It’s time for the April 2021 horoscope and what’s in store for us all this month? This seems as if it could be a month of mixed messages, as there are a few edgy contacts lined up between the planets over the next few weeks. Mars in Gemini has a few encounters with the outer planets – the trine with Jupiter in Aquarius suggests this could be a month of rash actions and escalating arguments, and Mars in tense aspect to Neptune may not help the situation. It’s a month where you may not believe a word anyone says.

So, if that looks a little challenging, surely there must be something to look forward to? I’d love to say yes, but the New Moon in Aries (never a peaceful sign) is is a tense aspect with Pluto in Capricorn – and that’s a potential crisis point coming up mid-month. However, for most of the month, the Sun and Venus are hand in hand and, true enough, most of us are probably feeling as if we need some lighter moments. But are good times on the way? Even Venus may not have a good a time of it this month – and the Full Moon in Scorpio is also not an easy one.

So, If the above makes you want to call this a ‘duvet month’ then go right ahead – however, we work with what we have, so let’s drill down for each sign and see what the April 2021 horoscope (horrorscope?) has waiting for you. As usual, you may read this for your Sun sign, Rising sign – or both.

April 2021 Horoscope: Aries

For you Aries, the April 2021 horoscope suggests you may start the month feeling good. The Sun and Venus are in your sign so when you look in the mirror you may love what you see – or will you? Although you may feel optimistic – and inclined to spend a little (or a lot) of cash on yourself early in the month, by the time of the New Moon, your may be reminded, in no uncertain, terms that you have financial responsibilities that can’t be ignored. If you have been putting your bills into a drawer, then this may be payback time in more ways than one.

As the month progresses you may feel you have a choice – do you go ahead and do what you want or do you accept that you can’t have everything that you want? Whatever your decision is, it’s likely to be the subject of vigorous debate. Some of this will be fun – you may have the opportunity to hook up with friends – whether that’s in person or on-line. This is likely to be important to you, as mentally and emotionally you may be feeling stressed – although you’re likely to have kept it hidden.

If this is you – it’s important you acknowledge your feelings or take some constructive action to work out where your racing mind – or your explosive words – are coming from. By the end of the month, things may reach a climax and you’ll have no choice but to use your energies constructively to turn things around. This may not be your easiest month of the year, but it’s one where you can make changes – and make progress – if you want to.

April 2021 Horoscope: Taurus

There are a few things bubbling under for you this month, and you April 2021 horoscope suggests that you sense good times are coming your way. You can’t say why but generally you are feeling okay with the world. That’s a good place to be, but it doesn’t mean that you can rest on your laurels this month. In fact, by the middle of the month you will have to deal with some important changes in your life – and it would be great if you were to initiate those changes, rather than be on the receiving end of them.

The area of your life most affected may be your career (or committed relationships), possibly in a good way. Big announcements, promotions, pay rises, pleasure and happiness are well starred for you – but only if you have put in the work to make such things happen. Otherwise, you may need to be aware that a crashing disappointment may come your way. However – even if the worst happens – there is likely to be a silver lining. Mid-month is a turning point, that’s for sure.

You have felt the need to move your life forward for some time, and this month you may have the chance to do that. Making more use of your talents, realising you’re worth more than you think – or simply realising you need more money and more satisfaction in life – could be the spur that you need. By the end of the month you may have to deal with tensions in your closest relationships. However much you want to expand your life, you may find your nearest and dearest have opinions on that too – and they may not be the same as yours.

April 2021 Horoscope: Gemini

This month sees you bursting with energy – but the problem is you feel as if it’s got nowhere to go. You may be finding it difficult to focus on the things that are truly important in your life – yet you know you really need to. So, there’s a danger you could feel guilty or frustrated as you can’t work out what your priorities in life should be. Sometimes, you need to think outside the box and have a little more faith in the universe. Reaching out to others could help you this month and friends may prove helpful and supportive.

This is especially so at the time of the New Moon when you are likely to feel you need to take some decisive action to make changes. Whatever your major sticking point is or has been, you need to turn things around. One of your major frustrations may have been your career so any action you can take to clarify things in that area would be welcome. You may also feel you need a complete re-evaluation of the situation. Do you need a change of direction or a change of heart? Only you can tell.

By the end of the month, your April 2021 horoscope shows that you’ll be increasingly aware of the need to re-organise your life, as things can’t go on as they are. Self limiting beliefs only lead to sleepless nights – and I suspect you feel you’ve had enough of both of those things. Now is perhaps the time to start looking after yourself and your needs a little more carefully. A few early nights and some spiritual self care may help you to cope far better with the changes that are coming your way.

April 2021 Horoscope: Cancer

As the month begins, your April 2021 horoscope suggests you are aware of the importance of having a little fun and pleasure in your life – particularly with your nearest and dearest. And that’s particularly so if you feel as though you’ve been missing out lately. It can be easy to fall into a rut – particularly given the times in which we live. So this month, your impulses seem to be directed towards making some necessary, but perhaps long overdue changes to the way in which the two of you are so dependent on each other.

