A total solar eclipse is one of astrology’s main events and this solar eclipse follows last month’s lunar eclipse in Taurus. Eclipses arrive in pairs and this particular pair marks the transition from Gemini-Sagittarius series of eclipses to the Taurus Scorpio series. This solar eclipse is the final eclipse in Sagittarius for a while – the next one won’t be until December 5th 2029 – and the final full moon in Gemini occurs later this month.

As a total solar eclipse it is, astrologically speaking, the most powerful of the lunations. To the ancients, a solar eclipse was a portent of doom. Daylight disappeared and the darkness opened a portal for evil to infect the world. Of course, things have moved on since those days – or have they? With the experiences we have all has over the past couple of. years – and the emergence of ‘Omicron’ (OMG) – I think it may be wise to defer judgment on that.

So, in this post, I’m going to look closely at the solar eclipse chart to see if there is any hint of light in the darkness, but first I’m going to begin with some technical stuff. What causes a solar eclipse? My apologies to those of you who know the answer – and for those of you who don’t, it’s probably a good thing to know. The dance of the spheres may be described scientifically – but it’s pretty magical too.

How Does a Total Solar Eclipse Occur?

A solar eclipse occurs when the Earth is in the Moon’s shadow which blocks out the Sun’s light during a new moon. So, a solar eclipse is a new moon – but not all new moons are solar eclipses. For a solar eclipse to occur, the Earth, Sun and Moon have to be in alignment. You would think that they are in alignment every new moon – but not so. The orbital planes of the Earth around the Sun and the Moon around the Earth need to align on the ecliptic plane – and that happens only a few times a year – and in certain conditions.

As with many things, it’s all in the timing. The Moon crosses the ecliptic at the Moon’s Nodes twice per draconic month (approximately every 27 days) and a new moon occurs once in every synodic month (approx. every 29 days). So, for a solar eclipse to occur, those events need to coincide. This can only happen during ‘eclipse seasons’ which can result in between two and five solar eclipses each year – most of which will be partial, as there can be no more than two total solar eclipses a year. This solar eclipse in Sagittarius is a total eclipse.

What Does a Total Solar Eclipse mean?

In ancient times a total solar eclipse, darkening the sky during daylight hours, was considered an ill omen. However, astrology has moved on and now we look at solar eclipses as extremely significant events that often mark a shift between one state of being and another. In other words, they draw the line between the past and the future. So, solar eclipses may signify important new beginnings and, of course, the events that trigger those fresh starts.

When we look at this total solar eclipse in Sagittarius, we need to remember the kinds of things we associate with this sign. Sagittarius is expansive and forward-looking so the events and new beginnings that are signified are likely to be connected to moving life on to a new place. This will ignite a sense of adventure in some of you. Others may discover that they are required to change the way they think about the world. Eclipses are not always the easiest of events and our existing belief systems may be subject to a major challenge.

Of course, such things are often connected as events naturally trigger our responses. However, with a solar eclipse such events often represent a turning point in life – and sometimes in history too – and that’s why solar eclipses are approached with caution. It’s not that the events themselves are necessarily bad, it’s simply that fear often accompanies change. Sagittarius is a sign that’s ‘big’ in so many ways, so changes associated with this sign may be significant and long lasting – and that may true personally as well as in the wider world.

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: The Chart

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: December 4th 2021 1
chart courtesy of http://www.astro.com

When I look at the chart, I have the feeling that the Sagittarius influence is most likely to manifest in the area of beliefs and belief systems. The main aspects from this total solar eclipse are to Mercury, Saturn, Uranus and Chiron. As with the previous solar eclipse in Gemini (June 2021), this solar eclipse is connected to the tense Saturn-Uranus square that’s been this year’s background astrological noise. Saturn and Uranus are facing up for their final contact, as retrograde Uranus is heading backwards and will make that square aspect exact on Xmas Eve – so that should be interesting to say the least!

With Venus making a station in Capricorn at around the same time (as well as being conjunct Pluto all month) and Jupiter finally leaving Aquarius and a full moon in Gemini – it’s as if the Universe is telling us that there are going to be some serious changes in store as we approach 2022. I’ll deal with all of those in separate posts in the next few weeks but, meanwhile, let’s look at the aspects to this total solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: The Aspects

There are three main aspects – the conjunction to Mercury in Sagittarius; a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius; a quincunx to Uranus in Taurus and a trine to Chiron in Aries. The theme here is mental rather than physical in many ways, as Mercury, Uranus and the signs of Sagittarius and Aquarius tend to function in the world of ideas, concepts, ideals and communication. The elemental focus is on air and fire – and that’s a fairly combustible mixture. Explosive messaging? Incendiary ideas? Shocking news? It could all be triggered by the solar eclipse.

Total Solar Eclipse Conjunct Mercury

The solar eclipse falls close to Mercury and a conjunction here in Sagittarius is almost certainly going to be associated with ‘big news’. It’s a media heavy combination of factors that could signify news of international importance. it’s also a combination that speaks of ‘the truth’. Sagittarius is big on truth – but truth can often be partial – especially these days. One person’s facts are another’s ‘fake news’ and we could see a resurgence of the old arguments between right and wrong that need to be put to bed once and for all – a position that would surely accord with the deeper symbolism of the solar eclipse.

