The April 2022 Full Moon in Libra is also known as the Pink Moon. This takes me back to my post on the Full Moon this time last year, when I wrote about the origins of this name being connected to the flowering time of the pink creeping phlox. Much as I love a floral folk tale, there are a couple of other things that are notable about the Pink Moon.

First, it’s the first Full Moon of the Spring season. Second, the Full Moon at this time of year is important in determining the exact date of that moveable chocolate festival, known as Easter. As you’re munching that candy this weekend, gaze up at the sky and remember that Easter Sunday is the first Sunday after the first Full Moon of Spring.

Now, back to the astrology. The Full Moon brings things to a head, and like last year’s Pink Moon, we’re seeing the hand of Pluto pulling the strings. The skies may be are a little different this year – but they are no less tense. As if we need any more tension in the world. There are times you think that something’s got to give. Is this the time?

April 2022 Full Moon: The Essentials

The Full Moon occurs in Libra (26˚45′). Libra is a peaceful, collaborative air sign. Ruled by Venus, we automatically think of relationships, the arts and objects of desire when we think of the sign of the scales, but there are some deeper issues we should also bear in mind when we contemplate the meanings of this sign.

Libra’s scales also represent the scales of justice, so fairness, balance and legal matters are issues that may capture our attention at this time. Libra is also associates with talking things through. The April 2022 Full Moon may shine a light on a number of matters that need negotiating towards a peaceful outcome, or require parties to be reconciled before things can move forward.

Something to note. Though it’s associated with peace, Libra is not a passive sign. It is an extroverted, cardinal sign that functions in the relational sphere. It gets people together to resolve issues, to use their relationships to push lives and events forwards. Its connections are communicative and productive. Libra almost always has an objective in mind.

April 2022 Full Moon: The Chart

The Pink Moon: April 2022 Full Moon 1
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So there it is. The April 2022 Full Moon chart shows the tension I mentioned earlier. Aspects do not come any more tense that a square to Pluto, currently in the late degrees of Capricorn. Pluto is currently enjoying (if that’s the word) a sextile aspect from this season’s other astrological big news, the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces. If you have read my recent post on that subject, you will know that many of the Neptune in Pisces issues that have been bugging us are now starting to collapse under their own weight, or are simply getting too big to ignore.

That’s the background to this Full Moon, but we also can’t ignore the other aspects made from the Pink Moon. First, there are the trines – one to Saturn in late Aquarius, the other to Mars at 1˚ Pisces. Neither of these planets are ‘easy’. It’s fair to say that the Libra Moon has chosen some difficult celestial bodies to negotiate with this time around. Second, there is a quincunx (inconjunct), that awkward 150˚ aspect from the Full Moon to the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction. That may be the one to watch…

The chart is also interesting from another perspective. On one hand there is a cardinal sign emphasis, with the Sun and Moon in Aries and Libra, yet there is also a real mutable orientation, with so many planets currently in Pisces. This also gives an emotional, water emphasis to this Full Moon. It’s as if things need to be resolved and move on – but at the same time they may be fluid and there’s no guarantee which way things will go. Given that this Full Moon is in Libra, we may have to wait to see which way the scales tip.

April 2022 Full Moon: The Aspects

The aspects are the things that really enable us to get to the heart of the matter, so I’m going to begin with that T-square involving the Sun, Moon and Pluto. As usual, those of you with important planets or points in aspect to the April 2022 Full Moon are more likely to notice a personal impact – but events out there in the public realm will also carry the signature issues of this Full Moon.

April 2022 Full Moon: The T-square

Pluto in Capricorn has been responsible for a whole host of difficulties over the past few years. At a global level, we can see how Pluto has been blowing apart the established order – represented by Capricorn – for some time now. Deep, structural changes are typical of a Pluto transit through this sign. – and Pluto has not disappointed in that regard. However, this Pluto Transit through Capricorn is drawing to a close – and that’s interesting when you consider how transits work.

I’ll be writing a post on Pluto leaving Capricorn at the appropriate time, but first, I think I need to remind you of somethings about transits. When a planet transits through a sign, some of the most powerful effects are often seen as it passes over the sign cusps – ingress (on the way in) and egress (on the way out). Pluto is powerful, and likely to be more so as it makes an approach to its next sign. We are in that territory, as slow moving Pluto makes its first ingress into Aquarius in March 2023.

