The ‘Blue Moon’ in Aquarius is the second full Moon of this month – and the third of the four full moons of this summer. Usually there are only three full moons between the summer solstice in June and the autumn equinox in late September and the fourth full Moon is called a ‘Blue Moon’. However, in a year that has been (and continues to be) extraordinary, it’s maybe no surprise that the third full moon manages to be extraordinary by being the Blue Moon. It’s an Aquarian thing – and it’s the second full moon in that sign.

So, from an astrological perspective August’s seasonal Blue Moon is twinned with July’s full Moon in Aquarius. Linked by the sign of disruption, revolution and idealism, we are, once again, seeing the world in disarray. Aquarius is the sign that we hoped would bring revolution in a positive sense – and the prospect of a new, improved ‘Age of Aquarius’ heralded by the ‘Great Conjunction’ in January, seems a long time coming.

Part of the problem that’s being flagged up by the two full moons in Aquarius in quick succession – is the nature of the signs of Aquarius and Leo. A full moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are in opposition to each other. This creates a tension between the instinctive need for radical change (embodied by the Moon in Aquarius) and the proud ego that sees little need to make that change because change may mean losing face. You’ve guessed it – that’s the Sun in Leo.

Both signs are fixed and stubborn, and when that polarity is emphasised there seems little chance of finding compromise, or reaching agreement, or doing anything other than holding fast to beliefs, practices, decisions and opinions that are being shown to be misplaced by the very real spectacle of the world falling down around you. Aquarius and Leo would rather burn down the house – with themselves in it – rather than agree on who should call the fire brigade.

As the Leo season draws to a close and we enter Virgo’s month later the same day, the ‘Blue Moon’ truly heralds a climactic moment. Now, I’m sure many of you will have noticed that this has been a climactic week in what has been a testing time. During the height of Leo’s summer, many parts of the world have experienced heatwaves unlike anything previously experienced. Wildfires have burned out of control, climate change is not ‘coming’ because it’s already here yet resistance to change is stubbornly entrenched.

It will also not have escaped your attention that the situation in Afghanistan has also blown up in a way that puts our attempts to establish peace in that region back to ‘square one’. The shocking events we saw unfold before our eyes were mirrored by the complacency of those who should have been able to prevent it. The Leo – Aquarius polarity in action – or inaction. However, human catastrophe and environmental catastrophe are not poles apart, they are one and the same thing.

I suspect, on the global stage, the Blue Moon is showing us that this lunar culmination is the culmination of our own folly. The Moon in Aquarius is conjunct Jupiter, and though we think of Jupiter as the bringer of good fortune, it feels as if Jupiter is doing the thing that Jupiter does best – namely amplify the problems that result from out inability to seek solutions to the issues that will ultimately affect our very existence – and thus cannot be ignored.

When Jupiter contacts the Blue Moon, it’s not only a big emotional message, it’s also a sign we need to take heed. Perhaps the message of this Blue Moon is that we need to rethink our entrenched attitudes and recognise that the true spirit of Aquarian idealism lies in seeking revolution that reforms all of our lives for the better. True greatness lies not in the facade of power, but in admitting your mistakes and taking action to correct, reform and work for the common good.

© Sara Shipman 2021

Picture credit: Image by Ahmed Radwan from Pixabay

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