Venus retrograde 2020 is one of the big events in an astrological year not short of retrograde action. Earlier this week Saturn moved into reverse gear, preparing to revisit Capricorn one last time before shifting into Aquarius at the end of the year. Pluto is already in retrograde motion and, at the end of this week, Jupiter will also move backwards across the skies. We can also look forward to Mars retrograde from later this summer and let’s not forget Mercury coming up soon.

Venus retrograde happens approximately every nineteen months and lasts for approximately six weeks. This time around, Venus retrograde motion begins on May 13th at 21˚50″ Gemini and stations on June 25th at 5˚20″ Gemini, before moving forward again. Venus leaves the second shadow period of the retrograde zone on July 29th when she again reaches 21˚50″ Gemini. So what can we expect from this retrograde coming as it does at a hyperactive time in the heavens?

In this post, I’m going to look at the chart for the Venus retrograde and how Venus shows us where we need to find love, comfort and money in these difficult times. Those of you with natal chart placements in aspect to the retrograde – particularly the point at which the Venus retrograde begins and ends and, of course, the station itself, will be most affected by this retrograde. So, let’s take a closer look.

Venus Retrograde: Gemini 21˚50″

Venus in Gemini is a truly sociable placement and the retrograde motion right now surely emphasises the joy we are missing through enforced social isolation. Venus wants to connect and Gemini is the sign of communication so, for many of us, this Venus retrograde will remind us how important it is to keep in touch with our loved ones during this crisis as many of us will e feeling more lonely than usual this year. Venus retrograde in Gemini also focuses our minds on the material side of life. Unpaid bills, Furlough and unemployment issues will mean money matters prey on our minds more than usual.

The chart shows Venus has only one major aspect, Venus retrograde Square Neptune in Pisces. Venus square Neptune is a classic indicator of confusion and deception in money and love – and often that deception is self deception as we are blind to the cold hard reality of the situation. The Venus retrograde Neptune square also shows a need to focus on self love and self care. Neptune can signal neglect and a square always demands action so now is the time to start looking after yourself in these difficult times – and not by self medicating with chocolate!

When Venus turns retrograde in a house in your natal chart, it’s a real opportunity to make improvements in the affairs of the house concerned – particularly (as Neptune shows) you’ve neglected those areas recently. When Venus stations and moves forward, you should begin to see real progress – but only if you make the effort demanded by the Venus Neptune square aspect – which is an easy one to ignore. Let’s take a look at each house to see how Venus retrograde affects you.

If you need to check out which house in your chart is affected, you can get your personal natal chart from or other on-line resource.

Venus Retrograde: May 13th - July 29th 2020 1
Venus Retrograde May 13th 2020

Venus Retrograde: First House

In your first house, this retrograde suggests your self love and self care has been lacking. Many of us will know that our personal appearances are not what they could be right now, so if it’s really getting to you, start paying yourself a little more attention. You need to be able to look in the mirror and love the person you see. It’s always good to talk when Venus is in Gemini – in the first house? Give yourself a pep talk as you probably need it right now – but do try and avoid cutting your own hair… When Venus moves forward you’ll have a more positive approach to life.

Venus Retrograde: Second House

In your second house, this retrograde can indicate you’re having self esteem issues during this time. Damage to your self worth can come from many sources and it’s possible that relationships or finances are getting you down. You may feel under financial pressure if your job is insecure right now. You may even have lost your job so this retrograde is a good reminder that you need to take your financial and employment stability more seriously in future. Use this time for life planning. When Venus moves forward, you’ll have surprised yourself at how resourceful you can be.

Venus Retrograde: Third House

Venus in Gemini in the third house suggests you love to talk but right now you could be feeling more lonely than usual and if you’re having money worries right now, remember, you’re not alone. During the retrograde period you’re unlikely to be able to resolve the situation so make sure you keep yourself stimulated mentally. Boredom is your enemy here. Make it your business to keep in touch with friends and neighbours, keep a lockdown journal or just lose yourself in a good book. Better still? Do all of that. When Venus moves forward you’ll feel much happier in your own headspace.

