From Sunday 22nd March, Saturn transits Aquarius until July 1st 2020. I have already written extensively about the astrology of the current situation, together with numerous articles about the huge stellium in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus – the combination of which is now tearing us apart. However, as Saturn transits Aquarius for the next few months, I believe we’re really going to get a foretaste of things to come when Saturn makes the final move into Aquarius in December and with that shift, the ‘Great Conjunction’ of Saturn and Jupiter will begin to take effect.

So, what changes will we notice when Saturn transits Aquarius? On a personal level I’m anticipating the change with some interest – I have Saturn in Aquarius natally and will experience a Saturn Return in 2021 (also conjunct my Moon and MC so watch out for a post on that one). However, my focus in this post is not personal as, and I’m sure you’ll agree with this, our focus right now has to be on the world around us and the cataclysmic events unfolding before our eyes.

Before I get into Aquarius, I want to do a brief recap of the meanings associated with Capricorn. Capricorn stands for structure and tradition. Through it’s association with Saturn and the tenth house, it’s about our economic and political hierarchy and what we term, ‘the establishment’. So, what we have seen recently – from many sources – is huge pressure building up concerning the established way we have been doing things – politics, business, the environment – and a fundamental belief (held by many) that for most of us, and the planet itself, things are just not working out.

Right now, our structures (Saturn) and dominant ideology (Jupiter) is coming up against something beyond our control (Pluto). When this happens – and it does from time to time – we would be wise to recognise this as a moment the Universe has decided to press ctrl-alt-del and reboot the world. And this brings me to Aquarius – the sign of new conditions, social values and radical social change. Right now I feel confident that the most obvious thing we will see as Saturn transits Aquarius for the next few months is, fundamentally, a literal manifestation of the meanings associated with planet and sign. Most obviously, the planet of restriction has entered the sign of social freedom.

And this is a serious situation (Saturn). We are all going to be experiencing social restrictions over the coming weeks and we all have a duty to conform (Saturn) with the rules governing the shocking new situation (Aquarius) we find ourselves in. However, when Saturn transits Aquarius there is more to it than that. Saturn is connected to Aquarius by it’s traditional rulership of the sign. This means Saturn is comfortable in Aquarius. However, this does not necessarily mean that we will feel comfortable during this time. Saturn may be content to endure isolation – but will you?

However, it’s during this time, that the seeds of change will be planted and germinate. Thanks to Pluto in Capricorn, this is a moment from which there is no going back – and I cannot stress this too much. Things will not be the same as they were previously. This moment of lockdown, though it restricts us physically – and as Saturn transits Aquarius that’s about as literal an example of this placement as you will ever experience – provides us with something valuable. The stillness and the space to reflect on how we can transform our lives from this moment on.

It’s a change that’s well overdue – and not just at a personal level. Somehow the things we thought were important to us will suddenly seem inconsequential. Many of us are now at home – and no doubt spending hours online and watching more TV than usual – it’s now our window on the world. Suddenly, the advertisements for cars, holidays and the other trappings of our consumer society seem totally out of tune with reality. And that’s what happens when Saturn transits Aquarius – reality changes.

So, it’s not just a matter of your own personal unease or discomfort with the events unfolding around you. When Saturn transits Aquarius, it’s a signifier that society itself is having to adjust to a new order. There is a new reality in place. That is the core message when Saturn transits Aquarius. Saturn’s progress into a new sign – even temporarily for the next few months – means we need to focus (Saturn) on the future (Aquarius). It’s a future that, for all of us, represents the great unknown – so we have important choices and decisions to make.

What kind of world do we want to live in? What are our key values and priorities? These are huge questions but I believe they are questions the universe has asked us right now and it’s up to us to get the answers correct. We are being asked to look beyond ourselves and focus on a future that acknowledges the needs of all humanity and do so without destroying our home, the Earth. These are not new objectives but the old order running the show has largely prevented them from becoming a reality. Vested interests have begun to pay lip service to new ideas – but maybe too late.

So, when Saturn transits Aquarius, for real, next year in 2021, the process of rebuilding the world to a new plan will have to become our new reality. We may be seeing the foundations (Saturn) being laid for a new Aquarian revolution and we need to embrace the possibilities that offers the world and not become paralysed by fear of change. Of course, that will be easier for some people than others – and for some societies more than others too. Those in power always tend to want to cling onto it for as long as they can.

However, you cannot stop the momentum of change. As Saturn transits Aquarius, the momentum for changes to be made on a previously unimagined scale will be increased and made even more powerful by the presence of Jupiter. The ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius often indicates a new era has begun – and I will be posting on that one later in the year.and let’s hope it’s a positive one for us all.

© Sara Shipman 2020

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