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Horoscopes are the most popular form of Predictive Astrology – we’re all familiar with the daily, weekly or monthly Horoscopes in the media – but how useful is a general Horoscope? General Horoscopes work best if read for Sun or Rising Signs – for a detailed Horoscope or other Astrological Chart interpretation you really need an astrologer to produce a personalised forecast for you based on your own date, time and place of birth.

What I focus on in general (as opposed to personalised) predictions are the big stories happening in the celestial sphere. However, bearing in mind the symbolic associations of the stars, we can get a good idea of the kinds of issues that we will be dealing with over the next few weeks.

So, what are the big stories in the sky for July? The big news is big – a New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer and a Mercury retrograde in Cancer/Leo – always an interesting time in so many ways! We then have the Full Moon in Cancer/Capricorn to set the tone for mid-July onwards.

Read on to find out what it could mean for you.

July 2019 Horoscope

The Solar Eclipse (10˚ 37′ – 10˚ 42′ Cancer)

July opens with a bang with the New Moon/Total Solar Eclipse on July 2nd, (10˚ 37′- 10˚42′ Cancer). The New Moon often indicates a new beginning and a Solar Eclipse indicates key moments in our lives, often related to a fresh start or key event that transforms our life. Not all New Moons are Solar Eclipses but a Total Solar Eclipse is a New Moon ‘with bells on’ – if it’s going to affect you, you won’t be able to miss it!

So how will this Solar Eclipse affect you? I’m going to group the signs by element (Water, Earth, Fire and Air) as I find it’s easier to discuss them that way.

The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces


If you have the Sun or Rising Sign in Cancer in close orb (2˚-3˚ either side of the Eclipse degree) you will notice this eclipse with some immediacy, although those of you with the Sun or Ascendant in Cancer (even if out of orb) will also find this eclipse has an impact on you too.

Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is the sign of feelings and emotions and you may find your feelings are affected by events relating to your personal or even business relationships. There may be issues relating to commitment – this Solar Eclipse is widely opposed by Saturn in it’s own sign of Capricorn and, if you have Cancer Rising it falls in your 7th house of partnerships.

Saturn, above all, symbolises responsibility, maturity, commitment and consolidation – and in my experience is often a marker of a serious relationships. Saturn’s presence also indicates events that may have been a long time coming – whatever happens it’s unlikely to be a surprise – though Uranus in aspect in Taurus indicates the breakthrough moment may have arrived for you to move things forward.

So, events to look out for may include some of you meeting a serious partner (or deciding to commit to someone). You may enter into an important business relationship or contract and have to take on more responsibilities because of your business commitments. if neither of those themes applies to you, you may find your partner has ‘Saturn‘ issues – they may be having problems as they age, or with their own responsibilities and this may have a considerable emotional impact on you as it affects the course of your life in some way.

As usual, events are specific to your own life stage and experience, however, the opposition aspect can indicate relationships or mutual obligations so events may affect your relationships or indeed may occur as a result of them. Your relationships may have crystallised to the point where the two of you are ready to travel along a new road – and this applies to both personal and business ventures.


For the other Water Signs, Scorpio and Pisces, the Solar Eclipse trines your Sun (or Ascendant if one of these is your Rising Sign). However, the Trine/Sextile aspects to the eclipse and Saturn present an easier path for you. Don’t, however, be misled into thinking this is a soft option – the trine may mean events may proceed quickly or easily but with Saturn in the mix this is not guaranteed. What is guaranteed however is the importance of those events. For example, you may decide on a course of action that requires considerable commitment and hard work – though the decision itself will be relatively easy to make.

For Scorpio and Scorpio Rising, the eclipse falls in your house of distant horizons. You may suddenly decide you feel hemmed in in some way and need to engage more with the world – this could be by investing in further education or training for example. You could decide to read more – or even put yourself into print. Of course, you may simply need a good holiday – most likely to a destination that pushes your cultural boundaries rather more than is usual – to the extent your travels could radically alter your world view. The message here is ‘Go for it!’ You’re on a learning curve in more ways than one but with Uranus in your house of partnerships, it may be your partner who is the catalyst for your journey – maybe in an unexpected way.


Dear Pisces/Pisces rising, this Solar Eclipse falls in your house of fun, Not just fun but, more accurately, creativity and self expression. This Solar Eclipse may bring out a deep need to create – or even procreate. However, the opposition to Saturn once again emphasises the importance of events. This aspect is one that stresses maturity and responsibility – as well as possibly a crystallisation of your hopes for the future.

