On June 13th, Donald Trump’s solar return chart renews, as the Sun returns to the place it occupied in the heavens on the day of his birth. Now there’s nothing special or unusual about that – we all have a solar return chart generated around the time of our birthday. But this is a special year as 2020 is an election year – and what’s promised in Donald Trump’s solar return chart is, therefore, of interest to the whole world.

So, a brief word about solar returns. I’ve written extensively about them on this website and have also recently published a book on the subject. However, briefly, a solar return chart reading is a great predictive astrology technique that indicates the dominant trends and events that will occupy your life in any one year. So, during an election year, as POTUS, can Donald Trump’s solar return chart cast some light on what lies ahead later in this year?

In this post, I’m going to take a close look at Donald Trump’s solar return chart and the major placements and aspects in the context of the importance of this year to us all. Will it tell us things we already suspect? Are there any shocks and surprises in store? What I’ll be doing is a short form of the type of report I would produce for any client. However, I want to say I’ll be keeping my position on this as neutral as I can. Just like many of you I have strong opinions on the POTUS but professionally, I need to report things as I see them and keep bias out of the picture.

Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart 2020

I’ve printed out Donald Trump’s Solar Return chart from Astro.com and I’ve made the following assumptions. First, I’ve used Washington DC as the location. However, June 13th falls on a Saturday this year so If I need to re-calibrate the report for Mar-a-Lago then that will follow! Second, I’ve also used the equal house system. I’ve been experimenting with the ‘whole sign’ and ‘equal house’ systems recently for Solar Returns. My preference is, however, to have a chart begin at the point of the Ascendant.

Solar Returns: Donald Trump's Solar Return Chart 2020 1
Chart courtesy of astro.com

So, what strikes me when I first glance at Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart? There are a few ‘stand-outs’ that hit you and I’ll be looking at them in more detail, but for the record they are as follows: Sun in Twelfth House, Asc. in Cancer, Uranus in Tenth House and the big Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunction in Capricorn falls in the Seventh House. Finally, with Venus Retrograde in the Eleventh House, that, I feel, is going to give us plenty to go with so let’s start with the Sun.

Sun in Solar Return Twelfth House

The Sun in the twelfth house of Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart is probably not a good placement for Trump at all. The Sun is about authority and in the twelfth house, that authority is hidden. It’s literally out of the limelight. Donald Trump is not a man given to being in the shadows, but that’s where his Sun is found. I’m not going to claim this as a cast iron predictor of the election result but it points to a diminution of influence, restriction and ‘self undoing’ and that usually means someone who is their own worst enemy.

However, it’s not a surprising placement in many ways. This house is also associated with hospitals and infection and there’s no escaping that Covid-19 will remain a defining feature of Trump’s re-election year. In mundane astrology, the Sun in this house also indicates there are issues of crime, criminality and prisons that could concern Trump this coming year. I’m not suggesting any direct involvement in criminal activity but there is a possible focus on this subject that will be hard to ignore. There could also be psychological issues. Make of that what you will.

Moon conjunct Mars and Neptune in Pisces

The Sun in Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart only has two aspects, one being a square to the above conjunction in Pisces that falls across the cusp of the eighth and ninth houses. So, lets deal with the Moon first. The Moon is usually women in your life. In the ninth house? Foreign is a possibility so we could argue that FLOTUS is signified here. It’s also the house of the law and freedom. Bear that in mind. The Moon is conjunct Mars and Neptune in the eighth house. The eighth house isn’t easy. And here is why.

The eighth house in a Solar Return Chart is about big changes in your life. Things from which there are no turning back. In my book I described this house as follows:

The big message you need to hear is that this year represents a turning point for you in some way. This can arise due to external events or internal realisation. However, the result is that your life moves on and there’s no looking back.

‘Solar Returns: An Introduction’, Sara Shipman 2020

So, to me, when you find Mars and Neptune together, it’s when things start to dissolve. Or escape. In the eighth house, that can be escape from power, a commitment, a relationship. The illusion can break – or begin. People fall in love under this conjunction – but there is always the element of deception. I can’t help but feel there may be something in Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart that speaks of marital difficulties – even an ending – and this is why.