Venus Retrograde: Fourth House

Venus in the fourth house shows you may have been feeling trapped at home. We’ve all been at home recently but now you have the opportunity to make it a space to love. If you’re able to do some radical DIY go ahead, however, just rearranging the home to suit your immediate needs is good enough. With this placement, it’s possible you may have been cooking and eating your way through this pandemic. When Venus moves forward however, you may feel a renewed sense of belonging and though your waistline has expanded, so has your inner peace.

Venus Retrograde: Fifth House

Venus in the fifth house loves a good time and sadly these are currently in short supply. However, you now have time to find real pleasure in the your own creations. If you ever wanted to try your hand at art – or any hobby that speaks to you on a deeper level – you’ll find you reap real emotional benefits too. Those of you with children may have spent more time than usual with them too. This can be expensive – and that’s not easy right now – but when Venus moves forward you’ll realise your bond with then runs even deeper. Your time will have been well spent.

Venus Retrograde: Sixth House

Venus in the sixth house loves to be organised and you may have suffered as your usual routines have been severely disrupted of late. However, maybe that’s just what you needed. You have the opportunity now to get your work/life ratio into balance and your life into a much better place. Exercise, eating well and making time for rest and relaxation are some of the lessons you can take from this retrograde. If you need to consider a new job? Circumstances could force your hand but when Venus moves forward, you’ll see it was a blessing in disguise.

Venus Retrograde Seventh House

Venus is happy in the seventh house but with this retrograde you may not be. You could be missing your partner or, if you’re in lockdown together, you could be seeing too much of them. Either way, this retrograde is making you look at your relationship in a new light. The square to Neptune indicates you have long time unspoken issues to resolve so now is the time to deal with those and put the relationship on a new footing if you can. When Venus moves forward, you will feel happy that you’ve made the right decision – what ever that may be.

Venus Retrograde: Eighth House

Venus in the eighth house loves a crisis and during this retrograde period you may feel as though your world has been turned upside down. Psychologically you may be finding this time hard to deal with and you could be feeling very withdrawn. However, there may be things about your past life that can help you through your present difficulties. You’ll find some happiness in remembering good times you had in the past and will come to realise they will be available to you in the future too. When Venus moves forward, you will know that this kind of buried treasure is worth it’s weight in gold.

Venus Retrograde: Ninth House

When Venus retrograde is in the ninth house we all love to travel and at this moment you could be truly feeling the loss of that holiday you had planned. Some of you may also find your studies have been curtailed. You could feel down about it but that’s no reason to stop using your time to broaden your horizons. Take this opportunity to learn something of the world or brush up on your language skills. There are skills you could develop that could benefit you financially in the future. When Venus moves forward the world will be a bigger place – just not in the way you thought.

Venus Retrograde: Tenth House

Venus retrograde in the tenth house impacts on your ambitions. Right now you really need to focus on what’s going to be best for you long term as the immediate future isn’t looking as good as it once did. You want to be successful but you realise you’re going to have to wait a bit longer – and you may have to make more effort too. If you’ve been uncertain about your career choice, this is an opportunity to get back on track and do something you love. It may not seem like it yet but when Venus moves forward, you’ll realise the importance of investing in your own future.

Venus Retrograde: Eleventh House

Venus in the eleventh house is on of the sociable placements, and when Venus turns backwards in this house, you’ll feel like a small cog in a very large wheel. You’ll also feel disillusioned about how the world has been turning. You’re missing your freedom. You’re probably missing your friends and your social life too. However, what you need to realise is that it’s not all about you and as you’re a good soul, I’m sure you know that your responsibilities to wider society are really important right now. So much so, that when Venus moves forward you may be happiest when you know your contribution really counts.

Venus Retrograde: Twelfth House

Venus seems hidden in the twelfth house and at the moment so is the fun in your life. It’s more than that however. There is so much sadness in the world right now you find it hard to withstand the emotional onslaught. This could make you quite depressed and in need of some emotional ‘TLC’. Don’t worry. You have a gift for bringing joy to others and what you need to do right now is open yourself up to life’s simple pleasures. Meditation, flowers, yoga, art, a good film – all of these can help you right now and when Venus moves forward, let go of the things that stop you getting in touch with what you really want from life.

© Sara Shipman 2020

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