For Pisces Rising, a new romance or hobby – even a new baby – could mean this is a very important time for you. Your new interest or responsibilities take up most of your time and energy and perhaps cause you to become estranged from old friends. The presence of Uranus in your house of communications indicates you could also have some unexpected and tense exchanges along the way. Perhaps you need to organise your time more effectively to make space for everyone? If you can’t do that, then do what you can to keep in touch – you don’t want to end up being lonely – whatever you’re pre-occupied with, you will need the support of others who understand your situation.

The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

For the Earth signs, particularly Virgo and Taurus, the Solar Eclipse falls in sextile aspect to your Sun or Rising Sign. The sextile is the aspect of opportunity and you may find you are presented with a chance to move your life on in some way and this may be unexpected due to the presence of Uranus in the mix.


For Taurus Sun or Rising Sign in particular – with your Sun (or Ascendant) close to Uranus – you will feel this eclipse with some force and great immediacy. Events will happen close to home and with Uranus in the mix you may receive surprising or unexpected communications. With Saturn in your house of further education, you may find academic work goes particularly well – but only if you work hard. Similarly, any offers of an exciting job overseas or the opportunity to travel will only come about if you’ve taken the initiative and done the necessary preparation. However, the Uranus transit approaching your Sun or Ascendant is adding a bit of sparkle to your personality and you may feel more inclined to take a risk – something you would never normally consider doing.


Virgo, you may be the most organised sign of the Zodiac but that trine from Uranus in Taurus may make you a force to be reckoned with. You could be the one to initiate some form of campaign or activism to the extent you surprise others as well as yourself. You have the opportunity now to make a difference in the world. Uranus may have suddenly increased your awareness of social issues and you may be feeling almost revolutionary. Something that was a hobby or passing interest may now become a cause to fight for as you could be seriously emotionally affected by events in the outside world.

However Virgo/ Virgo Rising, maybe it’s not all about the campaign trail. Emotionally, some of you could feel quite low – perhaps not having as much fun as you think you should be having? The message is to lighten up a bit and pay some attention to the things you enjoy doing. Start taking your own pleasure and deeper feelings more seriously Virgo – not always easy for you I know.


For Capricorn Suns and Rising Signs many of you will have transiting Saturn conjunct your natal Sun (or Ascendant). Like your ‘polar opposite’ Cancerians, this Solar Eclipse will be a big deal for you. Already you will be experiencing a maturing phase due to this ongoing transit, however, the Solar Eclipse heralds an event which really makes the point – and it’s likely to involve your personal relationships. Saturn is the planet of delay so you may not realise the importance of events at first – but you will over time realise this was a really critical period in your personal journey.

Again, the themes are Cancerian and, for Capricorn Rising, seventh house in nature – and as there is a wide opposition aspect between the Solar Eclipse and Saturn in Capricorn, you are likely the one who will be taking a serious look at how your personal or business relationships are working – or not. The trine to your Sun (or Rising Sign) from Uranus in Taurus may mean events come as a surprise to you – but not necessarily unpleasantly so.

The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Of the Fire Signs, Aries Sun and Aries Rising are very likely to notice this Solar Eclipse as it occurs in an Angular House – in the domestic domain. Events in Angular Houses are highly visible as they form the cornerstones of your life. So Aries, this Solar Eclipse could find you in a new home or living situation. This Solar Eclipse also holds the potential for a fresh start for your family in some way – and with the opposition from Saturn in your career angle – it could be related to your job situation. Some of you will also experience unusual calls on your cash during the month. If these are unexpected, try and make sure you have a little extra money put to one side just in case you need it.


Oh, Leo. You are one of the signs who loves to play, but this month you really need to get away from it all. For Leo/Leo Rising, this really means taking a time out to reflect on how your life has been going to date. You may have been finding your work/life balance less than ideal. Perhaps the daily grind seems to be a thankless task? You may be questioning the suitability of your job as one thing it’s not is emotionally satisfying.

So Leo, take this time to relax, get your head around the myriad possibilities that are out there for you and allow the universe to send you the answer to your question. For that, dear Leo, you need a moment of stillness and receptivity. One thing to note is Uranus is in your career house which means you could experience a breakthrough that changes your career trajectory one way or the other. One thing is certain however – you need to embrace change and do it now.


