Recently, I’ve started thinking about Jupiter returns because, right now, I’m having one. This year’s Jupiter station in Pisces was bang on my natal Jupiter, so transiting Jupiter will pass over my natal Jupiter once more when the this year’s Jupiter retrograde motion into Aquarius is completed. So what does this mean? You’re probably more familiar with Saturn returns as they mark distinct phases relating to responsibility and maturity and ageing – a process that we can’t avoid even if we want to.

So, how do Jupiter returns differ from those of Saturn? First, it’s a more regular return. Jupiter returns to its place in your natal chart approximately every twelve years and marks the beginning of a new cycle in your life. Whereas everyone fears a Saturn return (and guess what? I also had a Saturn return earlier this year) we all welcome a Jupiter return with open arms. In this post, I’m going to look at what this mean for you – and me.

Time to Grow

Opportunity Knocks was the name of a TV talent show in the UK in the 1960’s – 1970’s. It followed the usual format where contestants sang, or did magic tricks, or whatever, and the studio audience voted for the winner. For a lucky few, winning the show changed their lives. When Jupiter returns to its natal position on your natal chart, it’s your opportunity to change your life – and you don’t have to sing or pull a rabbit out of a hat to do so.

If you look back at your life, you’ll realise you’ve had at least one Jupiter return already. Around the age of 12, you probably started high school. Your world got bigger, you met new people and your mind was stretched academically. All of that is classic Jupiter, because the point of this planet’s return is to do exactly that – broaden your horizons in some way. A door opens and you are invited to walk through.

Of course, if you’re reading this you probably left school some time ago – but I bet you remember your mid 20’s. That time when you were enthusiastic about your career opportunities, or started on that path that’s taken you to where you are today – whether it was a new vocation or the beginning of a meaningful relationship? That new cycle in your life that happened then (or may be happening soon) is also evidence of Jupiter in action. Jupiter gives you the opportunity to expand your life – though whether you take the opportunity is your choice.

Your Lucky Year

During your Jupiter return year you may meet your soulmate or start a successful business. That may seem like good luck – but it takes more than dumb luck to make things happen. Jupiter is said to provide opportunity – but how does opportunity manifest? If someone makes you an exciting proposition, or you go on that date, or a mentor takes you under their wing – you need to recognise that opportunity for what it is.

A stroke of luck means you need to wake up to the fact that you are in the right place at the right time. If you recognise luck when you see it staring in your face, you may discover that whatever course of action you embark on will seem well-starred. Even better than that, it will often be enjoyable – even the work involved will seem pleasurable. Success may come easily – but that may be because you engage with whatever you are doing with a positive state of mind.

What we think of as ‘luck’ often grows from a ‘can do’ attitude. Your Jupiter return tends to coincide with an increase in possibilities that are available to you, not because they appear in front of you as if by some celestial magic (though you can’t rule that out…) but because it tends to increase your receptivity to ideas, people, places and situations you may not have known about previously – or you may have been dismissive of them as not meant for you. You stop telling yourself you can’t do things (because they are ‘beyond’ your level of experience) and start asking ‘why not?’

A Leap of Faith

And ‘why not?’ is a great place to start. To answer that question you often tend to need a leap of faith. Fortunately a leap of faith does not involve throwing yourself over a cliff edge without a safety harness. Jupiter may be reckless (on occasion) but hopefully you’ll have enough Saturn in your mix to remain realistic and – believe it or not – Jupiter works best when you’re pushing against an open door.

What that means in reality is that during a Jupiter return you will become more confident about your capabilities. Often, that is just the stroke of luck you need to move your life forwards. ‘Why not?’ stops seeming impossible and suddenly becomes an achievable next step. The things that prevented you from growing your life, or your intellect, or your family, or your business, are put in perspective and you realise that the way forward is not as arduous as you first thought.

When you look at it that way, a Jupiter return may not involve a leap of faith as much as a renewal of faith. Some people may literally experience a renewal of faith, but if you are not of a religious disposition, you may find a renewed faith in humanity, the universe and – most importantly – yourself. Cultivating self-belief may be the most important thing you do, and you are likely to explore any opportunity that promises to help you do just that.

Be a Traveller

So what kind of opportunities reinforce your self-belief? That is such a personal thing that it’s hard to generalise, but astrology points us towards Jupiter-related themes as the common denominator. This means ‘travelling’ – and some people may literally buy that plane ticket in search of adventure. Adventure comes in many forms and making the decision to ‘extend yourself’ in any direction is an adventurous one because Jupiter always takes you down the road less travelled.

Regardless of your direction of travel, a common theme tends to be that you think big and plan big. There appear to be no limits on how far your can go. That’s great because your ambitions are given free rein and possibilities seem boundless. However, the important thing with your Jupiter return is not the end in itself – that’s more Saturn’s domain. Jupiter wants you to enjoy the journey, because what we learn on the journey of life outweighs the importance of whether or not we get to our destination – and if (or when) we arrive.

So, are you ready to be a traveller in your Jupiter return year? Or will you sit on your sofa and watch the world pass by? A word of warning. A thwarted Jupiter is not a happy one. Travelogues and doughnuts may meet Jupiter’s expansive requirements but the results may not be healthy. And if you ignore your Jupiter return? You may feel restless – but end up frustrated. And Jupiter may even put you in a position where you are forced to seek new horizons. It’s better to get with Jupiter’s programme sooner rather than later. Enjoy!

© Sara Shipman 2021

Picture credit: Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay 

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