Words may be fiery, but they may also be concerned with truth and justice as you would expect with Sagittarius. It’s worth noting that Mercury also squares Neptune; that planet’s association with, shall we say, ‘deception’ (plots, fraud) and Mercury-Neptune contacts having an association with deception of the verbal kind, suggests that lies will be part of the picture. Whether we are subjected to them or they are exposed for what they are – both of those are likely to be options for the Universe at this time. As ever, look for events in your personal life as well as on the world stage.

Total Solar Eclipse Sextile Saturn

Saturn is the planet of reality checks and the door may be open for one of those moments at the time of the solar eclipse. Saturn also represents old age, authority and the passage of time. I recall when I wrote about the Saturn-Uranus square some time ago, that Saturn in Aquarius seemed to signify a fear of change that was being confronted by Uranus in Taurus signifying a desire to overturn the old order. Those two things may be at odds – but you can see how they are at opposite ends of the same spectrum.

The sextile from the total solar eclipse hints that this may be the time to be confronted by the reality of change – however that change may manifest. It’s worth reminding ourselves that, in mundane astrology, Saturn represents epidemics (don’t we know it) and elder statesmen (and women) and politicians. If we look at Uranus, we see science, revolution and right wing ideology. They are the things that have dominated the news cycles all year. The solar eclipse may bring such things to a head – and it may need to so the world can move on. The question is, how will that occur?

Total Solar Eclipse Quincunx Uranus

I’m going to move to the Uranus end of the equation. There is a Quincunx (150˚) aspect from the solar eclipse. This aspect is often regarded as a minor aspect but I don’t really agree with that. It’s often rather ‘Uranian’ in style as it can indicate the kind of unforeseen shifts or events that require a significant adjustment. In my opinion, that’s not usually minor. It’s tense, challenging and needs work because it’s concerned with trying to reconcile the irreconcilable. It also moves things to a new place. The past? It’s over. Move on.

The solar eclipse seems to be pointing out that a lot of things in our world seem irreconcilable right now. There may be an event (or events) that suggest we need to try harder to become reconciled because the other option – to fail to reach agreement – is not a sustainable position. Moving on to a ‘different place’ and drawing a line under whatever was there before may be the best option right now. There’s a phrase I’m going to use that may resonate with some of you. ‘Truth and reconciliation’. It connects all of the aspects in this total solar eclipse chart. And with good reason.

Total Solar Eclipse Trine Chiron

This is perhaps the most intriguing aspect in the chart. Chiron is the wounded healer and his presence in this total solar eclipse chart points to a ‘coming to terms with’ or acceptance that we have been deeply wounded by events. There’s an element of trauma associated with Chiron and an acknowledgement that wounds need to be healed. It seems most likely that an event will trigger that process and I have to say that it may not be an easy event. Chiron is associated with the things we struggle with the most.

It’s worth noting that Saturn and Chiron are connected by a sextile aspect so there is the implication that the event will contain the flavour of Saturn. If there is a ‘changing of the old guard’ symbolically or otherwise, it may trigger the healing process that seems to be so deeply needed by us all. Chiron does, after all, lie between Saturn and Uranus. One more thing. Chiron is in Aries and that’s a sign also associated with new beginnings. Those new beginnings may be long overdue.

Total Solar Eclipse: How it Affects You

So how does the total solar eclipse affect you at a personal level? Those of you with the solar eclipse close to personal planets or the angles of your chart may feel this one most of all. Look closely at the themes associated with the planets and signs and look at how those themes may relate to your own life. It’s also worth remembering that sometimes ‘events’ in our lives are moments of realisation that occur at an inner level.

And if things are happening at an outer level? Sometimes outer events will affect you you move forward in this life – and if change is overdue than a total solar eclipse will certainly reinforce that point. You may feel propelled into a new situation and the best way to deal with change is to acknowledge it and move on. Going with the flow is easier than swimming against the tide. Of course, some of you may simply open the popcorn and watch the newscasts. I’ve a feeling the schedules will be packed this December…

© Sara Shipman 2021

Picture credit: Image by ParallelVision from Pixabay 

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4 thoughts on “Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius: December 4th 2021

  1. Interesting read but I’m curious what you mean by right wing ideology being associated with Uranus? Isn’t right wing more conservative, and therefore more Saturnian? Uranus is progressive and I don’t see how right wing ideology is progressive. Not trying to start a political argument, I actually vote third party. But I’m curious how you associate it with Uranus. Good article, thank you!

    1. Hi Rachelle – thanks for your comment. In mundane astrology, Uranus is traditionally associated with revolutionary and right wing ideologies and Neptune is associated with more left wing politics – I guess because of its associations with sectors of society that are more marginalised and disadvantaged. Saturn, on the other hand, is always associated with those in power (especially political power) because of its links with the tenth house/Capricorn and power/status. I see what you mean about the association with Uranus and things we consider to be progressive. However, what we tend to see with Uranus is radical/libertarian ideas politically (the association with ‘freedom’) but ‘progressive’ because we associate it with things that are modern or advanced – like technology for instance. That crossover may simply be one example of Uranian contrariness! Best, Sara.

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