This may be financial – or there may be some other ‘structural re-arrangement’ that affects your relationship at a deep level. Either way, by the middle of the month you’ll be feeling much more optimistic that things are heading in the right direction. It’s likely that both of you have been feeling the need to change – and this may have been prompted by your own suppressed worries and, perhaps, some frustration that you weren’t able to deal with matters at an earlier date.

By the end of the month, the April 2021 horoscope indicates you could be feeling much more positive about life. You know what you need to feel better about the future and it’s likely to involve more social involvements – and less stress. The only issue you now have is to make that happen. Fortunately, when the Sun and Venus move in to Taurus you will have many opportunities to do just that. So – get your plans made early in the month and you’ll benefit later.

April 2021 Horoscope: Leo

So Leo, your April 2021 horoscope suggests that, this month, you’ll experience a real desire to spread your wings. Unfortunately, in order to do so, you’re going to have to pay attention to the fine print in the brochure. Dreaming about a change of scene (or a change of direction) is one thing, but taking action is another. This month, you may be reminded that time spent wishing your life away is not a productive thing. Your friends may remind you of this in a subtle way.

Maybe the best thing for you to do is to get out as much as possible. Community involvements may give you a better perspective on life – and that’s something you need right now. By the time of the New Moon mid-month, you my be feeling much more optimistic about life – and may even have a few things pencilled in to look forward to. However, to make the most of things, you’re really going to have to get yourself organised – and even have a complete re-think about your work/life balance.

As the month progresses, you’ll begin to feel more confident about your place in the world – and maybe even have a career boost. If you’ve been waiting for that new employment contract? Check your post box. People are taking you more seriously – and that’s because you are taking yourself more seriously too. Whether that happens or not, by the Full Moon, you will know that your life needs a firm foundation and the person you can rely on most – is you.

April 2021 Horoscope: Virgo

If you have been having a hard time Virgo, this could be the month things turn the corner – so the trick for you is to be the person in control. You may be trying to establish a new set of ground rules with your partner – mainly to ensure your lives run more easily. If there’s been some imbalance in the relationship it can be resolved now – and needs to be, as this month you’ll want to put a lot of energy into your career. Some things have to give and it’s better if you deal with any issues rather than sweep them under the carpet.

This will become apparent at the time of the New Moon, when things may came to a head and you may have to deal with some issues between you. Don’t give in to any power plays or head games. You’ll be feeling far more optimistic about life in the second half of the month when the Sun and Venus are much more kindly disposed towards you. You may even have a career boost this month. You’re a naturally hard worker and hate having time on your hands, but this month there will be a lot to keep you occupied – and maybe the opportunity to get away too.

By the end of the month, the Full Moon suggests your mind will be in overdrive. That’s great for you as you love to be busy and the chances are you’ll see an improvement in your mind-set as a result. However, you may want to take some extra care while travelling – the odd frustrating delay may occur and you may have some surprising encounters when you least expect them. Do, however, make sure you look after yourself this month – though being a Virgo, you know that already.

April 2021 Horoscope: Libra

This month the focus is on your relationships, Libra. This means both personal and professional relationships are under the spotlight. If you need to deal with any contractual matters? This is the month for that too. This may have a big effect on your home and family life – there may be some stress and some of it may be financial, so if you have a moment to sit down and rework the household budget – then do so. That may become a necessity by the time of the New Moon mid-month.

You’re also going to have to contend with a few challenges to your opinions. You may think things need to be organised in a particular way – others may disagree – and you could be furious when you discover something important has ben neglected or overlooked. This could be personal – or it could be something you read or hear about. Either way, you may feel angry – yet unable to do anything to correct matters. It may be above your pay grade to do so.

What will cheer you up is getting out and about – preferably with people whose company you enjoy. It’s better to walk off the stress than let it get to you. A good laugh could be just what you need as the second half of the month sees you sorting out some important details. And beware, as a few financial zingers could also head your way. By the time of the Full Moon, you’ll need to take a new approach to dealing with both cash and contracts – though it may feel as though life is a bit of a grind by then. Go with it. It will improve.

April 2021 Horoscope: Scorpio

So Scorpio, this month you’ll be concerned with your work life balance – and looking to make improvements wherever you can. One of the issues you may have is that you’ve not been paying attention to the things you need to do. Physically, mentally, financially, you need to be able to look after yourself and by the time of the New Moon mid-month, you may have no alternative but to do something about it. If things have been on your mind? You know why.

Fortunately, you know this and may have already taken the initiative. Talking things over is always a good start and this month you may benefit from doing so – but only if you’re honest with both yourself and the person you’re speaking to. As the month progresses, you may find that this approach has some surprising results. You may feel that a new approach towards life is not out of the question and it may even help you to feel more grounded and secure – and anything you can do right now to achieve this is a good thing.

