In these difficult times, I thought I’d take a look at how each zodiac sign can best survive self isolation. Before we get started, I want to also say this is meant as a light hearted article (at times) to bring a little insight into what is, for many of us, a dark moment – so please don’t take my suggestions too seriously! On the other hand, if you feel there’s a grain of truth being said, feel free to comment and add your thoughts after reading this post.

I’ve written enough heavy stuff about the pandemic so thought maybe it was time for a change – after all, there’s enough bad news out there. And by the way if you still need guidance about what you’re allowed to do – or not do – here’s a link to the official guidance (UK). Please check your government’s guidance directly in your own country too. So here goes…

Self Isolation Survival: Aries

This is really not going to be an easy time for you Aries. All that outward energy and you’re supposed to be indoors doing self isolation? Really? This could really have you lighting the blue touch-paper within seconds – and I truly feel sorry for your household if there’s not a bucket of water close at hand. So Aries, stop venting and thumping the walls for just a second and listen. You need to get positive here – and not in the way you fear as not all enemies are visible.

Self isolation doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. You have massive amounts of energy so let’s start channelling it productively. You need exercise? Improvise a home gym and get your housemates to exercise with you – it’s good for everyone. Also use your energies doing stuff around the house – cleaning, clearing, DIY. All the stuff no-one ever gets around to doing? Get on a mission Aries – no one does that better than you. You can lead the way through this if you try.

Self Isolation Survival: Taurus

You’re a practical soul Taurus so being in self isolation for you is probably something you just accept you’re going to have to do and so you just get on with it. Your steady approach has much to commend it but you are still going to have to keep yourself occupied and, of course, you will be concerned that others in your household also deal with this situation as realistically and as possible. You’re great at encouraging others when times are tough because you’re naturally calm and assured.

So, make sure everyone is doing the right thing and looking after themselves properly. You need to make sure you have enough supplies and that those you have are not squandered – so organise meal planning, keep people busy doing jobs around the house, make sure the dog gets walked (observing social distancing rules when you do so) and keep everyone focused on getting through this. And for you? Don’t neglect yourself – take some regular time to listen to your favourite music. And relax.

Self Isolation Survival: Gemini

What a trial for the social butterfly of the zodiac – or is it? Just because you can’t go out doesn’t mean you’ll be losing touch – in fact, I bet you’ve never been more active on social media. As the newshound of the zodiac, you’ll be keeping up to date with every news bulletin as it breaks – and you can make good use of your time in making sure everyone is aware of all the information they need to know. And make sure it’s real news not fake.

So, you can deal with this by ramping up your contacts – touch base with people every day because in dealing with your own self isolation, you’ll be helping others get through it too. Loneliness could be a real problem at this time – and you, Gemini, could be the antidote. Reach out, use your good humour to lighten the mood for others and for you? Use some of your time to write, blog, communicate in the best way you know how. For you, that’s essential as it calms your nerves and eases your stress levels – and that’s really important right now.

Self Isolation Survival: Cancer

As the mother of the zodiac, your instincts turn to nurturing. A Cancerian friend of mine immediately responded to lockdown by making preserves and cakes – and that in a nutshell is what self-isolation means to Cancer. Feeding, nurturing and generally looking after yourself and the others in your household is the best thing you can do at this time. I have a feeling you’ll be cooking your way through this – and it’s unlikely to be health food so watch your calorie count!

Seriously, if you can’t comfort eat now then when can you? Use your culinary talents to give your household good meals for the duration and use mealtimes to reinforce your family bonds. For you this is ironically, manna from heaven – if you have family around you that’s always a good thing. Sadly, however, it’s likely you have family members who cannot be with you at the moment – make sure they know how much you love and miss them. And plan a family reunion for when this is over.

Self Isolation Survival: Leo

Right now Leo, you’re having to play to and empty theatre as your usually vibrant social life has been curtailed. However, there are many things you can do to get over this – and entertain others while you do so. Virtual socialising could be your way out of the self isolation restrictions you could feel more acutely than most. And here’s a few ideas (if you haven’t had them already) about how that could work.

Setting up regular on line ‘meets’ with your mates is probably something you’re doing if not considering. However, you can extend that by performing play readings, karaoke performances, comedy routines, music sessions (virtual jamming anyone?) and concerts. I know this means making an effort – and I know there will be Leos who may think sleeping through this is a good idea – but you’ll reap the rewards of fun and laughter and you won’t get bored. And that’s essential for you.

Self Isolation Survival: Virgo

As the most diligent sign of the zodiac, you’ll be taking self isolation more seriously than most. Fortunately, if you’re in a position to work from home you will find it easier than most to adapt to a new routine – circumstances permitting. Because for you, routine is everything. As is your health and safety and that of the people with whom you live. I just know you will be disinfecting the door handles several times a day…

So Virgo, how best for you to get through this? Trying not to worry so much would help. You’re a great organiser and fab with detail so ensure your larder and medicine cabinet is stocked, get on top of those ‘use by’ dates and keep up to date with official advice. You always tend to do the right thing Virgo, so keep on top of your health and that of your household. If you feel you need to take everyone’s temperature every day? Do it. You may even want to draw up a spreadsheet or two. Whatever it takes.