How does this affect the April 2022 Full Moon T-square? Pluto square the Moon creates a deep emotional unease – and it’s an energy that demands release. When things have been brewing under the surface for a long time and suddenly explode? That’s the kind of thing we experience with a Moon-Pluto square, and a Full Moon is so much more powerful than a regular moon in this aspect, because of the light it brings to any situation.

It’s an aspect that can be emotionally traumatic – even violent. If there has been silent frustration, un-voiced fury or buried rage, now is the time that such things can suddenly emerge – and the results are often shocking. At a personal level, you may say to someone, “Wow! I never knew that you felt this way” (and more) as it’s the marker of deeply personal exchanges that, at best may clear the air (Libra) and enable a constructive (Capricorn) relational re-set. At worst? It’s an intense, vengeful and destructive combination. Let’s leave it there.

April 2022 Full Moon Trine Mars

Mars energises and activates any other planet it comes into contact with – and when it’s in Pisces, its appearance may be deceptive. The Moon and Mars in a trine aspect is an emotionally volatile and passionate combination. The strength of someone’s feelings about an issue may catch you unaware and, with a trine in a predictive chart signifying an issue that is ongoing rather than new, it suggests someone hasn’t been paying attention. Or has chosen to ignore something that may be rather important.

It’s always easy to ‘trigger’ someone when the Moon and Mars are in aspect – and personally I prefer this definition of an ‘easy’ trine to the ones that promise you everything will be perfect. ‘Easy’ does not always mean what you think that it means, and when the April 2022 Full Moon has that ‘easy’ aspect with Mars, it could trigger some rather emotional scenes and outbursts – particularly if someone feels deceived or misled. To complicate matters, Mars has a wide disassociate conjunction with Saturn in Aquarius. That’s an aspect that often makes people feel trapped. And it can be cruel and unforgiving too.

April 2022 Full Moon Trine Saturn

So, that cruel and unforgiving Saturn is also trined by the April 2022 Full Moon. In spite of it being a trine – this is not an easy aspect, particularly given the presence of Mars. Is there some ice-cold fury here? Possibly. There is the feeling of being all too aware of your limitations or having very little room for manoeuvre. However, Saturn can also be a stabilising force. It can act as a restraint to over-emotionalism as it increases self-control.

What we may see here, is a typical Mars-Saturn-Moon situation, where you may feel an emotional need to blow up – but you also feel a need to retain the moral high ground. Perhaps an emotional outburst would undermine your authority. Perhaps it’s the reality of the situation that’s causing the emotional reaction. As you can see from these typical Moon-Mars-Saturn interactions, none of them are easy.

However, what this does suggest is something that is totally in tune with the deeper meaning of this lunation. Things come to light. Often at great speed. And emotional reactions – whatever they are – are likely to be complex and raw. Everything from rage to stunned silence is found in this chart.

April 2022 Full Moon Quincunx Jupiter-Neptune

The Quincunx is often a signifier for having to adjust to new conditions – but is it the cause of those new conditions? Or does it mean you need to adjust to the effects of change? With a quincunx you often have to assume both of these things simultaneously. However, one thing is clear from the April 2022 Full Moon Chart; the thing to be adjusted to relates to that Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.

For a while now, the big thing that has ben associated with Neptune is Pisces has been stuff that’s stealthy or invisible or deceitful and delusional – like the coronavirus, conspiracy theories, fake news , downright lies and corruption. All of those things feed into this Full Moon. Jupiter expands the things he touches, and when the Full Moon shines on those issues, it may feel awkward if you’ve been economical with the truth in any way, shape or form.

The Full Moon may expose lies (Neptune). It may expose misplaced trust (Pluto). Those things alone are enough to promote rage (Mars) and some serious questions (Saturn). The light of the Full Moon may bring matters to the attention of the legal authorities and there may be issues with law and order. All things in astrology – as in life – are connected.

Whatever transpires at the time of the April 2022 Full Moon, the things that come to light will, according to the laws of the quincunx, put us all in a different place to where we expected ourselves to be.

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