By the time of the Full Moon at the end of the month, you will feel the difference. And other people will notice it too – especially your partner. Things may seem a little unsettled between you at first – however there’s a real opportunity to refresh your relationship if things have seemed a little stale. There is also the opportunity to get your life on a much more secure footing. You love security so this is a big deal for you. Don’t waste that opportunity.

April 2021 Horoscope: Sagittarius

Sagittarius is the optimist of the Zodiac, yet sometimes optimism can be misplaced. The April 2021 horoscope suggests you could be making a gamble this month, so you need to ensure you’re not taking one risk too many where your cash is concerned. You need to be careful about listening to those who are trying to convince you to part with your money. Of course, the voices you are listening to could easily be the ones in your own head. Stop and think before you act.

Your actions this month are directed towards relationships and you could initiate an important new association. This could be a personal or business relationship – or you could enter into a contract . Again, read the small print, as there is the possibility of something unexpected happening later in the month. Don’t let it be fraud or theft. This is important, as, by the New Moon mid-month, the deal will be sealed. You may end up with a dream home, but you won’t want your home and family life undermined in any way.

By the time of the Full Moon at the end of the month, there is the risk that, if things have not gone well for you, you could be feeling low and even questioning your own sanity. You’re not going mad – it’s just that sometimes we need to make some emotional adjustments – especially when we find ourselves in an unexpected situation. Unusually for you, you may be ‘sweating the small stuff’. Perhaps you need to make the best of what life has given you – and do better research next time.

April 2021 Horoscope: Capricorn

This month Capricorn, your April 2021 horoscope suggests you’ll be happiest at home and this may be because you’ve undergone some profound personal changes. Somehow, you’re seeing yourself rather differently this month – and that may be rather unnerving. Your energy is focused on your work life balance and you may experience some confusion about the direction you want to travel. It looks as though some re-organisation will be needed – but right now, you’re not sure what that’s going to look like.

You’re going to have to chew over that one for a while. However, you will have the opportunity to take stock of your personal resources – and that may help you to make a decision. The issue may be financial – or it may be a question of your own desires and values. Working out what you want is important to you right now, and this month you may find you’re able to focus on that. The New Moon, early in the month may trigger that process, as you reach the conclusion that some things have to change – starting with you.

So, by the time of the Full Moon, your April 2021 horoscope suggests you’ll be working hard on planning your future. Freeing up your time to have more fun may be important to you – as may be following a path that allows you to be who you really are. Being a Capricorn, none of this will happen without you being sure you can afford to do it. The thing is Capricorn, can you afford not to? The choice is yours.

April 2021 Horoscope: Aquarius

Aquarius, are you of sound mind this month? You may be the genius of the Zodiac and your April 2021 horoscope suggests the focus will be on your mind. Thoughts and words are big for you in April, particularly if you’ve been keeping a few things under wraps. There will be things you need to say – and some things that are better left unsaid – but you’ll probably say them anyway and feel better when you do. However, before you start preening yourself, a word about the consequences…

It’s possible you’ll feel a pang of guilt about some of your exchanges this month. If so, you may have to eat humble pie and apologise profusely. Making things up with friends and loved ones may be a feature this month – and it’s likely to be at your expense. The New Moon mid-month is likely to be crunch time – and as the month progresses you may wish to make amends. Restoring harmony (particularly at home) will be important – even if you have to turn over a new leaf to do so.

By the end of the month, under the light of the Full Moon, your radical change of heart will enable you to get your priorities straight. This is likely to involve you becoming more serious and responsible (if you’re not already) and it’s important that you do so. The April 2021 horoscope suggests the world is watching you, and putting in the hard work now will benefit you enormously in the future. The new ‘You’ that you’re presenting to the world needs to be rooted in reality.

April 2021 Horoscope: Pisces

For you Pisces, your April 2021 horoscope suggests a focus on the material world – and that’s rather unusual for you. It’s about more than cash however – you’re being reminded about your core values and you may be stressed because you’ve discovered that those you associate with don’t seem to appreciate things in the way that you do. It may be upsetting – but you seem to be putting a cheerful face on. The issue is – as ever – what will you do about it?

Finding new friends is one option, so is persuading the existing amigos to see your point of view. What you don’t want to do is end up feeling alone – and that could be a risk this month. It may seem that you don’t know what you should do – and that means you may stay home. Directing your energies towards your home and family may offer you the spiritual comfort you want right now. However, there is a danger – as ever – that you will ignore your own needs while attending to others – and when that hits you you may feel deeply wounded.

This may lead to some unexpected complaints from you – largely because stress (including financial stress) could be an issue this month. By the time of the Full Moon, your April 2021 horoscope suggests you’ll need to get a few things in perspective. First, emotional boundaries are always a good thing – especially as you’re more emotionally porous than most. And second, you may have discovered that speaking up and making demands isn’t so selfish after all.

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