Jupiter Conjunct Saturn and Pluto in Seventh House

Having this huge conjunction in the relationship house can’t be ignored – and it’s connected by a sextile aspect to the Moon/Mars/Neptune conjunction above. That is a combination that speaks of a huge reality check that’s going to mean irrevocable change. The seventh house is where you find ‘open enemies’. Lawsuits are brought here. Those planets are a tough combination at a personal level. However, a sextile isn’t a strong aspect – but it can open the door to action being taken. All it needs is a little push…

And if Donald Trump is no longer POTUS? There’s your push. The quincunx back to his twelfth house Sun means there’s a whole new ball game in town. A quincunx is a sign of readjustment – maybe a big adjustment in the house of relationships? And equally a big adjustment in the status of the Sun, the President himself, as discussed earlier. So, it’s fair to say I feel the fate of Donald Trump’s marriage could be tied to the election result. Sound weird? Maybe not.

In any event, what is certain is that these placements also signify significant debate about public opinion surrounding the Covid-19 mortality rate (Moon, eighth house) and anger about freedom (ninth house) between those who are angry about any form of restraint (Mars) and those who have a more nuanced view of society (Neptune). There may also be issues regarding the law and big pharma. It’s going to be a contentious year one way or another.

Mercury in Solar Return Twelfth House

Let’s look at Mercury. In Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart, Mercury in this house is a big deal. There’s information being hidden. There’s misinformation. Perhaps no surprises there – and Mercury’s trine aspect to the Moon, Mars and Neptune conjunction signifies much of what is being hidden in some way is not new. This may have been going on for some time. Mercury in the twelfth house often indicates denial – something that’s hard to face up to so there could be a lot of awkward questions – and that’s especially likely as Mercury is sextile Uranus in the tenth house.

The classic Mercury Uranus aspect often signifies ‘breaking news’, because hidden information (Mercury, twelfth house) suddenly breaks out into the public domain (Uranus, tenth house). The tenth house is important because it represents the government – so in Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart any placements here have real importance. Uranus is a signifier for things getting out of control during the Solar Return Year, so let’s take a closer look at that placement.

Uranus in Solar Return Tenth House

At a personal level, this is probably the placement that could be the tricky one in Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart. The planet of shocks and sudden change in the house of career cannot be ignored. It points, however, so something unexpected or shocking and unusual being done by the government – or all three – with the connection to Mercury in the twelfth, are there some secret plans we should know about?

With Mercury’s connections to the Moon, Mars and Neptune and the eighth/ninth house cusp, we could be talking ‘secret, military, homeland’ in the arena of the law and power. We should be looking very closely at this during this election year. Something feels ‘not quite right’ to say the least – and when it breaks out? It will be shocking for sure. And with Uranus, we could be talking more than one event here.

Incidentally, Uranus in the tenth house can also be another divorce signifier so watch that space…

Venus in Solar Return Eleventh House

In Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart for 2020, Venus is retrograde in the eleventh house. Venus retrograde shows another batch of woman related issues for Trump – and financial ones too. In mundane astrology, the eleventh house represents the Legislature or Senate. We know Trump has issues with Nancy Pelosi and with Venus retrograde it’s possible there will be expenditure blocks or financial investigations that involve the legislative or other government bodies.

And at a personal level? Venus is about how things look. With retrograde Venus in his Solar Return eleventh house, Donald Trump may be concerned about figures – and that includes his ratings – over the coming year.

Solar Return Ascendant in Cancer

Finally, How is Donald Trump going to approach this year? The Solar Return Ascendant indicates where we’re coming from during the year and with Cancer rising, the already notoriously thin-skinned POTUS is likely to be more sensitive than ever. In my book, Solar Returns: An Introduction, I wrote the following:

It could be that you’re simply feeling a little insecure during the year. Whatever your natal emotional needs are, they’ll be close to the surface and you may be be feeling vulnerable as a result of this.

Solar Returns: An Introduction, Sara Shipman

When Donald Trump is feeling vulnerable it has been noted that’s when he’s most likely to double down in his efforts to protect his position. We may be seeing a lot of behaviours and incidents arising from his defensive Cancerian approach to life in the coming months – and it’s likely some of the things I’ve mentioned in this analysis will arise from this. And in accordance with the sign of Cancer, there is potential for a lot of passive aggression here.


So, what do I think lies in store from the evidence of Donald Trump’s Solar Return Chart? To summarise:

  • Unexpected change in career/public status.
  • Potential for government upset or public shocks.
  • Hidden information comes to light; shocking secrets.
  • ‘Own worst enemy’, restriction and diminution of influence.
  • Erratic, emotional, childish behaviour.
  • Pandemic death toll an issue with public anger a possibility.
  • Issues with drugs/big pharma and possible legal challenges.
  • Possible divorce proceedings. Big changes in relationships.

It’s going to be one heck of a year. Watch this space.

© Sara Shipman 2020

Photo credit: Image by David Bruyland from Pixabay

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