I’m so exited to announce my first book launch of 2020. That Solar Returns Book I’ve been mentioning for ages? It’s finally here and is available on Amazon as an ebook (for Kindle) It’s also available as a print on demand paperback book and in hard cover form too.

My solar returns blog posts, “Solar Returns: Interpreting the Planets“, Solar Returns: Understanding the Houses” and “Transits and Solar Returns”, are among the most popular on this site so I decided to run with this and write a much more comprehensive guide to this method of predictive astrology. My aim with this book is to get you comfortable with working with solar returns and analysing solar return charts so I’ve used a ‘keywords’ approach to simplify your initial chart interpretations.

The basic questions all astrologers ask when they’re preparing any predictive astrology forecasts (and that includes solar returns) are ‘what?’, ‘where?’ ‘when?’ and ‘how?’ These simple questions are at the heart of solar return chart analysis as I believe in keeping astrology as down to earth as possible! So, the key areas I’ve covered in the book are the planets, houses, the ascending sign and importance of the chart structure itself – hemispheres, quadrants and aspects. All of these play a critical part in your solar return chart analysis. I’ve also included a chapter on the planets in retrograde motion – as 2020 is going to be a bumper year for that.

If any of you are tempted to learn more about solar returns I hope you enjoy reading and find it informative. I’m always happy to accept your feedback too. This is going to be a big writing year for me with several more books already in the pipeline – and of course – web pages and posts to complete too. As they say, it’s all in a day’s work – though somehow I think it’s going to take me a little longer than that. Thank the heavens for Gemini rising…

A quick update: the book has been out for a few weeks now and shortly after publication I received the following email from a reader.

Congrats on your book, Solar Returns, and your website, professional and personable. Just as I did with progressions, I reluctantly started to investigate solar returns a couple of years ago (I took a workshop with Steven Forrest here in Durham, NC, USA). Recently your book caught my attention and sealed the deal so to speak. The results have been spot on which shouldn’t be surprising, but is. I’ve been studying astrology on and off for 40 years and it still blows my mind!”

No-one ever has to contact you to offer their good will, so to do so shows great kindness and generosity of spirit. In a difficult world these things matter and I am so grateful. Thank you.

Solar Returns: An Introduction can be purchased from this website: follow this link.

© Sara Shipman 2020

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