I feel as though I’ve been writing about Jupiter conjunct Saturn (and Pluto) in Capricorn for the whole of 2020, such has been the impact of the major stellium in that sign. However, all things must come to an end and by the end of 2020 this celestial game of chess is going to be down to the last two players as the Jupiter conjunct Saturn pairing makes its final contact – and it’s one that not only makes the conjunction exact but takes it from Capricorn into Aquarius and the dawn of a new age.

On December 21st 2020, Jupiter conjunct Saturn becomes exact in Aquarius – and it feels appropriate that this is the day of the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year and one associated with a tradition of light and fire festivals stretching back into the mists of time. Those of you who celebrate Christmas are, in effect, celebrating an ancient midwinter ritual that predates Christianity but shares the essential symbolism of rebirth. So, does this ‘Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter conjunct Saturn herald a form of rebirth? It’s not called ‘The Great Conjunction’ for nothing so let’s take a closer look at the things we associate with this event.

In astrology, Jupiter conjunct Saturn is associated with change. ‘Out with the old and in with the new’ is a good way of looking at this planetary alignment as Jupiter conjunct Saturn happens every twenty years and tends to mark a shift in our social structures and social attitudes. It tends to signify a new era, one where we look at society and the world in a notably different way. This year, that shift will be especially acute as Jupiter conjunct Saturn occurs in Aquarius – and this represents a move from the conjunction’s ‘earth’ cycle to the element of air.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn: The Great Conjunction 1
Jupiter Conjunct Saturn at 0˚ 27″ Aquarius. Chart courtesy of Astro.com

Now, I guess the rather ‘eventful’ year that has been 2020 may have left you exhausted. Radical change is perhaps not what you feel you need right now. However, you can’t stop the universe and what we may see as a result of the Great Conjunction in Aquarius is a set of new challenges as we adjust to an uncertain world with a different set of rules. The material concerns of the earth signs give way to new ideas about the kind of society we want – and with Aquarius, it’s radical. It’s not likely to be easy, and if we look at the chart we can see some stressful aspects involving Jupiter conjunct Saturn.

First, we still have a wide conjunction with Pluto – this is now a disassociate conjunction because of the sign change into Aquarius and to me, it signifies that it’s time for the world (and life) to move on as the stellium that has dominated our lives for the past year starts to break up. Pluto is the ‘no turning back’ signifier and the Jupiter conjunct Saturn shift in to Aquarius means we have to accept that, look to a new future and start making it real. Jupiter is the explorer and good at moving into uncharted territory, but you need Saturn to draw the map and work out where you are.

There are, however, two other notable aspects that tell us of the tensions that may lie ahead. First, Jupiter conjunct Saturn is squared by Mars. Mars has been a major feature of 2020 with a significant retrograde period, but at the time of the Great Conjunction, Mars is moving forward again (though is still in the second shadow phase as it has not yet reached the point at which retrograde motion began back in September 2020). This indicates potential for some frustration. We may want life to return to some form of ‘normal’ but we won’t yet know what ‘normal’ looks like.

The answer to that dilemma? Mars and the square aspect it makes to the Great Conjunction demand action so rolling up your sleeves and taking some decisive action to overcome that frustration will be a useful thing to do in your personal life – regardless of what it entails. The important thing is to turn the corner once and for all and make the most of the new phase in your life. Only you can make it happen, however, so the sooner you get to grips with that the better it will be.

The second square aspect to Jupiter conjunct Saturn (and possibly the more powerful of the two) is a square to Uranus. Uranus has been a major feature in astrology this year because of the effects it is having as it spins through Taurus – and, of course, because of the contacts it has been making to 2020’s big stellium in Capricorn. Now, it’s ‘encouraging’ (I’m trying to soften it here) a change of attitude towards the changes we all need to make – whether we want to make them or not.

Uranus hates things that are outmoded and outworn – and because Uranus rules Aquarius (where the Great Conjunction is situated) that makes this aspect extremely effective in rooting out the things we no longer need. Whether it’s dysfunctional social structures or the stuff at the back of your wardrobe, the impetus will be to throw it out. We will need to be careful, however, that we have a suitable replacement. Uranus is big on ideas and ideals but not great with detail and none of us want to be left naked and shivering in the snow.

However, this is precisely what Jupiter conjunct Saturn is about. Embracing change and perhaps making new plans is what we all may need to do. There will be things we need to leave behind and that may hurt. But now is the time to look forward, not back. Uranus and Mars are noted for speed and the pace of change may come more quickly than we are used to – even after 2020’s experiences. And things are also likely to change in unexpected ways. If there’s a way through this, it will be to embrace the new things in life and welcome the challenges they bring.

But what about the world out there? Jupiter and Saturn represent the point where we transition from our personal lives and take our place in the world. This chimes well with Aquarius, which is the sign most associated with society – and the square between the Great Conjunction and Uranus in Taurus shows a hunger for change. That’s the direction of travel and though we don’t know how it will play out – don’t be surprised by anything that happens. This is the age of Aquarius after all.

© Sara Shipman 2020

Picture Credit: Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay 

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