I wrote this post some time ago about the powerful Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn ‘collision’ that occurred back in 2021. This was one of the most exciting transiting aspects that took place during a time the heavens seemed hyperactive – and believe me, what happened up there was reflected down here on Planet Earth! If you want to remind yourself of the impact that this particular celestial event had on our lives – and remind yourself of the key issues that Venus Conjunct Pluto is concerned with – it’s worth spending a little of your time reading what’s set out below.

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Introduction

Venus conjunct Pluto is one of those aspects that make people sit up and notice. If it’s in your birth chart it turns you into an alluring, powerful bewitching presence – with the emphasis definitely on ‘witch’. By transit, however, the speed at which Venus travels (orbiting the Sun every 225 days) means that its transiting contacts with Pluto are short. Probably mercifully so. But not this time.

During December, Venus slows to make a station as she prepares to turn retrograde and this makes transiting Venus conjunct Pluto effective for about a month, rather than simply the brief encounter we would normally experience. Venus retrogrades occur every nineteen months and they last for around six weeks. I’ll be putting out a post on the Venus retrograde in a few days time, but a station involving an extended Venus conjunct Pluto aspect is more than worthy of its own report.

So, in this post, I’ll be looking at the meanings we associate with this awesome (or awful) combination of planets, but I’m going to begin by taking a closer look at what happens when a planet makes a station in your natal chart.

Venus Conjunct Pluto: The Station

This month, Venus appears to be almost stationary in the heavens as it approaches the point at which it turns retrograde later this month. That makes this particular Venus transit more powerful than usual as Venus transits – like Mercury ones – are usually rapid affairs that affect us for a day or so if they make contact with the planets and points in our natal chart. A station is more intense – and with Venus conjunct Pluto, that’s especially so.

The Venus station will be making a significant impact on those of you with planets or points (Ascendant-Descendant or Midheaven-Nadir) around 26˚ in the Cardinal signs, Capricorn, Cancer, Aries and Libra. The transiting aspects (conjunction, opposition or square) will be in place for several weeks and even with a relatively tight orb of 2˚-3˚, you are going to notice this station. It will be exact on December 11th and on Christmas Day. And with Pluto in the mix, this festive period could be one that represents a turning point in your life.

Pluto is the planet that fills everyone with fear. While everyone loves Venus, Pluto is the kind of planet you don’t want to meet on a dark night. Intense, dark and dangerous. If you’re having a transit from Pluto over a planet or point in your chart, you’re probably getting used to the slow process of change that Pluto brings – after all, it takes a long time for Pluto to grind its way across the heavens. It’s the kind of transit where, one day, you’ll look back and realise how your life changed so completely during that time.

However, when a faster moving planet – like Venus – hooks up with Pluto, that’s when things often become more noticeable. The events that spur change tend to occur when a personal planet is involved as things do become, well, personal. This month, Pluto’s inner pressure becomes focused through the planet of love and it’s through all things Venus that you’ll notice the impact on your life. Whether it’s love, desire, pleasure or cold hard cash, you may discover that you’re having to pay more attention to those things than usual because you’re being forced to in some way.

Venus Conjunct Pluto: The Love Angle

Does Venus conjunct Pluto mean that you’re going to have a passionate love affair or be tempted into an unwise sexual liaison? Venus conjunct Pluto is the earth moving moment when you’re convinced you have met the love of your life – so will that happen to you this month? The possibility exists, but with Venus conjunct Pluto there is also the equally valid prospect of taking a relationship to another level by deepening your honesty and intimacy with each other – though it may not be an easy process. Telling someone that you love them can be scary – especially if it’s the first time you do so.

That would be a very positive outcome, however, it’s fair to say that Venus conjunct Pluto can also lead to some romantic difficulties. Obsessive and abusive relationships are found under the Venus conjunct Pluto spell, as are episodes of self-destructive jealousy, recriminations and deep visceral pain and heartbreak. Manipulation and control are signs of deep insecurity and if you feel tempted to behave in that way – or if you are being treated that way – you may need to confront yourself with a painful degree of honesty and ask whether the relationship is the right one for you. Extreme relational toxicity is a Venus conjunct Pluto trademark.