For Sagittarius, the effects of this Solar Eclipse could be more subtle – if somewhat jarring. Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising, this Solar Eclipse falls in your 8th house, so your most intimate relationships could be under review. You may feel your life is going through an important change – and often that’s a very good thing. As a Mutable Sign you’re not averse to change – though the process may not be easy. With Saturn lodged in your house of values however, you may feel inclined to hold on to what you already have.

The question is Sagittarius, are you prepared to give a little? What you want emotionally – certainty and commitment, is achievable if you’re prepared to offer the same in return. You can’t have it all ways. However, Uranus in your 6th house gives you the opportunity to revitalise your work/life balance and maybe this will give you the breathing space you need to re-appraise your value system.

The Air Signs: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini


Of the Air Signs, Librans may feel a great need to consolidate their position in the world – especially Libra Rising – as this Solar eclipse falls in your house of career. Your life direction may have been the subject of internal debate for a considerable time – and you may feel your domestic responsibilities have held you back in some way.

However, Libra, now is the time to focus on that career move you’ve been thinking about for far too long. Uranus in your house of profound change shows help is at hand – you’re now in a position to make some dynamic changes. You could also benefit from others who are in a position to help you on your way. It’s not going to be stress free however. There may be resistance to your change of direction from your family – maybe they feel inconvenienced by your decision. However, that’s their problem. Do all you can to ease the transition but don’t be put off from making the right decision for you.


So Aquarius Sun / Aquarius Rising, the solar eclipse may require some adjustment of your daily routine. The 6th house (especially for you Aquarius Rising) is where we have to take responsibility for our lives, health and work – but right now it seems as though you are having to adjust to a change in your life that’s making it hard for you to focus on your daily routine. Paradoxically, you may have a need for distraction and it may be the time is right for you to revolutionise your habits as a result.

With Saturn in your 12th house, you may feel emotionally drained but also feel your responsibilities come first. You may be hiding your emotional needs from yourself by focusing on your work. Whatever the pivotal event was for you Aquarius – and I think it’s most likely to have already happened, you’re now in a different place – and possibly not by choice. The only thing you can do now accept change and live with it. Reflect on this time in years to come as one that made you stronger.


Oh, Gemini/Gemini Rising, I can see you’re already getting ahead of yourself here. With a 2nd house eclipse you may suddenly feel your finances are at risk or physically, you need to be in better shape. You may even find your value system is open to question. You’re already having to knuckle down and take your health, diet and daily responsibilities more seriously – and why? That Uranus giving you stress from your 12th house is stirring up a host of shocking and disturbing thoughts. Your mind is racing and that could be making you lose sleep.

Seriously, this is the time you need to get your life back into balance. This Solar Eclipse is about making you get your life back under some sort of control – not by being in denial but by reflecting on where you are in the here and now – and waking you up to see what is really going on. Clear your head and focus on the present – this Solar Eclipse may bring events that force you to do just that.

And There’s A Mercury Retrograde (4˚28′ Leo)

And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a Mercury Retrograde to contend with! From July 8th, Mercury goes into reverse gear at 4˚28′ Leo and continues in retrograde motion until normal service resumes on August 1st. So, what can this mean?

If you have the Sun or Rising Sign in the first decan of Leo or last decan of Cancer – this Mercury Retrograde may stop you in your tracks for a few weeks. You may have to re-examine how you’ve been looking at the world. Your attitudes come up for inspection – and if you’ve got ‘attitude’ you’ll need to take a good hard look at yourself. For those of you with late Cancer/ Early Leo as your Rising Sign, with this Mercury Retrograde passing over your Ascendant, this is particularly so.

As an Astrologer, one of the things I advise people to do (if they’re conversant with their Natal Chart) is to check where the Mercury Retrograde takes place in relation to their birth chart – because that’s the place where you may need to reconsider whatever plans you previously had.

So, if you have the Sun or Rising Sign in last decan Capricorn or first decan Aquarius, it may be your relationships that need to be looked at as the Mercury Retrograde most likely falls in your 7th House. Beware of looking at your partner’s mobile phone or social media – if you know you shouldn’t do it then be prepared for what you see!

However, if you find this retrograde passing over your Midheaven (10th house cusp) it may be the ideal time to reconsider your career direction. You may not land your dream job immediately, but do the groundwork now and you will have a much greater chance of success when Mercury moves forward.