Self Isolation Survival: Libra

I think it’s right to say that this whole pandemic thing may have upset your equilibrium as self isolation is not so easy for a sign that tends towards relationship and interaction with others. However, if I had to choose someone to be in self isolation with as part of my household, it would be you. In what are tense and testing times for most of us, you are the sign most likely to keep the peace – and that’s really important right now.

So Libra, your balanced view on life can help to keep fraying tempers in check and lucky is the household that has a natural diplomat in residence. You can ensure that people work together on this. After all, we’re all in this together – and that actually means something to you. Try and maintain a good atmosphere, keep your home looking good and yourself looking good too. Yes, I know the beauty salon is closed, but hey, longer hair just gives you more options. And it is possible to do your own nails.

Self Isolation Survival: Scorpio

So Scorpio, like you need anyone’s advice about self isolation. As the most self contained of all the zodiac signs, I have a suspicion you’ll be taking this in your stride. With you, it’s not a case of toughing it out, it’s more like that thing you just doing the thing you do so naturally. You go underground and when the coast is clear you emerge once again and take up where you left off. So what’s the problem?

As far as it goes, that’s fine. However, you need to share your power with others to help them through. Be a pillar of strength in this time of need and become the person others can rely on. Most of you will not need to be told to do this, but there are a few who will use this time to disappear from view. This is not that time Scorpio people, you know better than that. Look after those less fortunate than you and do it selflessly as you know you can. You will become that better person – and yes, it will be life changing.

Self Isolation Survival: Sagittarius

I can hear your frustration from here Sagittarius. Self isolation is not all it’s cracked up to be is it? You may be the eternal optimist of the zodiac but even this is dimming your rose coloured spectacles to a somewhat darker hue. You’re expansive by nature and now you feel trapped. Fortunately, you have a great asset you’re going to have to use right now. Your philosophical nature – and it could help us all.

Your are fantastic at seeing the big picture. It may be best to leave the detail to someone else but you are great at keeping people’s spirits up because you always look to the future – and the future in your eyes is always a good place to be. So, use your great mind to inspire others and share your visions for that brave new world we can create when this is over. Things will not be the same again so help others to formulate their own visions – and a few jokes would be good too.

Self Isolation Survival: Capricorn

If anyone can be relied on to keep things together – it’s you. Responsibility rests easy on your shoulders and I suspect you’ve wasted no time in taking charge of your self isolation – and that of everyone around you. You’re the person who instinctively knows what to do, who makes the right decisions and stands by them – and you’re unlikely to panic whatever happens. You are the person everyone looks up to – unfortunately, that can get you down.

Capricorns have needs too – and not everyone realises this, including you. Like your Virgo cousins you’re inclined to work hard so I expect when your workplace was closed down you relished the prospect of taking that work home with you. Even if that wasn’t possible, you’ll be involving yourself with as much as you can for your family and community from your home base. And it’s stressful. My advice for what it’s worth? don’t forget to laugh. Set aside a comedy hour and exercise your sense of humour – sometimes things feel better when there’s a smile on your face.

Self Isolation Survival: Aquarius

When it comes to getting through this, I suspect you’ve already worked out the odds. Always ahead of the curve, during your spell of self isolation you will find technology is your friend. Like your Gemini cousins, you’ll be keeping track of news and current events and you’ll also have more than a passing interest in scientific developments as they occur. However like the other air signs you’re also a sociable creature – so how best can you keep in touch with the world during these difficult times?

I think one thing to remember is your world may be slightly crazy in the first place. So, if I were you Aquarius, I would make the most of this on line gaming opportunity as you’re unlikely to have this amount of time on your hands ever again. However, don’t detach from realty too much. You still need to eat and keep well – and the occasional snack just won’t cut it. Let your off beat nature help others to see another side to the situation – and in return let them look after you too. You’re isolating – but you’re not alone.

Self Isolation Survival: Pisces

I think one of the problems you may have at the moment Pisces, is that this situation seems so surreal. For someone who tends to have a tenuous grip on reality as it is, that can be even more unsettling than usual. It can be hard for you to keep track of what’s going on and even harder to make sense of it. And you’re not alone in that. You may be more frightened than most and more uncertain of how to cope so I’m going to suggest you try and do something you find difficult at the best of times – stay as grounded as you can.

Not easy? No, but try and stay emotionally and spiritually centred using yoga and meditation techniques if those things help you. You’re unquestionably going to feel emotionally affected by some of the distressing stories coming out in the press. Try and discuss this with people who have a more down to earth approach than you – vicarious grounding if you like. And as you are naturally empathetic, you can also listen and comfort others too – but set boundaries. Sometimes a little emotional self isolation will help.

© Sara Shipman 2020

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