Donald J Trump was born at 10:54am on June 14th 1946, Queens, New York, USA, and in this post I’m going to take a look at his birth chart to see what astrology reveals about the 45th POTUS. We’re all familiar with the public image of the man – maybe too much so – and almost everyone has an opinion on Donald J Trump.

Love him or hate him, there is probably one thing most of us can agree on – he is a larger than life and hugely divisive figure whose impact will be discussed way beyond his term of office. So, as an astrologer, looking at such a character, I immediately want to look at Donald Trump’s birth chart to see If I can get an astrological handle on why he is the way he is.

In this post, I’m going to look at his chart and pick up on the things that seem unambiguous. It’s often the simplest things that reveal most about a person – and that’s where my focus will be. This is not going to be a full natal chart report (you can order your own report here) and I’m going to do it in narrative style so it will have a looser feel to it than my more usual structured approach (see my Boris Johnson report for how that works). However I hope you’ll find it interesting and informative.

Before I begin, there’s a few things I want you to note. First, my own opinion of the man is not the issue here. As an astrologer I’m taking a neutral position – the chart will tell me what it tells me. Second, I’m not an American so I have no vote to count. Third – technical detail for those who care – I used the Porphyry house system as I’m experimenting and working with it at the moment.

Donald Trump: His Birth Chart

Donald Trump birth chart
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Donald Trump: Birth Chart Analysis

So let’s get started. The basics. Donald Trump is a Sun Gemini. What does that tell us? Gemini is about communication so the talking and the tweeting, the involvement with TV shows certainly hits the spot there. Unfortunately, Gemini is also known for bending the truth or saying what people want to hear – so a great communicator can also be a great liar. Gemini is also famous for being fickle. I leave you to be the judge on that one.

This Gemini Sun is also in the Tenth House and this tells us that this particular Gemini subject likes his words to be public. This position of the Sun also indicates someone who seeks status and has a life in the public eye. The Sun in the Tenth House also indicates a great concern with public image and also – as the Sun represents the Father – that this person had a dominant father and, in turn, is also likely to be a dominant father or leader. Family, business or country? This person sees themselves as the boss at all times.

However, note the following: the Sun is conjunct the True Node. Now, the Node’s Karmic message is Donald Trump was destined to be a man of note and stature. Whether you or I believe or agree with that is immaterial. That will certainly be the way Donald Trump sees his place in the world. It’s fair to say he will have a well developed sense of self importance. He may also believe himself to be a man of destiny.

The Sun is also conjunct Uranus. The world has often seen Trump as a maverick – I would suggest he sees himself as one too. He probably gets a kick out of seeing himself as a challenge to the establishment but, at the same time, Uranus in the Tenth House implies that he’s also uncomfortable with the establishment – and was maybe uncomfortable with this father too. Uranus is an outsider who operates in unexpected ways. Donald Trump certainly fits that bill. Has he become ‘more presidential’ or behaved as the world expects a US president to behave since his election? Again, I’ll leave you to be the judge of that.

I’m now going to turn the the Moon. Donald Trump’s Moon is in Sagittarius, the Fourth House and in opposition to his natal Sun Uranus conjunction. So, lets begin to unpick that. First, a Sagittarian Moon can suggest his mother was foreign. She was a migrant to the US from Scotland. It also suggests that his wives can be from overseas too – and two of them have been. This brings us onto a further point – a Sagittarian Moon can imply multiple marriages – and Trump has been married three times. So far the Moon is acting as expected – but let’s look more closely.

Th Moon in Sagittarius needs the freedom to do as it pleases, is often child like and, as a fire sign, can act out when it doesn’t get it’s own way. If this sounds familiar to you I’ll move on. As I mentioned earlier, Donald Trump’s Moon is in his Fourth House and this, to my mind, is where things get really interesting. A Fourth House Moon opposed by a Tenth House Sun shows a deeply traditional view of home and family – and of women. It also shows an attachment and need for home and family which is somewhat at odds with the Moon’s more freewheeling Sagittarian nature.

So how does that work? Lets look at the Fourth House cusp. That’s in Scorpio. Where home, family and property matters are concerned, Donald Trump has a real need to be in control. From what I have seen, he isn’t really that comfortable in places he doesn’t own or control and seems to spend very little time outside of his own properties – though in true Sagittarian Moon style his properties seem to be mostly hotels and resorts!

I want to look closer at another aspect of the Moon and the Fourth House – their connection with the past. The Moon’s aspect to Jupiter in the Second House shows Trump had a comfortable and wealthy background. That aspect also shows a certain attitude towards women. Trophy wives who reflect his own sense of worth? Jupiter’s trine to the Sun would suggest that possibility, together with a connection between self esteem and wealth. At the very least, it’s important for this person to be seen as a person of wealth, even if the retrograde Jupiter indicates greed or profligacy could be problems in this area of the chart.

There are couple of other interesting aspects to this natal retrograde Jupiter I want to look at quickly. The square to Mercury in the Eleventh House shows possible sibling issues – perhaps envy of another’s intellect or popularity. There are also friendship issues indicated. Mercury in the Eleventh House may seem popular but Jupiter in the Second House suggests friendship may have a high price – or can be bought.