With the Fourth House cusp (and I speak as someone who is about to go through this one…) you will find your home and family arrangements up for review. You may find yourself put ‘on the spot’ about your domestic arrangements and need to consider things carefully before moving forwards. You may find yourself having to re-think your usual routine if things at home have become a bit disorganised. There may be discussions as everyone wants a say before you can settle on an arrangement that suits everyone.

Take note and really think things through as Mercury Retrograde can make you gloss over the fine detail when really you need to be rather more forensic in your approach. You’ll also note that I’ve also focused on the Angular cusps as these are the big ‘visible’ parts of your life where thoughts and deeds matter a great deal – so if the Mercury Retrograde happens on one of your angles – please don’t ignore it!

However, the same principles apply to all the other houses and their cusps so stop what you’re doing and take a closer look at your finances (2nd house), communications devices (third house), how you or your kids spend your leisure time (5th house), health and your work/life balance (6th House), sex life/insurance policies (8th house), travel arrangements (9th house), your social media time (11th house) and your addictions (12th house) – according to where this Mercury Retrograde falls in your birth chart.

Of course, it could be you simply drop your phone on the barbecue and your entire life literally melts…

The Full Moon (24˚04′ Cancer/Capricorn)

Under the light of the Silvery Moon. On 16th July the Full Moon lights up the Mercury Retrograde, with the Moon in conjunction with Pluto and Saturn. That is a heavy conjunction – and implies that whatever the issues highlighted by the Solar Eclipse have unleashed in your life, this is the point where you need to really make that big decision signified by the Mercury Retrograde – and stick with it. This is an important decision (or big news) and with Pluto, there is no going back – you may really need to confront some important issues. So, check below to see how the Full Moon affects you by Sun Sign/Rising Sign or house position according to where the Solar Eclipse falls in your Natal Chart.

Capricorn/Cancer or 1st/7th House Axis

You may not yet be able to put your plans into action but at least you will now know the extent of what needs to be done. Again, Cancer/Cancer Rising and Capricorn/Capricorn Rising will feel this most – particularly as the Mercury Retrograde falls into the late degrees of those signs and that’s where the real impact is felt. For those signs the issues will relate to how you fell about yourself and your partnerships – how you maintain or express your own identity may be critical for Capricorn (or those who have this retrograde happening in the 1st house) and this could be as simple as making decisions to change your appearance or sense of style. Alternatively, it could involve a more profound and deeply personal review of how you feel about yourself – thus affecting your self esteem in quite a big way.

For Cancer, (or those with the Mercury Retrograde happening in your 7th house), that review will impact on your one to one personal and professional relationships. You may be concerned someone is manipulating you – or has power over you in some way that makes you uncomfortable. Conversely, you may need to reappraise the way you interact with others – are you being the control freak rather more than is necessary? Whatever the issue, the Full Moon will show you the best way forward as you move on from the Solar Eclipse driven event of a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, as a Cardinal Sign, taking action is less of an issue for you than for some others.

Aquarius/Leo or 2nd/8th House Axis

For Aquarius/Aquarius Rising the emphasis may be on saving money rather than spending it – you may need to be careful with your cash right now – not necessarily because you’re hard up (though some of you may be…) but you may be minded to spend your money wisely – particularly if you’re considering a major purchase or have large bills you know are headed your way. The Solar Eclipse indicated you may have entered into a new cycle in your life – and that can often be expensive – especially as you are in the process of adjusting to that change. Spend wisely and well as the saying goes, as what you are doing now may be a large investment in your future.

For those of you with Leo/Leo Rising, this Full Moon reveals the things you’ve been overlooking in your house of inheritance. Yes, this can be financial – and we may be talking big money here for some of you. With Saturn in your house of wealth, you no doubt feel the need to increase your sense of worth. Perhaps you need to work harder to bring out your natural talents – that could really be life changing for you. However, you may find it hard to do that on your own – try to accept that others may be able to help you and don’t be afraid to ask. The Solar Eclipse also falling in your 12th house hopefully woke you up to your full potentials – and now is the time to get your nose to the grindstone and exploit them to the full.

Pisces/Virgo or 3rd/9th House Axis

For Pisces/Pisces Rising, this Full Moon finds you dreaming of distant shores but you really need to attend to matters somewhat closer to home before you fly away… The Solar Eclipse stimulated your pleasure zone and creative instincts and now the emphasis is on bringing your creativity to a wider audience. You want the world to know about your interests and, importantly, you now feel you’re an authority on the matter in question. Don’t get too full of yourself Pisces – you would do well to educate yourself before announcing your expertise to the world. If you do that, you are more likely to be able to reach great heights in your chosen field. One more thing. it’s important to you to follow your dream. So, Pisces, do it by following your instincts – as well as the open road.

