so here goes…

The Supermoon in Scorpio T-Square

The main axis of the ‘t-square’ falls across the fixed signs of Taurus and Scorpio and on Uranus in Taurus – really emphasising the planet that has been turning our values and famous Taurus influenced stability upside down in recent years. Taurus is associated with finances, property and environmental matters, and the Supermoon in Scorpio suggests shocks and scandals could come to light involving any of those matters.

When shocking secrets are uncovered, it’s a signal that things need to change – that’s the essential meaning of Uranus – but Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs and are resistant to change. This is important to note because it reinforces the message we are getting from the Saturn/Uranus I mentioned earlier. This Supermoon in Scorpio makes the point that people are more likely to cling to their beliefs (or what they know) than risk change – and that often arises through a fear of the unknown.

What is shocking, is that this behaviour persists even when it’s obvious that change needs to be implemented for our own good. We may experience this in our personal lives – and see it on the world stage. It’s a divisive and conflicted position to be in – at best we may experience inner turmoil and at worst we may see conflict occur in the outer world. However, given the theme of ‘bringing. things to a head’, this may not be entirely unexpected. When Saturn is involved in a configuration, things have usually been ‘a long time coming’.

I want to draw attention (briefly) to two other planets close to the the ‘t-square’ configuration. Mercury and Venus are part of the Stellium in Taurus that includes the Sun and Uranus. As I’m sure you know, Mercury is about communications and information and Venus? Love and money. Scandals and shocking news erupting now may have a sexual or financial emphasis or a ‘female’ protagonist is at the heart of the matter.

Supermoon trine Mars in Cancer

The trine to Mars in Cancer is interesting in this context. Mars in Cancer is a highly sexualised placement – and is seriously emotionally charged. Mars in Cancer implies a lot of energy is being expended holding onto something – after all, a crab rarely lets go. Mars in Cancer is also defensive, so we can expect to see displays of defensiveness that really tie in with the themes we have just discussed – being confronted with facts you don’t like, for example, or being asked to make changes you fear or disagree with.

Cancer is the sign ruled by the Moon, so once more our feelings are going to be in play with Mars in this sign. The trine suggests, however, that it will be easy to express those feelings – and Mars? There could be some tumultuous argument in store during the period of the Supermoon in Scorpio. However, remember that Mars energy is something that demands to be outwardly expressed. Holding onto your feelings (if it’s a personal matter) could be counterproductive. Sometimes things need to be acknowledged, even fought for – or against.

We Need to Talk About Pluto…

Finally, I feel I need to mention that old devil, Pluto. Though not in aspect to the Supermoon in Scorpio, Pluto does rule Scorpio – and turns retrograde later this week. Pluto’s retrograde may be nothing special – after all the planet spends approximately half of the year in retrograde motion. However, it’s the timing that is everything. The impact of retrograde planets is greatest at the time they change direction – and given Pluto’s reputation for earth-shaking events, we would do well to pay attention.

As Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto is often the catalyst for change. Pluto brings about things that can’t be ignored. There may be literal and metaphoric earthquakes. The powerful rise up or fall from grace when Pluto is aroused. There are associations with life and death – matters that we cannot ignore in the world right now – and this Pluto retrograde seems to have the potential to underscore the message carried by the Scorpio Supermoon.

That message may be that we cannot transform ourselves (or our societies) without change – and it’s better to choose change than have it forced upon you. This could be a great opportunity to create a more sustainable and transformational future for the world – and for ourselves – but it looks as though it’s not going to be without some trauma. Letting go is never easy. However, we also need to take heart – no-one ever discovered gold without digging – so maybe it will be worth the blood sweat and tears after all.

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Picture Credit: Image by Claudia Tramann from Pixabay 

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