There is also a square aspect to Trump’s Venus Saturn conjunction – also in the Eleventh House. This pair in the eleventh house suggest a social life connected to business. Or a business like approach to relationships – and relationships tend to be impersonal in the Eleventh House. So, I suspect Trump is not the most romantic of men. Relationships with women may tend to be transactional and I suspect the guy will rarely – if ever – hang out with friends purely for fun. Relationships have to have a purpose – and that purpose is most likely to be to obtain gains in self esteem or net worth.

I’m now going to look at the other planet is aspect to Donald Trump’s Sun and Moon – Mars. This in many ways is one of the most problematic aspects in the birth chart. Mars is in Leo (that’s not a problem – I have that too) but in the Twelfth House. We can be very sensitive about issues in the Twelfth House which is why it has a reputation as the house of secrets. You may fantasise about things in the Twelfth House but be shy of doing them in real life. And you may be afraid of others discovering your weaknesses. And be blind to your own flaws.

Mars in the Twelfth House shows unresolved issues with masculinity and sexuality. You may be able to see where that could lead. Whatever Trump’s Mars issues are, I think you can see how Mars in the Twelfth House could accommodate both ‘heel spurs’ and Stormy Daniels. Twelfth House Mars greatest fantasy? Being Commander in Chief would be a good example. With Mars so close to the ascendant, Donald Trump may also be very aware of things that need to be hidden, but he may be blind to his own weaknesses that caused some of those problems. After all, it’s often darkest before dawn.

So, that brings me around to Donald Trump’s rising sign. His Leo ascendant is conjunct his Mars and so trines his Sun and sextiles his Moon. His Leo ascendant is interesting in itself. At 29˚49″ Leo it’s in the anaretic degree which makes it very powerful indeed. We can see this clearly in his outer personality. Leo is a performer, a player, a showman. Leo is also often grandiose, vain and lazy. One thing is certain with Leo rising. Those who have it often demand to be the centre of attention. The ego has landed.

This Leo ascendant amplifies the Tenth House Sun so the person with this combination will want their name in lights. It will not have escaped your attention that Trump’s name adorns his buildings, business ventures and has even been sold to others as a brand. However, what aspects the Sun in Trump’s chart also aspects the Moon. His Leo ascendant trining the Fourth House Moon also points to another identity issue.

Just as it’s easy for Donald Trump to identify himself by his public status (as a businessman and POTUS), it’s just as easy for him to associate that power with his family. The Trump dynasty and family business to him are indistinguishable from the presidency as all of them are about him and are viewed through his Leonine ego. ‘Me First’ becomes combined with ancestry and homeland. America First anyone? It’s unlikely he will be able to make any distinction between his personal interests and the national interest. And that should be a matter of great concern.

Update: I’ve also prepared a short Solar Return Forecast for Donald Trump which I hope makes interesting reading in this 2020 election year .

© Sara Shipman 2020

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4 thoughts on “Donald Trump: His Birth Chart Revealed.

  1. Thanks for this post. I enjoyed your ideas & communicative style. Though I would’ve liked to know your thoughts on Trump’s Mercury-Neptune square; it’s quite a bit tighter than the Mercury-Jupiter square you mention. And it seems so in evidence in his communicative style. One more thing: you say his ascendant trines his Sun & sextiles his Moon but – & I know you know this – it’s the other way round. Cheers.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comments – much appreciated as it’s always great to get feedback.

      As I mentioned at the outset, I wanted to do a short narrative summary of the things I found interesting about his chart and I suspect if you really went to town on it you could write a book – and I suspect one day someone probably will!

      However, re: Trump’s Mercury Neptune square – if we go back to basics it’s that combination of ‘deception’ and ‘communication’ (and all that entails) made all the more powerful by the tense square aspect. Jupiter in the mix of course puts the whole thing on another level in so many ways, whether it’s a question of quantity (of tweets!) or grandiosity and veracity of content – it pretty much all speaks for itself. Of course it’s a hugely important and very immediately noticeable aspect and as such it comes as no surprise that it’s there in his chart. It can also be interpreted in so many ways that are interrelated – we’re talking about matters such as mental health, cognitive function, communicative style and substance – they are all there in that aspect and amplified by that Jupiter touch too.

      On the ascendant, you’re absolutely right about the traditional hierarchy of things. However, as it’s in the context of the narrative where the ascendant is the subject under discussion (rather than the header of a ‘cookbook’ listing, for example) I’m okay with that.

      Thanks again, Sara.

  2. Your very one dimensional 3D interpretation of Donald Trump’s chart is the antithesis of neutral. With that definition of neutral, America is blessed not to have you as a citizen.

    You’ve somehow extracted negativity from every planetary placement by sign, house and aspect, closing each point with your “you be the judge” when you’ve left no room for anything but a negative takeaway.

    You are perfectly entitled to dislike him but to use the sacred science of astrology in this way is a shame.

    And, you have no idea who Donald Trump is nor the import of his Divine mission.

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