Of course, as this is a transit, it will be activating a planet or point in your natal chart for a relatively short period of time (be thankful for that as it may not feel that way…) and the planet or point affected will show you where the universe is asking you to transform your life. Those intense relationship issues may be the key to transformation of your emotional resilience and self care if, for example, the transit contacts the Moon or perhaps the way in which you communicate your desires to your partner needs a re-think if the transit contacts your natal Mercury.

Whenever a transiting or stationary planet (or pair of them as in this instance) contacts a natal planet or point the object is to get you to look again at how you are handling your life in a particular area. The issue with Venus conjunct Pluto is that it points to an intense or extreme experience being used as the vehicle for transformation. If it feels dangerous, don’t go there. And it’s not always about love. Venus conjunct Pluto can cost you more than just your self-respect.

Venus Conjunct Pluto: The Money Angle

I’ve written on several occasions that Venus is a ‘material girl’ and this is the planet that rules cash. This combination of planets is extremely powerful in a financial sense as Pluto is the planet we associate with wealth and the power that wealth bestows on those who have more money than you do. So, are you going to win lotto or the ‘euro-millions’ this Xmas? Someone has to – and it may be you – but I wouldn’t bet the house on it.

The more usual responses to such a powerful transit as this are that you may feel some pressure to get your own financial house in order, particularly if the station falls on a sensitive part of your natal chart. However, such is the power of Venus conjunct Pluto that it may not need to contact a planet or point to make its presence felt. The natal chart house in which this contact falls is where you may experience some Venus conjunct Pluto issues, and some houses are more likely to see the financial side of this station than others.

If, for example, this Venus conjunct Pluto station touches your second or eighth house, you may not win the lottery but you would be advised to pay close attention to what is going into – and out of – your bank account. Pluto is astrological shorthand for crime and financial crime is a perfect description of these two planets when they are working so closely together. This festive season, it’s perhaps a good idea to look out for things like credit card fraud, having your purse stolen (a risk if you’re distracted by some pretty face you met at a party or in a bar…) or you may need to watch out for your own personal safety.

Pluto is often threatening and violent – but in a secretive and subversive way. I hate to sound like your grandmother telling you to take care of yourself but Venus conjunct Pluto – at its worst – also symbolises issues like ‘date rape’ or drinks being spiked at parties. This station is, perhaps, a reminder to take extra care of yourself as your social life (Venus) may leave you vulnerable to this kind of manipulation and exploitation (Pluto).

It’s possible that, during this period, you will become aware of someone who has suffered from these issues and this confronts you with the reality that you need to transform how you approach your own safety and security. Ultimately, you need to be able to trust the people around you and the people you have relationships with – even if they are not love relationships. Sometimes the pain of being let down or discovering that something – or someone – has been deceiving you is a powerful incentive to transform that situation so it doesn’t happen again.

Venus Conjunct Pluto: Draw the Line

So, whether you’re dealing with the love issues, the money issues – or both – you’re going to have to work out how to deal with that raw nerve that may have been exposed. If there’s a message that underlies the Venus Pluto conjunction, it’s one of learning to be honest with yourself more. We tend to attract (Venus) the things we fail to acknowledge in ourselves – and if you find yourself attracting the ‘wrong kind’ of Pluto then you really need to listen to what the universe is telling you.

If you’re projecting your neediness, insecurity and vulnerability, then you may discover the universe sends you a message that you’re not doing yourself any favours. This may be painful and shocking – but it’s also a message that you need to love and respect yourself more. Trust in your own ability to love and respect yourself first and foremost – if you can transform your life in that sense, then you’ll find a different Pluto heading your way. The intense pleasure and happiness you feel when you know you’re in control of your own life may be your best Xmas present ever.

© Sara Shipman – updated 2023

Picture Credit: Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay 

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8 thoughts on “Venus Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn: Pleasure or Pain?

  1. Thank you for this nice artical. I have natal Venus at 24 Libra, Pluto at 26 Virgo Ascendant at 24 leo and am Virgo Sun. What should expect at this moment of time with Venus/pluto conjuction?

    1. Hi Bantu – thanks for your comment. I don’t give personal readings or analysis in the comments section but briefly, look at the the planets and points that have the strongest aspects to this station (it squares your Venus for example) as that’s where you may feel the most pressure to transform that aspect – the ‘Venus functions’ of your life – love, money, pleasure, values etc. And remember, transformation is an internal process – even if it’s prompted by external events! Best, Sara.

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