For Virgo/Virgo Rising, the Solar Eclipse gave you a cause – and now is he time to get busy with your activism. Your natural inclination lies in application and there is no-one like you for applying yourself to a task with messianic zeal. The Full Moon sees you keeping busy – which is grist to your mill. With your house of communications lit up, you are full of ideas and waste no time making contact with people who can help you with your efforts. You have a natural aptitude for organising and connecting – this is really being brought out now and you feel compelled to give it your all. Take care you don’t burn yourself out though – you’ll be much more effective if you take a breather once in a while and remember to ratchet down your natural intensity just a few notches.

Aries/Libra or 4th/10th House Axis

For those of you with a strong Aries/Libra axis, (those of you with the Sun in those signs or with those signs as Rising Signs), you will feel the effects of the Full Moon on the cusp of your 10th house (Libra Rising) and 4th house (Aries Rising). It’s a square aspect to those very important angles, so you will feel the tension come to a critical point between your professional and private life. It’s time for a rethink and perhaps some compromise course of action that you can all agree on will be revealed to you at this time.

It’s time for some give and take – Aries/Aries Rising, whatever the Solar Eclipse inspired in your professional life it’s likely need some domestic reorganisation – make sure you get your family on board to support you in your new direction in life. For Libra/Libra Rising, you may be finding your career or public life is extra strenuous and demanding total commitment – maybe far more than you’re used to – especially if you’ve recently accepted a new position. Stick with it – it may be tough but you’re there for the long haul and it will be worth it in the end.

Taurus/Scorpio or 5th/11th House Axis

For you Taurus/Taurus Rising, the recent Solar Eclipse stimulated your realm of ideas. The Full Moon however is the moment you can begin to put those ideas into practice – though you may want to hang on for a little while longer until Mercury starts to move forwards in your house of contacts. When it does, you will find yourself meeting like minded people and having a lot of stimulating exchanges. Whatever floats your boat will be going full steam ahead in the second half of the month. You may also be very active romantically – unattached Taureans may hook up with a new partner and have a great time. If you’re already hitched, the two of you may plan some time together. However, the aspects to Pluto and Saturn signify you may be at an important turning point in the relationship – and this could go either way.

For Scorpio/Scorpio Rising, or those of you with the Full Moon on the 5th/11th house axis, your sense of belonging will be at the forefront of your mind during the latter part of the month. The Solar Eclipse unleashed your sense of adventure, perhaps a yearning to expand your mind or even relocate. Right now, you need to capitalise on that and assume your place with people like you – fellow travellers who are receptive to all the world has to offer. You may find your friends are happy to help or accompany on your journey – and you may even find new friends along the way. However Scorpio, there is no doubt your future direction is important to you – you feel your life is at a turning point and the decisions you make now will affect you for years to come.

Gemini/Sagittarius or 6th/12th House Axis

Dear Gemini and Gemini Rising – the Full Moon finds you still on message when it comes to getting your work/life balance together. This issue is absolutely at the forefront of your mind and you’re now really conscious of it because you may have issues to resolve. You are extremely aware that your health, your routines and the rhythms of your daily life need to be managed – and managed well. The upside of this is you’re likely to pay attention to every small detail of your life – nothing is inconsequential and everything counts. Don’t get bogged down by it however – count your blessings and try and stay cool.

And finally Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising. The Solar Eclipse got under your skin and right now it may be prompting you to do a bit of soul searching. Ever the traveller, you may feel you need to get away from it all to do exactly that. At the very least you may need to give yourself some headspace before dealing with more pressing issues that may be waiting for you back at home. When Mercury moves forward next month you may find it easier to resolve the issues of give and take that have been red flagged in your life – this quiet time will enable you to get your head around the things you need to do to resolve the power struggles in your life.

Celestial Summary

So people, my take on July is this is the month when very many of us wake up to things that are important in our lives. It’s a real month for taking stock in many ways – prompted by that combination of the Solar Eclipse and that Mercury Retrograde. When the Full Moon shines it lights the way forward – but the route may not be so obvious at present because of that Mercury Retrograde. We may all have to re-trace a few steps for a while. Sometimes the Universe gives us a moment like that – so, whatever your sign, use your time well and stop and listen to your stars.

Thank you for reading.

© Sara Shipman July 2019

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