the age of aquarius - revolution

The Age of Aquarius: Now is the Time for Revolution

'This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius', however I'm not sure that peace will guide the planet as we enter the new astrological epoch. Read on...

solar return planets in signs

Solar Returns: The Best Way To Interpret the Planets

So you want to know more about your Solar Return chart? In this post about predictive astrology, I look at the meanings associated with each planet in your Solar Return.

solar returns houses

Solar Returns: Understanding The Houses Made Easy

Do you want to know more about solar returns? In this post about predictive astrology, I look at the meaning of each house in your solar return chart.

solar returns an introduction by sara shipman book cover

Book Launch | Solar Returns: An Introduction

Solar Returns are one of the best tools of predictive astrology - and all the best tools are simple to use. In this book, Sara Shipman introduces you to solar return chart interpretation and brings predictive astrology down to earth

about starcrazypie astrology picture of horoscope charts

Horoscopes: How To Make Them Work For You.

How do horoscopes work and which ones should you believe in? In this post I explain how I approach making horoscope forecasts and why a personal forecast is always best.

Distorted View Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde Alert: October 31st – November 20th 2019

Astrology lovers, it's that Mercury Retrograde time of year again. Mercury turns backwards on Halloween - but is it going to be a horror story?

transits and solar return

Transits and Solar Returns: An Astrologer’s Guide to Future-proofing Your Life

In this personal account of illness and loss, I examine my transits and solar return chart to discover how predictive astrology told a tale I needed to hear.

The scream - mercury retrograde

So, How’s That Mercury Retrograde Working Out For You?

Mercury Retrograde? Don't ask. Okay, I'll tell you. Not as I hoped but more as I feared. Time for a re-think!